Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 02-26-16

Still a Bad Boy: A New Adult Romantic Suspense

By Ada Scott / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Still a Bad Boy: A New Adult Romantic Suspense

I can’t get him out of my mind, and I can’t keep myself out of his bed


He wasn’t supposed to notice me. Jace Barlow: the most powerful man in the city. Mysterious, scarred, pure muscle and tattoos.

He was my first. That didn’t stop him from pinning me against a wall, using me for his own pleasure until I screamed his name.

Now my boss thinks I’m getting the scoop of the century, but all Jace is giving me is climax after leg-quivering climax. When he puts his hand on my throat and growls in my ear…

“You are mine.”

I know it’s true.

I’ve fallen hard and I’ve never felt safer…

Until I see him kill somebody.


I dedicated my life to taking down the Picolli Crime Family from the inside. I made a name for myself, the mafia’s most brutal enforcer. I worked my way up the chain, and my revenge came. A righteous bloodbath.

Then I took their place so they could never come back.

Nothing else has ever mattered. Until Kendall.

She was an innocent girl for me to defile, and then leave her ruined for other men like all the rest. But she makes me so hard I ache for release, and for the first time in my life, I want to have her again.

Kendall’s the chink in my armor my enemies have been looking for.

I don’t care.

She is mine and I’ll die before I give her up.

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Her Best Match: A Romantic Comedy (The Best Girls Book 1)

By Tamie Dearen / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Her Best Match: A Romantic Comedy (The Best Girls Book 1)

Feisty, stubborn, and bored with life in Texas, Anne Best is about to get more than she bargained for.

The lovely widow heads off to the Big Apple for a job interview, expecting no more than a few days adventure in New York City, only to find herself with a new job working for the most infuriating man she’s ever met.

Billionaire Steven Gherring is one of New York’s Most Eligible Bachelors, and he has every intention of staying that way. But Gram has other ideas. She’s on a not-so-secret campaign to find a wife for her grandson.

As fearless as she is clumsy, Anne tackles every challenge (including her new boss) enthusiastically, with two lone exceptions… public speaking and recognizing her own feelings. Passions rise along with hemlines as Gram joins forces with Anne, a veteran matchmaker, to find the perfect match for Steven.

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Defying Fate: (Extended & Revised Edition) (Book 1)

By Heidi Lis / Genre: Inspirational, Romance

Defying Fate: (Extended & Revised Edition) (Book 1)

Sometimes love can turn ugly.

Sometimes love can hurt.

Sometimes the best thing to do is escape!

Leaving everything behind Izzy Parker escaped the hell that had been her life. Driving as far west as she could, to get away from her evil past she ended up in Washington State.

Izzy’s new life is turned upside down when she meets her Harley-riding neighbor Braxton Ryles.

Larger than life Braxton is a biker with a mouth to go with it. Owning his own shop, he controls most things in his life. Living and loving hard, the only thing that means anything to him is his daughter Eve. Upon hearing they had a new neighbor move in, his curiosity gets the better of him when his daughter won’t stop talking about her.

The instant their eyes meet, chemistry takes over and ignites into an inferno of lust. His sense of humor and her blushing tendencies seem to sizzle whenever they are together. The only problem is they both have troubled pasts, evil ex’s that want to rip their new found happiness apart.

One-ex wants revenge; the other seeks vengeance.

What happens when their new found love collides with the ones who threaten to take it all away?

Can love survive? Or will their pasts burn their dreams of a future to ashes?

Love will be tested, hearts will break, and the horrors of the past will reveal a secret Izzy is desperate to keep hidden.

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Second Chances (Starting Over Series Book 2)

By Evan Grace / Genre: Coming of Age

Second Chances (Starting Over Series Book 2)

Stacy Hutchins thought she’d finally met the one, until a startling realization that shatters everything…

Mark Jefferson, her undercover DEA agent boyfriend lied about one tiny little detail…his wife and kids. Stacy hates liars and cheaters so she kicks him to the curb. But Mark makes it very clear he will not go willingly.

Has his obsession with Stacy tied them together forever? Or will Mark finally walk away?

Dustin Carmichael swore off women a long time ago, until his sister reconnected with her best friend from high school, Stacy.

But after a perfect month together, a year ago, Stacy played the ‘friends’ card. Unfortunately, they’ve been good friends ever since.

When Stacy life turns to shambles, Dustin’s more then willing to be there for her. As she tries to get herself together, Stacy finds herself in another dilemma, she can no longer deny the feelings she’s always had for Dustin.

Will her failure to see that Dustin has changed stop them from having something everlasting?

Free as of 02/26/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Unleashing His Dragon: A Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance

By Ellie Valentina / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Unleashing His Dragon: A Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance

When Margo headed to Tennessee to research dragon lore she had no idea just how much she was going to discover. It was there that she met a mysterious yet charming man named Vincent who seemingly knows all there is to know about dragons.

Unknown to Margo, Vincent is a dragon himself and he has taken a huge liking to her. Something Vincent previously thought was impossible.

As the two of them find themselves drawn closer to each other the community of Tennessee find themselves up in arms at the prospect of a dragon loving a human female.

With the knives out, Vincent has to choose between protecting the woman he loves and remaining loyal to his dragon people. Something that is going to be much easier said than done…

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Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 02-25-16

The Tiger’s Mail Order Mate: A Paranormal Shifter Romance

By Jade White / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

The Tiger's Mail Order Mate: A Paranormal Shifter Romance

Russell Khan has never had it easy when it comes to finding women. He might be incredibly handsome with a near perfect body but the dark secrets he holds within him make it impossible to find a woman who would give him a chance.

He turns to the only way he could possibly think of to get a woman to be his mate.

To buy one.

He signs up to a mail order bride website and hits it off with a cute girl named Sonja. There is something about Sonja that compels him to think he has finally found the one. Russell has no hesitation in pressing the “Buy Now” button and ordering his new mate.

Little does he know, Sonja has a hidden motive for being a mail order bride and things are about to heat up in more ways then one…

Free as of 02/25/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Biker’s Bride: A Bad Boy Romance (Demons MC) (Includes bonus novel Kinged!)

By B. B. Hamel / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Biker's Bride: A Bad Boy Romance (Demons MC) (Includes bonus novel Kinged!)

I never wanted to be owned by a biker.

I’m a good person, a normal college girl. But when I witness a gang murder, my future hangs in the balance.

Nobody can save me. Except maybe the cocky a**hole from my past.

Ford Cook is a hard man. He leaves waves of violence and broken hearts everywhere he rides. His tough body is covered in tattoos and muscles, and he doesn’t care how many skulls he cracks to get what he wants.

And in order to keep me safe, he expects me to become his bride.

Now I’m claimed by the man who left me so many years ago. I hate him for what he did to me, but I need him to save my life.

Even though my new husband is an arrogant bastard, I can’t help but stare at his ripped body. He knows what I’m thinking, and he’s going to make me say it.

I want him, but I hate him so much.

I’m not sure how long I can take it. I need to play the part of a biker’s bride, or else get handed over to the people that want me dead.

Free as of 02/25/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Thirteenth Gift

By Charlene Costanzo / Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales

The Thirteenth Gift

While on assignment in Eastern Europe, Claire, a U.S. journalist, learns of a local legend. The deceptively simple fable about the thirteenth gift has a profound effect on Claire, which soon transforms her marriage, her work, and the way she sees the world. The Thirteenth Gift is both a cautionary tale and an inspirational fable as it shows a way through the perilous consequences of greed, arrogance, and abuse of power to an uplifted state of consciousness and community. The Thirteenth Gift invites readers to renew their own sense of wonderment, which can lead to freedom from fear and a greater experience of hope, beauty, and joy in daily life. Like the message of the award-winning book, The Twelve Gifts of Birth, this novella from Charlene Costanzo reminds readers to see the dignity that is inherent in themselves and others.

Free as of 02/25/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Omerta (The DeLuca Family Series Book 1)

By K.A. Ware / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Omerta (The DeLuca Family Series Book 1)

What a difference a day can make.

Mia Caruso grew up under the roof of a tyrant. Her father was an enforcer for the DeLuca crime family who ruled his home with the same brutality that his job required, her mother was the silent trophy he’d always wanted and Mia was only ever in the way. She’d endured the abuse for years, her only solace was the hope that one day she would be free from his iron fists. Just shy of her eighteenth birthday and four months away from a fresh start at college, he showed up and turned her world upside down.

Carlo DeLuca was at the top of his game, master of his own universe, he ran the most successful organized crime syndicate on the west coast. He’d worked his ass off to build his empire after his father had nearly bled it dry, and he wouldn’t allow anything to threaten that. Carlo ruled with a cold indifference that terrified even the most brutal of men, and today was no exception, he had a rat to dispose of.

But when he looked into a of pair amber eyes and saw a fire that rivaled his own, he knew nothing would be the same again.

Free as of 02/25/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Secret Doctrine

By H.P. Blavatsky / Genre: Theosophy, New Age, Religion & Spirituality

The Secret Doctrine

H.P. Blavatsky was born August 12th 1831 in Yekaterinoslav, Russia.  After leaving Russia after an unconsummated arranged marriage, Helena became a prolific world traveler.  She traveled the world with her second husband, Henry Steel Olcott, visiting Egypt, France, Germany, Mexico, South America, Canada, before settling in Madras, India.

There, she founded the Theosophical Society. Theosophy’s all-encompassing worldview proposes explanations for the origin, workings and ultimate fate of the whole of Existence.  Blavatsky’s second published work, and most famous, is The Secret Doctrine, originally published as two volumes ( Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis) in 1888.  The Secret Doctrine is considered the most influential Occult work, and discusses topics such as the origin of humanity and its religions, attempting to reconcile eastern mysticism with western science.

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Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 02-24-16

Last Stand of the Legion: Rift (Blood War Book 1)

By Rod Carstens / Genre: Military, Mystery & Thrillers

Last Stand of the Legion: Rift (Blood War Book 1)

Rift was a peaceful space colony until the mysterious Xotoli aliens staged a surprise attack.

All that stands in their way are the men and women Colonel Dasan Daniel Sand’s armored infantry and Fleet Admiral Usiche Raurk’s sailors who must find a way to defeat the Xotoli with only the naval forces left after the overwhelming attack.

They lead the likes of Private Ja Hu who just months out of training must face the most desperate battle humans have ever fought. Destroyer Captain Ririsa Grogen and her crew as they desperately try to fight back alien invasion fleet and save their ship. Petty Officer Zenus Lee a misfit who finds his purpose in the midst of battle.

This is the story of the men and women who stand between the aliens and the rest of humanity. They include the crews aboard the Swift Boats, destroyers and battleships; Legion pilots; the Anjin assassin; Von Fleet Corporation’s executives; and so many more. The Last Stand of the Legion is a story of intense combat and non-stop action that will change the course of history.

Free as of 02/24/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Fractured Light (Fractured Series, Book 1)

By Rachel McClellan / Genre: New Adult & College, Fantasy

Fractured Light (Fractured Series, Book 1)

Llona Reese is used to living on the run. After the Vykens killed her parents, she knew they would eventually come for her too. But she never felt ready to face them—until now. Defying the Auran Council and everything she’s been taught, Llona must learn to use her power over light as a weapon if she wants to survive.

Free as of 02/24/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Trudy, Madly, Deeply (A Working Stiffs Mystery Book 1)

By Wendy Delaney / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery & Thrillers

Trudy, Madly, Deeply (A Working Stiffs Mystery Book 1)

After human lie detector Charmaine Digby scores a job as the County Coroner’s new investigative assistant, the unthinkable happens—a doctor reports the suspicious death of Trudy, a family friend and one of several elderly patients at the hospital whose heart mysteriously stopped. With no physical evidence of foul play, Char’s on the case, much to the irritation of Detective Steve Sixkiller, who doesn’t want her to stick her pretty nose for trouble in his investigation. But she’s a woman on a mission to uncover the truth, and she’d better keep her eyes open or the next body on the way to the morgue could be hers.

Free as of 02/24/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Dear Mystery Guy (Magnolia Sisters Book 1)

By Brenda Barrett / Genre: Christian, African American, United States

Dear Mystery Guy (Magnolia Sisters Book 1)

Della Gold details her life in a journal dedicated to a mystery guy she had only seen at her workplace but whom she felt curiously drawn toward.

When fascination turns into obsession she finds herself wanting to learn more about him but in her pursuit of the mystery guy she begins to learn more about herself and her mysterious past…

Free as of 02/24/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Color of Destiny (The Color of Heaven Series Book 2)

By Julianne MacLean / Genre: Sagas

The Color of Destiny (The Color of Heaven Series Book 2)

Eighteen years ago a teenage pregnancy changed Kate Worthington’s life forever. Faced with many difficult decisions, she chose to follow her heart and embrace an uncertain future with the father of her baby and her devoted first love.

At the same time, in another part of the world, sixteen-year-old Ryan Hamilton makes his own share of mistakes, but learns important lessons along the way. Twenty years later, Kate’s and Ryan’s paths cross in a way they could never expect, which makes them question the possibility of destiny. Even when all seems hopeless, could it be that everything happens for a reason, and we end up exactly where we are meant to be?

Free as of 02/24/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

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Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 02-23-16

Trial by Moon (Trial Series Book 1)

By Lizzy Ford / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Paranormal, Romance

Trial by Moon (Trial Series Book 1)

It turns out, werewolves are aroused by everything – and allergic to polyester. Hives are the least of Leslie Kingmaker’s concerns when she enters her first trial and is transformed overnight into a wolf and the mate of pack leader Ben. Successful, brawny, overbearing and sexy, he’s as intense as he is moody and has never heard of personal space. Complete submission isn’t a sex game to him; it’s a requirement to be by his side. Heart, body, mind. They’re all his – no matter where that leaves Leslie at the end of the week.

But something about the muscular alpha with a dark streak keeps her coming back, and it’s not just her duty as a Kingmaker charged with choosing the next leader of the supernatural community. Ben is dangerous and smart, a predator in every sense with the capacity for both mercy and violence – and an absolute animal in bed. Is he leadership material? Husband material? The danger her father’s final letter warns her about?

The deeper Leslie dives into his life, the more complicated the alpha becomes, and the harder it is for her to remember she’s only a werewolf for a week.


The Kingmaker code: Choose wisely – or else.

One to love, one to lead, one to fear.

To understand them, she must become one of them.

Wolf – Fae – Vampire

Three weeks, three transformations.

One ultimate decision.

Free as of 02/23/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Love Muffin And Chai Latte (A Romantic Comedy)

By Anya Wylde / Genre: Comedy, Humor, Humor & Entertainment

Love Muffin And Chai Latte (A Romantic Comedy)

Clear your calendar, turn on your voicemail and get cozy on the sofa as Anya Wylde has decided to dip her toes into the world of contemporary romance …

Love Muffin and Chai Latte follows the journey of Tabitha Lee Timmons as she deals with financial stress, loony relatives, some crooks, an unhappy bride to be, a grumpy old man and two heartbreakingly handsome men.

Free as of 02/23/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Tea & Comfort (Madrona Island Series Book 2)

By Andrea Hurst / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Tea & Comfort (Madrona Island Series Book 2)

Fear made her run – A second chance at love made her stay

After receiving life-changing news, Kyla Nolan ran away from her life as a top model in New York and left her fiancé, Luke Bradford, behind. Now, almost two years later, Kyla has a rebuilt her life as the successful owner of Tea & Comfort on Madrona Island. She lives in a cozy home behind her tea shop, has great friends, and a community where she belongs. But Kyla’s life is thrown off balance when Luke moves to the island.

Luke has purchased the local vineyards, just like he and Kyla had always dreamt of. But Luke is not here just for the grapes. He is determined to discover why Kyla left him, if she still loves him, and if the future they planned is truly over.

Kyla must face her past and make a decision. She knows that this time around if they have a chance at happiness she will have to reveal her true identity and the secrets that drove her away…

Free as of 02/23/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

A Place To Call Home: Toby’s Tale (The Rescue Dog Tales Book 1)

By G. A. Whitmore / Genre: Contemporary Fiction

A Place To Call Home: Toby's Tale (The Rescue Dog Tales Book 1)

A Place to Call Home is the heartwarming and inspiring story of an abandoned white German shepherd puppy named Toby and his cross-country search for a forever home. Narrated in part by the animal characters in the book, the reader experiences Toby’s world through his eyes and those of the animals he meets on his journey.  

Toby’s life begins on a farm where the carefree, happy days he has known come to an abrupt end when his breeder decides to “dispose” of him and his sister Tara because of the color of their fur. With the help of a kind farmhand, the two puppies escape unharmed. 

After a tumultuous time during which Toby is shuffled from place to place, he is finally adopted, but he quickly realizes his new family has deep-seated issues that put him in danger, and what seemed like an ideal home, turns into another place he must escape from.

As Toby struggles to find a forever home where he can feel safe and secure, he experiences some painful losses, but he also makes new friends–friends who will help him to trust humans again and teach him the power of love.

Free as of 02/23/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Experiencing Father’s Embrace

By Jack Frost / Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Experiencing Father's Embrace

Experiencing Father’s Embrace is an excellent resource for anyone interested in growing or ministering in the Father’s love message. The author’s style of writing makes this book easy to read, yet it is one of the most thorough and profoundly impacting books available on knowing God as a Father.

Free as of 02/23/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

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Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 02-22-16

Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites Book 1)

By Avery Aster / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites Book 1)

Fans of Alice Clayton, Karina Halle, Emma Chase, and Tara Sivec will enjoy this hilarious and naughty, full-length, stand-alone, cliffhanger free, m/f contemporary erotic romance novel from New York Times Bestselling Author Avery Aster.

At thirty-three, Warner Truman is one of the richest men on the planet, a spa mogul who buys and sells resorts at will. He holds powerful executives’ careers in his well-groomed hands. Nothing is beyond Warner’s reach…until he meets her.

Stunning, tantalizing and perverse, Taddy Brill captivates Warner’s carnal desire like no woman he’s ever met. A self-made millionaire, Taddy is tougher than steel, more brilliant than diamonds and, at twenty-seven, she’s never depended on a man for anything…until she meets him.

The more Taddy plays with Warner’s affections, driving him to erotic heights, the more she is confronted by a dark past. Before she can love him, Taddy must meet her worst fears head-on or risk losing it all, including herself.

Free as of 02/22/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

I’ll See You In My Dreams: Hell Yeah!

By Sable Hunter / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

I'll See You In My Dreams: Hell Yeah!

Zane Saucier is handsome, brilliant, powerful, a practicing cowboy and a successful attorney, but he cannot see. Presley Love is smart, intrepid, and attractive, but she wants not to be seen. Through legal battles, family affairs, and a fight to make it in the world, these two unlikely partners discover a true love greater than any obstacle. No wall is too massive, no problem is too indomitable, and no eye sees as clearly as the heart.

Free as of 02/22/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Preacher: Rapid City Stories

By Dahlia West / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Preacher: Rapid City Stories

Jack “Preacher” Prior is at a crossroads — literally. Left for dead in the Badlands, he’s managed to survive. He’s stolen a truck, but where can he go? Body broken, mind reeling from betrayal from his own MC brothers, he knows he won’t last a day back in Rapid City in his current condition.

Two roads stretch out in front of him. One leads to the city and one deep into the black hills where no one knows him as the former President of the Badlands Buzzards. Revenge is not a question; it’s an absolute. Preacher will get his due soon enough or die trying.

Erin Walker is at a crossroads of her own. Dealt a bad hand by being the daughter of Buck Walker, ex-Rodeo Champ, she’s made her own way in the world without his help. She owns Thunder Ridge Ranch outright, and she’s carved out a piece of paradise for herself with her own two hands. She’s not giving it up without a fight, but she’s alone in the world with no one to trust.

In Erin, Preacher finds something that doesn’t exist in his own world: a smart, fierce independent woman who sets his blood on fire. For Erin, the mysterious man who threatens her life might very well be the only one who can save it.

Can Preacher put aside his desire for revenge against his old MC and accept what’s in front of him: a woman who needs him and a future worth having? Erin knows in her heart that Preacher is a bad, dangerous man, but can she trust him anyway?

Not every choice is theirs to make, though, and in Rapid City the past never stays buried.

Free as of 02/22/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Simply Alpha Wolves: A Ten Book Paranormal Werewolf Romance Collection

By Simply Shifters / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Simply Alpha Wolves: A Ten Book Paranormal Werewolf Romance Collection

This one-off package features some of the best selling authors from the world of Paranormal Romance. Well known names such as Amira Rain, Jasmine White, Ellie Valentina and more have collaborated to bring you a HUGE dose of sexy Alpha goodness. There will be love, romance, action and adventure alongside some hot mating in each of these 10 amazing books.

We are proud to say that EVERY book in this package has been a bestseller and has reached the top 10 of the werewolves & shifter charts so you are guaranteed quality!

By the way, each book can be read standalone and none will leave you hanging!

This is your chance to own them all!

The 10 Incredible Books included in this collection for you are….

1 The Alphas Unwanted Mate – Ellie Valentina

The time has come Angeline to be mated whether she likes it or not. She is going to be mated to the Alpha Clyde who is not so happy about it either. Can Clyde learn to love her and desire her as his mate?

2 The Alpha’s Surrogate – Angela Foxxe

Richard Dallas is an alpha in NEED. So much so, that he hires Reign to be his surrogate mother and give him a child. However, there are others who wants this special baby and it is down to the Alpha to protect his surrogate!

3 Legend Of The Highland Wolves– Bonnie Burrows

Anella is the King’s daughter who is intrigued by a man her people have captured and held prisoner. As she learns more about this man, her intrigue turns into infatuation and then a whole lot more. Is the Kings daughter going to sleep with the wolf?

4 The Next Alpha – Jasmine White

Nika signed up to a dating website looking for excitement. And she got more than she bargained for when her date was sexy Nathan, the next Alpha of his pack…

5 Chained To The Alpha – JJ Jones

Fynna wakes up in the woods with no idea of how she got there. She is chained to a man named Devin and she has no idea she is actually chained to an ALPHA!

6 The Alphas Mail Order Mate – Jade White

When Alpha James Nightsky sent a letter to his old alpha requesting some women for his own pack he had no idea what to expect. He certainly did not expect to meet the beautiful Chastity who is set to become his new mate…

7 The Wolf’s Forbidden Baby – Ellie Valentina

When Kyla has a one night stand with Devan she finds herself pregnant. Even worse, she is a werecoyote and he is a wolf, a FORBIDDEN combination which could mean big trouble for both of them!

8 The Real Italian Alphas – Bonnie Burrows

Betsy Torano found the tall, dark and handsome Gabriel Russo impossible to resist but soon she must find out his tall, dark and furry secret…

9 Fated To The Alpha – Jasmine White

Evelyn is fated to marry the alpha of her pack but there could be trouble ahead since her heart belongs to another alpha. That is Jeremy who is the alpha of their sworn enemies..

10 The Island Of Alphas – Amira Rain

Liz is a doctor who is hired to work on a mysterious island to cure their fertility problems. Only she finds that she has to do this in more practical ways than she ever expected…

Free as of 02/22/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Sweet: Chicago Underground

By Skye Warren / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Sweet: Chicago Underground

My brother is both powerful and cruel, which means I have a lot of enemies I’ve never met. He swears he’ll keep me safe, but what I want most is to break free. I especially want to break free with Drew, my brother’s lawyer.

I’ve spent my life under glass.

We shouldn’t be together, but everything about him draws me. His intensity, his kindness.

And the way he looks in those custom tailored suits.

One night when he’s outside my bedroom, I give him a sexy show. And in doing so, unlock pandora’s box. Drew shows me everything I’ve been missing. He touches my body and my heart, but when the truth comes to light, we’re both in danger.

The cost of my freedom may be the man I’ve come to love.

Free as of 02/22/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

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