The Eden Diet

By Rita Hancock MD / Genre: Women’s Issues, Christian Living / Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (208 reviews)

The Eden Diet

The Eden Diet Christian weight loss program was created by Dr. Rita Hancock, a medical doctor with ivy league training in nutrition and the psychology of obesity as well as personal experience overcoming childhood-onset morbid obesity (and keeping the weight off for over 25 years).

The plan is about rejecting the diet mentality and re-learning how to eat the way God originally intended: with joy rather than guilt. You get to eat not only the healthy food that your body craves for nourishment, but also delicious treats such as cheeseburgers, pizza, and rich, delicious desserts. The key is to eat your treats in smaller portions than the world would have you believe is normal and only when you’re physically rather than emotionally hungry. When you’re emotionally hungry, Dr. Rita gives you specific tools for how to employ your faith to find willpower against unnecessary eating.

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Forest of the Forsaken: The Witch’s Snare

By Joanne Brothwell / Genre: Fairy Tales, Horror / Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars (43 reviews)

Forest of the Forsaken: The Witch's Snare

In this eerie adaptation of Hansel and Gretel, the fairy tale ending may be far from happy.

Following her mother’s death to cancer, Meg’s world crashes in around her. Her father re-marries within weeks of their loss, her witch step-mother is cold and rejecting, and her new step-brother, Joey, has some rather unusual sexual preferences. Meg’s only hope is to move away and leave her father and the tainted memories behind.

When her father forces her to attend his honeymoon with this new and unwanted blended family, Meg finds herself in the remote wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, miles from civilization. Meg begins to see things in the forbidding forest—strange, unexplainable things she believes are the result of compounding stress. But when her father and step-mother disappear, leaving Meg and Joey to fend for themselves, lost and without supplies, she realizes her paranormal visions are not merely her imagination after all.

Meg’s knows of the dangerous and tortured demons of Joey’s past but her heart can’t resist him. Bound together in desperation and fear, their romance blooms bright and all-consuming despite the evil magic of the formidable forest.

Will Meg and Joey find their way back to civilization? Or will their love wither in submission to the shadows within the Forest of the Forsaken?

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Camelot’s Cousin: An Espionage Thriller

By David R. Stokes / Genre: Political, Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (35 reviews)

Camelot's Cousin: An Espionage Thriller

A chance discovery in a Northern Virginia yard, something buried years before by none other than Soviet agent, Kim Philby, contains clues to the last great secret of the Cold War–another never discovered Soviet spy with unique access to the Kennedy White House. This well-trained and highly-placed traitor actively influenced all the challenges faced by President John F. Kennedy and the world in the era now remembered as Camelot. All the famous episodes from the early 1960s, from the Bay of Pigs, to the Berlin Wall, to the Cuban Missile Crisis, and even a fateful day in Dallas, bear this enemy agent’s sinister fingerprints.

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Out of the Darkness (The Prescott Series)

By B. J. McMinn / Genre: Historical Romance, Romance / Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (23 reviews)


A horrific tragedy renders Jade mute. Pregnant and terrified of the future, she runs for her life, not knowing where the parth she takes will lead.

After his wife dies in childbirth, rancher Jason Prescott’s sister must raise his daughter, unless he can find a wife. He longs to have his child with him on his isolated ranch. When he stumbles across an unconscious pregnant woman, beside a wagon trail, he believes she might be the answer to his problem.

Jade is troubled by nightmares she cannot explain, and Jason becomes a lifeline in her dark world. When he asks her to enter into a marriage of convenience, she agrees.

While Jade and Jason await the birth of her child, their marriage of convenience becomes a marriage of passion. But, Jade’s past sill stands between them. Is their love strong enough to conquer her demons?

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City of Silence (City of Mystery)

By Kim Wright / Genre: British Detectives, Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (37 reviews)

City of Silence (City of Mystery)

Her Royal Majesty Queen Victoria is quite distressed. The reason? Her favorite granddaughter, Princess Alix of Hesse, has fallen in love with the tsesarevich of Russia, a gentle young man named Nicholas. The Queen is convinced that the Romanov court is a dark and treacherous place – a belief that is accentuated when she receives a report that two ballet dancers have been found dead in the Winter Palace.
When Alix accepts Nicky’s invitation to a grand ball in celebration of the summer solstice, the Queen calls on detective Trevor Welles to sail with them to St. Petersburg. The rest of the Scotland Yard forensics team poses as bodyguards and governesses; Trevor’s fellow detective Rayley Abrams, who is still recovering physically and emotionally from the team’s soul-wrenching last case in Paris, the aristocratic medical student Tom Bainbridge, the romantic and bookish linguist Emma Kelly, and bobby Davy Mabrey, whose youth makes him the perfect choice to infiltrate a revolutionary group inside St. Petersburg University. For it has been revealed that one of the slain dancers was the brother of a political assassin.

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Baking Without Bothering: Muffins and More!

By Rachel Wizenfeld / Genre: Baking, Cookbooks / Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (11 reviews)

Baking Without Bothering: Muffins and More!

For many people, baking has a bad rap. It’s fussy, it’s time consuming, there are so many available shortcuts like cake mixes and pancake mixes and it’s so easy to buy store-bought muffins. So why would you bother to bake anything from scratch?

But in my mind, it’s a travesty. Think of all the lives that could be enhanced by waking up to freshly-baked muffins and pancakes every morning instead of eating packaged Pop-Tarts and Eggos. Or think of all the office workers whose dreary days could be enhanced with some good, leftover homemade cupcakes.

So thus it became my mission: Bring baking back to the home kitchen so every man, woman and child can revel in heartwarming aromas and fresh-out-of-the-oven nibbles.

In Baking Without Bothering, you’ll find all the available tricks in the book to cut down on prep time and make baking foolproof and swift. I’ve tested shortcuts and created recipes that don’t require sifting, exact measuring or multiple bowls and steps.

My goal? To simplify home baking and bring it to the masses. Join us!

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Liam, Are You Sleepy Yet? [Bedtime Stories for Kids Ages 3 & Up]

By Luis C. Lewis / Genre: Birds, Animals, Children’s eBooks / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (24 reviews)

Liam, Are You Sleepy Yet? [Bedtime Stories for Kids Ages 3 & Up] (Liam the Owl Series)

Best-selling author and illustrator Luis C. Lewis shares a new delightful bedtime story about a little owl named Liam with a big imagination and a mind of his own.

     Liam, are you sleepy yet? 

Liam is having a bedtime fit! There’s no way he’s ready to go to bed. He’s had a full day of imagined adventures and he’s not ready to give them up. Well, maybe, so long as he can keep his eyes open!

     Liam, are you sure you’re not even a bit tired?

Join Liam in this cute new bedtime story for kids and discover whether or not Liam gets it his way.

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