Starship Eternal (War Eternal Book 1)

By M.R. Forbes / Genre: Space Fleet, Military, Science Fiction

Starship Eternal (War Eternal Book 1)

A lost starship…

A dire warning from futures past…

A desperate search for salvation…

Captain Mitchell “Ares” Williams is a Space Marine and the hero of the Battle for Liberty, whose Shot Heard ‘Round the Universe saved the planet from a nearly unstoppable war machine. He’s handsome, charismatic, and the perfect poster boy to help the military drive enlistment. Pulled from the war and thrown into the spotlight, he’s as efficient at charming the media and bedding beautiful celebrities as he was at shooting down enemy starfighters.

After an assassination attempt leaves Mitchell critically wounded, he begins to suffer from strange hallucinations that carry a chilling and oddly familiar warning:

They are coming. Find the Goliath or humankind will be destroyed.

Convinced that the visions are a side-effect of his injuries, he tries to ignore them, only to learn that he may not be as crazy as he thinks. The enemy is real and closer than he imagined, and they’ll do whatever it takes to prevent him from rediscovering the centuries lost starship.

Narrowly escaping capture, out of time and out of air, Mitchell lands at the mercy of the Riggers – a ragtag crew of former commandos who patrol the lawless outer reaches of the galaxy. Guided by a captain with a reputation for cold-blooded murder, they’re dangerous, immoral, and possibly insane.

They may also be humanity’s last hope for survival in a war that has raged beyond eternity.

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Home to Me (The Andrades, Book 2)

By Ruth Cardello / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Home to Me (The Andrades, Book 2)

Nick Andrade:

Sexy, charming, bad boy. He’s never been a one woman man, but he’s willing to give it a try every Saturday with Rena.

Rena Sander:

Confident, caring, a woman who plays by the rules. She’s never been in love, and thinks keeping sex with Nick contained to one day a week will protect her heart.

He’s the hot fantasy she’s always craved.

She’s the only woman he’d consider reforming for.

When their relationship is exposed and they must defend it, will these two lovers discover that home is in each other’s arms?

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Deception (Deception Series Book 1)

By K.A. Robinson / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Deception (Deception Series Book 1)

Please note: This isn’t your typical love story. Things are messy. Characters aren’t always what they appear to be. Wrong decisions are made. If you’re not a fan of the darker side of love, this might not be the book for you. Read at your own risk.

I’m strong—or at least, I want to be. I try to be. Oh, how I’ve tried.

But life screwed me over. When I was at my weakest and lowest, desperate and alone, he found me.

Robert changed everything. He gave me everything.

He was every woman’s dream—rich, powerful, and charming. He made me forget the fact that he’s twenty-four years my senior.

He made me feel alive, and for the first time in my life, I was content.

Until I met Cooper—his son.

And Robert? He began to change.

I’m despicable. I know I am. I’m ashamed of what I want.

Things are never what they seem.






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Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity

By Robert Brockway / Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction

Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity

Red is a chemical beta tester. It’s a nice way of saying ‘professional drug addict.’

But that’s not a problem: Everybody in the Four Posts is nursing an addiction to something. In fact, the city’s entire economy is based on Presence — a chemical hallucinogen that lets the user peek into history. Red’s talent for mixing new and interesting narcotic concoctions is usually good for a quick buck and a cheap laugh, but this time something’s gone wrong, and after huffing a new prototype strain of Presence from Hockner Industries, he’s awoken to find himself in violation of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

A crime punishable by death.

His only hope for salvation lies in a mysterious contact with all the answers and seemingly infinite resources. But to get to him, Red must first navigate the claustrophobic theater of the ‘Wells, where nobody is what they seem to be, escape the clutches of a mad, phallus-obsessed ghetto king, and seek protection from the murderous grey boatmen, all while his frightening and increasingly real hallucinations tear him apart from the inside out. With the help of QC, a walking nanotech factory, and Byron, an upper-class slacker literally addicted to the past, Red must discover what the strange experimental drug is doing to his mind. And he better be quick about it, before the pair of sinister, faceless recovery agents, the Alpha Gentlemen, catch up to him…and burn him alive.

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Fall Out Girl

By L. Duarte / Genre: Coming of Age

Fall Out Girl

Imagine a social outcast: Me. (Luna)

Imagine a popular boy: Him. (Caleb)

Sound like the characters of a cliché story, right? Here, hold my hand. Come away with me. I’ll tell you my story, and you’ll decide.

But I have a warning: Proceed at your own risk. Since it’s a snippet of my life, I’m one of the main characters. And to put it lightly, I’m not the most likable person in the world, cue the earned label. Also, unlike fairy tales, my story is real with a dash of sorrow and loss.

How do I start? Once upon a time…? Shoot me now, please.

The beginning? No, too boring.

Well, let’s start with the catalytic moment that set in motion a chain of events that changed my life, yet again.

As for a happily ever after? Sorry, no spoilers here. You’re going to have to figure that one out on your own. After you read my tale, it becomes yours, and as such, you’re entitled to your interpretation.

So, off we go!

Fasten your seat belts. This ride may get bumpy.

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Blake: A Bad Boy Romance

By Laura Day / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Blake: A Bad Boy Romance


I hate him. I hate his cocky arrogance. I hate those stupid tattoos he’s covered in. I hate that s***-eating grin he’s got on his face when he looks at me.

I hate how he makes me feel every time those unsubtle eyes tell me exactly what he wants.

I hate that he’s living in my house.

Walking around half naked.

Tempting me with those rock-hard muscles.

I hate that I want his strong arms to grab me.

To hold me.

To pin me and make me scream.

I hate that he’s totally off limits–

–when all I want is for him to make me HIS.



I don’t believe in this thing called love. F***king a different woman before every fight has been my tradition ever since the first day I’ve gone pro. Nobody but me sleeps in my bed for more than a night.

Ride her, take her, and leave her screaming my name hadn’t failed yet

But that was before Ivy.

She’s like no girl I’ve met before.

Innocent, pure, and forbidden.

Everything in me is screaming for me to corrupt her.

To tease her.

To make her find her inner bad.

To make her MINE.

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By David Young / Genre: Historical, Religious & Inspirational Fiction


Jonathan had managed to escape from the pirates on the great river of the west that a century later would be called The Columbia. It took all his strength to swim to shore and fall into the brush along the back, unconscious from exposure and exhaustion. Lily, a half British and half Chinook girl, found him there as she was carrying out her plan to escape, or die trying, from her Cayuse captors.

Together the two flee from the Indians and pirates high into the Cascade Mountain Range with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Through difficulty and danger, they encounter God as they have never experienced Him before. And they come to grips with those things that bring true significance to life. These first adventures of Jonathan and Lily are recounted in David Young’s riveting debut novel, IN THE WILDERNESS.

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Brady Needs a Nightlight (Fundamentales Book 1)

By Brian Barlics / Genre: Animals, Children’s eBooks

Brady Needs a Nightlight (Fundamentales Book 1)

Is your child afraid of the dark? Are you having trouble with bedtime? You are not alone! Even those least likely to have a fear of the dark may have a story to share. In this book you will meet Brady, a bat who oddly has a terrible fear of the dark. This poses quite a dilemma for a creature that sleeps in a dark cave and comes out to play at night. Learn how Brady discovers a creative way to solve this problem…with a little help from some friends.

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101 Quick & Easy Cookie Recipes

By Victoria Steele / Genre: Chocolate, Baking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

101 Quick & Easy Cookie Recipes

What’s better than the smell of freshly baked, homemade cookies? Eating them! So, get out a bowl and cookie sheets while you browse through this collection of delicious and simple cookies.

Whether you’re in the mood for a drop cookie, refrigerator cookie, bar cookie or no-bake cookie, you’re sure to find the perfect treat for after school snacks, late night munching or gifts for family and friends.

With over 100 cookie recipes, you’ll never be short on ideas for your next cookie baking adventure. These recipes are all made with the ingredients you probably already have on hand, and are simple and fast from start to finish. You and the family will be enjoying a sweet treat in no time, and the simple recipes make cleanup a snap.

Make traditional favorites like Peanut Butter Cookies or Chocolate Chip cookies, or try something new like Cashew Cookies or Coconut Baboon Cookies. You’ll also find simple recipes your kids can make themselves, like no-bake Chow Mein Cookies and Almond Bark Cookies. These are great for Saturday night sleep-overs and slumber parties.

So, take out your apron, put on your favorite music, pick out your favorite recipe and start baking a sweet treat the entire family will enjoy.

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