Free Suspense Romance Novel: Stranded With A Spy

Harlequin is offering Suspense Romance Novel “Stranded With A Spy” by Merline Lovelace for free to celebrate 60 years of pure reading pleasure. You can download it in multiple formats.

Book Description

Escape from hell? To hell was more like it! When Mallory Dawes, suddenly infamous in the States, decided to take that vacation to France, her problems were just beginning: a lost passport. A car swept out to sea. Missing travelers’ checks. And a mysterious, if intriguing, man who always seemed to turn up just when she was in trouble…

Cutter Smith–code name: Slash–was told to keep the beautiful blonde in his sights. But as his interest in her veered from the professional to the intensely personal, Cutter knew the cost of falling in love would be high indeed. And he would have to pay the price…

Book Details

Author(s): Merline Lovelace
Number of pages: 254
Links: pdf (1.7 MB) | lit | epub | pdb

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