Where I End (Arrow Falls Book 1)

By Michelle Dare / Genre: Coming of Age

Where I End (Arrow Falls Book 1)

Pretentious. Arrogant. Condescending. Cruel.
All words I’d used to label him. Exactly what I’d always believed he was. All that changed one spring morning when I realized I didn’t know the man behind the facade at all.

Angry. Desperate. Broken. Mine.
All words I’d use to define him after I interfered. Once our eyes locked, I was all in. There was no turning back. He tried to push me away, but I refused to let him go. I was determined to save him. What I didn’t expect was that he would save me, too.

I was so close to ending my misery. Mere seconds away. Then she stumbled upon our argument, and I changed my plans. She wasn’t supposed to be there. She knew too much. Even with my entire world burning down around me, she wouldn’t walk away.

I’ve always been on my own. No one had ever fought for me before. Why should anyone start now? But she did, no matter how much I tried to stop her. I knew I was nothing, unworthy of her, but she was persistent. Once she got under my skin, I couldn’t let her go, because where I end, she begins.

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Ryker (Kings of Korruption MC Book 1)

By Geri Glenn / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Ryker (Kings of Korruption MC Book 1)

A nurse on the run. A biker with a dark past. An unlikely match that will change their worlds forever.

Ryker Cole’s friend is dying, and his world is crumbling around him.

When shy and nervous nurse, Charlotte, walks into that hospital room, he is captivated by her sharp wit and kind smile. Their conversations soothe him, her presence keeping him steady, but Ryker knows she’s not for him. Women like Charlotte don’t belong in the world of the Kings of Korruption MC. It’s not safe.

Except, Charlotte’s already in danger. Her past has caught up with her, and this time, she may not survive.

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Golden Curse (Fantasy and Fairytales Book 1)

By M. Lynn / Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror

Golden Curse (Fantasy and Fairytales Book 1)

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A curse. A hidden identity. A dangerous love.Ten-year-old Persinette Basile was forced to flee the palace of Gaule for her life. Now at eighteen, she must find a way to return in order to obey a curse on her family line.The prince won’t know who she is. Not anymore. But she knows him and what he will do if he discovers her true name.Made to fight for her life to earn her place, she vows to find a way to break the curse no matter the cost.To. The. Death. The words describing the tournament turn Prince Alexandre Durand’s blood to ice.The last warrior standing will win a spot at his side.As he’s thrust onto the throne, forbidden magic, dangerous betrayals, and a complicated love could tear his reign apart. When the secrets begin to unravel, will Alex stay true to the laws and traditions of Gaule or will he give it all up for a woman who deceived him?

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The Perks of Dating You (Perks Book 1)

By Stephanie Street / Genre: Sports, Teen & Young Adult

The Perks of Dating You (Perks Book 1)

Why wasn’t she enough?

That was the question she asked herself. And it wasn’t just about Connor, her best friend and crush. He was out of her league anyway. But it was like all the guys avoided her. Talk about demolishing her self esteem.

She knew Connor loved her, just not the way she wanted him to.

Connor might have scared the guys at school away from Allie. There were some benefits to being the captain of the football team after all. He didn’t mean to, really. He thought he was protecting her from jerks, but maybe he was just being selfish. But seriously, the girl had no clue how amazing she really was. He did, though.

Can Connor and Allie finally risk their friendship to see if there could be something more?

You’ll love this fun and flirty friends to lovers romance because we all want our happily ever after with the crush we think we’ll never get.

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Mage’s Apprentice (Mages of New York Book 1)

By Sean Fletcher / Genre: Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy

Mage's Apprentice (Mages of New York Book 1)

Vampires. Shifters. Fae. Mages. This ain’t the New York City you know… 
Aspen is a Norm. A non-magic. A human. And in the magically hidden boroughs of New York City, that’s a quick way to wind up dead. Or worse. So instead of magic, Aspen relies on her skills as a thief to stay alive.She didn’t plan to get caught stealing from Lucien Dunadine, one of the strongest members on the Council of Mages. She really didn’t plan on him blackmailing her into being his apprentice. But with the Council demanding Lucien present a candidate for a competition to become their newest Mage, neither one of them has much choice.Now something sinister is going down in the magical boroughs. Supernaturals are winding up dead and mysteriously, impossibly, drained of magic. If Isak, Aspen’s handsome, aggravating opponent in the competition, doesn’t kill her first, the two of them just might be able to figure out who’s behind the murders before an ancient evil is unleashed.Welcome to the boroughs. Let the magic begin.

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The Billionaire’s Bodyguard (Clean Billionaire Beach Club Romance Book 5)

By Elana Johnson / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

The Billionaire's Bodyguard (Clean Billionaire Beach Club Romance Book 5)

Women can be rich too…and this female billionaire can usually take care of herself just fine, thank you very much. But she has no defense against her past…or the gorgeous man she hires to protect her from it.

Billionaire and mutual fund heiress Lexie Keller left her life in New York City after the housing market crashed and she lost the love of her life, made a few more bad decisions, and ended up on the front page of the tabloids once again. In Hawaii, she loves her anonymity and going to her Nine-0 Club meetings, but she’s lonely and unfulfilled. She takes a job at The Straw, hoping the man of her dreams will walk through the line and order a smoothie.

He doesn’t, but Jason Burnes, the reporter who came to the island to do a story on a fake engagement, stirs old feelings inside Lexie, as they once had a forbidden and secret relationship before Lexie’s life fell apart in New York. He was her brother’s best friend and nowhere near good enough for her father, but both of those barriers don’t exist in Getaway Bay. He’s on the island for good, and he’s never gotten over Lexie, so when their worlds come back together, he’s eager to see if they can make a new relationship from the ashes of their first one, seven years ago.

But when another man from Lexie’s past threatens to unravel her life on the island, she hires Jason to keep her safe. He’s her bodyguard, not her boyfriend. Maybe if she repeats the mantra long enough, it’ll get deep into her heart. Will she be able to keep those two B-words separate while she and Jason figure out how to deal with the threat? Or will she take her second chance with Jason and get her tropical happily-ever-after?

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The Brave Billionaire (Clean Billionaire Beach Club Romance Book 11)

By Elana Johnson / Genre: Anthologies, Romance

The Brave Billionaire (Clean Billionaire Beach Club Romance Book 11)

A billionaire who has a love affair with his job, his new bank manager, and how they bravely navigate the island of Getaway Bay…and their own ideas about each other.

Lawrence Gladstone has always been more comfortable in his power suits and behind a desk, mentally calculating currency conversions, than he ever has with women. So he’s dedicated his life to his family’s finance company and has just started to learn how to relax on the pristine island of Getaway Bay.

Maizee Phelps has recently transferred to Gladstone Financial from another island branch…and another disastrous relationship with her boss. So when dark, devilishly good-looking Lawrence catches both of her eyes, she closes them, determined not to get involved with someone at work. Not again. Nope. Not happening.

When she goes hiking and gets stuck in the tropical wilderness, it’s only coincidence that Lawrence is on the same trail. He’s hopeless in the outdoors, but he does his best to hide that fact and put on the bravest face he can until he and Maizee can get back to civilization. Can Lawrence be brave once again and try a relationship with Maizee? Will she once again put her heart – and her job – on the line?

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The Prince’s Bride: Clean Beach Romance in Getaway Bay (Brides & Beaches Romance Book 3)

By Elana Johnson / Genre: American, Classics

The Prince's Bride: Clean Beach Romance in Getaway Bay (Brides & Beaches Romance Book 3)

She’s a synchronized swimmer looking to make some extra cash. He’s a prince in hiding. When they meet in the “empty” mansion she’s supposed to be housesitting, sparks fly. Can Noah and Zara stop arguing long enough to realize their feelings for each other might be romantic?

Zara Reddy comes from a very traditional Indian family, but she’s chosen a different path than the generational restaurant. She performs in some of Getaway Bay’s biggest shows as an acrobat and synchronized swimmer and takes other odd jobs—anything to stay below her mother’s “where’s your boyfriend?” radar.

When she lands a lucrative housesitting job in the biggest mansion on the bluffs above the beach, Zara thinks she’ll get some rest, relaxation, and plenty of sun for the summer. But when she walks in, she comes face-to-face with Noah Wales, a prince from a tiny island in the Mediterranean.

The house definitely isn’t empty. The man is positively scrumptious. Too bad he’s demanding, spoiled, and running from the paparazzi. Noah and Zara argue about who’ll be staying in the house, but in the end, they decide this could be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Zara can keep the press out of Noah’s hair while he works on repairing his reputation by volunteering at Your Tidal Forever on a celebrity wedding. And Zara gets the summer away from everything, just the way she wanted.

Can Noah and Zara fight their feelings for each other as easily as they trade jabs? Or will this summer shape up to be the one that provides the romance they’ve each always wanted?

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How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas: Mental Toughness for Kids

By Kobe nhin / Genre: Australia & Oceania, History, Children’s eBooks

How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas: Mental Toughness for Kids

Can we help our kids feel more confident…..

Calm, focused, motivated, carefree……….during performances? 

The answer, YES we can! But how? 

By incorporating these simple strategies into their life!

“How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas” a Kids Mental Toughness book is now being used by parents, coaches, in kids groups, and in many classrooms. Kids are not naturally born with the skill set needed to overcome difficult emotions such as stress, pressure, frustration, anger, and anxiety. The books in the Mental Toughness series help teach kids the techniques used by business leaders and top athletes of the world to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

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Eat Clean & Stay Lean: A Life and Body Changer

By Dr Vesela Clarke / Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Eat Clean & Stay Lean: A Life and Body Changer

Are You Ready to Clean Up Your Diet and Drastically Improve Your Health?
Eat foods that can banish excess weight and boost your health.
In this book you will get:

  • Breakfast
  • Soups and Salads
  • Vegetarian
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Smoothies
  • Snacks
  • Desserts
  • And Much More

Don’t wait another second to get this life-changing book. Get fit, happy, and stress-free by ordering your copy right away!

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