Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 05-12-13 [Part 2]

Ice Hunter: A Woods Cop Mystery

By Joseph Heywood / Genre: Contemporary Fiction / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (32 reviews)

Ice Hunter: A Woods Cop Mystery

In a brilliant debut to a thrilling series, Grady Service gets news that his nemesis, the head of an incestuous clan of poachers, is to be released from prison. But something even more sinister is afoot in the Mosquito Wilderness. Service must call upon his every reserve to track, stalk, and capture the “ice hunter.”

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Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 05-12-13 [Part 1]

Running on Empty (Mending Hearts, #1)

By L.B. Simmons / Genre: Humor, Romance / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (117 reviews)

Running on Empty (Mending Hearts, #1)

I had the perfect life.

Beautiful and loving husband. Three gorgeous little girls. Successful career.

The only thing missing was the white picket fence. I really wanted that fence.

Three years ago, I lost that life. I lost my husband. And I lost myself. But, eventually, I found my way through the darkness. I’ve made peace with my new life. I have my girls, and that’s all that matters. They are my world. I have no illusions of ever falling in love again or getting whisked away on a white horse.

But then he came back into my life. On a freakin’ motorcycle.

There’s no way I’ll let him turn my life completely upside down. Absolutely no way.

The question is…

How long can I keep pretending that I’m happy with my life being right-side up?

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Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 05-11-13 [Part 2]


By Anita Valle / Genre: Romance, Young Adult / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (31 reviews)

Coralina (The Nine Princesses Novellas - Book 2)

Coralina Corissa, known as “Coco” to her eight sisters, is the prettiest princess of a hundred kingdoms. And she knows it. Her beauty has always given her anything she wanted… and any man she wanted.

Runa Realm is facing a new threat. Strange bandits, disguised as nobles, are attacking beautiful women to steal their hair. Coralina isn’t concerned. Until Prince Luxley, her favorite (but not only) lover, gets clobbered by a peasant called Gord, who mistakenly assumed the prince was a bandit.

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Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 05-11-13 [Part 1]

Borrowing My Mother’s Saints

By Olga G Soaje / Genre: Contemporary Fiction / Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (39 reviews)

Borrowing My Mother's Saints

What can you possibly do when your dazzling life starts unraveling before your eyes? For Julianna Di Santis, a thirty-three-year-old ad executive whose dream life in New York City is crumbling before her very eyes, it might just mean calling in a few good souls to save her. Borrowing My Mother’s Saints is the heartwarming, humor-filled book by Olga G. Soaje that charts one young woman as her life suddenly hits the skids, and only a much higher order can help to set it right. With a plum job at Nelson and Nelson ad agency, a Manhattan apartment, and a boyfriend named Michael who looks good enough on paper, Julianna is at the peak of her game. That’s when everything starts going south fast.

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Best Free and Bargain Kindle Books: 05-10-13 [Part 2]

The Eden Diet

By Rita Hancock MD / Genre: Women’s Issues, Christian Living / Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (208 reviews)

The Eden Diet

The Eden Diet Christian weight loss program was created by Dr. Rita Hancock, a medical doctor with ivy league training in nutrition and the psychology of obesity as well as personal experience overcoming childhood-onset morbid obesity (and keeping the weight off for over 25 years).

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