Securing Caite (SEAL of Protection: Legacy Book 1)

By Susan Stoker / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Securing Caite (SEAL of Protection: Legacy Book 1)

Caite McCallan is a Department of Defense admin working in Bahrain when a glitchy elevator, of all things, leads to an unexpected invitation to dinner by a gorgeous Navy SEAL. When he later stands her up, Caite’s understandably upset…until she overhears a plot that confirms Rocco didn’t blow her off. Instead, he and two fellow SEALs are in danger—and Caite is forced to put her career and her life on the line to save them.

Blake “Rocco” Wise never expected his routine mission to go sideways, but he was even more surprised to find himself and his teammates rescued by the adorably shy woman he met in a stalled elevator. Caite’s selfless act saved his life, but when attempts on her own make it clear someone wants her gone, it’s Rocco’s turn to protect the brave, sweet, sexy woman. The longer he knows her, the more he wants her…but keeping Caite close could bring her nearer to the enemy than ever before.

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Redemption (AmBw Romantic Suspense)

By kenya Wright / Genre: Romance, African American, United States

Redemption (AmBw Romantic Suspense)

This is a slow burn holiday romance about two broken people with one goal—to survive.

Yoshiro escaped a career of crime with the mafia, after they killed his family. For five years, he’s dropped out of life. All he wants this Christmas is to be left alone. Then, Ebony and her kids accidentally crash onto his property during a snowstorm. For three years, they’ve been running from her husband—who’s been more monster than man.

The storm picks up. They are forced to remain with Yoshiro until it dies down. And the threat of Ebony’s monster remains, lurking within the shadows and threatening her safety. But Yoshiro knows all about death and blood. Her monster doesn’t scare him. What has him terrified is that heartwarming feeling sparking between them. The more time Yoshiro spends with Ebony, the more she becomes a Christmas present that he’s dying to open. Too bad, she’s promised herself that she will never let another man in her or her children’s life again.

Yet, sometimes the best Christmas presents come from a bullet. Every so often a good Christmas miracle is a cut-up body to end a nightmare. And even better, at just the right moment two lonely people can find light in their darkened souls and open their hearts to a new romance.

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Bad Boy’s Secret Baby: A Romance Novel

By Natasha L. Black / Genre: Women’s Adventure, Action & Adventure

Bad Boy's Secret Baby: A Romance Novel

I have to tell him. 
But this secret could destroy us all. 

He’s the same rebel that had me begging for his touch. 
But now he has money and power. 
What he doesn’t have is the truth – the life changing secret I’ve been keeping for years. 

Now he’s back and determined to make me his. 

He used to be my brother’s best friend. 
Today, I’m caught in the middle of their heated war. 
It’s hard being the sheriff’s little sister in a tiny town where everyone talks. 

Will the secrets of our past destroy us? 
I suppose there’s one way to find out.

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The Heiress (Miss Bell’s Finishing School Book 2)

By Laura Beers / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

The Heiress (Miss Bell's Finishing School Book 2)

After the death of his father, Nicholas, Duke of Blackbourne, begrudgingly left behind his distinguished naval career to assume his proper role in Society. As he settles into the boring life of an aristocrat, he discovers that he has inherited something far worse than boredom, something that he is wholly unprepared for… an eighteen-year-old ward.

Heiress Penelope Foster was banished to Miss Bell’s Finishing School only days after her parents died in a tragic accident. Five years later, she is still bitter about her guardian’s neglect. Her only goal is to avoid the duke and the dreaded marriage mart until she meets her majority. Then she will control not only her inheritance but will have the freedom to marry for love.

Nicholas is duty-bound. Penelope is stubborn. Neither expect to find the other so intriguing, but when they are caught in a tangled web of greed and deceit, they will have to decide whether they are willing to risk everything for love.

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Blood Rain (Shadow Detective Book 3)

By William Massa / Genre: Men’s Adventure, Action & Adventure

Blood Rain (Shadow Detective Book 3)

My name is Mike Raven. I’ve always hunted monsters. But now one of them is the woman I love.

I tried to save Detective Jane Archer’s life. Instead I turned her into a creature of the night.

I know she’s out there. Hunting. Killing.

It’s only a matter of time before our paths cross. Before I must make a terrible decision: Do I put her down or let my city drown in a rain of blood?

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A Killing in Kenya (Flight Risk Cozy Mystery Book 2)

By Susan Harper / Genre: Animals, Cozy, Mystery & Thrillers

A Killing in Kenya (Flight Risk Cozy Mystery Book 2)

On the African plains, sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted
A new cozy mystery from #1 Best Selling Author Susan Harper

Kendell and Pauline have traveled to Kenya for a safari vacation. When one of the other guests on the African safari is murdered, the traveling sleuths are thrust into another murder mystery. Can Kendell and Pauline find the killer now that the hunter has become the prey?

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The Wonders of Summer

By Kealy Connor Lonning / Genre: Country Life, Where We Live, Geography & Cultures, Children’s eBooks

The Wonders of Summer

This beautiful, heartwarming story, shows a little girl and her loving dad, as they experience the wonders of summer! The world is joyful and magical, when seen through a child’s eyes, and the splendid season of summer, is waiting for them to explore!

Such a delightful book, that follows an adventurous girl, and her dad, as they enjoy the simple pleasures of summertime. They have a picnic, watch the clouds, wade in a river, eat ice cream, and catch fireflies. The illustrations are stunning, and the lyrical text creates the perfect ode to the season.

Readers will feel the excitement of this spunky girl, and relate to the special bond that she has with her daddy. Their sweet, tender moments, celebrate the timeless love between a parent and a child.

And in a flowered field,
they giggled, then fell down.
They picked some daisies, too.
Then Dad made her a crown.

THE WONDERS OF SUMMER is a heartfelt book, that will inspire children to go outdoors, and appreciate the wonders and beauty of nature. This fun and playful story, will encourage kids to celebrate familiar summer themes, using their senses to play, learn, and dream. Adults will become nostalgic, thinking about their own past experiences.
This touching book is a wonderful reminder that ordinary days, can be amazing and extraordinary, creating happy memories, that will last forever.

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PLANT BASED MEAL PLAN COOKBOOK: Easy Beginners Plant-Based Recipes for Healthy Eating. A Complete Natural Meal Plan to Reset & Energize Your Body.

By Delia Flowerday / Genre: Sauces, Salsa & Garnishes, Cooking by Ingredient, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

PLANT BASED MEAL PLAN COOKBOOK: Easy Beginners Plant-Based Recipes for Healthy Eating. A Complete Natural Meal Plan to Reset & Energize Your Body.

Do you want to get off junk food? Looking for a way to overhaul your diet? Do you want a complete natural meal plan to energize your body?The truth of the matter is that our generation has grown up on a diet that is more detrimental than nourishing to our body. Yes, it can take a great deal of mental fortitude to forego what we naturally prefer. However, with a few changes in preparation of your daily meals you can energize your body and get the nutrients that the body requires. If you are earnestly looking for a way to develop a healthy diet and live an invigorated life, then you need to have a meal plan that is thoroughly researched and scientifically approved. Once you gain an understanding of the way your body responds to the food you consume you can incorporate the basic essentials that you need to stay on top of your game. Fortunately for you, in the Plant Based Meal Plan Cookbook we provide an overarching framework to help you truly understand how you can go about developing a healthy relationship with your food. The aim of the book is to unveil the secrets of a nourishing diet and how it can transform your life. Though a plant-based diet is an acquired taste, you can still make scrumptious delicacies with it that can serve your daily needs. Through this book, you will learn:

  • The secrets of a plant-based diet
  • The incredible benefits that you can avail from a plant-based diet
  • The main ingredients that you will require for such a diet
  • Recipes for a great plant-based breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • How to make Pasta and Noodles with natural ingredients
  • Recipes to satisfy your beverage and snack cravings

The Plant Based Meal Plan Cookbook can provide you with all the popular meals that can be made but does so with the use of natural ingredients that are required by the body for optimum functioning. Such a diet completely overhauls the human system and is proven to energize the body and mind. Even if you are not yet looking to switch to a healthier diet, you can still gain a tremendous amount that can equip you with the knowledge to choose better. Bit by bit even the most hard-found habits can be altered and upgraded and this book shows one exactly how to go about doing so. There are various hacks and techniques included that can allow one to be wiser in one’s decisions regarding the choice of food. Are you interested in knowing more?

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