5 Free Kindle Books for 9-17-12

Trouble in Mudbug

By Jana DeLeon

Trouble in Mudbug

“I loved that this book was funny, mysterious and just the right amount of romance thrown it.”

Scientist Maryse Robicheaux thought that a lot of her problems had gone away with her mother-in-law’s death. The woman was rude, pushy, manipulative and used her considerable wealth to run herd over the entire town of Mudbug, Louisiana.

Unfortunately, death doesn’t slow down Helena one bit.

DEA Agent Luc LeJeune is wondering what his undercover assignment investigating the scientist has gotten him into – especially as it seems someone wants her dead. Keeping his secrets while protecting Maryse proves to be easier than fighting his attraction for the brainy beauty.

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The Hero’s Journey to Financial Independence

The Hero's Journey to Financial Independence

By William Radford

“Solid combination of good ideas and motivation.”

The Hero’s Journey to Financial Independence provides a robust strategy that will help you develop the habits necessary to eliminate debt, do what you love and chart your own course towards financial freedom. This small volume is packed with excellent financial advice while still being easy to understand and fun to read. Each stage of the journey contains thoroughly referenced and immensely useful financial tips.

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Wings of Arian: Free Young Adult Fantasy Kindle Book

Wings of Arian

By Devri Walls

“It’s an easy read, the character development is good and the plot is interesting.”

Kiora thought she had never heard a lie until she was sixteen. But she was wrong. Her entire existence was based on nothing but. She thought that evil did not exist. Lie. That magic was not real. Lie. And that the land of Meros was all there was. One more lie.

With Aleric telling her that evil is knocking on the door and that she is the only one who can stop them she has a choice to make. Refuse, or start the wildest most painful ride of her life.

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2 Free Kindle Science Fiction Books + 1 Science Book 9-16-12

The Honour of the Knights

By Stephen Sweeney

The Honour of the Knights

“I recommend this book for anyone that enjoys a good space adventure story.”

When starfighter pilot Simon Dodds is enrolled in a top secret military project, he and his wingmates begin to suspect that there is a lot more to the theft of a legendary battleship and an Imperial nation’s civil war than either the Confederation Stellar Navy or the government are willing to let on.

Within weeks of being reassigned to the Confederate border system of Temper, the five would begin to untangle a web of lies and a cover-up that seemed to span the length of the entire galaxy. And it would not be long before they themselves would come face to face with that which destroyed an empire: an unforgiving, unstoppable, and totally unrelenting foe.

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How to Jam – A Guide to Playing Music by Ear

How to Jam - A Guide to Playing Music by Ear

By Luke Russell

“Practical advice and a very interesting read.”

Have you ever wondered why people with traditional music lessons cannot play music by ear? While the answer is simple, this book guides you into the world of playing music by ear. Many people think that those who can play music by ear are “gifted”. However, I am here to tell you that they are not.

This book has been written by a musician for musicians and non-musicians.

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