Free Novel: Soul View

“Soul View” is a stand alone novel written by Jeff Inlo. Download it in many ebook formats for free.

Book Description

Dr. Jim Sagacity has the special ability to see deep inside other peopleā€”to see their souls. Throughout his life, he watches the spirits of the recently deceased depart this world in a display of pure joyous wonder. He celebrates his ability in secret, until one day he is shown that not every soul is able to take that all important step to the next realm.
With a new understanding of what death might mean, Dr. Sagacity joins a group of other gifted people to assist those he believes lack the spiritual strength to move on to a new existence. Despite his noble intentions, the realities of death, despair, and even murder, take their toll and he finds that the world he lives in can be a very dangerous place.

Book Details

Author(s): Jeff Inlo
Format(s): PDF (988 KB), ePub, Lit, PDB, PRC, Text, Mobi, HTML
Number of pages: 169
Link: Download.

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