Unbreak Me (Splintered Hearts Book 1)

By Lexi Ryan / Genre: Coming of Age / Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (392 reviews)

Unbreak Me (Splintered Hearts Book 1)

“If you’re broken, I’ll fix you…”

I’m only twenty-one and already damaged goods. A slut. A failure. A disappointment to my picture-perfect family as long as I can remember. I called off my wedding to William Bailey, the only man who thought I was worth fixing. A year later, he’s marrying my sister. Unless I ask him not to…

“If you shatter, I’ll find you…”

But now there’s Asher Logan, a broken man who sees the fractures in my façade and doesn’t want to fix me at all. Asher wants me to stop hiding, to stop pretending. Asher wants to break down my walls. But that means letting him see my ugly secrets and forgiving him for his.

With my past weighing down on me, do I want the man who holds me together or the man who gives me permission to break?

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Highland Wolf Pact: A Scottish Werewolf Shifter Romance

By Selena Kitt / Genre: Scottish, Historical Romance, Romance / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (307 reviews)

Highland Wolf Pact: A Scottish Werewolf Shifter Romance

Sibyl Blackthorne isn’t afraid of anything—except maybe being sold into marriage to a man she doesn’t love. A man she’s never even met. A man who, by reputation, is one of Scotland’s cruelest lairds in over a century.

But what choice does she have, with her father dead and her uncle now married to his brother’s widow, putting him in charge of not only the Blackthorne fortune, but Sibyl’s future as well?

Then her betrothed turns out to actually be far worse than his reputation, so headstrong Sibyl decides life as a peasant, or even death, would be preferable to a future with such a despicable man, and makes plans to run away.

On an organized hunt for wolves—or, as the Scots call them, wulvers—Sybil escapes her fiancé’s clutches, only to find she’s run into something far more untamed and dangerous in the middle of the woods.

When a big, brawny, long-haired man, who only speaks to her in Gaelic and calls himself Raife, simply picks her up and carries her off with him into the Scottish wild, Sibyl knows she’s in trouble.

When he takes her to a place no human has ever been, she knows she’s gone over the edge.

And when he, at last, marks her as his own, she discovers that only one wild heart can claim another.

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Marine Cadet (The Human Legion Book 1)

By Tim C. Taylor / Genre: Space Marine, Military, Science Fiction / Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars (184 reviews)

Marine Cadet (The Human Legion Book 1)

2565 A.D. Five centuries ago, Earth sold a million children into slavery, the price of protection from the regional superpower. One group of slaves was bio-engineered and augmented to fight for alien officers as the Human Marine Corps.

To most alien eyes the Corps is a joke: plasma fodder equipped with third-rate cast-offs and so stupid that they go off to die actually believing they are genuine warriors.

But there are others who look deeper and see potential. To them the human Marines could be the wellspring of something far greater…


Seventeen-year old Arun McEwan is eager to start his new life as a Marine Cadet. Just three more years of drills, combat exercises and brainwashing and he could qualify as a Marine. The alternative is death.

When Arun forges an unlikely friendship with an alien scribe, he crashes into a world of treachery and conspiracy. How can he possibly survive three more years when every day brings a new deadly threat?

But survive he must because his new alien allies show him glimpses of his destiny — a vision of a better future that only he can forge.

A dream called the Human Legion.

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Deadly Crush (Deadly Trilogy Book 1)

By Ashley Stoyanoff / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Paranormal, Romance / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (98 reviews)

Deadly Crush (Deadly Trilogy Book 1)

Dog Mountain is just like any other small town — peaceful and uneventful. Well, that is if peaceful means wolves howling all night, and uneventful means it’s overrun by pesky werewolves, then yes, Dog Mountain is just your average small town.

Jade Shaw has spent the last two years avoiding the pack. But when Aidan Collins moves to town, avoiding the dogs doesn’t seem possible. The pack wants him just as much as she does.

Determined to keep him out of the pack’s grasp, Jade does everything she can to gain his attention. Little does she know, Aidan is in deeper with the pack than she could have imagined, and competing for his attention is a deadly game, one she may not want to win.

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Women In Love (Illustrated)

By D. H. Lawrence / Genre: British & Irish, Literary Fiction / Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars (105 reviews)

Women In Love (Illustrated)

“I want us to be together without bothering about ourselves- to be really together because we ARE together, as if it were a phenomenon, not a thing we have to maintain by our own effort.”

D. H. Lawrence’s sequel to his earlier novel ‘The Rainbow’ (1915) follows the continuing loves and lives of the Brangwen sisters, Gudrun and Ursula. Gudrun Brangwen, an artist, pursues a destructive relationship with Gerald Crich, an industrialist. Lawrence contrasts this pair with the love that develops between Ursula and Rupert Birkin, an alienated intellectual who articulates many opinions associated with the author. The emotional relationships thus established are given further depth and tension by an intense psychological and physical attraction between Gerald and Rupert. The novel ranges over the whole of British society before the time of the First World War and eventually ends high up in the snows of the Tyrolean Alps. Ursula’s character draws on Lawrence’s wife Frieda, and Gudrun on Katherine Mansfield, while Rupert Birken has elements of Lawrence himself, and Gerald Crich of Mansfield’s husband, John Middleton Murry.

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The War of Alien Aggression (Box Set One)

By A.D. Bloom / Genre: Hard Science Fiction, Science Fiction / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (106 reviews)

The War of Alien Aggression (Box Set One)

All of Humanity’s first alien conflict in a single volume – the 2164-2165 war from the first engagement to the final detonations. 550 pages, 192K words

HARDWAY (book one)

Intelligent life reaches out to Humanity using particle beam weapons and masers. The pilots and crew of the privateer carrier Hardway are first to fight in the conflict that quickly escalates from a bloody first contact to a full-scale interstellar war.

130 pages

KAMIKAZE (book two)

The privateer carrier Hardway invades Procyon to destroy an alien blockade gun meant to keep the human race confined. Hardway and her pilots meet their match in the Squidies’ massive gun and the alien aces that protect it until the privateers discover why the aliens are beating them and commit to paying for victory in war’s only true currency.

96 pages

LANCER (book three)

Privateer Admiral Harry Cozen needs pilots for an experimental fighter squadron, so he offers the inmates of Bailey Prison a deal. Colt is serving 5-7 and he knows the deal is too good to be true, but he still takes it. He and the rest of the C-Block nuggets learn to fly the new F-151 and prepare to sortie against alien aces on a mission he knows is far more dangerous than anyone’s telling them.

117 pages

TAIPAN (book four)

Hardway is drafted into a force group commanded by Harry Cozen’s bitter rival from Staas Company. She stole his fighter program and his thousand new pilots. Now, she’s determined to use them as cannon fodder. Nobody can argue with her battle record, but the officers and crew of Hardway and the Lancers of the 133rd Fighter Test Squadron may be all that can keep her pilots alive in a knife-fight deep behind enemy lines.

203 pages

COZEN’S WAR (book five)

The Privateers and the UN fleet have brought the fight to the Squidies’ home system where the Earth invasion fleet faces off against every ship the aliens can muster. Harry Cozen is in command and this is his greatest gambit, but the price of victory may be a thousand more years of war.

131 pages

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Daisy McDare And The Deadly Directorial Affair (Cozy Mystery) (Daisy McDare Cozy Creek Mystery Book 3)

By K.M. Morgan / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (57 reviews)

Daisy McDare And The Deadly Directorial Affair (Cozy Mystery) (Daisy McDare Cozy Creek Mystery Book 3)

Daisy McDare is back with a new case to crack!

Murder once again strikes the quaint little tourist town of Cozy Creek. This time the victim is an arrogant independent film director who has a bad habit of making of enemies.

As the set decorator for the movie, Daisy is in a unique position to do some serious sleuthing. But she can’t solve the murder alone.

She enlists her cupcake baking best friend Samantha, wise cracking Granny Annie, private investigator crush Gavin, and her lovable West Highland Terrier Shamus to find the killer.

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Ocean City Lowdown (Jamie August Book 1)

By Kim Kash / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction / Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (34 reviews)

Ocean City Lowdown (Jamie August Book 1)

Ocean City Lowdown introduces Eastern Shore Maryland reporter Jamie August, who has a talent for unearthing more than her editor wants and a weakness for Ravens jerseys and sparkly underwear. She is assigned to cover the grand opening of a big new housing development in Ocean City, Maryland. But instead of writing about wrap-around porches and rattan furnishings, she uncovers kickbacks and payoffs, blackmail and murder. Jamie’s tenacity, smarts, and sheer recklessness—plus some smokin’ striptease dance moves—can get her out of some tight spots, but are they enough to save her from a psychopathic arsonist and two generations of corrupt real estate tycoons?

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Champion (The Sanctuary Series Book 3)

By Robert J. Crane / Genre: Fantasy / Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (61 reviews)

Champion (The Sanctuary Series Book 3)

The world of Arkaria is a dangerous place, filled with dragons, titans, goblins and other dangers. Those who live in this world are faced with two choices: live an ordinary life or become an adventurer and seek the extraordinary.

As the war heats up in Arkaria, Vara is forced to flee after an ancient order of skilled assassins infiltrates Sanctuary and targets her. Cyrus Davidon accompanies her home to the elven city of Termina and the two of them become embroiled in a mystery that will shake the very foundations of the Elven Kingdom – and Arkaria.

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Kids Book: Adventures of Jack: Fun on the Go! (Kids Picture Book and Dog Book for Kids) Kids Book About Animals (Jack Russell Adventure Series 2)

By D. R. Tara / Genre: Dogs, Animals, Children’s eBooks / Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (53 reviews)

Kids Book: Adventures of Jack: Fun on the Go! (Kids Picture Book and Dog Book for Kids) Kids Book About Animals (Jack Russell Adventure Series 2)

Our favorite Dog Detective, Jack, is back, fresh from his investigations in the highly popular “Adventures of Jack: The Agent With a Bone to Pick.” In this sequel, Jack is off with his family on more amusing journeys. He meets Lucy, a special friend in Jamaica, follows a ‘treasure’ map in his home town, and finally learns the value of a well-placed surprise on his birthday!

‘Kids Book: Adventures of Jack: Fun on the Go! (Kids Picture Book and Dog Book for Kids) Kids Book About Animals’ is a delightful collection of three truly Inspirational Stories for Kids.

Jack is a 15 month old Jack Russell who lives in Scotland with his Mommy and Daddy – he also happens to be an undercover agent for a famous spy agency! A dog detective! From saving his Mommy from a mugger, through solving a rash of robberies to finding a friend – Jack is on the case, and is always entertaining!

A great kids book that can be divided by stories and read to those younger than 5, a read alone or with guidance book for kids age 5-8, or as a read alone collection of tales for kids 9-12 who are looking for a new sort of hero. Who doesn’t want to know about a dog detective who is also Fun on the Go or Fun on the Run?

These selected stories comprise Volume 2 in the ‘Jack Russell Adventure Series’. All the stories fall into the following main categories: kids picture adventure books for kindle, best children’s books, children’s books for ages 5-8, preteen books, kids books for ages 9-12, self-reading books, and kids chapter books.

The three childrens illustrated stories included in this Volume are:

Story 1: Jack’s trip to Jamaica

Story 2: Jack Finds Treasure

Story 3: Jack’s Surprise Party

Each story is beautifully illustrated and designed to captivate the imagination of every child enjoying this book.

A wonderful addition to any library, especially those collecting Kids Picture Adventure Books for the Kindle or animal picture books.

These stories are appropriate for reading to children anytime including at bedtime.

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Low-Fat Snacks: Easy Rich and Savory Snack Recipes for any Occasion (Leanne’s Quick and Easy Kitchen)

By Leanne Perry / Genre: Appetizers, Meals, Cookbooks, Food & Wine / Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (39 reviews)

Low-Fat Snacks: Easy Rich and Savory Snack Recipes for any Occasion (Leanne's Quick and Easy Kitchen)

Seeing the title of this book can be a relief to some and an annoyance to others. For one group of people, finding snacks that are low in fat while not compromising on taste is an extremely difficult task. For another group, it can be an annoying attack on all those snacks that we’ve come to love over the years. Although this book may be targeted to that first group of people, I’m hoping that after seeing the delicious looking snack on the cover, I might be able to swing a couple of people from that second group over.

Snacking is a regular part of almost everyone’s day already and many people often snack more than once per day. The fact that snacking is such an important part of almost everyone’s daily routine means that what may initially seem like a handful or a very small serving of a particular snack can turn into a pretty significant boost or anchor on your health.

Eating low fat snacks instead of indulging in a baked good like a Krispy Kreme doughnut or some fried food from In-N-Out Burger will significantly reduce the risk of getting heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States. Instead of giving into the craving of a highly processed or fatty snack, try a recipe from Low-Fat Snacks and see how easy it can be to enjoy a guilt free treat.

We also offer some information for people on the Paleo diet, the Gluten-Free diet, as well as those who are Vegetarian or Vegan.

Some snacks you will find in this book include:

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Bread
  • Pizza Rolls
  • Quinoa Bites
  • Homemade Bits and Bites
  • Tofu Pudding
  • Cheesy Crackers
  • Apple Pie Popcorn Balls
  • Peanut Butter Banana Bites
  • Sweet Potato Latkes
  • Chocolate Chip Blondies
  • Espresso Meringues
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Meringues
  • Goat Cheese Bruschetta
  • Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites
  • Any Berry Smoothie
  • Witch’s Brew Smoothie
  • Strawberry Crostini
  • S’mores Berries
  • Cinnamon Spice Muffins
  • Sriracha and Lime Chickpeas
  • Strawberry Cacao Nib Parfait
  • Garam Masala Chickpeas
  • Sweet Potato Tots
  • Raspberry Milkshake
  • Sweet Potato and Apple Chips

Hope you enjoy!

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