Web of Lies: A Midlands Crime Thriller (Detective Sebastian Clifford – Book 1)

By Sally Rigb / Genre: Traditional Detectives, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Web of Lies: A Midlands Crime Thriller (Detective Sebastian Clifford - Book 1)

A trail of secrets. A dangerous discovery. A deadly turn.

Police officer Sebastian Clifford never planned on becoming a private investigator. But when a scandal leads to the disbandment of his London based special squad, he finds himself out of a job. That is, until his cousin calls on him to investigate her husband’s high-profile death, and prove that it wasn’t a suicide.

Clifford’s reluctant to get involved, but the more he digs, the more evidence he finds. With his ability to remember everything he’s ever seen, he’s the perfect person to untangle the layers of deceit.

He meets Detective Constable Bird, an underutilised detective at Market Harborough’s police force, who refuses to give him access to the records he’s requested unless he allows her to help with the investigation. Clifford isn’t thrilled. The last time he worked as part of a team it ended his career.

But with time running out, Clifford is out of options. Together they must wade through the web of lies in the hope that they’ll find the truth before it kills them.

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With Love, Louisa: A Regency Romance (Larkhall Letters Book 3)

By Ashtyn Newbold / Genre: Regency, Romance
With Love, Louisa: A Regency Romance (Larkhall Letters Book 3)

An innocent letter is only dangerous when it falls into the wrong hands.

Louisa Rosemeyer is a lady with no money, no parents, and, regrettably, no husband. Left with no place to go, she writes a letter to her aunt, Mrs. Irwin, asking for an invitation to live with her. Ever cautious and optimistic, Louisa hopes the trip will bring the new beginning she has been searching for.

After being forced out of his childhood home, Jack Warwick lets Mrs. Irwin’s house, happy to be away from his family and their many squabbles. Haunted by his past, he drowns his loneliness in drink, and with it, his better judgment. When a letter arrives at his new house, addressed to the previous occupant, Mrs. Irwin, from her niece, Jack writes an incoherent reply, inviting the young lady to come stay…an event which his drinking causes him to forget.

When the chaos surrounding Louisa’s untimely arrival at Jack’s house causes a scandal, there is only one way to mend her reputation: Marriage. As Jack’s feelings for Louisa grow, he realizes there is only one way to mend himself: To be loved by Louisa. Devastated to be married to a near stranger, and a scoundrel at that, Louisa closes off her heart. She has always planned to marry for love. But she quickly learns that love has plans of its own.

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Boxer Next Door

By Summer Coop / Genre: Sports, Romance
Boxer Next Door

Since my ex, I desired no one — until I saw her.
My new neighbor.

Lydia is not my type.
A loving, caring single mother.

I can tell that I’m not exactly her type either.
A young broken boxer.

But I know that we need each other.
I need to pleasure her, kiss her, own her and most importantly, protect her.
As for her, I think she just needs to be reminded of just how beautiful she still is…

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False Front (Bishop Security Series Book 1)

By Debbie Baldwin / Genre: , ,
False Front (Bishop Security Series Book 1)

Emma Porter is not real. She is an accomplished young woman, living a fulfilling life in New York City, working for an online news agency, and striving toward normalcy. The truth, however, is something else. She was once Emily Webster, a child of privilege, and the twenty-first century Lindbergh Baby. Her high-profile, unexplained abduction and subsequent rescue led to a childhood of paranoia and preparedness, as her kidnapper remained at large and still on the hunt. With her father’s guidance and resources, Emily became Emma Porter, living each day in her new identity, vigilant and unattached. Unattached but for the seemingly unbreakable tether that connects her to the man who, as a young boy, lived next door.

Like Emma, Nathan Bishop is not what he seems. Preparing to helm his family’s defense contracting company, Nathan is better known for his womanizing and reckless behavior than his business acumen. His striking image peppers the pages of society tabloids and police blotters, but beneath the facade of a rake, lurks a warrior. When an arms dealer procures a lethal bioweapon and is rumored to be selling it on U.S. soil, Nathan and his team must use every resource at their disposal to stop the threat.

With danger closing in, fate, once again, puts Emma in Nathan’s path, and the two must determine if the weathered bond between them is enough to find the truth behind their false fronts.

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Cave Man (The First Mountain Man Book 1)

By Frankie Lov / Genre: Ancient World, Historical Romance, Romance
Cave Man (The First Mountain Man Book 1)

One minute I’m in an underground cave on a Special Ops mission, and the next thing I know, I’ve travelled through time.
My life became prehistoric pretty damn fast.
I may have fought the bad guys in the military, but now I had new enemies.
Woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers – and no other humans in sight.

Five years later, I’m still stuck here. Lonely as hell with a bright yellow bird I’ve named Polly to keep me company. What I really want is a woman. When a flash of lightening brings rain, I’m worried about my fire going out.

Turns out that’s the least of my concerns. Because there’s a new storm in this Paleolithic place.
Her name is Skylar.
A gorgeous force to be reckoned with and she’s plenty pissed to be stranded here with me.

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His Captive Human: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance (Centauri Captives Book 1)

By Kallista Dane / Genre: First Contact, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy
His Captive Human: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance (Centauri Captives Book 1)

My world is gone.
Everyone on Arythios killed, our planet left uninhabitable. Destroyed by an unknown enemy while I was away on maneuvers with a small fleet of starships. We’re all that’s left— an elite team of warriors adrift in space with no home, no hope. And no females of our race left alive.
We begged the Interstellar Federation for help, but all they sent us were a handful of females from a primitive planet called Earth. “To see to the needs of your troops,” their leader said.
I swallowed my pride and accepted. With no Arythian females, we needed breeders. Though they were small and pale, the aliens would have to do. So I picked one out and started teaching her our ways.
She’s stubborn and full of fire, but she’s awakened a dark hunger in me. I had no idea I’d have to dole out so many punishments to train her properly—or how much I’d enjoy the task.

My world is gone.
I’ve never been so scared.
I volunteered for a diplomatic mission to the beautiful world of Arythios. But the Federation lied to me. The planet doesn’t exist anymore. Instead I woke up on an alien starship, surrounded by huge gray-skinned warriors who think I’m their new sex toy.
I’m adrift in space with no home, no hope. Their arrogant captain says I have to call him Master and obey him. When I don’t, he punishes me.
And the scariest thing of all is—I’m starting to like it.

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The Agreement (Darkest Lies Trilogy Book 1)

By thany-Kris / Genre: Crime, Thrillers, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
The Agreement (Darkest Lies Trilogy Book 1)

Criminal. Spoiled. Entirely out of control.

Roman Avdonin has heard it all. None of it stops him from crossing the line one more time. Sent to Chicago to answer for his wrongs, he’s an outsider beneath the cruel gazes of men who are nothing like his own. He should have minded his business and paid his dues—a better man would.

But then he laid eyes on her.

Karine Yazov.

She’s forbidden—already promised.
Fragile in every way.

And he just can’t help himself.

Agreements like these?
They can’t be undone.

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A Pretty Beach Collection BOXED SET – the Juliette trilogy (Pretty Beach books 4-6): A delightful three part romance for 2021. All the blooms by the sea… (Pretty Beach Boxed Sets Book 2)

By Polly Babbingtom / Genre: Contemporary, Romance
A Pretty Beach Collection BOXED SET - the Juliette trilogy (Pretty Beach books 4-6): A delightful three part romance for 2021. All the blooms by the sea... (Pretty Beach Boxed Sets Book 2)

A Pretty Beach Christmas

It’s Christmas in the beautiful little seaside town of Pretty Beach and it’s doused in twinkly lights and festive cheer. The delightfully romantic story continues as the town dresses up for Christmas and reels us in for all the festive feels. We follow along with the journey of Juliette Sparkles, resident midwife, who after a horrid divorce and a few years of ups and downs, suddenly has a very nice piece of luck come her way and she moves to Seapocket Lane. There’s the Pretty Beach Christmas Dance, all the weird and wonderful Pretty Beach Christmas traditions and, well, there may just be an ever-so handsome new resident in town. Will Juliette surprise not only herself, but all the locals in Pretty Beach and get everything she’s dreamt of this Christmas or will she end up back to square one? If you love romance at Christmas, an utterly gorgeous snow-filled setting, catching up with the plethora of heart-warming characters of Pretty Beach, and a dash of intrigue to curl up on the sofa with and dream, then you’ll just adore A Pretty Beach Christmas.

A Pretty Beach Dream

The next book in the delightfully addictive series and the sequel to A Pretty Beach Christmas… chock full of new romance, old houses and Spring in Pretty Beach. Delve back into the next part of this cosy little town by the sea as the sweet, little coastal town wakes up to a new year and begins to bloom. Get ready to fall in love with Pretty Beach all over again as the sparkly blue beach town surrounded by water, overlooked by a quaint old lighthouse and filled with wonderful characters welcomes us into its fold as the blossom falls and flowers bloom. Juliette Sparkles, resident Pretty Beach midwife fell hook, line and sinker for Luke Burnette and strolled off into a wonderful Christmas after a very lovely kiss under the mistletoe. Now, we catch up with her as Spring begins to warm up Pretty Beach and her dreams of an old house, riding around Pretty Beach on a blue vintage bike and planting a garden all of her own really do start to come true. But, as she is surrounded by daffodils and tulips, the ups and downs of the last few years begin to fade and everything is looking ever-so rosy, some tragic news comes her way and she doesn’t know quite how to react and knocks Juliette’s world for six.

A Pretty Beach Wish

We catch up with Juliette’s journey as she gets very comfy in her new house on Mermaid Lane with Luke Burnette, and her life starts to become just what she had always wished for… the handsome doctor, the wonderful Victorian house with views out to the sea, her little sideline business beginning to boom. In A Pretty Beach Wish we delve back into the wonderful seaside town and as Pretty Beach gets warmer there are days on the beach, glorious afternoons in the garden and something Juliette had always wished for comes floating right on into her life. With her garden and love life blooming Juliette can hardly believe all her dreams really have come true. As the sun shines, the dahlias flourish, and the sea sparkles, Luke and Juliette’s love story goes from strength to strength and everything is looking exceedingly rosy – that is until one fateful day when Juliette’s world is changed forever.

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Protectors of Poison (Forgotten Gods Book 1)

By Laura Greenwood / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Romance
Protectors of Poison (Forgotten Gods Book 1)

Serket is used to being forgotten and is happy to be, even if her healing powers have waned in the years since people forgot her real name.
Everything changes when a minor god turns up and reveals her scorpions are being blamed for a poisoning. Determined to prove her innocence, Serket must take her place as a goddess once more and uncover the plot threatening to destroy her.

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Amish Aladdin (The Amish Fairytale Series Book 4)

By Ashley Emma / Genre: Biblical, Religious & Inspirational Fiction
Amish Aladdin (The Amish Fairytale Series Book 4)

Being a thief is all Aladdin has ever known until he meets Jasmine Byler, the bishop’s stepdaughter, in Unity, Maine while trying to steal from her booth at the farmers’ market. Instead of reporting him to the police, she lets him keep the food he tried to steal, and Aladdin is stunned by her kindness.

Aladdin isn’t Amish like her. In fact, he knows nothing about the Amish—but he’s determined to learn everything about the Amish that he can so that he can impersonate an Amish man and ask her on a date. How can a homeless thief like him pass as a righteous Amish man? What if she recognizes him from the farmers’ market?

After Aladdin rescues a man named Gene from thieves who try to steal an antique gold Arabian lamp from his antique store, Gene wants to grant Aladdin one wish to thank him. Aladdin only wants one thing: to become an Amish man so he can win the heart of Jasmine Byler.

Fortunately, Gene grew up near the Amish of Unity. After Gene teaches Aladdin everything he knows about the Amish, cleans him up, and gives him a place to stay, he introduces Aladdin to the community as a man who has just moved to Unity but wants to join the Amish.

As Aladdin gets to know Jasmine, he falls even more in love with her, but her stepfather Bishop Byler wants his daughter to court Jeffrey, a young man who lives down the lane and is determined to marry her and inherit the family’s farm.

Just when Aladdin thinks things can’t get any worse, someone from Aladdin’s past catches up to him, threatening not only any chance he has with Jasmine, but also her life.

Free as of 05/28/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Here Comes McBride (Journey’s End Book 1)

By Victoria Phelps / Genre: Historical Romance, Romance
Here Comes McBride (Journey's End Book 1)

Can a life-on-the-run lead to a happily-ever-after?

Before Lars decided to become a law-abiding citizen, he was a master at evading the law and avoiding pursuers.

Ellie is a young, inexperienced woman being stalked by a man capable of great cruelty.

Ellie needs his help to escape. Lars needs her absolute obedience if he’s to save her. It will take a firm hand, but Ellie must mind him.

Will Lars’ skill at evasion be enough to protect Ellie? Will his discipline bring them together or drive them apart?

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Clara & Mr. Milo’s Adventures: Clara Wanting a Pet

By Clara Donis-Girm / Genre: Family Life, Genre Fiction
Clara & Mr. Milo's Adventures: Clara Wanting a Pet

Clara wants a pet! Join her in her search and the process of adopting and caring for her pet. Clara & Mr. Milo’s Adventures Series hopes to inspire shelter pet adoption and show you the importance of being patient, loving, and caring with your shelter pet. Follow the series and join Clara & Mr. Milo in their learning adventures!

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The “I Love My Instant Pot®” Free Holiday Menu: From Maple Dill Carrots and Spiced Applesauce to Cherry-Rosemary Pork Tenderloin and Festive Fruitcake, … Seasonal Dishes–Made Easy! (“I Love My”)

By Michelle Fagon / Genre: Holidays, Entertaining & Holidays, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

We all love gathering with family and friends for the holidays. But at a busy time of year, preparing a meal for guests can go quickly from a dreamy holiday scene to a kitchen nightmare! The “I Love My Instant Pot®” Free Holiday Menu takes the stress out of holiday entertaining with a full menu of easy-to-prepare holiday classics.

With these simple recipes, from appetizers to desserts, you easily can serve a delicious meal made with love, including sweet and savory dishes like Savory Acorn Squash Soup and Spiced Red Wine-Poached Pears.

Gather round the table and enjoy The “I Love My Instant Pot®” Free Holiday Menu!

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