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Free eBook by Ted Demopoulos. Your Internet presence is becoming more and more important. Make it an Effective Internet Presence.

Book Description

A brand is what prevents something from being a commodity. It’s why I pay more for a cup of Starbucks coffee than the coffee down the street. The coffee down the street may be better, or it may be swill, I don’t know. The Starbucks brand assures me that I’ll get a good, strong, although over roasted to my taste, cup of coffee. There is trust and safety in brands.
Personal branding is, you guessed it, branding applied to you. It describes:
• What’s special and unique about you?
• Why are you not a commodity?
This must come out immediately when people google you.


  • Become an expert and thought leader in your field.
  • Get more and better clients.
  • Position yourself for advancement in your organization.
  • Network with others in your field and increase your circle of influence.
  • Engage your marketplace and peers.
  • Sell more products and services.

Book Details

Author(s): Ted Demopoulos
Format(s): PDF (1.12 MB)
Number of pages: 40
Link: Download.

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