Blitzed: A Secret Baby Sports Romance

By Lauren Landish / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Blitzed: A Secret Baby Sports Romance

“I brought Laurie back to meet her father. I brought her back to meet you.”

I’m normally not into jocks, but when Troy Wood asks me out, I feel like I’m the Chosen One. After all, he’s hot as hell and Silver Lake’s best athlete, practically the King of Campus.

God’s gift to women—that’s what they call him, but I’ll make a gentleman out of him.

Everything is perfect, and he already practically has his ticket to the Big Leagues.

There’s just one little problem . . . I’m hiding a secret that could destroy him and his future. I can’t tell him . . .

I can’t tell him that I’m pregnant with his baby.

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The Gathering Storm: The truth can set you free. It can also kill you.

By Barbara Warren / Genre: Christian, Contemporary Fiction

The Gathering Storm: The truth can set you free. It can also kill you.

Stephanie Walker lives a peaceful life until her undependable and dishonest father, Marty Walker, suddenly arrives at her home pleading with Stephanie to come with him to his Harrington Lodge in the beautiful Ozarks. Stephanie, suspicious of her father’s motives declines her father’s invitation.

After his departure, Stephanie discovers the diamond necklace she borrowed from her aunt is missing. Racing through a raging thunderstorm, Stephanie drives to the lodge to reclaim the stolen item.

But when she arrives, Stephanie finds her father dead, her aunt’s diamond necklace gone and a pair of handcuffs fitted just for her. Stephanie’s claims of innocence fail to sway the local sheriff, who produces several pieces of evidence linking her to the murder. With a shaky alibi and a vindictive stepmother, Stephanie turns to a lodge employee for help. But will Brad Wilson’s assistance lead Stephanie to the real killer or prove to be her undoing? Like a gathering storm on a warm summer evening, Stephanie’s world darkens until she’s forced to turn to the one true source of knowledge. But what she learns about her father, family and her own inner demons is more horrifying than the lies she’s come to believe. The truth can set you free. It can also kill you.

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When You Come Home: The True Love Story of a Soldier’s Heroism and His Wife’s Sacrifice

By Nancy Pitts / Genre: Christian, Contemporary Fiction

When You Come Home: The True Love Story of a Soldier's Heroism and His Wife's Sacrifice

Daphne Cavin’s poignant story of love, loss and sacrifice was one of the most memorable I encountered in writing The Greatest Generation. Her daughter now completes the story with this very heartfelt book. – Tom Brokaw

Based on the World War II experiences of Daphne Kelley Cavin, first published in Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation.

The war claimed Daphne Kelley’s young husband’s life, but it couldn’t keep Raymond – and his abiding love – from being with her when she needed him most.

First glimpsed in Tom Brokaw’s landmark bestseller, The Greatest Generation, the true-life love story of Daphne and Raymond Kelley went far deeper than Brokaw’s feature could reveal. Now When You Come Home provides the complete account of what New York Times book reviewer Michael Lind cited as “perhaps the most compelling” love story in Brokaw’s book.

Taking its title from a poem newlywed Daphne sent her soldier husband during World War II, When You Come Home tells of their young love in the heartland at the brink of war, and of the crushing uncertainty and fear as they find themselves a world apart. And when the poem comes back to Daphne – blood-stained by Raymond’s mortal wounds – When You Come Home shares the extraordinary event that restores the grieving young widow’s faith in the transcendent power of love.

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Grind (30 Book Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

By Hannah Ford / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Grind (30 Book Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

Authors Kelly Favor, Hannah Ford, and Ella London combine to bring you the sexiest, hottest books with the dirtiest bad boys—guaranteed to leave you gasping for more!

Whether you like your bad boy to be a hot marine, a football star with a dangerous past, or a billionaire boss with demons to spare, this THIRTY BOOK BOX SET indulges every secret desire you’ve ever had.

Pick this box set up and before you know it, you will feel the grind…

Contained inside this bundle:

Obsessed With Him by Hannah Ford (The Complete Series, 6 Books)

The Billionaire’s Fake Fiance by Ella London (The Complete Series, 3 Books)

The Debt by Kelly Favor (The Complete Series, 13 Books)

Naked by Kelly Favor (The Complete Series, 7 Books)

Take Three by Kelly Favor (1 Book, Complete)

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Marauder Fenrir: Scifi Alien Invasion Romance (Mating Wars)

By Aya Morningstar / Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Marauder Fenrir: Scifi Alien Invasion Romance (Mating Wars)

He came to kill, but stayed to claim me.

When the captain throws me in the brig, it feels like things can’t get any worse. But they can. A deadly alien assassin slaughters everyone on our ship, but spares me.

If I want to survive, I’ll have to accept this brutal alien’s protection. He’s frustrating, insufferable, and never admits he’s wrong. And the worst part? He says he wants to kill all humans. But he protects me, fiercely and without question.

His body is a deadly weapon, and he’s vicious and unrelenting. So why has he spared me? And why does he keep looking at me with those jade green eyes and that smug grin?

Falling for this cocky alien killer may just be the one thing that saves me, but who can save me from him?

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Surviving Brooklyn (Brooklyn Series Book 1)

By Elizabeth York / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Surviving Brooklyn (Brooklyn Series Book 1)

Brooklyn Montgomery, daughter of a well-known criminal, just moved into a new apartment. She needed to be closer to downtown because she landed her dream job of becoming an Assistant District Attorney. Little does she know that the reason for her new job is because a killer is raining down on New York City. The killer is taking out anyone who looks like her, including the last A.D.A., and covering their bodies with thousands of forget-me-nots. Is this a clue to catching the killer or does the killer want to lead Brooklyn to her demise?

Mark Stone, Brooklyn’s childhood friend, is the lead detective in the city. He has been handed the case, but has a limited window until the FBI takes over. While he hunts to find the killer he guards Brooklyn with his life. He knows she has feelings for him, but can the past be overlooked so they can be together after they catch the killer? What happens if they can’t stop the killer in time? Will he catch the killer and capture her heart, or will the final victim be the one he wanted all along, Brooklyn?

Free as of 07/20/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Hidden Scars

By A.M. Myers / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Hidden Scars

Emma Harrington is an intelligent, confident, sweet and sassy woman.

Or she was…before him.

Emma sets out to rebuild her life and find the person she once was. A wrench is thrown into her plans when she meets Phoenix West, a sexy as hell, smooth-talking tattoo artist.

As soon as Nix meets Emma, he knows he’s found something special. He can’t deny their connection and despite her reluctance, Nix slowly works his way through her hidden scars and into her heart.

Just when Emma starts to breathe again, her fear resurfaces, threatening her hopes for the future.

Will she ever be free to live the life she truly wants? Or will her torturous past finally catch up to her?

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Andrue & Sy’Mone: An Urban Love Afffair

By Olivia Shaw / Genre: Urban

Andrue & Sy'Mone: An Urban Love Afffair

Have you ever done something in your past that you pray doesn’t come back to haunt you in the end? That’s the case with

former exotic dancer and hustler, Sy’mone Gregory. She has turned her life around, and has a desire for a better life for her family. Sy’mone trades in her G-strings for tambourines and wedding rings, and never looks back. With a new, lucrative career, newfound faith, and a man who loves her, she believes that nothing can go wrong.

However, she discovers not every fairytale has a happy ending. Sy’mone falls abruptly from cloud nine when she learns that her husband, Andrue, is not who he says he is, following a freak accident that leaves her daughter clinging to life. Every bit of happiness she worked for slips through her fingers in a single moment. When her faith is tested, and her children’s safety is compromised, she vows that—come hell or high water—she will protect them at all costs.

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Final Verdict (Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez Legal Thriller Book 4)

By Sheldon Siegel / Genre: Series, Mystery & Thrillers

Final Verdict (Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez Legal Thriller Book 4)

Fate throws a curveball at the San Francisco ex-husband-and-wife legal team of Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez, when Mike picks up the phone and hears the voice of Leon Walker. This is not good news-because Walker was the one who ruined their marriage. Years ago, he and his brother participated in a stickup that left a man dead. Through a series of (some said) questionable maneuvers, Mike got the charges dropped, but he and Rosie fought about it all the time and it finally drove a wedge between them.

Now, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist has been found dead in a dumpster on San Francisco’s skid row. The new murder has been pinned on Walker, but he not only tells Mike he is innocent, he says he is a dying man and doesn’t want to go to his grave proclaimed a murderer. Dogged investigation, courtroom nimbleness, and a healthy dose of luck usually have helped Mike before, but it looks like it’ll take more than that to prevail this time, and his time is running out-both on his client and, just maybe, on his partnership.

Free as of 07/20/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Love’s Fury (Viking’s Fury Book 1)

By Violetta Rand / Genre: Ancient World, Historical Romance, Romance

Love's Fury (Viking's Fury Book 1)

Caught between duty and passion…

After losing a drinking wager with his eldest brother, Konal the Red finds himself drafted by the Danish prince and fighting in Northumbria. Once his military contract expires, he intends to return to Norway where he belongs. But his exploits have earned him respect, lands, and a few enemies. Rewarded with a Saxon beauty who inspires more than simple passion, he’s determined to win her trust and body.

Caught between a heart locked on revenge and seduction…

Silvia, the only child of the church undersecretary, vows to avenge her beloved father after he’s killed in a siege. It doesn’t matter which Viking wielded the axe—an eye for an eye is the only thing that will satisfy her. When Konal claims her as a spoil of war, she sees it as the perfect opportunity for revenge. She never expects to discover a pure heart buried beneath Konal’s barbaric exterior.

As Konal slowly rekindles a spark of life inside her, their fates become hopelessly entwined. Not only must they withstand the violence of the envious lust-mongers who threaten them, Konal and Silvia must choose what’s most important—tradition or love that cannot be denied.

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Funny Bunny: Level 1 Reader (Discover Reading)

By Xist Publishing / Genre: Rabbits, More Animals, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Funny Bunny: Level 1 Reader (Discover Reading)

Discover Reading Early Reader Bunnies are funny! In this 28-page book, young readers will see bunnies do all sorts of funny things. Read the short sentences with your child and encourage him or her in their learning journey. Level 2 Readers in the Discover Reading series are designed for help children increase their reading vocabulary while still providing them with short sentences and visual cues. Find More Great Options for Kindle Kids Books! Xist Publishing Children’s Books Choose from over 180 illustrated children’s books!

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Best Egg Roll, Spring Roll, and Dumpling Recipes from Mama Li’s Kitchen

By Sarah Spencer / Genre: Chinese, Asian, Regional & International, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Best Egg Roll, Spring Roll, and Dumpling Recipes from Mama Li's Kitchen

From Mama Li’s Kitchen to yours. Learn to make delicious egg rolls, spring rolls, and dumplings with Mama Li’s best recipes

Mama Li showed me everything I know about cooking Asian foods. One of the fondest memories I have from Mama Li was helping her make dumplings, egg rolls, and spring rolls for a friend’s wedding. It was a family affair, and everyone was helping out. We were doing everything from rolling the dough, making the shapes, making the fillings, folding the egg rolls, spring rolls, and dumplings just right, cooking them and finally getting them packed and ready to go. We had made what seem to me to be thousands of them! She had 12 different kinds of filling, and each one had a different shape. It took us two full days to make all these little packets full of goodness. Some she would fry, others would be steamed, and some were just baked in the oven. They were all done from scratch. For those two days, we ate, lived, and laughed dumplings! They were the best that I had ever tasted.

It has become a tradition in our family to cook like Mama Li. In this book, you will find a collection of her best recipes for egg rolls, spring rolls, and dumplings…and a few bonus recipes!

They are filled with flavors from Asia, delicate and so fragrant. The ingredients are fresh, healthy, and wholesome. They are easy to find. If you happen to be living near an Asian market, don’t hesitate to visit and get some of your ingredients there. It will make it even more authentic.

In this book, you will find everything you need to know about making delicious, home-made egg rolls, spring rolls, and dumplings, including:

• How to make the dough for egg rolls, spring rolls, and dumplings.

• How to make fillings.

• The basic techniques including rolling, cutting, and folding the dough for egg rolls, spring rolls, and dumplings.

• How to stock your pantry with the basic ingredients you will need to make egg rolls, spring rolls, and dumplings.

• Five bonus recipes for making the most popular appetizers in Chinese restaurants, including garlic spare ribs and shrimp toasts.

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