Free eBook: Seek & Destroy: How to identify entrepreneurial obstacles and overcome them

Download free eBook “Seek & Destroy: How to identify entrepreneurial obstacles and overcome them” by Peter Shallard.

Book Description

Discover ten common business obstacles, find out which you suffer from, and get fast tips to help destroy them.
You have plenty of ideas – tons! – but you can’t figure out which idea to pursue. What if you choose the wrong one? Which is the right one? Which has the best chance of success?


  • Introduction: So What’s the Problem?
  • Roadblock 1: Confusion
  • Roadblock 2: Stuck in a Rut
  • Roadblock 3: Success Sucks
  • Roadblock 4: Show Me the Money
  • Roadblock 5: Scared to Leap
  • Roadblock 6: Feast or Famine
  • Roadblock 7: No Meaning
  • Roadblock 8: All Start, No Finish
  • Roadblock 9: Twisted Up
  • Roadblock 10: Not My Fault!

Book Details

Author(s): Peter Shallard
Format(s): PDF
File size: 813 KB
Number of pages: 61
Link: Download

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