The 8 Step Guide to Podcast Marketing Basics

Free eBook and an audiobook; “Podcast Marketing Basics” by Christopher S. Penn.

Book Description

This is a super-short eBook (13 pages total) that asks 8 questions of you in your efforts to market your podcast. The answers you come up with will determine in large part just how effective your podcast marketing is.


  • Is your podcast worth talking about?
  • Is your podcast syntactically correct?
  • Can you find your podcast easily?
  • Can you subscribe to the podcast easily?
  • Is there a free sample?
  • Are you marketing where your audience is?
  • Are you reminding people to share?
  • Are you measuring your success?

Book Details

Author(s): Christopher S Penn
Format(s): PDF (1.50 MB)
Number of pages: 13
Link: Download.

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    excellent but i want it in a pdf formate many thanks in advance

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