Torch (Take It Off Book 1)

By Cambria Hebert / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Torch (Take It Off Book 1)

Katie Parks has been on her own since the age of fifteen. All she’s ever wanted is a place to call her own—a life that is wholly hers that no one can take away. She thought she finally had it, but with the strike of a single match, everything she worked so hard for is reduced to a pile of smoking ash. And she almost is too.
Now she’s being stalked by someone who’s decided it’s her time to die. The only thing standing in the path of her blazing death is sexy firefighter Holt Arkain.
Katie’s body might be safe with Holt… but her heart is another story.
As the danger heats up, sparks fly and the only thing Katie knows for sure is that her whole life is about to go up in flames.

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Say You Won’t Let Go (Epic Love Stories Book 1)

By Kelly Moore / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Say You Won't Let Go (Epic Love Stories Book 1)

Fate can either be your friend or it can be your worst enemy!
In my case, it’s been both.

Loving someone and losing them turned my world upside down.
Now fate has dealt me a sweet hand and I plan on claiming what is mine.
In searching for someone else, I found my heart again, but this time the fight for my life begins. And by my life, I mean my heart, the one that’s been frozen in my chest for the past twelve years. It’s found a meaning to beat again.
But, fate isn’t quite as kind as I thought. Things aren’t always as they seem. That would be too easy and nothing has ever been easy for me.
This guitar-strumming man will have to turn on the charm for love to find its way again.

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The Feral Sentence (Season One)

By G. C. Julien / Genre: Violence, Social & Family Issues, Teen & Young Adult

The Feral Sentence (Season One)

The first season (episodes 1 – 4) of award-winning YA dystopian serial, The Feral Sentence.The year is 2087 and the federal government is no longer sending murderers to prison. Instead, convicted felons are being stripped of their belongings and dropped into the waters of Kormace Island—the Island of Killers—to fend for themselves.Lydia Brone, an eighteen-year-old girl who is convicted of murder for having accidentally killed her mother’s abusive boyfriend, finds herself being transported by helicopter to this mysterious island. She knows that her sentence will be difficult, but what awaits her is far more terrifying than anything she could have ever imagined.

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Dangerous Rock (Dangerous Noise Book 3)

By Crystal Kaswell / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Dangerous Rock (Dangerous Noise Book 3)

I’m married to a rock star.
And I don’t even know his last name.

Bella Chase is in need of a good time. A quick trip to Vegas is just what the doctor ordered. The tattooed bad boy who approaches her at a crowded club isn’t her usual type. But she’s not looking for a husband. She’s looking for a little fun. Between his gorgeous green eyes, his bright smile, and his effortless charm, he’s the perfect distraction.

Bossy drummer Joel Young needs out of his head. Now. Bella is just the woman to help. The curvy brunette is smart, refined, responsive… and a little uptight. Joel is more than happy to show her how to let her hair down. First, he’ll make her laugh. Then, he’ll get her screaming his name.

It’s the perfect one night stand.

Until they wake up married.

Joel knows they should get a divorce. But Bella makes him feel things he’s never felt before. Maybe this is crazy. Maybe he’s wrong.

He doesn’t care.

She’s his wife. He’s not about to let her go.

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Angels and Assassins 2: The Protector

By K. Alex Walker / Genre: Women’s Fiction, African American, United States

Angels and Assassins 2: The Protector

A vow he made…

After growing up on the streets as a kid in Washington DC, former Navy SEAL, Dez, vowed he would never return after joining the military. And he’d kept the promise—until the death of one of his fellow comrades forces him to go back to the city he’d been convinced was damned.

However, the night before he plans to fly out of the city, he runs into Larke Tapley, a federal prosecutor at a crossroads about leaving her secure job and branching out on her own.

A vow she breaks

The two develop a friendship, remaining in contact while he covers private missions overseas, and she develops a name for herself in the legal world. Over time, the need to see her in person forces Dez to do what he’d vowed never to do… He returns home.

The minute he arrives, there’s a break-in at Larke’s office. He assumes the person has been sent for the bounty still on his head, until the man reveals he has come to kill Larke.

The woman who is now his mission

Dez deems her under his protection, and together, they aim to find two missing girls and dismantle one of the most salacious underground operations of the criminal world. Dez also vows to make the woman who’s been his rock and his reason to live for two years, his.


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Tempest (The Scribes of Medeisia, Book 2)

By R.K. Ryals / Genre: Epic, Fantasy

Tempest (The Scribes of Medeisia, Book 2)

We must overcome and prevail …

King Raemon of Medeisia is slaughtering tattooed scribes and mages, forcing them into hiding. All marked and those associated with them are destroyed. The people are desperate. Months after challenging Raemon, the marked rebels of Medeisia must rise against their bloodthirsty king or chance being annihilated.

Sixteen year-old Drastona Consta-Mayria is the prophesied phoenix of peace, desperate to be a leader for her people despite her reservations. Following the lead of a scarred and forgotten prince, Drastona will embark on a journey with an unlikely band of rebels and a dragon across a cursed desert to bring down a king and save a kingdom.

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My First Summer in the Sierra (Illustrated Edition)

By John Muir / Genre: Environmentalists & Naturalists, Professionals & Academics, Biographies & Memoirs

My First Summer in the Sierra (Illustrated Edition)

My First Summer in the Sierra describes two years period of Muir’s life during which he lived in a cabin in Californian mountains. When he came to California and finally settled in San Francisco, John Muir immediately left for a visit to Yosemite, a place he had only read about. Seeing it for the first time, Muir noted that “He was overwhelmed by the landscape, scrambling down steep cliff faces to get a closer look at the waterfalls, whooping and howling at the vistas, jumping tirelessly from flower to flower.” He climbed a number of mountains, including Cathedral Peak and Mount Dana, and hiked the old Indian trail down Bloody Canyon to Mono Lake.

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Highlander’s Dark Enemy: A Medieval Scottish Historical Romance Book

By Alisa Adams / Genre: Historical, Classics

Highlander’s Dark Enemy: A Medieval Scottish Historical Romance Book

A mysterious figure with an evil plot threatens Davina’s entire life as she knows it.
Can a childhood friend save her from certain doom?

Davina Anderson, a blond and spirited young girl from the Scottish Highlands, never expected to be wed. She has always seen herself as a plain and plump young woman with little to offer a man. That is until one fateful day she crosses paths with the handsome, tall, and muscular Athol Murray, heir to the estate of Blairmore. Their friendship soon blossoms, but neither of them is looking for love—not yet.

A devastating tragedy rocks the entire town of Craiglochan when Davina’s father, Laird Ruaridh, is brutally assassinated. Chaos reigns in their household as they struggle to identify the person responsible. Just when the situation couldn’t get any worse, a devastating rumour is exposed that crushes Davina completely. Davina doesn’t expect to find a hero in Athol who proves a powerful ally in their fight for justice.

It leads them both down a dangerous path which spells death and mayhem for the two young friends. Will Davina and Athol find love amongst the bloodshed or will it all come crashing down?

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Maddie’s Recipe Of Mysteries (A Rockcrest Cove Cozy Mystery Book 1)

By Emily Page / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery & Thrillers

Maddie's Recipe Of Mysteries (A Rockcrest Cove Cozy Mystery Book 1)

The sweet smell of success… a bitter dose of death!

For baker Madeline McDougal, life is sweet, literally. As a bakery owner, Madeline spends her days baking a large variety of tasty treats. A skill passed down to her by her late Mother. Madeline’s pastries are a hit with not just locals, but people from all across the country. But as of late… business has been waning. Yet everything changes when Madeline notices that the backdoor of her shop has been tampered with, and is led to an even more gruesome discovery.

When the local police chief begins his investigation, Madeline becomes the prime suspect. Is she really a suspect? Or just a pawn in a dangerous game?

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Stay (Odd Jobs Book 1)

By AJ Alexander / Genre: Coming of Age

Stay (Odd Jobs Book 1)

Against all odds, the dog walker gets the girl…


Never knowing if someone is genuinely interested in me or my family’s money keeps my guard up. So when he shows up, my instant hatred for his good looks and sexy smile is no surprise.

I soon discover that Cole isn’t who I think he is, but I’m afraid to lower my walls and let him in. After his relentless pursuing, I find myself being led down a path I never thought possible.


I never thought I deserved to have the white picket fence life – until her. The last thing I expect to find when I knock on my client’s door is the answer to my deepest desires.

One look and I know Addison is out of my league. That will not stop me from trying to make her mine… but my past might.

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The Baby Shift: North Dakota (Shifter Babies of America Book 1)

By Becca Fanning / Genre: Single Authors, Short Stories

The Baby Shift: North Dakota (Shifter Babies of America Book 1)

His wolf can sense her, but is he worthy of her?

Forget what anyone tells you: the holidays are hell. Bickering family members, rushed shopping and every woman stressing over setting the perfect holiday spread. Ginger knew this full well as she struggled to keep her cakes and pastries in stock. It was a good problem to have, but lately it seemed like all she had were problems. But just when you think you have life figured out, six feet of the right kind of problem walks in the door. Now there’s a problem I’d like to tackle…. Wait, what’s going on with his eyes?

Jack is on the hunt. Not for an enemy, and not for the delicious moose he sometimes indulges in back home in Alaska. What’s brought him to Gray Creek, ND is his idiot brother. Who travels across the country to get involved in something that doesn’t concern him? His brother, Connor, that’s who. But before he can grab Connor and drag him back to Alaska, he meets her, and she’s something fierce.

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By Diane Alber / Genre: Art, Arts, Music & Photography, Children’s eBooks


Sticks is a story that almost anyone can relate to. It’s about finding yourself in a situation that didn’t turn out like you expected and having your friends and family help you find he courage to pick yourself back up and persevere.

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Quesadillas – 40 Simple and Easy to Make Quesadilla Recipes (The Mexican Food Cookbooks Book 1)

By J.R. Deschamps / Genre: Quick & Easy, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Quesadillas - 40 Simple and Easy to Make Quesadilla Recipes (The Mexican Food Cookbooks Book 1)

Super Simple, Super Quick, Super Easy and Super Delicious Mexican Quesadillas

Finding new ways to cook quick and easy snacks or dinner recipes can be hard sometimes. Your challenge: Figuring out how to cook a simple, yet delicious meal. This kindle cookbook shows you diverse ways to achieve the everyday cooking challenges by enjoying Authentic Mexican Quesadillas.

If you are looking for complicated, non Mexican recipes, like dessert quesadillas and other weird inventions, or if you are a high skilled cook who knows Mexican food really well, then this cookbook may not satisfy you. This Quesadilla Cookbook features really easy-to-make and 100% Real Mexican recipes.

Party snacks, appetizers, lunch, and dinner done right in a few minutes

If you’ve ever had a lack of inspiration in the kitchen, and are always on a tight schedule, this book solves your problem. Or if you have an upcoming party and do not know what to serve your guests, you could easily have a quesadilla feast with diverse quesadilla platters.

Ideal for everyone who likes cheese and quick meals

With super easy-to-follow steps, the Mexican cook and author of this book, J.R. Deschamps, shows you how to make quesadillas like a true Mexican.

Are you getting bored of sandwiches, wraps, or nachos? This Mexican food cookbook serves up 40 Mexican Quesadillas, plus homemade tortillas and numerous salsas, ideal for even the most inexperienced and unskilled cook. 

You’ll discover:

  • Veggie Quesadillas, Quesadillas with Ham, Bacon, or Cold Cuts, Quesadillas with Chorizo, Chicken Quesadillas, Beef Quesadillas, and Seafood Quesadillas.
  • Mexican Street Food-style Fried Quesadillas – Learn how to make the dough to cook your own fried quesadillas just as well as the ones from the streets of Mexico City.
  • How to make your own tortillas with simple corn and flour tortilla recipes. All you need is a tortilla press.
  • + 8 Salsa recipes, including guacamole, salsa verde, salsa roja, and pico de gallo. Perfect to complement any quesadilla and spice up your Mexican cooking.

-Mexicans do not use quesadilla makers, but if you have one at home, you can easily adapt the recipes in this cookbook to use your quesadilla maker properly.

Please stop eating at Taco Bell!

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