The Queen of All that Dies (The Fallen World Book 1)

By Laura Thalassa / Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (85 reviews)

The Queen of All that Dies (The Fallen World Book 1)

In the future, the world is at war.

For the last decade, King Lazuli of the Eastern Empire has systematically taken over the world. No one knows much about him other than a series of impossible facts: he cannot die, he has not aged since the conflict began, and he wants to rule the world.

All Serenity Freeman has known is bloodshed. War has taken away her mother, her home, her safety. As the future emissary of the Western United Nations, the last autonomous region of the globe, she is responsible for forging alliances where she can.

Surrender is on the horizon. The king can taste it; Serenity feels it deep within her bones. There is no other option. Now the two must come face to face. For Serenity, that means confronting the man who’s taken everything from her. For the king, it means meeting the one woman he can’t conquer. But when they meet, something happens. Cruelty finds redemption.

Only in war, everything comes with a price. Especially love.

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RIGHT TIME, WRONG PLACE – PART ONE (a billionaire romance love story)

By Jaime Morghan / Genre: Contemporary, Romance / Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (59 reviews)

RIGHT TIME, WRONG PLACE - PART ONE (a billionaire romance love story)



His hand is up my skirt, his eyes overpowering me, and we’re in the middle of a club. Thankfully the other people can’t hear me moan over their own conversations and the music.

He then takes my hand and leads the way… to a fantasy, for one unforgettable night… or so I think.

When I’m back to my struggling life, house sitting for a person whose life I’ll never have, there’s a knock at the door. The dress that is delivered is not for me, but I put it on anyway, because I want to feel beautiful again. I want to be wanted… needed… I want to feel everything again…

The dress may not be meant for me, but he is. I’ll do anything to him, and for him, to make sure he knows that. But first, maybe I should find out his name…

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Keeping Never: A New Adult Romance (Never say Never Book 3)

By C.M. Stunich / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (128 reviews)

Keeping Never: A New Adult Romance (Never say Never Book 3)

“In your pain, I see my own, so I’m going to tell you and only you, okay?”

Never’s past might be under control, but Ty’s is just starting to unravel. After receiving a phone call from his broken past, tensions run high between Never and Ty, especially with Never deciding to do something she’s never done and keep her pregnancy a secret.

While visiting the skeletons in his dark, dark closet, Ty is threatened by all that he once was and all that he thought he’d overcome. With his pain about to consume him, Never is the only one who stands between Ty and relapse, who can help him control his emotions and find peace, but is she up to it? After all, with two tortured souls desperate for a healing touch, are they more of a hindrance to one another than a help?

Love, marriage, and a baby. Three things that Ty and Never didn’t see coming. It’s judgment time for both of them, time to see if the light really can overcome the dark. Here’s to hoping.

“I know you’ll make the right decision, no matter how hard it is, no matter if it cuts you into pieces, because you have to believe that I’ll be there for you in the end.”

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Hell’s Gift (Save My Soul Book 2)

By K. S. Haigwood / Genre: Occult, Horror / Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (129 reviews)

Hell's Gift (Save My Soul Book 2)

Depression consumes the guardian angel, Rhyan, after his human charge chooses her soulmate over him. Filled with anger and despair, he lashes out. And when his hate-filled words land him neck-deep in Hell, he realizes he’s gone too far. He expects trouble, but not to discover his own soulmate in the fiery depths. Abigail is there with good reason, but she’s done her time, and in order to save them both, Rhyan must strike a deal with the Devil. The stakes are higher than ever before, with his soul, his friends and even the fate of Heaven and Earth in jeopardy. If he fails, Rhyan stands to lose more than he ever feared. Will true love be denied? It will take everything he’s got to break down the traps Lucifer puts in his way. New lines are drawn and old scores are settled, and Rhyan is in for the fight of his life. With Abigail as the prize, and humanity in the balance, he will stop at nothing to claim…Hell’s Gift.

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I’m In Love With A CokeBoy

By Shyne / Genre: Urban / Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (65 reviews)

I'm In Love With A CokeBoy

Nisy is a naïve, misunderstood young lady still trying to find herself. The only time she’s happy is when she’s drowning her sorrows with a bottle of liquor. She and her bestfriend’s are always there for each other; even though it’s a mole within their circle. Now with their friendship’s being tested and the closeness they’ve shared is drifting apart, Nisy finds herself drawn to a good looking, street hustler by the name of Block.

Block is there to hold her hand and reassures her of her needs and wants. His dreamy eyes give her the perception that everything is going to be okay. However, being in love with a CokeBoy isn’t as easy as she thought it’d be. And, being happy with a man that she feels is her soul mate now comes with a price to pay. Will their love outweigh the trials and tribulations of the fast life? Or, will the street life continue to be his first love?

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The Last Great Wizard of Yden (Yden Series Book 1)

By S.G. Rogers / Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy & Magic, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories, Children’s eBooks / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (32 reviews)

The Last Great Wizard of Yden (Yden Series Book 1)

Jon Hansen always thought his father’s tales about the magical planet of Yden were fiction. When his father is kidnapped by an evil wizard, however, Jon is forced to dig deeper. His investigation uncovers magical artifacts that will unlock another dimension—if only he can gather his courage to make the journey. On his quest to Yden, Jon encounters wizards, Cyclopes, and a warlord who seem to want him dead. Fortunately, he’s got friends by his side, as well as the ability to draw things to life. Can he and his friends defeat the most evil wizard the magical world has ever known, or will Jon become the latest addition to the Wolf Clan wizard’s gruesome collection of trophies?

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Fermenting: How to Ferment Vegetables

By Rashelle Johnson / Genre: Canning & Preserving, Cookbooks, Food & Wine / Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (62 reviews)

Fermenting: How to Ferment Vegetables

Fermenting is a food preservation technique that takes healthy vegetables and makes them even healthier!

There’s no doubt about it. Vegetables are good for you. They’re packed full of vitamins, minerals and all sorts of other nutrients the body needs to thrive. Fermented vegetables are even better because they’re packed full of probiotic cultures that give your immune system a boost and help your body process and absorb nutrients from the foods you eat.

This book discusses fermented vegetables in-depth includes a number of recipes including the following:

  • Six different sauerkraut recipe.
  • Cultured coleslaw.
  • Kale slaw.
  • Horseradish.
  • Cultured beets.
  • Beet kvass.
  • Pickled jalapenos (just like the ones you use on nachos, only healthier!).
  • Kohlrabi.
  • Dilly carrots.
  • Fermented pickles.
  • Zucchini pickles.
  • Cultured olives.
  • Probiotic garlic.
  • Cultured salsa.
  • Fermented ketchup.
  • and more.

This book includes a handy FAQ that covers many of the questions you might have while fermenting foods, including what to do when you encounter moldy vegetables, why your vegetables are covered in foam and what to do when there’s white yeast growing near the surface of the brine.

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