The Tiger’s Mail Order Mate: A Paranormal Shifter Romance

By Jade White / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

The Tiger's Mail Order Mate: A Paranormal Shifter Romance

Russell Khan has never had it easy when it comes to finding women. He might be incredibly handsome with a near perfect body but the dark secrets he holds within him make it impossible to find a woman who would give him a chance.

He turns to the only way he could possibly think of to get a woman to be his mate.

To buy one.

He signs up to a mail order bride website and hits it off with a cute girl named Sonja. There is something about Sonja that compels him to think he has finally found the one. Russell has no hesitation in pressing the “Buy Now” button and ordering his new mate.

Little does he know, Sonja has a hidden motive for being a mail order bride and things are about to heat up in more ways then one…

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Biker’s Bride: A Bad Boy Romance (Demons MC) (Includes bonus novel Kinged!)

By B. B. Hamel / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Biker's Bride: A Bad Boy Romance (Demons MC) (Includes bonus novel Kinged!)

I never wanted to be owned by a biker.

I’m a good person, a normal college girl. But when I witness a gang murder, my future hangs in the balance.

Nobody can save me. Except maybe the cocky a**hole from my past.

Ford Cook is a hard man. He leaves waves of violence and broken hearts everywhere he rides. His tough body is covered in tattoos and muscles, and he doesn’t care how many skulls he cracks to get what he wants.

And in order to keep me safe, he expects me to become his bride.

Now I’m claimed by the man who left me so many years ago. I hate him for what he did to me, but I need him to save my life.

Even though my new husband is an arrogant bastard, I can’t help but stare at his ripped body. He knows what I’m thinking, and he’s going to make me say it.

I want him, but I hate him so much.

I’m not sure how long I can take it. I need to play the part of a biker’s bride, or else get handed over to the people that want me dead.

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The Thirteenth Gift

By Charlene Costanzo / Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales

The Thirteenth Gift

While on assignment in Eastern Europe, Claire, a U.S. journalist, learns of a local legend. The deceptively simple fable about the thirteenth gift has a profound effect on Claire, which soon transforms her marriage, her work, and the way she sees the world. The Thirteenth Gift is both a cautionary tale and an inspirational fable as it shows a way through the perilous consequences of greed, arrogance, and abuse of power to an uplifted state of consciousness and community. The Thirteenth Gift invites readers to renew their own sense of wonderment, which can lead to freedom from fear and a greater experience of hope, beauty, and joy in daily life. Like the message of the award-winning book, The Twelve Gifts of Birth, this novella from Charlene Costanzo reminds readers to see the dignity that is inherent in themselves and others.

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Omerta (The DeLuca Family Series Book 1)

By K.A. Ware / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Omerta (The DeLuca Family Series Book 1)

What a difference a day can make.

Mia Caruso grew up under the roof of a tyrant. Her father was an enforcer for the DeLuca crime family who ruled his home with the same brutality that his job required, her mother was the silent trophy he’d always wanted and Mia was only ever in the way. She’d endured the abuse for years, her only solace was the hope that one day she would be free from his iron fists. Just shy of her eighteenth birthday and four months away from a fresh start at college, he showed up and turned her world upside down.

Carlo DeLuca was at the top of his game, master of his own universe, he ran the most successful organized crime syndicate on the west coast. He’d worked his ass off to build his empire after his father had nearly bled it dry, and he wouldn’t allow anything to threaten that. Carlo ruled with a cold indifference that terrified even the most brutal of men, and today was no exception, he had a rat to dispose of.

But when he looked into a of pair amber eyes and saw a fire that rivaled his own, he knew nothing would be the same again.

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The Secret Doctrine

By H.P. Blavatsky / Genre: Theosophy, New Age, Religion & Spirituality

The Secret Doctrine

H.P. Blavatsky was born August 12th 1831 in Yekaterinoslav, Russia.  After leaving Russia after an unconsummated arranged marriage, Helena became a prolific world traveler.  She traveled the world with her second husband, Henry Steel Olcott, visiting Egypt, France, Germany, Mexico, South America, Canada, before settling in Madras, India.

There, she founded the Theosophical Society. Theosophy’s all-encompassing worldview proposes explanations for the origin, workings and ultimate fate of the whole of Existence.  Blavatsky’s second published work, and most famous, is The Secret Doctrine, originally published as two volumes ( Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis) in 1888.  The Secret Doctrine is considered the most influential Occult work, and discusses topics such as the origin of humanity and its religions, attempting to reconcile eastern mysticism with western science.

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The Redemption of Lord Rawlings (Renwick House Book 3)

By Rachel Van Dyken / Genre: Regency, Historical Romance, Romance

The Redemption of Lord Rawlings (Renwick House Book 3)

Phillip Crawford, the eighth Earl of Rawlings and notorious rake of the ton, has come to the end of his rope. Out of money, out of favor, and out of luck, he wanders the streets of London in the rain, hoping to be hit by inspiration…or a runaway carriage. Something has to give. It is his father’s final cruel trick to hold his inheritance just out of reach, requiring him to marry by his next birthday in order to claim his full rights as earl. His step-mother refuses to offer him any more support. With no money, no prospects and no other place to turn, he has only two options: Marriage or debtor’s prison. The better choice seems clear enough, but with his name and reputation being attacked daily in the society papers, there’s not a proper lady in all of London desperate enough to accept him. It isn’t going to be easy, even if the reports of his exploits and rakish lifestyle are greatly exaggerated. On the other hand, debtor’s prison does start to look much more appealing when the only friends he has left decide to help him in his search for the perfect bride. Matters become much more complicated when the only woman who shows an interest in him just happens to be the young sister-in-law of the Duke of Tempest; the same man who, just months ago, had been tempted to kill him. One thing is for certain, as the Season draws to an end, Lord Rawlings will have to decide once and for all, if his wicked ways are enough to bring him contentment in life, or if a leopard really can change his spots. Or in Phillip’s case—can a devil truly be redeemed?

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Reality Boulevard: A Hollywood Insider’s Satire Of Reality TV

By Melissa Jo Peltier / Genre: American, Humor & Satire

Reality Boulevard: A Hollywood Insider's Satire Of Reality TV

Peltier has worked in entertainment for more than 20 years, making the darkly funny Reality Boulevard a true insider’s view of Hollywood and some of America’s biggest shows. In it, we see Oscar-winning producer Marty Maltzman and his staff out of a job – and out on the streets – when long-running docu-series Lights and Sirens is unexpectedly axed. But the Hollywood the team now faces is full of Kardashiansand Real Housewives, and they need to survive in a world where it’s very hard to tell what’s true and what isn’t – both on and off screen. Oscar and Emmy winning documentarian and veteran reality producer (Big Brother, Rescue 911) Arnold Shapiro called the novel “the best satirical look behind the scenes of reality television ever written”, adding: “It contains more truth than you would believe.” Todd Milliner, producer of Grimm and Hot in Cleveland, said: “During her 20-plus years in the business, Melissa Jo Peltier had a front-row seat, watching it all unfold. In this novel, she puts her dry wit and storytelling ability to good use, pulling back the curtain to reveal what really goes on. Entertainment writer Reel Life with Jane says: ” Her characterizations and descriptions, in particular, are original and visceral, and the book is simply a fun and engaging read.” Kirkus Reviews declares Reality Boulevard “a zinging satire.”

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Girl Perfect

By Jo Jenkins / Genre: Girls & Women, Friendship, Social Skills & School Life, Growing Up & Facts of Life, Children’s eBooks

Girl Perfect

Have you ever felt different?

A novel about feeling different and finding love in the unlikeliest of places.

Elin Richards, 13, was born with a cleft lip and palate and has always felt different. Struggling day-to-day with her distinctive appearance, all Elin wants is to be like everyone else. School is a nightmarish and lonely place, and Elin only feels truly at ease when she’s riding her beloved horse, Hebe.

When Elin finally snaps and strikes a boy in her class, the consequences are far reaching. Then someone close makes a suggestion that will change Elin’s life forever.

So take a ride with Elin as she discovers that in an imperfect world true friends are closer than you might think.

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Cooking: Box Set: The Ultimate Recipes Cookbook Box Set(30+ Free Books Included!) (Cooking, Cookbooks, Diet Cookbooks, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Cooking, Recipe Books, Diets)

By ReaderseBookClub / Genre: Outdoor Cooking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Cooking: Box Set: The Ultimate Recipes Cookbook Box Set(30+ Free Books Included!) (Cooking, Cookbooks, Diet Cookbooks, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Cooking, Recipe Books, Diets)

The Complete Healthy And Delicious Recipes Cookbook Box Set!

Paleo Diet Cookbook

Crockpot Recipes Cookbook

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Slow Cooker Recipes Cookbook

Book 1: Paleo: The Complete Paleo Diet Recipes Cookbook

Recently, many have started to look into the paleo diet as a way to lose weight. It’s an effective diet, and it’s a way to not only lose weight, but also to help keep the body healthy and flush out many of the toxins that are present within it.

For many people, the paleo diet is one of the best ways to go, because not only is it low in calories, you’re improving your digestive system and stopping “leaky gut,” lowering or your blood sugar, getting the vitamins and minerals that you need, and most importantly you’re eating foods that you should be eating. It’s a diet that is very simple to follow in a sense, and you actually can find some great recipes to choose from.

Book 2: Crockpot: The Complete Crockpot Recipes Cookbook

For many people, the crock pot is one of the best ways to start cooking. You can have a lot of fun with this little machine, and it’s great for all of us who are busy and on the go. It’s one of the best ways to cook for many, and it’s become one of the most revolutionary ways to cook food for some.

However, many of us don’t know the first thing about cooking with a crock pot, and many times there are a lot of things we don’t know about it, and we might not know the potential of this little machine. There is also the fact that we might only know a few recipes at a time, but we don’t know what to really make with this. However, this book will allow you to learn about all of the different types of crock pot recipes that are out there.

Book 3: Mediterranean: The Complete Mediterranean Diet Recipes Cookbook

The Mediterranean diet is prized for its ability to have people looking and feeling years younger than they actually are. This diet boasts some of the freshest ingredients from around the world, with a focus on using lots of olive oil, fresh fruit and veggies, beans, and fish.

While many people love the Mediterranean diet, they tend to have problems fitting the foods into their daily lives – that’s where this book comes in. In The Complete Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, we will focus in on many of the foods that you already eat, but we just make them cleaner and healthier than ever.

Book 4: Slow Cooker: The Complete Slow Cooker Recipes Cookbook

The slow cooker is what every home needs and the recipes for slow cooker dishes even more. This is because your life is always easier when you have something so helpful in your kitchen to make your lunches, dinners and also the appetizers for your gatherings and parties. This book is just for you, filled with many different recipes that everyone will enjoy.

Also, these recipes are designed so that you will need less preparation time to make so that you have more time for yourself. It just can’t get simpler, have a finished meal in just a few hours without any effort.

All the recipes in this book are with different flavors and they are unique from each other, and this makes this book the best collection of slow cooker recipes.

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