Theirs To Protect: Audrey’s Book (Marriage Raffle 1)

By Stasia Black / Genre: Romance, Action & Adventure

Theirs To Protect: Audrey's Book (Marriage Raffle 1)

In the New Republic, every woman must marry five men.
It’s the law.
Welcome to the apocalypse.

Me and my brother were on our way to Nomansland when a band of men attacked.

Now I’m at the altar surrounded by five strangers who are about to become my husbands.

Do not hyperventilate. Do not hyperventilate.

So what if I’m just about to lose my virginity…

…in a fivesome. Gulp.

Before I know it, the wedding is over. The ‘I dos’ have been said.

And I’m being carried to bed like a conquest.

But if I’m ever to reach Nomansland and save my brother, I have to play along. For now.

There’s just one problem—I never thought I’d fall for Nix and his clan. I let them have my body, but never bothered to protect my heart.

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Godhunter (The Godhunter Series Book 1)

By Amy Sumida / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Paranormal, Romance

Godhunter (The Godhunter Series Book 1)

Atlantis fell, and the Gods rose.
Thousands of years ago, the Atlanteans dabbled in magic that they shouldn’t have, and they destroyed their continent. The survivors spread out across the world and used that same disastrous magic to convince humans that they were Gods. The humans believed. They sacrificed to their gods and made them even more powerful. But time passed, and humans forgot the Gods. Sacrifice waned, and the Gods had to find new ways to get the blood they craved. Devious ways. Manipulative ways. Ways that I’m going to put a end to. There’s only one problem; he’s big, blond, and swears he’s on my side. Oh, and he’s also a god.

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Mending the Duke: A Smithfield Market Regency Romance: Book 3

By Rose Pearson / Genre: Regency, Historical Fiction

Mending the Duke:  A Smithfield Market Regency Romance: Book 3

Lord John Royston knows about loss.

Although he was one of the richest men in the country, even all the money in the world couldn’t save his wife and first child from passing.

Even a year later, the effects of tragedy linger through the halls and empty rooms of his estate.
Wealth, though, brings an opportunity for special remedies, and out of desperation, Lord Royston’s sister arranges for a special guest from an orphanage to hopefully bring light and laughter into the Duke’s life once again for a short time.

If only the Duke was more receptive to the possibility of joy still.

Now Laura Smith finds herself chaperoning Eloise, a delightful young orphan from the house she herself was raised, for a temporary visit to the opulent but mirthless estate of Lord Royston.

As it turns out, maybe Eloise is not the only person the Duke might need to heal.

No stranger to loss herself, Laura might be the only person who can mend the Duke and help him discover love and laughter once again.

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Oppressed & Empowered: The Viscount’s Capable Wife (Love’s Second Chance Book 11)

By Bree Wolf / Genre: Historical, British, World Literature

Oppressed & Empowered: The Viscount's Capable Wife (Love's Second Chance Book 11)

A woman with the desire to heal. A lord with a shameful secret. And a contract that binds them together.

Wishing to follow in her father’s footsteps, EVELYN PROCTEN has always tended to those in need. Despite social convention, the only future Evelyn can see for herself is that of a doctor…until she is called to Farnworth Manor to tend to the young viscount’s sister, who finds herself unmarried and with child.
Unfortunately, her stay at Farnworth Manor once again throws Evelyn into the path of Lord Ashwood, a man she has loved from a distance for many years. A man who has never looked at her twice. A man who disapproves of her professional ambition.

As far as society is concerned, RICHARD DAVENPORT, VISCOUNT ASHWOOD, is a cold-hearted and uncaring man. Although he does not overly care for society’s opinion of him, he cannot deny that there is truth in their assessment. Nevertheless, Richard knows his duty and would never act against propriety.
However, the whispers retreat into the background when his unmarried sister reveals to him that she is with child. Determined to maintain her secret, Richard keeps her locked away at Farnworth Manor. Still, in order to ensure his sister’s well-being, he is forced to call upon the one woman who has always been able to melt the ice from his heart.

Will he be able to resist her? Or will he succumb to her tender heart and share with her the one secret that has always determined his life?

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Issa Hood Love Story: Bailey & Bash

By Anna Black / Genre: Urban

Issa Hood Love Story: Bailey & Bash

After years of hustling, Sebastian Larson is finally giving up the hood life and looking for a wife. He had a rule not to marry or fall in love while he was in the game but, now that that was all behind him, he was ready and looking for a life partner and, from the very first moment that he laid eyes on Bailey Burnett, he knew instantly that she was the one.
Bailey, young, smart and beautiful, belongs to Andre and she is no longer happy being his live-in girlfriend. The fact that he lies and is never home is evident that he’s entertaining another woman, but Bailey is in no position to leave him. She gave up her career to play house wifey to a man that still hadn’t proposed in over eight years. Fed up and tired of being misused, she meets her new neighbor Bash and is instantly attracted to him, and it doesn’t take long for her to desire him.
An absent Andre gives Bailey an open invitation to get to know Bash and it doesn’t take the two long to discover the chemistry that they share. No matter how much the two of them try to keep their feelings at bay, they can’t resist falling in love with each other. The heart wants what the heart wants and Bash decides to give his heart to Bailey and, in the end, they both decide to be together by any means necessary.

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Sanctuary of Roses (Medieval Romance) (The Medieval Herb Garden Series Book 2)

By Colleen Gleason / Genre: Sagas

Sanctuary of Roses (Medieval Romance) (The Medieval Herb Garden Series Book 2)

Madelyne de Belgrume has lived in secrecy in a hidden abbey for years. Her mad, abusive father, Fantin, believes she is dead.

Lord Gavin Mal Verne wants nothing more than to seek revenge on Fantin de Belgrume … and he has the king’s blessing to bring the man to heel.

After a battle with Fantin that leaves Gavin nearly dead, he accidentally comes upon a hidden abbey … and the beautiful, serene nun who helps to heal him, touching his heart in more ways than one.

When Gavin discovers Madelyne’s true identity, she is forced to leave the sanctuary of the abbey and appeal to King Henry for succor.

To her horror, Madelyne learns she must either marry … or be returned to her father’s custody.

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The Descendants

By Neicy P. / Genre: Urban

The Descendants

The world isn’t filled with only shifters, vampires, and guardians. There are many more magical beings on Earth, and they live amongst us as humans that are in touch with a side of them that makes them powerful.

Surreal’s parents give him the life that every kid dreams of. He grows up with friends that look at him as if he is a brother. He doesn’t like the title because of the big secret that he has kept from them, a secret that brings out too many questions that can’t be answered without putting them in danger. He gets away with it for years, until a pool party ends in a blood bath with most of his peers as the victims. With the secret out, he has to travel with a group of friends to get to the Olympian Stadium to connect with the primary source of his power to defend himself from the sons of Hades. Surreal is looking forward to the tough journey ahead. What he doesn’t count on is the new company of a human woman… so he thinks.

Nova has been on her own since she was thirteen. She notices how different she is and decides to travel the road alone. Nova never knows where she is going until she gets to her destination. It is a pull that she can’t escape that draws her to a stranger that was walking across the street. When they touch accidentally, she feels something different, something that she has never felt before. The stranger promises her the comfort that she doesn’t know to exist. Being on the opposite end of people’s anger makes it hard to trust him. That all changes when she learns of the common trait they hold as a secret.

Once upon a time, the world was ruled by the gods of lightning and of the seas. It would be their descendant that will protect them from the one dangerous enemy they couldn’t seem to kill.

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Lethal Peril: Military Romantic Suspense (Stealth Security Book 2)

By Emily Jane Trent / Genre: Military, Romance

Lethal Peril: Military Romantic Suspense (Stealth Security Book 2)

Can a Navy SEAL save her from the lethal conspiracy?Her life is in jeopardy.Heiress Elizabeth Foster is a rebel, living on the fringes of her wealthy family’s influence. After witnessing an alarming subway accident, Elizabeth fears that she was the killer’s actual target. She turns to the one man she trusts, a former SEAL turned bodyguard. He is a childhood friend, and after ten years, she’s back under his protection.˃˃˃ Who has a motive to kill her?Ex-SEAL Wyatt Mercer’s new assignment at Stealth Security brings his past back to haunt him. A woman he doesn’t expect appears in his life, and reaches out for his protection. He is sure that she isn’t telling him everything, but when the threats escalate he rises to the challenge of protecting her from the claws of her powerful enemies.˃˃˃ Can Wyatt rescue her in time?Elizabeth stumbles across deadly secrets, and her enemies will stop at nothing to silence her. The fight against danger keeps Wyatt close, and he discovers a powerful attraction to Elizabeth. Will the forces of greed steal the one woman he desires, and wipe out any chance for a future?

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Knocking Her Up

By London Hale / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Knocking Her Up

She wants a baby
All I’ve ever desired is a family of my own. Too afraid I’ll follow in my late mother’s footsteps, I plan to have a baby before time runs out. Problem is, I fell in love with someone unattainable. John Hamilton is kind, thoughtful, and generous…and it doesn’t hurt that he’s built like a Mack truck. I’m ready to throw caution to the wind and ask him to be the father of my child. The only problem? He’s my stepbrother, and it could destroy our family.
He’s always wanted her
The first time I met Emery Collins, she was a scrawny thing…and my new stepsister.  She’s a grown woman now, and every inch of me has taken notice. But with our family ties, she’s officially off limits. Too bad she’s come to me with something she needs. Now I can’t stop dreaming of giving her what she wants…of watching her belly swell with my child. What she’s asking for could tear apart our cobbled-together family. I’m just not sure it’s enough to stop me from taking what I want.

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The Ultimate Low Carb Cookbook: Delicious and Healthy Low Carb Recipes incl. 30 Days Low Carb Diet Challenge

By Sarah Amber Patterson / Genre: Cell Biology, Biology, Biological Sciences, Science & Math

The Ultimate Low Carb Cookbook: Delicious and Healthy Low Carb Recipes  incl. 30 Days Low Carb Diet Challenge

Delicious and Healthy Low Carb Recipes
incl. 30 Days Low Carb Diet Challenge
super delicious, easy to prepare!

★ You want to learn some important things about equipment and usage ?

★ You want to prepare food without gaining weight ?

★ You need a big variety of recipes for different occasions?

★ You want to know how you can wow your family and friends on weekends?

Low Carb living need not be hard. We explain the do’s and do-not’s behind the lifestyle of eating for your body to burn off energy most effectively. Our 30 day meal plan covers breakfasts, lunches and suppers, incorporating vegetarian, meat, poultry and seafood meals that will satisfy both a healthy diet and your taste buds. Using everyday ingredients in a way that slims the waist line, you will enjoy eating to energize and look good doing it.

We are focussing on following areas:

★ Introduction (What is Low Carb, what is allowed to eat etc…)

★ Breakfast

★ Lunch

★ Dinner

★ Snacks & Desserts

★★★ The 30 Days Low Carb Diet ★★★
The meal plan helps to formulate meals for one or for the family for a month, without breaking the budget. Enjoy the lean body you deserve without going without tasty foods. Included in the book are recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as dessert, snack and smoothie recipes. Treat yourself without the guilt!

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My Magical Words (The Magic of Me Book 1)

By Becky Cummings / Genre: Self-Esteem & Self-Respect, Friendship, Social Skills & School Life, Growing Up & Facts of Life, Children’s eBooks

My Magical Words (The Magic of Me Book 1)

SAY IT, FEEL IT, BELIEVE IT, BECOME IT –  Experience the magic of WORDS!  
Have you ever heard your child say, “I am bad at it or nobody likes me.”?  It’s heartbreaking to hear children say negative things about themselves, but they ALL struggle with learning to manage emotions. And now YOU can help! 
My Magical Words is the experience your child needs to grow their self-love and build their confidence. It’s a first book of positive affirmations where children will learn to say I AM statements that empower them to know they are special, loved, smart, beautiful, strong, healthy, and more. Your special time with your children will soar to a whole new level as you show them that words have power and what they say about themselves is important. Teaching your children positive self-talk at an early age will lay the foundation for future success! Get the little loves in your life a copy today!If you loved other books to inspire young thinkers to greatness such as What Would Danny Do?, I Can Handle It, The Wonderful Things You Will Be, or I Wish You More, then this book will be the perfect addition to your child’s library collection. 

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