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Get a burst of encouragement with good habits!. Free eBook “Smooth and Easy Days”, with Charlotte Mason by Sonya Shafer. Download it in pdf format.

Book Description

We all want smooth and easy days in our homes. But how do we get them?

Charlotte Mason believed that the answer lay in developing good habits:
“The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days.”

Join us as we take a look at the common-sense ideas and practical tips Charlotte gave
to help us moms secure those smooth and easy days.

These articles will help you

* Cultivate good habits in your child (and yourself).
* Discover why nagging doesn’t work.
* Be encouraged about your own habits.
* Learn how to motivate your child.
* Think of good habits as a delight.

Plus you will receive timely Charlotte Mason quotes on habits and a complete list of the habits she recommended we work on!


  • Smooth and Easy Days
  • Habits Produce Character
  • One at a Time
  • Her Own Idea
  • Take the Same Route
  • Why Nagging Doesn’t Work
  • Mom’s Habits
  • Living Examples
  • Natural Consequences
  • Expectant Encouragement
  • A Good Habit Is a Delight
  • By Degrees
  • Habit Is Inevitable
  • Charlotte Mason Habits List

Book Details

Author(s): Sonya Shafer
Format(s): PDF (613 KB)
Number of pages: 47
Link: Download.

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