OUTCAST: A Good Guys Novel

By Jamie Schlosser / Genre: Coming of Age

OUTCAST: A Good Guys Novel

My infatuation with Ezra Johnson started how all obsessions begin—with a simple crush. Over the years I silently soaked up every shy smile and random act of kindness, wrestling them away to a secret place in my heart meant for unrequited love.
Because if it wasn’t for the fact that I tutor him once a week, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t even know I exist.
Then I find his sketchbook.
And it changes everything.

There are two certainties in my life: I’ve been in love with Kayla Reynolds since I was fourteen, and I can’t have her.
I’ve spent years settling for a two-dimensional fantasy world, capturing her beauty with a pencil and paper. She’s kind, smart, gorgeous…
And she belongs to someone else.
Or so I thought.
An interesting turn of events makes me realize things aren’t always how they appear on the outside, and now I’ve got my chance to be the man she deserves.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been called a loser. The cripple. An outcast.
But maybe—just maybe—this time the good guy won’t finish last.

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Claimed by the Alien Warrior Triad (Scorp Blood Tribe Book 1)

By Corin Cain / Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Claimed by the Alien Warrior Triad (Scorp Blood Tribe Book 1)

This isn’t real life. In real life, you don’t have towering, broad-shouldered, Greek Gods of men stepping out of a portal and into your reality. Shirtless, in nothing but loin clothes, with every inch of their rippling, marble-hued muscles covered in tribal tattoos… You don’t have men like that appearing out of nowhere; out of a rippling crack in the universe… Until three of them do exactly that…

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Soldier On

By J.D. Wynne / Genre: War

Soldier On

Take a walk in Army reservist Molly McKinney’s boots as she serves our country in Afghanistan and confronts a minefield of interpersonal relationships. Men and women from all walks of life are thrown together on what they call the “rock” or “Hell on earth.” The story follows Molly as she adjusts to her new reality of living in a combat zone, learns the ropes of prison life, and realizes the many complexities of war.
Born in Chicago, Molly barely out of her teens is an aspiring doctor who joined the Army Reserve pre-911, mainly to pay for medical school. She is a breath of fresh air in the hot, dusty, hell-hole the soldiers temporarily call home. Molly, with her battle buddy Osborne, a quirky seductress, work alongside active duty troops as MP’s (Military Police) stationed at a prison camp. The insurgents, assumed to have Taliban connections, some awaiting transit to Guantanamo Bay, often fall on the thin line between very scary and somewhat ridiculous.
Molly’s life becomes a rollercoaster of fear, passion, pain, and boredom as she guards captured insurgents and she soon realizes that she too is a prisoner of the desolate, and unbearably hot prison. Molly becomes drawn to a quick witted, shameless soldier named Spc. Shaw to get through the long and mundane days of the prison. As her feelings for Shaw grow so does her loathing for the insanely handsome, yet robotic, Sgt. Beck.
Sgt. Beck makes it clear on day one that Molly is unfit for the job. In his attempts to take her down he begins to see the true measure of her resilience, courage, determination and fiery temper. As Molly battles her 12-hour work schedule, sleep deprivation, camel spiders and a host of other obstacles while living in a combat zone, Beck, who is sleeping with Molly’s friend, entrusts Molly with a more personal side of himself. As Beck’s guard lowers, so does Molly’s and their friendship becomes unbreakable. But when tragedy strikes Molly realizes that some people are not at all what they appear to be.

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A Warden’s Purpose (Wardens of Issalia Book 1)

By Jeffrey L. Kohanek / Genre: Epic, Fantasy

A Warden's Purpose (Wardens of Issalia Book 1)

An academy of magic and science. Another focused on military excellence.
Deadly secrets await — secrets that lead to murder. Everson is brilliant, ingenious, and yet, he feels broken. Cursed with a disability, he dreams of nothing more than being useful.

Quinn is bold, defiant, and will do anything to protect her brother.

When Everson is sent to an academy of magic and engineering, Quinn joins a military school to remain near her brother. However, things within the fabled institutions are not what they seem. Beneath a mantra of good intentions and the objective of a better future, spies and conspiracies lurk.

Quinn becomes embroiled in a struggle she doesn’t understand — one with dire consequences as her training shifts from difficult to deadly. Her relentless determination might help her survive.

If she only knew whom she could trust.

Within the other school, Everson learns about a dangerous power known as Chaos. Unable to wield this magic, he focuses on melding Chaos with science, dreaming up inventions that would shape the future. Perceptive, imaginative, and curious, his endeavors lead him to a revelation that could change the world.

And then, he discovers the truth.

A Warden’s Purpose kicks off a fantasy adventure packed full of magic, intrigue, action, and betrayal, perfect for fans of Mistborn, Kingfountain, or Fatemarked.

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Renegade Hunter: A WhyChoose Demon Romance (Mates of the Realms: Mortals Book 1)

By Lacey Carter Andersen / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Renegade Hunter: A WhyChoose Demon Romance (Mates of the Realms: Mortals Book 1)

A demon-hunter trying to survive. Three sexy-as-hell demons. And the truth that will change their lives forever…

Being a demon-hunter means living a life of danger. Of giving up everything to keep humanity safe, even if they’ll never know it. And for Sharen, it means knowing she’s fighting on the side of good.

Which is all just fine– until she’s accidentally tied to three demons.

Alec, Ryder, and Kade are handsome, dangerous, and absolutely certain that Sharen is the woman they want to spend the rest of their immortal lives loving. They don’t care that they’re enemies, they’re bound and determined to show her that there’s more to her world than what she’s been told.

But there’s one problem with their plan. Something they never could have expected. The woman they’ve claimed as their own, well, she doesn’t like being lied to. And when those lies endanger the people she loves… she’s going to do something about it.

Even if she has to burn her whole damn world down.

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Gangland: A Real Chicago Love Story

By Leo Sullivan / Genre: Urban

Gangland: A Real Chicago Love Story

At 17-years-old, Star can’t wait to graduate so that she can make it out the Southside. With dreams of making it big, she is already on the right track to a new life after building a following by doing make-up tutorials and posting sexy photos of herself on her Instagram page. Though a good girl, she’s infatuated with the violent and merciless street king, Polo, the head of the city’s most notorious gang. She wants nothing more than to help him drop his current girl so that she can be the woman in his life. But Star gets more than she bargained for when a series of events lead her to not only be Polo’s main chick but forces her to be the leader of the female counterpart to his gang.

Tragedy strikes when Star’s own dope fiend of a mother robs Polo’s trap house and the act sends Mink, Polo’s baby brother, and Kato, Polo’s right-hand man, blasting right through Star’s front door. When the night ends with Kato shot and Mink murdered at Star’s hands, Polo demands to know who is responsible for killing his brother but she quickly covers her own tracks to save herself from his wrath.

Unfortunately, Star doesn’t know there is a witness to her crime. Kato, who she thought she’d killed is actually alive and in a coma fighting for his life. When he suddenly awakes, Star is afraid that her fate will be sealed as soon as he tells how Mink really died. However, Kato is not the same man that he was before and things between the two quickly begin to change. When sparks fly and Star feels she’s found true love in the one man she thought she hated more than anyone on Earth, will the real truth of her lies come to light and ruin it all?

Free as of 03/26/19 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Wally & Sid: Crackpots At-Large: A Pest at Wiseacre Farms

By Richard Deaver / Genre: Children’s eBooks

Wally & Sid: Crackpots At-Large: A Pest at Wiseacre Farms

A small, but clever troublemaker is creating havoc at Wiseacre Farms, where there always seems to be a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Chock-full of laughter, chaos and craziness, this farm-fresh comedic adventure follows Wally & Sid, and their hilariously unforgettable friends, on a journey filled with laugh-out-loud humor, lots of heart, and genuine fun.

Wally & Sid are not the sharpest tools in the garden shed, and certainly no strangers to chaos. The comical misadventures of these two practical jokers turn into days filled with hilarious mishaps and mischief.

Now there is a pest, a bad seed if you will, causing problems, who is not even trying to hide that he’s the culprit.

The pressure is building, so will they be able to come up with a plan to stop him? Or will their tiny tormenter continue to prove he’s smarter and craftier than Wally & Sid?

Become immersed in this action-packed, magical story of optimism and friendship, imaginative pranks and pranksters, and a diverse cast of characters that includes a 300 year old magician and his rabbit, a Latina florist in full Dia de los Muertos splendor, a special-needs ice cream vendor, an expressionless Tiki, a private eye, a wonky purveyor of poop, and of course, Wally & Sid. Oh, and a sly and cunning pest!

Beautifully illustrated, this tale of wonderfully quirky creatures offers a generous dose of home grown hilarity for kids of all ages.

This is not your typical hero’s journey tale.

Free as of 03/26/19 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Instant Pot Cookbook #2019: Over 250 Deliciously Simple Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker : Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners

By Kyla Hane / Genre: Outdoor Cooking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Instant Pot Cookbook #2019: Over 250 Deliciously Simple Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker : Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners

Cooking in an Instant pot definitely has many advantages than conventional cooking.

❖ Saves Time and Effort

Electric pressure cookers typically can reduce cooking time by up to 70 percent compared to slow cooking, oven cooking, steaming, and boiling. Less time cooking, more time to enjoy and spend with the family and other important things in life.

❖ Convenient

With its multifunctional pre-set programs, you just touch a button and let the Instant pot do the cooking for you. You can choose from its 12 buttons depending on your cooking needs – rice, multigrain rice, congee/porridge, sauté/browning, soup, poultry, meat & stew, bean & chili, steaming, slow cook, yogurt, and keep warm. If you can’t get to your Instant Pot on time at the end of a cooking cycle, don’t worry, the pot will automatically “keep warm” and the pressure will release naturally.
❖ Energy Efficient

The heat source of an Instant Pot is electric and built in. You won’t need a separate electric or gas stove. Also, because it takes less time to cook your food, you will save up a lot of energy when cooking.

❖ Safe

If not used properly, pressure cooking can be disastrous. However, an Instant pot has various safety measures and components.

* If you forgot to lock the lid of your pot, it will not activate pressurized cooking – it will only stay in keep warm or sauté function, a feature that you can use when the lid of the pot is open.

* If your steam release valve is not closed or if the sealing ring of your pot is missing, the instant pot will detect that is has not reached pressure properly and will automatically switch to keep warm.

* The instant pot will also prevent you from opening the lid if it is still pressurized.

* The steam release valve has a vent shield to prevent food particles from accumulating, which ensures that the valve remains open to release pressure from the pot.

* If there is burnt food at the bottom of the inner pot because the moisture or the water in the pot is absent, the Instant Pot will automatically stop heating once the temperature exceeds a certain limit.

* The Instant Pot will also detect excessively high temperature and extremely high electrical current and will automatically disconnect the power.

* The pot keeps the cooking pressure between 10.12 -11.6 psi. If the pressure is above 15.23 psi, the steam release, similar to the pressure regulator of a stovetop pressure cooker, will be pushed up and allow steam to release to bring the pressure down.

* If the pressure becomes too high and the pot’s pressure regulator has malfunctioned, you will still be safe because the Instant pot’s mechanism will move the inner pot down, creating a gap between the inner pot and the lid where steam will be released and the heating stopped.

Recipes include: –

  • New York Cheesecake
  • Coconut Rice Pudding
  • Pulled Cranberry BBQ Pork
  • Boneless BBQ Pork Ribs  
  • Chicken Pot BBQ
  • Buttery Chicken
  • Noodle Chicken Soup
  • Sweet Potato-Carrot Soup
  • Cherry Farro Chilled Salad
  • Mushroom-y Risotto
  • Cauliflower Mash
  • Garlicky Broccoli
  • Maple Carrots
  • Mushrooms & Zucchini
  • Garlicky Potato Mash
  • Ratatouille
  • Spinach Mash

  • And many more!

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