Fae’s Captive

By Lily Archer / Genre: Science Fiction, Romance
Fae's Captive

My college roommate is the worst. Cecile steals my food, brings guys over at all hours, and parties instead of studying. But those quirks pale in comparison to what she does next. She drugs me, and I wake up imprisoned in an alternate universe full of terrifying creatures. Now, the biggest and scariest creature of all–a fae king–believes I’m his mate. He’s freed me from the dungeon but keeps me close. So close, in fact, that I’m beginning to like his wintery gaze and ice-chiseled body. But secrets and villains lurk throughout this new world, and I don’t know if I’ll survive long enough to figure out how to get back home.

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Rush (The Bishops of New York Book 3)

By Deborah Bladon / Genre: Coming of Age, Genre Fiction
Rush (The Bishops of New York Book 3)

I flew from my home in California to Manhattan to clean the slate.

I’m determined to bury my past once and for all.

There’s no way in hell I could have predicted what I would find in my Madison Avenue apartment.

I haven’t lived there in seven years. I handed the keys to the place to my best friend the day I left town.

Apparently, he gave an extra set to a gorgeous woman. I find her soaking wet and covered in a towel in my guest bathroom.

When I order her to leave, she threatens me with a hairbrush.

It turns out that the intruder is my best friend’s younger sister.

I’m still tempted to toss her out, but since her brother is in Ireland and she doesn’t know a soul in the city, I let her stay with me.

Then I want more.

How could I not?

Emma Owens is everything I want wrapped up in a petite, brunette, sweet-as-hell package.

She’s completely off-limits, but I’m willing to risk everything for just one taste of her lips.

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B-Side: A Romance (How to Tame a Heartbreaker Book 2)

By Brooke St. James / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction
B-Side: A Romance (How to Tame a Heartbreaker Book 2)

Alec Abramson was a notorious player—an unapologetic ladies’ man. He lived that lifestyle for years until the day he was reunited with his first love.

Alec was a literal rockstar who had all the women he could handle. But after a chance meeting with Grace, he realized she was the only one he wanted. He had made a mistake by being careless with her feelings all those years ago, and now he had to begin the quest to win her back.

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Small Town, Big Rumors: The Tequila Rose Duet

By Willow Winters / Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Small Town, Big Rumors: The Tequila Rose Duet

He tasted like tequila and the fake name I gave him was Rose.

Four years ago, I decided to get over one man, by getting under another. A single night and nothing more.

I found my handsome stranger with a shot glass and charming but devilish smile at the end of the bar. The desire that hit his eyes the second they landed on me ignited a spark inside me, instant and hot. He was perfect and everything I didn’t know I needed. That one night may have ended, but I left with much more than a memory.

Four years later, and with a three-year-old in tow, the man I still dream about is staring at me from across the street in the town I grew up in. I don’t miss the flash of recognition, or the heat in his gaze.

The chemistry is still there, even after all these years.

I just hope the secrets and regrets don’t destroy our second chance before it’s even begun.

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Sounds of Murder: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (A Kara Hilder Mystery Book 1)

By Jenna St. James / Genre: Witches & Wizards, Supernatural, Mystery
Sounds of Murder: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (A Kara Hilder Mystery Book 1)

What happens when a Valkyrie detective joins forces with a fallen angel who works for the Paranormal Apprehension and Detention Agency? Well, when you add in a kick-butt Valkyrie grandma, a sword-wielding pixie, and a talking cat who majored in sarcasm…you get an unlikely crime-solving team who finds themselves constantly embroiled in hilarious shenanigans.

When Detective Kara Hilder turned forty, she had no idea her shocking birthday present would come from a devilishly handsome fallen angel named Zane. But when Zane sprouts wings and flies her to the supernatural town of Mystic Cove, to see a grandmother she never knew existed…and then drops the bomb Kara is actually a Valkyrie…Kara is convinced she’s going crazy. Nothing a couple hormone pills can’t fix though…right?

When a famous supernatural musician turns up murdered in Mystic Cove, Zane enlists Kara’s help to solve the crime. But when Kara recognizes one of the suspects as Alex Stone’s ex-wife, she has no choice but to call Alex and Shayla and warn them Camille has resurfaced. Between learning about her new paranormal powers, trying to discover who her father is, and interviewing vampires, witches, and myriad other supernaturals she never knew existed…Kara finds herself drawn more and more to Mystic Cove and its hidden secrets. Can Zane and Grandma Rota convince Kara she needs to stay in the supernatural world and fight crime with them? Or will Kara insist on returning to Seattle and turn her back on this amazing new world she just discovered?

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The Duke’s Privateer (Devilish Dukes Book 3)

By Amy Jarecki / Genre: Regency, Historical Romance, Romance
The Duke's Privateer (Devilish Dukes Book 3)

When it comes to women, the Duke of Danby is an audacious rake… but when it comes to ridding the kingdom of smugglers, he’s leading the charge. The Prince Regent has bankrupted the country more than once, and Danby isn’t about to go down with a sinking ship.

The Honorable Eleanor Kent hides behind the image of a self-proclaimed spinster… though in truth she’s one of England’s most sought-after privateers.

When their paths cross at a royal dinner… Danby suspects the stunning redheaded woman is more than she seems. He engages her to consult on a chinoiserie remodel and Eleanor gladly accepts. Indeed, she’d rather keep her enemy close where she can watch his every move. Though neither duke nor lady has a clue of how tangled the web they’re spinning will become. As the heat ratchets up, so does their unbidden attraction. Will they get burned before it’s too late to run?

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Missing Heather and Bad Weather (Fern Grove Cozy Mystery Book 8)

By Abby Reede / Genre: Amateur Sleuths, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Missing Heather and Bad Weather (Fern Grove Cozy Mystery Book 8)

A murdered businesswoman. A small town buzzing with rumors. A local florist under the cruel spotlight of the town’s suspicions.

When the opportunity to partner with a local business presents itself, Tracy is happy to grab it with both hands.

She never bargained that the owner of the business would be her nemesis from high school. She’s shocked to find that her nemesis still has the same condescending behavior and great looks!

She’s left bewildered and scared when she is identified as the prime suspect in the death of this ruthless businesswoman. Most of the small town of Fern Grove seem to agree with the initial assessment of the police. She’s greeted with cold shoulders, dirty whispers, vandalism to her property and a significant loss in earnings.

Things aren’t helped by the turmoil in her relationship with Detective Copeland. She was looking forward to getting married to him but it seems a fairytale ending with her Prince Charming will forever remain a figment of her imagination.

Will Tracy rise above the avalanche of problems that’s making her lose everything near and dear to her heart?

Will she piece together the clues that will lead her to the killer?

Or will she helplessly watch as everything she’s built crumbles to pieces?

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The Dragon Ring (Guinevere Book 1)

By Fil Reid / Genre: Tudor, Historical, Romance
The Dragon Ring (Guinevere Book 1)

Gwen, a twenty-four-year-old librarian, lives with her boyfriend, Nathan, in a small house, with all the accoutrements of modern living any girl could ask for. When her father dies, and with her ne’er-do-well twin brother on the other side of the world, it’s left to Gwen to fulfill her father’s wishes and scatter his ashes on the top of Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, England. Stepping into the ruined church tower, a gold ring catches her eye – a ring embossed with a dragon emblem. When Gwen picks it up, she’s snatched into the dangerous world of the Dark Ages, where she discovers she’s expected to fulfill a prophecy, by marrying Prince Arthur and helping him become the king of legend.

Will she stay with Arthur?

Arthur, Prince of Dumnonia, and son of the ailing King Uthyr Pendragon, has ruled the hilltop fortress of Din Cadan for his father since he was a boy of sixteen. But he has an older brother who looks set to inherit both the kingdom and the High Kingship. Tall, handsome, ruthless, he’s less than convinced that any prophecy can decide his future, and he doesn’t think he needs a wife. But news comes that his father is at last dying in far-off Viroconium. Taking Gwen with him, further and further from the Tor where she had hoped to return to her own world, he sets off to outwit his brother.

Will he grow to love Gwen?

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Wicked Naughty Love (Lost Harbor, Alaska Books 4-6)

By Jennifer Bernard / Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Wicked Naughty Love (Lost Harbor, Alaska Books 4-6)

This charming harbor town is bursting with stories filled with laughter, danger, and lots of sexy sizzle. Each of the books in this box set is a standalone romance, but you’ll encounter familiar settings and characters (and I do mean characters!) along the way. This is Alaska, after all, where life on the edge of the wilderness makes for unforgettable romance.

Wicked in Winter
Former party girl Gretel Morrison has vowed to rely on herself instead of her wealthy and controlling family. If she can survive the winter in Lost Harbor, Alaska, she can survive anything—although maybe not the lethally sexy and attractive next-door neighbor, Zander Ross, and the two little brothers he’s raising on his own. When a threat to the Ross family surfaces, Zander gets the shock of his life when Gretel steps up with an outrageous idea that might help them both.

Naughty All Night
Lawyer Kate Robinson is lying low at her grandmother’s Lost Harbor peony farm, where she used to spend summers. She’s always had a knack for trouble, but nothing has prepared her for the likes of “hottie fire chief” Darius Boone. Why not have some harmless naughty fun while she figures out her next move? She never expected the heat the two of them would generate—or to fall so hard. The next time trouble strikes, everything she loves is on the line.

Love at First Light
Private investigator Ethan James’ newest case should be simple—it’s just a birth-parents search in stunning Lost Harbor. But now he has a sidekick he never expected—the super sexy, endlessly quirky local baker, Jessica Dixon. When these two opposites attract, Jessica may come down to Earth long enough to find love, while Ethan might learn to trust his heart instead of his head…if they make it out of the wilderness alive.

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Dog Park Sweethearts (The Welsh Sisters Book 1)

By Sasha Summer / Genre: Holidays, Romance
Dog Park Sweethearts (The Welsh Sisters Book 1)

Best friends fur-ever…

Autumn Welsh has a full life. Dream job. Loyal dog. Good friends. And a happy family. Or it would be, if she could stop worrying about her dad. He needs to get out, live a little, maybe even find someone special. And she has the perfect woman in mind. With the help of her steadfast, dog-park buddy Noah, she sets out to help her father find companionship just in time for Valentine’s day. Little does she guess that her dad won’t be the only one finding love…

Restoration expert Noah Contreras was all in favor of Autumn’s matchmaking. His mother was lonely and her father was too. So why not give them a little push toward one another? Besides, spending time with Autumn is always an adventure. From giving art lessons to helping with pet adoption events, she embraces life with an energy and joy Noah finds irresistible. But Noah’s contract is almost finished, and he’ll soon have to move on.

Does he dare ask Autumn to be his Valentine, when he might not be around for the rest of the year?

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The Little Regenerative Farmer

By Lauren Lovejoy / Genre: Farm Animals, Animals, Children’s eBooks
The Little Regenerative Farmer

The story of one little girl’s journey from falling in love with farm animals to starting her own backyard farm using Regenerative Agriculture techniques. This book is a perfect story of overcoming challenges to do what you love while helping improve the world. A must have for those who love the planet and support the regenerative agriculture movement!

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Let’s Eat: Elly Pear’s Home Fridge Deli

By Elly Curshen / Genre: Vegan, Vegetarian & Vegan, Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Let’s Eat: Elly Pear’s Home Fridge Deli

Do you ever wish you had a deli in your own home?

In this exclusive e-short, Sunday Times bestselling author Elly Pear shows how you can have loads of delicious food ready and waiting, fabulous packed lunches zipped up in minutes, and weeknight dinners ready on the table in less time than it takes for a pizza to arrive.

In Elly Pear’s Let’s Eat!, Elly proves that with a little organisation and some batch cooking know-how, you can create simple, delicious food to fit your lifestyle. Elly provides 11 recipes to give you a flavour of her upcoming second book – from simple salads to homemade tortilla chips and a delicious freezable stew, get a taste of how a well-stocked fridge and some pre-planning can transform the way you eat.

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