Sullivan (The Rock Creek Six Book 2)

By Linda Winstead Jones / Genre: Historical Romance, Romance

Sullivan (The Rock Creek Six Book 2)

If you liked the Magnificent Seven, you’ll love the Rock Creek Six!

Six elite Confederate soldiers band together after the War Between the States, hiring out their guns to protect lawless towns. Violence is all they know, until they make their way to Rock Creek, Texas.

For Eden Rourke, making her way from a sheltered life in Georgia to rough and tumble Rock Creek is an easy decision, if not an easy journey. A tenderhearted woman, she’s always been driven to help those in need, including the half-breed Sinclair Sullivan who’s been ambushed and beaten directly in the path of her wagon. Coincidence? She thinks not.

When Sullivan discovers that the woman who saved him is Jed Rourke’s sister, he feels obligated to escort her to Rock Creek. He tells himself that once she’s there she’ll be Jed’s problem, not his, but Eden is not only tender and unfailingly optimistic, she’s persistent. And she’s decided that Sinclair Sullivan is meant to be hers.

Eden doesn’t believe in coincidence, but she does believe in fate.

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Parno’s Gambit: The Black Sheep of Soulan: Book 3

By N.C. Reed / Genre: Fantasy, Action & Adventure

Parno's Gambit: The Black Sheep of Soulan: Book 3

In a post-apocalyptic world thrown back into medieval times, young Prince Parno McLeod’s family troubles have gone from bad to worse of late. His father has been murdered by his insane sister and his brother has only narrowly escaped death at her hand. Now as Parno struggles to adapt to his new position as Marshal of the Army after so many years of being ignored, he must prevent his sister with her elite company of Soulan Calvary from installing her evil twin brother on the throne in his father’s place. Likewise, he must struggle to prevent the realms other enemies from driving any deeper into his Kingdom’s territory and with getting ‘reluctant’ bureaucrats to help him by simply doing their jobs correctly in the King’s name. Parno has been fortunate, and he is a gifted leader for one so young, but he is young, and inexperienced. He has a plan that will save his people, but he’s about to learn a very important lesson; no plan survives contact with the enemy. He will also learn that despite his successes so far, he is as close to losing the war as he has been since it began. Now, gambling with his people’s freedom, Parno tries to do too much, too soon, and with too few men. A gambit that he admits is dangerous, and may yet see the capitol of Soulan in flames!

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Burning Desire (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) (Air Force Fire Protection Specialists Book 1)

By Jen Talty / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Burning Desire (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) (Air Force Fire Protection Specialists Book 1)

Crew Chief Alec Charles Enders AKA Ace has two passions: Serving his country and putting out fires. As an Air Forces Fire Protection Specialist, Ace has seen his fair share of infernos from fires in the sky, to chemical buildings, and even forest fires. While running into a burning building is no big deal for him, he dreads the call. He understands the devastation and destruction fires can cause, not to mention the loss of life as he lost his first girlfriend to a fire while in high school. 

His job is get people out of the fire and contain it at the same time. So, when he watches a car crash unfold while on leave, he jumps into action. He’s prepared to do what it takes to save the young women in the car…

And protect his heart from the burning desire she awakes in his soul.

While heading home to help her mother with a legal problem, Lexi Aberdean is T-Boned and her car bursts into flames. Lucky for her, a good Samaritan saves her life and now all she wants to do is find a way to repay him. Only, he wants nothing to do with her.

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Scary Dead Things (The Tome of Bill Book 2)

By Rick Gualtieri / Genre: Comedy, Horror

Scary Dead Things (The Tome of Bill Book 2)

There are reasons we fear the night. He’s STILL not one of them.Bill Ryder, the trash-talking geek from Bill The Vampire, is back and about to find himself in a whole new world of side-splitting insanity.

One of the most powerful vampires on the planet wants Bill’s head. A crazed immortal princess wants the rest of him. It’s a toss-up which fate is worse.

All the while, new and powerful forces have begun to emerge from the shadows around him. Are they friend or foe? Knowing his luck, do you even have to ask?

Bill’s only hope for survival is to marshal his friends, master his powers, and somehow prove that, in a world of supernatural terrors, he’s the scariest dead thing of them all.

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Luvin’ A Virginia Street King

By Toy / Genre: Urban

Luvin' A Virginia Street King

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. Those were the thoughts of two groups of friends who were successful in each of their chosen professions when they decide to embark on a 10-day cruise. However, the cruise turns out to be more than just a sail-abration when secrets are revealed, and Cupid is playing the background

Courtney and Marlon seem to have this bond where they can’t stay away from each other. They try to keep their friendship platonic to respect the relationships they have with their partners, but what happens when the main and the side start swapping places.

Adrian and Delon have no problem with just being vacation baes, or so they thought. When the heart wants what it wants, the brain will never win.

Heidi and Keno seem to be polar opposites, but yet so much alike. They matched each other’s fly and grind, yet they fought the inevitable. Heidi was the soft spot that tamed his wildness while Keon was the protector she didn’t know she needed.

Tianna and Jakkar appear to not have a care in the world and were living life on the edge. However, their decisions come back in a major way and left them wondering if they will be able to bounce back.

Take a ride with Author Toy as she shows you how it is when you’re “Luvin a Virginia Street King.”

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TORMENT: A Dark Romance!

By Aleya Michelle / Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers

TORMENT: A Dark Romance!

Willow is a survivor, hanging on by a thread, her mother murdered right before her eyes.
Eight years old, not a place or person to call home, Willow did what she did in order to survive the life handed to her.
Alcohol, Drugs, Rehab.
Faced with a straight jacket, a bare cell at ferndale and the prospect of going cold turkey from the vices that have been keeping her alive. Willow is enraged.
She wants her drugs, she wants her freedom.
She wants out of this place.

Hunter is an addict.
Taking one taste, the sole purpose to impress a girl, and heroin ended up taking every bit of self-control he’d ever owned.
Six months later he’s hooked and spiraling out of control, breaking and entering, car accidents, endless trouble with the law.
His mother joins forces with the police, signing him into ferndale, a last resort before shipping him off to the army.
Thats where he see her.
The girl in the cell.
The dark-haired, blue eyed angel that steals his heart.

This is a dark romance, not for the faint at heart, you’ve been warned.

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Your Best Friend is Coming

By Nikki Hogue / Genre: Dogs, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Your Best Friend is Coming

Spoiled, loved and living it up as his parents’ only child, the family dog is excited when he learns that he has a best friend on the way! After months of anticipating their new arrival, he realizes that his new role isn’t all it was cracked up to be. Though it might not have been what he expected at first, this budding friendship is so much more than he could have ever imagined.

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Keto Soups Cookbook 2019: 111+ Delicious and Easy to Make Keto Soups, Stews, Broths and Bread Recipes (Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes for Busy People)

By Melissa Sanders / Genre: Healthy, Special Diet, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Keto Soups Cookbook 2019: 111+ Delicious and Easy to Make Keto Soups, Stews, Broths and Bread Recipes (Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes  for Busy People)

A stew is made when vegetables and meat are cooked at a low temperature or it can also be said that in a stew there is a combination of solid contents which are cooked on a low temperature in liquid contents that results in a gravy like textures. Stews are very much alike soups, but usually soups have more liquid while stews are thicker in consistency and cooked for a longer period of time, the serving of stews might also be done differently than soups, s soups are always served in the bowl stews can be served on a plate where the gravy can be poured all over the solid contents. For stewing less tender pieces of meat are more appropriate as they are cooked on low heat and becomes juicy and tender. Stew is a tasty and healthy meal, it is enriched with a lot of nutrients which are very beneficial for the body, it can also be included if you are planning your diet to lose weight, cabbage stew will be very helpful and beneficial in this regard. Chicken stew which is incorporated with turmeric and apple cider vinegar is also very helpful in losing fats and detoxifying the body.

Being physically active while being on a keto diet is very important for health and fitness. Initially it might be a little bit hard since the body takes some time to get used to it so you should take it easy in the start. Once you start gaining the energy physical activities like lifting, running, training will further boost the energy level. You can make proper meal plans according to the physical workouts.

    Recipes include:

  • Chicken Avocado Lime Soup
  • Instant Pot Chipotle Beef Stew
  • Steak & Bacon Chili
  • Chinese Pork & Cabbage Soup
  • Nourishing Breakfast Soup
  • Lobster Bisque
  • Dairy-Free Clam Chowder
  • Curried Pumpkin Soup
  • Strawberry Basil Soup
  • Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

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