Vow to Protect (Doubeck Crime Family Book 1)

By J.L. Beck / Genre: Literature & Fiction, Kindle eBooks, Categories
Vow to Protect (Doubeck Crime Family Book 1)

They call me a monster.

Murderous and hateful.

Beautiful but broken.

Nothing can calm the ever raging storm inside of me. As the ruthless leader of the Doubeck family there is a certain standard of brutality, I have to uphold.

Then I meet her.

Beautiful, innocent, and so very afraid.

Valentina is a rival family’s daughter, and the little temptress has purposely tangled herself in my dark web.

She seeks me out, needing my help, but the price for what she wants will be steep.

Since my father’s death, I’ve needed a wife to solidify my family name, and this woman has piqued my interest.

So we strike a deal, intertwining our futures.

I’ll put a ring on her finger, own her body, keep her safe, and kill them all.

I make a vow to protect her at all costs, that is until her secrets come to light, and I’m left with the choice of becoming the monster she’s only ever heard rumors about.

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Alpha Zero (Alpha LitRPG Book 1)

By Arthur Stone / Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Alpha Zero (Alpha LitRPG Book 1)

I should not exist.
All children like me are stillborn, or die in infancy. Those who cannot grow stronger, die. No empty child has ever reached a year of age, yet I am now thirteen.
It has been a long and miserable thirteen years, where the best I can manage to do is walk with difficulty. Sometimes, I cannot even manage that.
My clan has paid dearly for every minute of my life. And money is not so easy to obtain, here at the edge of civilization.
Perhaps I might have lived in this state for many years. A cripple, strong in mind but feeble in body. But when some unexpected guests came to our estate, everything changed. I would die at last – or, I would learn to survive on my own.

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Lord Scot (Always a Scot Book 1)

By Jade L / Genre: Regency, Romance
Lord Scot (Always a Scot Book 1)

Lord Loughton needs a strong wife to help him corral his wild Scottish relations. Of course, he may be the wildest of them all, or so thinks Lady Clara. The last thing she wants is to leave her beloved London for the highlands. She certainly won’t do it for a man who laughs when she’s trying to anger him, teases when he ought to be terrified, and kisses her when she’s not at all ready to marry anyone.

But a Scotsman must have his bride, so he brings her to the highlands on a ghost hunt because Lady Clara loves nothing more than a true haunting. What she finds instead of eerie doings is a family made stronger by their oddities. She has a place here if she’s strong enough to claim it.

And a man who will fight by her side if she’s bold enough to embrace a wild Scottish ride.

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Small Town Billionaire: A Christian small town romance (Sweet Home Billionaires Book 1)

By Hannah Jo Abbott / Genre: Billionaires, Romance
Small Town Billionaire: A Christian small town romance (Sweet Home Billionaires Book 1)

A billionaire looking for a change and a woman who wants nothing to do with him. Can he convince her that he’s more than money?

Hudson Jennings wants to get away from the world of business his father is trying to trap him in. He’s seen what it’s done to his family, and to his ailing mother. Why not buy a house in a small town and move far away from it all?

Shannon Kendrick is graduating college after six long years of putting herself through school and working at a country club. She’s ready to start her career and help people that are less fortunate. When she meets a guy who has it all and he’s rude to her, she chalks it up to being a rich, entitled, son of a billionaire.

When Hudson needs to host an event, he is paired with Shannon to make the necessary preparations. She can’t stand the sight of him, but her spunky personality and determination to do the right thing sparks a light in Hudson that he hasn’t known before. He wants to know more about her, but he also wants to protect her from the life he leads.

Shannon begins to see a different side of Hudson than she first expected. But she won’t let herself get too close to a life of wealth that has caused her pain in the past.

Hudson will have to decide if he’s man enough to stand up to his father, and Shannon will have to choose whether to believe in Hudson or let him go.

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Home for Christmas: The Christmas Lights Collection

By Chautona Havig / Genre: Military, Romance
Home for Christmas: The Christmas Lights Collection

? The Stars of New Cheltenham by Chautona Havig

Christmas in Rockland—battleground or romantic?

Avalon is ticked—seriously livid. Who does this Marine recruiter think he is? Her brother is a boy and is not ready to be sacrificed on the altar of “service to your country.” No. Thank you. When trying to talk sense into Max doesn’t work, she does the only think she can think of. Take it to the top.

Gareth Hudson has an exemplary record as a Marine recruiter and knows a good man when he sees one. So when Maxton McCollum starts asking questions in a diner one afternoon, it was obvious. This was a match made in military heaven. One young man anxious to serve his country. One country ready to train him to be the best version of himself.

So when Avalon walks into Gareth’s recruiting office, all the wrong kinds of fireworks explode. In a peacekeeping move unlike him, Gareth asks for four Saturdays to change her mind. If he can’t, he’ll suggest that Max wait six months before signing up.

Romance wasn’t part of the bargain, and with their age difference, Gareth knows it still shouldn’t be, but how do you resist the pull of love at Christmas?

? Most Wonderful Time by Toni Shiloh

Gabe Lewis loves Christmas, just not as much as his eccentric mother who gave him and his siblings Christmas names. When he discovers that his new co-worker Shanée Mitchell wants nothing to do with the season, he makes it his mission to show her the true meaning. But he never expected feelings to develop for the Air Force veteran. Can he take a chance that she feels the same way or miss the best gift of all?

? The Road Home by Cathe Swanson

Tally has tried to leave her military history far in the past, but she’s not ready to go back to her former life, either. Can an old army buddy help her find a new road home?

? Now and Forever Christmas by Jaycee Weaver

Romance ruined their friendship. Could this be the Christmas they repair it?

CJ Sinclair never imagined trading her chef’s toque for the domestic life but helping out her pregnant sister lets her regroup after a bad case of burnout. Though, if she’d known it meant spending time with her first ex, or that they’d be almost as awkward as in high school, CJ might’ve fled to Mexico instead.

The past eight years as a professional musician for the US Army prepared Tobin McGhee for his new job as high school band teacher. They didn’t prepare him for how he’d feel seeing CJ again. This time, though, he won’t make the same mistakes.

Can they make holiday music together and rekindle the friendship they once had, or will romance ruin everything again?

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The Heavier the Chains…

By M.E. Clayton / Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Kindle eBooks, Categories
The Heavier the Chains...

What happens when your entire world is ripped away from you?

You pray for strength.

Raised in a fairyland of the rich and privileged, Kenzlee Mitchell had the perfect life. Though her parents were absent and neglectful, her twin brother wasn’t. With more money than any teenager needed, freedom to do whatever she wanted, and a brother who supported her fully, it was easy to forget that there were people all around the world who didn’t have it as easily as she did.

When Kenzlee’s brother dies of an overdose, Kenzlee’s entire world is shaken to its core. Forced to re-evaluate what’s important in life, Kenzlee slowly becomes quiet and withdrawn. Now she spends more time with her household staff, rather than her spoiled, rich, entitled friends. However, just as Kenzlee begins to adjust to her new life, tragedy strikes again, leaving her to pick up the pieces again.

Raised with more responsibility than most kids, Talon Draven was an old soul. Even though he was only eighteen-years-old, he took the responsibility of taking care of his sister and mother very seriously. With an absent father and a mother who worked two jobs, Talon did what he had to in order to take care of his younger sister and help out his mother.

When Talon goes to his first underground fight, he falls in love with the violence, atmosphere, excitement, and money. After training for two years, he’s finally able to join the fights, and quickly becomes the reigning champion. With every cent going into a college fund for his sister, Talon’s motivation drives him to be the best. He can’t afford any distractions. He refuses to be distracted.

When you least expect it…
After Kenzlee’s father loses everything that they own, she’s shipped off to her uncle’s house until her parents can get their act together. Suddenly, she’s faced with a new life, new school, new friends, and an uncertain future. However, none of that anxiety compares to when she first meets Talon Draven.

After Talon’s spent years sticking to his life’s plan, he’s hit with a temptation that he never imagined could exist. On his way to class, he’s run over by a goddamn princess, and his entire life’s focus shifts. Staring into the face of the most beautiful girl that he’s ever seen, Talon just has to have her.

Unable to handle more stress in her life, Kenzlee knows she has to avoid Talon Draven at all costs, even though she can’t deny how he makes her feel. Unable to handle not having Kenzlee Mitchell as his, Traven stops at nothing to possess the beautiful, fierce, broken girl with a princess name.

While Kenzlee’s preparing for an uncertain future, Talon’s preparing for a future with her in it. However, the one thing they can both agree on? Staying away from one another is a lot harder than it should be.

Spoiler Alert: There’s no lake in the town of Lakeside.

Free as of 04/23/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Finding Home (The Finding Home Series Book 6)

By B. E. Baker / Genre: Clean & Wholesome, Romance
Finding Home (The Finding Home Series Book 6)

There’s no place (that really feels) like home.

Cole’s mother married the Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein when he was only three years old. When his step-father’s failing health requires Cole to step in and help out, he does it without complaint, knowing he can never ascend the throne. When his step-father offers to adopt him, Cole knows it’s unlikely the other members of the Princely Family will ever accept an adopted heir.

Even so, part of him wants to try.

Beth grew up surrounded by loving siblings and doting parents, but she wasn’t born into this idyllic family. When her biological mother reaches out, explaining that she’s a pop star in Europe, Beth feels as if fate has orchestrated their reunion. Her bio mom is impressed with Beth’s skill at the piano and invites her to join the European tour. Beth jumps at the chance.

The reality isn’t quite the dream she imagined.

When Beth finds herself in a jam in the middle of Europe, can Cole rescue the damsel in distress, even though he’s not actually a prince? And can Cole and Beth find the true meaning of home. . . together?

Free as of 04/23/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Royal Dragons: A Three-Book Complete Series Box Set

By Selina Coffey / Genre: Vampires, Romance
Royal Dragons: A Three-Book Complete Series Box Set

Dragon hunters are back.

There’s nothing the dragon princes can’t handle.
The hunters may be beautiful, sexy and smart.
But they’re weak, they’re human.
Nonetheless, the King wants them gone — permanently.
One by one, the princes fail, falling under the hunters’ charms.
And they are about to discover…
Fate has bound them to these hunters for a reason.
Fate has altered the destiny of the dragon world forever.

Book 1 – Destiny Of The Dragon Prince
Dragon hunters are a thing of the past. Or so everyone thought.
When Malcolm’s father, the King, calls upon him to kill a dragon hunter, he’s shocked to discover that not only is the hunter weak and deathly ill but his desire to protect her grows stronger and stronger.

Book 2 – Defying The Dragon Prince
Willow was told that her ancestors were dragon hunters.
But she never believed in dragons until she found the cure to her deadly sickness…
Her mate, a dragon prince. But she wants the chance to fall in love like everyone else and she intends to resist him, to fight fate with every fiber of her being.

Book 3 – Chamber Of The Dragon Prince
Aleric, the future king of the dragon world, found out the secret his mate has been hiding.
She’s more powerful than she looks and she may be the key to end the conflict between the human and the magical worlds.

Free as of 04/23/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

My Friend Jake has Autism

By Christine Drap / Genre: Siblings, Family Life, Growing Up & Facts of Life
My Friend Jake has Autism

A picture book to help children understand autism.
Narrated by a friend, this book talks about how autism affects Jake at school and at home. Autism is a common condition that affects a child’s social skills as well as organisation and processing.

This book explains autism in a simple way. While it explains the difficulties encountered by a child with autism, it recognises that all children with autism are different.

It is written in a positive narrative. This version of the book is written in UK English.

Free as of 04/23/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Five Dollar Foodie Cookbook: Cook Better, Spend Less, Enjoy More Recipes

By Lucy Holland / Genre: , ,
The Five Dollar Foodie Cookbook: Cook Better, Spend Less, Enjoy More Recipes

Have you been through your share of budget cookbooks with impossible-to-find ingredients, long cooking times, and plain, flavorless food? With the $5 Foodie, you can rest easy!
From easily found ingredients to easily made recipes, the $5 Foodie shows you that you can truly have it all! Over five years, this family team has tested their recipes to bring you a cookbook that will please not only your tastebuds but also your waistline, your wallet, and even your environmental footprint.
This cookbook draws from a variety of cooking styles—American, Native American, French, Spanish, Italian. And all of that for $5 dollars a day—not just $5 dollars a meal!
So don’t wait! Start enjoying recipes that are not only flavorful and healthy but also easy on your wallet, with this 55-recipe cookbook featuring menus and shopping tips.

Free as of 04/23/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.


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