Born to be Bound (Alpha’s Claim Book 1)

By Addison Cain / Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror

Born to be Bound (Alpha's Claim Book 1)

Every bit as ruthless as his reputation suggests…

Shepherd ravages both Claire and her conquered city, refusing to let either slip through his fingers.
He steals Claire’s innocence and future by forcing a pair-bond on the rare, unwilling Omega female.

Violent, calculating, and incapable of remorse, he demands his new mate’s adoration. Her attention. Her body.

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Annabelle Enchants the Rejected Earl: A Historical Regency Romance Novel

By Hanna Hamilton / Genre: Regency, Historical Romance, Romance

Annabelle Enchants the Rejected Earl: A Historical Regency Romance Novel

Things in life aren’t always what they seem to be…

Annabelle’s life is turned upside down when her father declares that he has found an excellent suitor for her, Lord Watson Ashdown.

What he does not realize, is that Watson is cruel and inappropriate for the Hathaway reputation.

But that is not the only problem…

Annabelle did not mean it to happen, but she has fallen for Floyd Brewer, the stable boy who works on her family’s land.

Or so she believes about him…

He is kind, loving and caring and nothing like the horrible Lord, but he is not a man that her father will find acceptable.

How will Annabelle get out of her marriage? And what will happen when she discovers that Floyd has some secrets about his real status?

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Cap’s Place: A Jack Nolan Novel (The Cap’s Place Series Book 1)

By Robert Tarrant / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Action & Adventure

Cap's Place: A Jack Nolan Novel (The Cap's Place Series Book 1)

In the introduction to the Cap’s Place Series, Jack Nolan had his life all mapped out as he pursued a promising career as an attorney in Michigan. Suddenly his world was knocked out of orbit and he found himself living with his Uncle Mickey above Mickey’s bar in South Florida. Mickey’s untimely death leads to Jack becoming a bar owner. Jack’s protective approach to his life includes staying emotionally uninvolved with everyone around him, those who work at the bar, customers, and the objects of his frequent one-night stands.

Without warning Jack finds himself struggling to protect his beautiful bartender from unknown forces intent on killing her. Jack is confronted with decisions that require him to ignore rules he had previously deemed unbreakable.

The characters who inhabit Cap’s Place turn out to be much more complex than Jack ever anticipated.

Each book in the Cap’s Place Series is a snapshot into the adventures and evolving lives of Jack Nolan and those who are a part of his South Florida bar. As is true in real life, no single snapshot answers every question. In Jack’s case, no single glimpse ever clearly reveals to him all of the unfolding puzzles.

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Saving the Preacher’s Daughter (Dogs of Fire: Savannah Chapter Book 1)

By Piper Davenport / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Saving the Preacher's Daughter (Dogs of Fire: Savannah Chapter Book 1)

18+ for language and sexual situations.

Preacher’s daughter Willow Miller’s idyllic life is shattered in a matter of seconds. In the midst of a devastating heartbreak, she’s forced to evaluate everything she thought she believed in and make a choice…the man she thinks she knows or the man who sets her heart aflame.

Finn ‘Dash’ Lloyd doesn’t “do” good girls. He’s a newly patched member of the Dogs of Fire Motorcycle Club, and he’s enjoying all the perks that come with it. But when he finds himself thrust into the unwanted role of guardian, he realizes the good girl that captures his heart might just save his soul.

But Dash needs to figure out how to protect Willow from a threat buried deep in her past before it’s too late.

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God’s Lions – The Dark Ruin

By John Lyman / Genre: Paranormal, Mystery & Thrillers

God's Lions - The Dark Ruin

Forty years after a mysterious billionaire disappears, he suddenly resurfaces with a dark secret that shocks the world. In this enthralling third novel in the “God’s Lions” series, Cardinal Leopold Amodeo is once again teamed with a group of scientists and archaeologists as they race to stop the suspected Antichrist from taking over the world.

Based on recently de-classified documents and real-life technological breakthroughs, John Lyman takes readers on a wild ride into a future that is already here, where technoloqy takes flight in the hands of one who has vowed to destroy mankind. Make sure your coffee pot is in good working order before you curl up with this book, because you’ll be up into the wee hours of the morning as the exciting plot unfolds.

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God’s Lions – Realm of Evil

By John Lyman / Genre: Paranormal, Mystery & Thrillers

God's Lions - Realm of Evil

Driven into hiding in the French Pyrenees by the advancing forces of a new one world government, Cardinal Leopold Amodeo receives a mysterious radio message from an unknown source in Northern Europe inviting him to a secret meeting. Fearful of a trap, and with time running out as a web of evil spreads across the globe, he must decide if he should leave the safety of his friends in an ancient Cathar sanctuary to travel alone into the far reaches of the north to meet with a man who may hold the key to their salvation.
In this, the fourth book in the “God’s Lions” series, the non-stop action moves across the European continent as the cardinal and his dedicated team of scientists, code-breakers, archaeologists, and intelligence specialists join with others to face their greatest challenge yet in a climactic confrontation with an evil entity that has vowed to wipe them from the face of the earth.

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Highlander’s Veiled Assassin: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance

By Alisa Adams / Genre: Historical Romance, Romance

Highlander's Veiled Assassin: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance

Two countries. One ancient grudge. Can love unite them at long last?

Travel through Scottish Medieval Highlands with a sensuous historical romance full of courage, action, romance, strong emotions and twists. Here is the story:

Consigned to the Highlands to marry a mysterious Laird feels like a death sentence to eighteen-year-old Sarina Bashir. Her entire life and family reside in England. Growing up, she’s heard terrifying stories of the Highlands and their brutish people. However, when Sarina’s father is killed by a Highlander, her brother, Thomas, schemes the perfect way to take revenge…

He betroths Sarina to the very Highlander responsible for their father’s murder, Laird Seamus Mackenzie, and presents her with a sharp, beautiful dagger with which to slit his throat. All Sarina has to do is wait until he falls asleep on their wedding night and then vengeance will be theirs. But when Sarina meets the handsome and honourable Seamus, she soon learns that the very family she loves and trusts has secrets of their own…

Who should Sarina believe? Is love strong enough to overcome all sins?

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The Hometown Groom (Jennifer’s Texas Titan Romances Book 3)

By Jennifer Youngblood / Genre: Sports

The Hometown Groom (Jennifer's Texas Titan Romances Book 3)

Enjoy this standalone novel, book 3 in Jennifer’s Texas Titan Romances Series A hunky quarterback, a debutante, and the merger that might forever keep them apart …
Emerson Stein has no intention of marrying billionaire Finley Landers just so her daddy’s merger will go through, no matter how much of a hissy fit her mama throws. When she skips out of a high-profile barbecue to barrel race at a rodeo, she never expects to meet Riker Dylan, the new starting quarterback for the Titans. With his startling blue eyes, easy smile, and boyish charm, Riker turns Emerson’s head and sends her pulse racing to the stars. Too bad she chews him out and punches him in the gut.

Growing up just outside Dallas, Riker Dylan never imagined he’d get the chance to play football for the Titans. An unexpected encounter with a copper-haired beauty puts him on an uncharted path. Why does he get the feeling there’s more to her than meets the eye?

When the stakes get impossibly high, will Emerson have the courage to choose her own path to be with the man she loves, or will the family pressure prove to be too great?

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The Lonely Little Bumbershoot

By Jeff Edwards / Genre: Beginner Readers, Children’s eBooks

The Lonely Little Bumbershoot

“A wonderful story, beautifully done! The illustrations are fresh and engaging. Children and adults will enjoy reading this happy story over and over.” – Suzy Spafford, Creator of Suzy’s Zoo

Transported half way around the world from the wonderfully rainy streets of London, a little green umbrella finds himself in a strange city where the sky is almost always clear. Cast aside by the boy who once loved him, the Lonely Little Bumbershoot will never know happiness again. Or will he?

A poignant tale of love, loss, and the journey toward a new life.

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Grill It!

By Bonnie Scott / Genre: Outdoor Cooking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Grill It!

Do you love the taste of grilled food? Are you a barbecue junkie when summer comes around?
There is nothing better than the smell of food cooking on a charcoal grill and it’s food that so many of us love.
Inside Grill It! 125 Easy Recipes, you’ll find exciting recipes for every type of meat and vegetable and loads of great ideas to make your grilling fun, fast and enjoyable. Complete with dozens of recipes, you will soon be making tasty dishes like:

  • Chicken Breasts with Ginger Garlic Marinade
  • Flaming Chicken Satay
  • Teriyaki Halibut
  • Korean Barbecue Ribs
  • Bourbon Baby Back Ribs
  • Hobo Turkey
  • Grilled Marinated Pheasant
  • And more…

Grill It! also has useful recipes for tasty sauces and marinades that really bring out the flavor of meat, as well as grilling recipes for breads, vegetables and even desserts.
Whatever foods you like grilling, Grill It! will make them better and tastier than ever before.
Buy Grill It! 125 Easy Recipes today and get ready for the grilling season now!

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