Forbidden Days (The Firsts Book 1)

By C.L. Quinn / Genre: Vampires, Paranormal, Romance / Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (200 reviews)

Forbidden Days (The Firsts Book 1)

Life has been harsh, but after a horrible childhood, Park was finally content with her life. Her beautiful home sat on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles, she had her dream job, and good friends she trusted. Then she’s abducted, car-jacked by a stunningly sexy man who she realizes is dangerously crazy…he thinks he’s a vampire. Park plays along until she can escape, until she discovers that there are things out there people like her never knew existed. Life changed instantly in one night…vampires do exist and she herself is something more than she ever knew.

He’d been alive over three hundred years with little complications. But when Bas went to do a simple compel to get a ride on a busy street in L.A. late one night, he found the impossible…a human he couldn’t compel. Only, after a taste, he knew…she was something more than human…something different. A complication and a mystery on a night all he wanted was transportation home and away from an enemy he wasn’t prepared to fight…yet. He wasn’t looking for her, anything like her, and yet he couldn’t think about letting her go. Yes, he wanted to know what she was, and he needed to protect her from his enemy, but even more than that…somewhere deep inside an old battle-weary vampire, his human heart told him that the time may have come to feel love again.

Park had always thought she was broken…was never good enough…she’d been taught that often enough as a little girl who lived in the dark. But sometimes things have to fall apart so they can fall together the way they were always meant to be.

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Miss Eden’s Garden: A Christian Romance

By Diane Lil Adams / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction / Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars (48 reviews)

Miss Eden's Garden: A Christian Romance

When Angie Eden dies unexpectedly, she leaves her property to her favorite niece, Sunny Eden. Zoning laws prevented the kindhearted Angie from collecting rent, so she took in a boarder for free. Sunny is willing to continue her aunt’s generosity, but she hopes the professor will pay the utility bills, or the mortgage. Before she has a chance to broach the subject, she finds his dead body in Miss Eden’s Garden.

Sunny is convinced it was an accident, but Ramsey Lynch, the handsome deputy sheriff, labels her a murder suspect. Relying on what she learned from reading and watching mysteries with her aunt, Sunny sets out to prove her innocence. As clues surface, it seems everyone in Joshua’s Junction has a motive … including Sunny!

Ramsey must ignore his feelings for Sunny and do his job ‘by the book’. Sunny is learning to do it all ‘by the Book’. Eventually, they hope to find themselves on the same page.

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All In My Head

By Kristen James / Genre: Contemporary, Romance / Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (38 reviews)

All In My Head

Wouldn’t it be great to hear men’s thoughts? Well, not so much when one takes up residence inside your head. Avery would do about anything to shut Marcus up!

Avery Waldorf wakes up from a concussion to find a voice inside her head—an adventurous male voice belonging to Marcus, who doesn’t know where he came from, but has an opinion on everything about her life. She just wants to work on her screenplay, go to her writing classes and flirt with the guy of her dreams, Nash, who is finally noticing her.

Marcus wants to get up at dawn, run, snowboard, and basically take over her life, and even her body at times. He thinks she’s freaking hot and does not like Nash touching her. Marcus may be smart, talented at snowboarding, drawing and playing the guitar, but he’s not real! When she needs help, she has to call Nash.

She can’t tell anyone about Marcus without sounding like she’s crazy. Meanwhile Marcus doesn’t know where he’ll go if he leaves her mind. Does he need her help? Could he have a body out there waiting for him? Maybe she is losing it…

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Between Heartbreak and Happiness (The Between Boyfriends Series Book 3)

By Sárka-Jonae Miller / Genre: Contemporary, Romance / Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (31 reviews)

Between Heartbreak and Happiness (The Between Boyfriends Series Book 3)

Jan Weston is heading to the land Down Under to meet her long-lost grandfather, leaving the man she thinks is the love of her life back in Los Angeles. Instead of a pretentious gentleman with a didgeridoo up his bum, Jan is greeted by a Hawaiian shirt wearing surfie to whom she couldn’t possibly be related.

Jan gets to know her grandfather Brady while experiencing everything Sydney has to offer, from hanging out at Bodhi Beach to visiting local spas (if she happens to find ideas to steal for a future business, even better). The final pieces of her family’s puzzling past are revealed and for the first time, Jan feels connected to a blood relation, but her need to return to Pan is a constant pull.

When the lovebirds are reunited, they realize neither have a solution for what to do when Pan’s job ends and he must fly home to Thailand. If she could make her spa a reality, maybe there’d be a place for him there, and with her, forever? But Jan’s life is never easy. As she questions her lover’s commitment, her ability to run a business, and her sanity, Jan realizes that all the things she never considered might be exactly what she needs. BETWEEN HEARTBREAK AND HAPPINESS is an inspirational story of love, family, taking risks, and following your heart.

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Deadly Image (Faithful Hearts Suspense Book 1)

By Tamelia Tumlin / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction / Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (32 reviews)

Deadly Image (Faithful Hearts Suspense Book 1)

Gone without a trace …

Lexi Yates knows she hasn’t harmed her three-year old daughter, yet the Louisiana town of Gator Bayou seems to think she’s guilty. With her daughter missing, the evidence stacking up against her and her faith in God tested to the limit, Lexi must find a way to convince FBI agent Ace Valdez she’s innocent before she becomes the next target.

Ace Valdez doesn’t trust easily, and he certainly knows better than to fall for a case, yet there’s something about the widowed mother that makes him want to believe she’s innocent, but evidence doesn’t lie. Or does it?

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The Beast of the Cartel 2

By Sunny Giovanni / Genre: Urban / Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (67 reviews)

The Beast of the Cartel 2

Just after Rumor came close to losing her life and the snake of the cartel had been unveiled, Moses met his demise at the hands of Jamaur– the dread head who swore his honor to Zeus in order to do business with him. Cousin Rico is forced to come back into the United States to help piece his family’s company back together, yet there are still missing pieces to a certain mystery as to who Jamaur takes his orders from.

In this winding installment, learn of who has to step up to the plate alongside Zeus in order to go head to head with the Dominican Mafia and the rebellion. Witness Rumor break out of her shell and learn the ropes of the business. Pay close attention to new allies as they are formed and old friendships and how they become tarnished by secrets and new titles.

The only stinging questions in this roller coaster ride of a mere cartel tale would be who are the surviving members when the war is over? Does Zeus stand a chance at keeping his parents’ legacy under wraps and uphold his title as The Beast? Or does he stop breathing in attempt?

Will Rumor have to take over the family business or hide and cower after falling to old ways and giving in to old habits?

Pick up where we left off in part one, immediately stepping into two days after Moses’ death and Rumor’s car accident.

Most importantly… if Zeus is beheaded of the title as “Beast of the cartel”, who will take his reign? Cousin Rico? Travis? Rumor? Or is Jamaur able to fulfill his orders from his boss and hand over the Commodore Union to the Dominican Mafia?

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Devious Minds

By KF Germaine / Genre: General Humor, Humor & Satire / Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (29 reviews)

Devious Minds

When Sydney Porter transfers to Northern University, she’s ready to put her past behind her. Landing a job on campus as an irreverent radio personality, she uses the anonymity to air all the campus dirty laundry—earning the infamous Sunday Lane more than a few enemies. But her true passion is spinning records, even if Drunk Earl is her biggest fan.

Sydney’s junior year kicks off with the promise to be amazing. Or at least it does until Gray Peters, hotshot quarterback, unexpectedly reenters the scene. His presence threatens to destroy everything she has going, as well as resurrecting a night Sydney never wants to remember or repeat. She’d run away like a coward, but this time she’s determined to stay and fight.

A twisted battle of wit and trickery ensues, with one common goal—vengeance. Sydney and Gray set out to make each other miserable. But misery loves company, and soon, walls are destroyed and truths are revealed that could change their future forever.

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NYPD Red 2: by James Patterson & Marshall Karp | Summary & Analysis

By Book*Sense / Genre: Police Procedurals, Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars (87 reviews)

NYPD Red 2: by James Patterson & Marshall Karp | Summary & Analysis

This is a Summary & Analysis. Drawing on vast writing experience, James Patterson has added to his standing with this instalment of the series. The novel tells a story that will ring true for many readers, following Detectives Jordan and MacDonald through a tense investigation that suffers several reversals before coming to a classic ending. Along the way, Patterson and Karp use the text to comment about the gap between law and justice and the dangers of trying to bridge it without sufficient structure.

James Patterson and Marshall Karp’s NYPD Red 2 is a typical action novel centering on an investigation by Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald, partnered detectives in the department—an elite investigative unit that handles cases involving the particularly rich and famous. The investigation pursues the Hazmat Killer, evidently a serial killer of unusual skill who operates as a vigilante and “brings justice” to those whom the justice system has wrongly freed. As is to be expected, after several reversals, Jordan and MacDonald do manage to identify the killer and prevent Hazmat from continuing to murder those acquitted by the justice system.

Divided into five parts (a prologue, three major divisions, and an epilogue), the novel shifts narrative point of view irregularly, sometimes recounting the story from the Jordan’s first-person limited perspective, sometimes narrating from a third-person omniscient position. Transitions between them are not clearly marked, making for confusion at chapter breaks and disrupting the flow of the story.

This Analysis fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your reading experience.

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Kids Book: Harry Hippo and the Wishing Pool (Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Bedtime Story Book)

By Tara Star / Genre: Animals, Children’s eBooks / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (34 reviews)

Kids Book: Harry Hippo and the Wishing Pool (Beautifully Illustrated Children's Bedtime Story Book)

‘Harry Hippo and the Wishing Pool (Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Bedtime Story Book)’ is a delightful book aimed at all ages and amongst truly inspirational stories for kids. Full of pictures and important life lessons, adults and children alike can enjoy this tale for years to come.

Harry Hippo lives with his Mum and Dad and other animals in the Serengeti in Tanzania. However he is not happy. He thinks he is ugly because his ears are too small, his eyes too big and when he looks at his reflection in the water, he thinks he looks just like a rock.

One day Harry sits by the watering hole and watches various species of animals come and go. Each one of them is unique and beautiful in their own way but this only makes Harry feel worse.

Then he meets Tricky Toucan who tells Harry about the magical watering hole and how a swim in its waters grants one wish. With the help of Tricky, Harry rushes off to the magical pool, dives in it and makes a wish to be as pretty as the all the other animals of the Serengeti.

What happens after that? Read on and find out in this wonderful addition to any library especially those collecting kids picture adventure books for the Kindle or animal picture books.

The book is beautifully illustrated and designed to captivate the imagination of every child enjoying this book. This story is appropriate for reading to children anytime including at bedtime.

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The Big Book of Green Smoothie Cravings for Cleanse, Detox and Weight Loss: Discover the Secrets of “Top 70” Green Vegetables and Fruits Smoothie Recipes for Quick Weight Loss & Fight Diseases

By Ravi Kishore / Genre: Healthy, Special Diet, Cookbooks, Food & Wine / Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (73 reviews)

The Big Book of Green Smoothie Cravings for Cleanse, Detox and Weight Loss: Discover the Secrets of

If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about Smoothie, than this is going to be the most important information you’ll ever read…

It’s amazing, because it covers nearly every bit of information you wanted to know about Smoothie, plus more..

The Secrets of Green Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

The only effective solution is to consume foods with a low sugar content, high water content, and are low in fat and calories. Most people may wonder exactly where can we find miracle foods like these? Oh yeah, in your grocery’s produce section or at your local farmers market! With the huge selection of produce offered, it may get a bit difficult and confusing to figure out which foods work the best for you. Do not fret; I have you covered.

Discover Nutritional Synergy When You Drink Green Smoothies

Synergy occurs when components of different foods work together and their effects are increased. They become more potent and more powerful than if they were consumed alone.

Is A Green Smoothie Fast In Your Future? How Does The Smoothie Diet Work?

This dietary method can assist in shedding unwanted extra pounds while concurrently boosting energy. You will be drinking all your meals while on a smoothie fast. Some people believe that green smoothies are better than juice fasting as they deliver fiber!!

The Power Of Green Smoothies For Detoxification And Cleansing

Toxins induce sickness and disease in the human body. There are many effective products available on the market that claim to cleanse and detox the body. While they may be effective, many of them contain harsh chemicals and solvents that may not be suited for just anybody.

Green Smoothies: The Sources Of Positive Energy

Have you ever felt tired after sleeping eight hours or taken a nap and discovered that you still felt fatigued? Well you are not alone and like most Americans you probably suffer from a diet lacking adequate nutrition. Rather than grabbing a soda, energy drink, or a cup of coffee, try a green smoothie.

Beauty Cravings – A Natural Anti-Aging Therapy

Upon gazing at yourself in the mirror, you notice that your face has lost its luster. Your complexion is faded, and tiny wrinkles are starting to appear around those creases in your eyes. You wonder, just briefly, the cost of plastic surgery and then shake that idea out of your head accepting the fact that you are aging.

A Miracle to Lower Blood Pressure

Green smoothies are the little miracle workers that have the ability to lower your blood pressure while completely eliminating your medical condition all together.

Utilize the Health Benefits of Green Smoothies for Diabetes

To reduce their dependency of insulin medications, most diabetics have utilized healthy meal plans consisting of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as they deliver essential nutrients to the body. This adjustment to healthy eating habits will help to stabilize their blood sugar levels.

Green Smoothies – Actively Fighting Cancer; New Age Treatments & Healing: Being Diagnosed With The Big “C” – Cancer

Green smoothies have been known to halt the growth of the bacterium throughout the entire vessel and stop it from spreading to the bloodstream, organs, and other tissues, as well. It has been found that consuming leafy type greens and fruits rich in chlorophyll, iron, nutrients, and enzymes can flush out the kidneys.

Top smoothie Recipes Including Quick Tips, Good, Bed and Nutrion Values

These recipes can be prepared quickly in your Kitchen and helpful to “Lose Your Unwanted Fat” and Restructure Your “Body’s Immune Systems”.

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