His Package (Objects of Attraction)

By Penelope Bloom / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

His Package (Objects of Attraction)

His package ended up inside my box.
Calm down, perv. My mailbox.
As soon as I saw what was inside,
I knew two things:
It belonged to my hot neighbor, and he had a dirty secret.

Normally, I was more of a cat person. As in, if I had to choose who lives, I’m going to take the cat nine times out of ten. It’s not that I particularly like cats, I just don’t particularly like most people.

My neighbor wasn’t most people. He lived in the apartment across the hall, and he was your typical, buttoned-up, fancy shoes, smells like a Calvin Klein commercial, looks like he actually flosses kind of guy. I mean, seriously? Wasn’t flossing just made up by dentists so they could go on their little power trips once every six months?

The point was, this guy very obviously had his life all put together. He was Mr. Perfect, and If you asked me, he needed to be brought down a few pegs to wallow with the rest of us.

Cue his long, thick, package penetrating my tight little mailbox.

I know. It’s absolutely sick. It was such an obvious ploy to hit on me. Forget the fact that the mail lady put it there, my neighbor and I both knew what kind of game he was playing. Oh yeah, we totally knew. It was on. It was in, if you would.

I accidentally dropped a knife on the package a few times back in my apartment. It basically sprang open on its own, and I had no choice but to look inside.

His dirty little secret was staring me right in the face. As it turned out, Mr. Perfect wasn’t so perfect. Who knew?

Hint: I knew. And I was absolutely going to enjoy every second of what was coming.

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Rock Me (Bodyguard Bad Boys Book 1)

By Carly Phillips / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Rock Me (Bodyguard Bad Boys Book 1)

The pop star and her bodyguard…

A pop star in danger.

Her reluctant bodyguard.

A past they can’t deny.

Summer Michelle is on the verge of ultimate fame. 

Ben Hollander has sworn off mixing business with pleasure. 

But keeping his hands off of the sexy songstress is easier said than done and once the threat is neutralized, will she choose fame over love? 

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Never Con a Corgi: Volume 6 (Leigh Koslow Mystery Series)

By Edie Claire / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery & Thrillers

Never Con a Corgi: Volume 6 (Leigh Koslow Mystery Series)

After a real-time, 10-year hiatus, Leigh and all her friends and family are back… and better than ever!It’s been ten long years since Leigh Koslow last stumbled onto a body. She thought she had a reprieve.
She was wrong.Hapless advertising copywriter Leigh Koslow, who was last seen joyfully announcing to her politician husband that she was pregnant, is now a middle-aged mom who is more than happy to leave the macabre pandemonium of her thirties behind. Unfortunately, Leigh’s killer karma hasn’t really deserted her… it’s only been biding its time.When an innocent walk in the woods with her dog turns up yet another corpse, Leigh begins to get worried. It’s bad enough that the victim is a client of her agency. It’s even worse that he is the same unscrupulous real estate developer who’s been conniving to bulldoze her Aunt Bess’s homestead. And it would be a whole lot better for everyone in Leigh’s family if her cousin Cara’s husband hadn’t brawled with the man in front of a churchful of witnesses an hour before the murder. But fate is what it is, and as Leigh’s beleaguered friend, Detective Maura Polanski, sets out once again to save the Koslow clan from self-destruction, the women face their toughest battle yet. Because not only has Leigh failed to grow out of her inborn talent for trouble, she’s bestowed it on the next generation…

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Eirik: A Time Travel Romance (Mists of Albion Book 1)

By Joanna Bell / Genre: Ancient World, Historical Romance, Romance

Eirik: A Time Travel Romance (Mists of Albion Book 1)

A young girl steps back in time.As a child Paige Renner is no stranger to loneliness and sorrow. When her mother dies, she’s left with her grief-stricken father, a man reduced to a shadow of his former self. But Paige discovers the perfect escape.A hidden and secret place, lost in time – the medieval village of Caistley.Only Paige can enter the tiny hamlet. There, among the children of the villagers, she finds friendship and affection. As the years pass, she grows into a young woman, and her visits grow fewer. Home from college, Paige decides to return one last time. But instead of finding a peaceful village, she arrives to find it in flames – Vikings are attacking Caistley.A brutal Viking Berserker leads a raid.The English town offers Eirik and his men little in the way of booty. A few pigs, a few sacks of grain, some gold and silver. Most of the inhabitants have already fled, but a few remain. One in particular – a woman – catches the warrior’s eye. She’s oddly dressed, but comely, and she seems innocent – as if she’s never known a man’s touch. After a little teaching, the chestnut-haired wench should warm his bed nicely.But the woman is as frightened as a spring lamb. Her panic and terror of Eirik makes bedding her a test of his patience. To coax her into his arms, he’ll have to be gentle with her, take his time, and show her a more tender side of himself. As the days pass, and his heart softens, Eirik vows to win Paige’s love.A harsh winter keeps Paige trapped with her Viking captor. The nights are long and cold. As the snow deepens, a fragile truce forms between them. With every tender touch, he claims a little more of her heart. But the memories of her old life linger. She worries about her father and her duty to return to modern times for his sake.

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Score (Flawed Love Book 1)

By Emma Louise / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Score (Flawed Love Book 1)

She was my first love.
She was my everything.
We were college sweethearts, the all American couple.
Until the big time came calling.

Misunderstandings and miscommunications lead to broken hearts and broken trust.
But fate throws me a second chance when our paths cross again.

Now Poppy has to decide if she’s ready to take another try at forever with me, or if the past is better left behind us.

I know this is my final down. My last opportunity to make it right, but Poppy’s going to need a little more convincing.

Throwing out a Hail Mary, I’ll give it all I’ve got.

With a little luck, this time I may just be able to Score.

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The Sheikh’s Tempting Assistant (Sheikh’s Meddling Sisters Book 1)

By Leslie North / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

The Sheikh's Tempting Assistant (Sheikh's Meddling Sisters Book 1)

Laura Bliss is an assistant location scout with no sense of direction—which is how she got stuck with a faulty GPS and the job of scouting sand dunes rather than the oasis her boss is currently viewing. With the sun going down and Laura seriously worrying for her life, she stumbles across a tent that looks more like a palace than a campsite. Dehydrated and burnt, it seems like salvation—until men wearing desert garb and toting AK47’s ride out in jeeps to gather her.

Sheikh Raheem can barely believe his luck when an American woman is brought into his tent. He is passionate about his country’s natural splendor, but its PR is in desperate need of a makeover—perhaps as much as the dirty beauty in front of him. He makes an offer: Laura, with her eye for finding the beauty in a location, will help him craft a campaign promoting his country, and when she completes the project he’ll send her back to America with a paycheck she can live on for years. Seeing a chance for financial freedom, Laura jumps at the opportunity.

As Raheem shows off the magnificence of his land, Laura finds herself getting swept into a fairy tale full of palaces, five-star luxury, and the most sensuous sex she’s ever experienced. Though she values her independence, the temptation to stay—not just for Raheem, but for the beautiful country that isn’t getting the attention it deserves—holds her in place. But when the country’s natural treasures are threatened, Raheem and Laura must decide what means more to them: their love for one another or their original plans.

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Her Faithful Cowboy: A Buttars Brothers Novel (A Steeple Ridge Romance Book 3)

By Liz Isaacson / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Her Faithful Cowboy: A Buttars Brothers Novel (A Steeple Ridge Romance Book 3)


Sam Buttars has spent the last decade making sure he and his brothers stay together. They’ve moved from farm to ranch back to a farm after the unexpected and tragic death of their parents. They’ve been at Steeple Ridge for a while now, but with the youngest married and happy, the siren’s call to return to his parents’ farm in Wyoming is loud in Sam’s ears.

He’d just go if it weren’t for beautiful Bonnie Sherman, who roped his heart the first time he saw her. Bonnie’s got thick ties to Island Park as her four-year-old son is buried there. She finds herself at the cemetery more often than not, praying for peace, but as she starts to lean more on Sam, she wonders if she can leave Vermont and find a happier future somewhere else, with someone else.

Do Sam and Bonnie have the faith to find comfort in each other instead of in the people who’ve already passed?

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Mountain Man’s Price (Mountain Men Book 3)

By Ava Grace / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Mountain Man's Price (Mountain Men Book 3)

After finally kicking her lying, cheating husband to the curb, the last thing Violet Miller wants is another man who can’t keep it in his pants. Enter Luke Chase.

Motorcycle man, Luke, might be hot and sexy, but he’s also her best friend’s older brother and is known around town for his womanizing ways. When Luke offers to scratch Violet’s itch, she reluctantly agrees.

What harm could come from a night of fun with the sexy biker?

However, it soon becomes clear that Luke wants nothing less than Violet on the back of his bike with his ring on her finger. Should she give in to her attraction and risk having her heart broken a second time, or should she go running for the Colorado hills?

When Luke proposes a compromise, can Violet agree to his terms or is the mountain man’s price too high?

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The Road Leads Back (Stonehill Series Book 1)

By Marci Bolden / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

The Road Leads Back (Stonehill Series Book 1)

Sometimes the only place left to go is home.

Kara Martinson always thought her high school crush was out of her league, but they did share one night she’s never been able to forget. Nearly three decades after being disowned by her parents and forced to raise her son on her own, Kara’s made it—her art is being toasted at a gallery opening. Even better, she and her son are finally on stable ground. Until Mr. One-Night Stand himself crashes her party.

Harry Canton always knew Kara would make it as an artist. Almost thirty years after high school, he still considers her the one that got away. But the surprise reunion doesn’t quite go to plan when Harry discovers he left her with more than just memories when he went away to college. Desperate to connect with the family he never knew existed, Harry convinces his son to move cross country for a fresh start with his father—and pleads with Kara to come home, too.

Kara hasn’t stepped foot in their hometown since the day she was sent away. But her son desperately wants the father he never had and denying him that may cost her everything. Can love heal old heartaches so Harry and Kara can have a second chance at the future they were robbed of so long ago? Or will the pain of the past be too much to face?

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Piper (The Casanova Club Book 1)

By Ali Parker / Genre: Romance, Action & Adventure

Piper (The Casanova Club Book 1)

The Casanovas.

Twelve of the world’s most eligible bachelors are personally invited to take a seat on this exclusive, private match-making club. (Piper: Sharing is caring?)

The purpose? To find the perfect wife. Ten women are considered, but only one is chosen. Each of these men are after one lucky girl’s heart. Vetting these ladies is a year long event. Contests. Forms. Interviews. Demonstrations. Galas. (Piper: All of which I missed. Darn.)

The prize? One million dollars or a ring from the bachelor of her choice after the yearlong mutli-engagement period is over. Lady’s choice. (Piper: Show me the money.)

The problem? Me. I need cash more than anyone could possibly understand, and there’s no way in hell I’d ever be invited to woo twelve men for a chunk of change. (Piper: Good thing I know the coordinator.)

The promise? To save my family from losing their house, their business and their hope. All I need is a shot at the position. (Piper: Determination, haircare products and a strut like I own the place will do the rest.)

Piper: These boys are in for a treat. Maybe. Possibly. What did I just get myself into?

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Amethyst of Destiny: A young adult epic fantasy adventure. (Dawn of the Gods Book 1)

By N.M. Howell / Genre: Epic, Fantasy

Amethyst of Destiny: A young adult epic fantasy adventure. (Dawn of the Gods Book 1)

My name is Rhealyn Graystone, and I was born heir to a throne I did not want. A throne of the gods responsible for the destruction of my realm.

Daughter of the evil god king, I witnessed first hand the atrocities the gods – a race so powerful we share our souls with our own demigod guardians – inflicted on my realm. When my mother, guardian to my evil god king father, was killed when I was ten years old, I escaped into the human world before the darkness took hold of me, too.

I now go by Rhea. A silent nobody hidden among the street kids of Detroit, far away from the cursed life of the gods. It’s not a perfect life, but at least I’m safe from my father’s rule. I’d escaped my fate, and I was never going back.

At least, that was my plan.

After six years on the streets, my time of refuge was over. On my sixteenth birthday, my five demigod guardians came bearing news. News I’d fought the last six years to hide from.

My father had been killed.

And they were here to bring me home.

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Upside Down In Love (love emotions Book 1)

By Dominique Thomas / Genre: Urban

Upside Down In Love (love emotions  Book 1)

Traveling down a road where I see no ending. He never had good intentions with my heart from the beginning.

Novah, Billie and Normani navigate through life with their heads held high despite their tumultuous relationships with the men they fathered kids with.

Novah fell into love quickly with Carter. They were young. He was a rising NFL star and she was a popular video vixen. Years skate by and Novah realizes he isn’t the man she thought he was. After ending their love affair, she learns of their twin sons. Novah does the best she can to keep the peace. While the media makes her out to be the bitter, gold digging baby momma she takes it to the chin. For her sons, she will eat up any negative accusation the world has to say about her. Her only aspiration in life is to give her sons a good one. When Novah begins to stand up to Carter and his demanding ways things go left. He shows her a side of him that she’s never seen before and Novah is left with two choices. Turn another blind eye to his foul ways or finally expose him for the hateful person that he really is.

Billie was born to model. It flowed through her being effortlessly. Billie only wanted two things in life. That was to model and be with Dreux. Dreux, however. wanted out of Detroit. He watched his brother fall victim to the streets and vowed to be different. Despite Billie’s love for him he left Detroit and attended college out of state. While being apart from Dreux, Billie found comfort with his cousin Malachi. Malachi was Billie’s yes man. Whatever she needed he was there to make it happen. Billie wasn’t attracted to him but was grateful for his presence. One lonely night Billie found herself in bed with Malachi. From that encounter, a child was created. Billie immediately regretted her decision to be with him and because she wanted nothing else from him Malachi turned bitter. Billie allowed for her broken heart over Dreux to lead her down a dangerous path. She partied more and ended up losing her son to Malachi. It was a mistake that he refused to let her live down. Now that Billie is better than ever and ready to get her son back Malachi is fighting her at every turn. Billie wants peace in her life but with Malachi constantly bringing her chaos she’s fearful that the old Billie might resurface and that’s the last thing she needs.

Normani is young and full of life. While in her first year of college she met the popular DJ to the stars Tru. Tru was like a dream come true for her. The unattainable man that somehow wanted her and immediately she became engrossed by him. Without having to think about it she gave up school and allowed for her life to revolve around Tru. She became his biggest fan and after being together for a few years their daughter was born. Suddenly Normani began to see things in Tru that she hadn’t seen before. He was controlling, distant and selfish. Normani had only known two parents. She had an amazing childhood and wanted her daughter to have the same but Tru was making it hard for her to do so. When Normani’s childhood friend Azariah comes home for good and starts to garner her attention Tru takes notice. He makes big strides to show Normani that he is a changed man but for Normani it may be too late.

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Over the Falls (Ryder Bay Book 1)

By Jordan Ford / Genre: Sports, Teen & Young Adult

Over the Falls (Ryder Bay Book 1)

He’s drowning in rejection. She’s riding the waves. Can a rich boy and a surfer girl find love at the beach? Aidan isn’t used to losing. But when his popular girlfriend dumps him right after he tanks at the end-of-year swim meet, he’s not sure if his golden touch will ever return. Embarrassed and dejected, Aidan heads to the rough end of the beach and meets the surfer girl who’s about to change his life. Every passing week gets Harley one step closer to escaping her crappy house and a mother who doesn’t care about her. Charging the rich pretty boy for lessons could be her post-graduation ticket out of town. But her fiercely independent streak starts to fade when her feelings of pity for Aidan evolve into something more. As Aidan and Harley’s undeniable attraction comes in with the tide, suspicious friends and an interested ex make waves. Can the unlikely pair overcome a culture clash to find love’s perfect break?

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The Selfish Bear: A story of a Selfish Bear who learned how to Share

By Bassel Elkadi / Genre: Bears, Animals, Children’s eBooks

The Selfish Bear: A story of a Selfish Bear who learned how to Share

The Selfish Bear is a story about a little bear who doesn’t like to share anything with anyone.

He is rude to his friends, which makes them sad. But no matter how many times Bear refuses to share his own things with his friends, Panda, Giraffe, Tiger, and Elephant are always there to help him when he needs them.

Eventually, Bear learns how to be a true friend.

Find out how Bear transforms into someone who loves to share everything with everyone.

The Selfish Bear teaches children that helping others, sharing with friends, forgiving yourself and others, and staying positive can lead to happiness and a better life.

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Keto Desserts Cookbook #2019: Quick & Easy Recipes to Reset Your Body and Live a Healthy Life (Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, Boost Brain Health, and Reverse Disease)

By Dr Anna Richouly / Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Keto Desserts Cookbook #2019: Quick & Easy Recipes to Reset Your Body and Live a Healthy Life (Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, Boost Brain Health, and Reverse Disease)

Do you know which foods you can eat and which ones to avoid on the Ketogenic diet plan?
If you care about your health and you are looking for a book of delicious and easy ketogenic desserts, you are on the right track!
In this book you will get:

  • The History of Ketogenic Diet
  • The Process of Ketosis
  • Benefits of Ketogenic
  • Keto Diet side Effects
  • Food to eat
  • Food to Avoid
  • Tips and FQAs
  • Delicious Keto Diet Recipes
  • And more

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