Educated by the Earl (Second Sons of London Book 1)

By Alexa Aston / Genre: Regency, Romance
Educated by the Earl (Second Sons of London Book 1)

A dutiful army officer who shuns intimacy. A selfless beauty ready to start living for herself. A chance meeting in the street that leads to love . . .

When Major Spencer Haddock’s father dies, he returns to England as the Earl of Middlefield. He seeks a typical ton marriage, where his wife will provide him with an heir and possibly other children and then they go their separate ways. He intends to find his countess quickly and not waste time at boring social affairs.

Lady Tessa Foster delays her come-out for several years in order to care for her ill parents. Now out of mourning, Tessa is eager to be introduced in Polite Society so she can find a husband and start a family of her own.

When Spence attempts to save Tessa from a thief brandishing a knife, she turns and attacks Spence. He quickly learns that instead of the pliant woman he thought he wanted as his countess, he desires Tessa—a woman of beauty and valor who stands up for herself and those she cherishes.

Can Spence change Tessa’s poor opinion of him and win the heart of the woman he has come to love?

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Promise and Protect (Heroes of Evers, TX Book 2)

By Lori Ryan / Genre: Romantic Suspense, Romance
Promise and Protect (Heroes of Evers, TX Book 2)

A perilous homecoming…

Promise and Protect is the second book in the heart-soaring and electrifying Heroes of Evers, Texas series by New York Times bestselling author Lori Ryan. A true masterwork of contemporary romantic suspense, it is the story of a beautiful artist returning home to danger, and to a love she never imagined.

Exiled by her father, the town sheriff, at age four following the murder of her mother, Katelyn Bowden is finally coming back to tiny Evers, against the wishes of her now-dying parent. The new sheriff, ex-New York cop John Davies, fears Katelyn’s life is in jeopardy from a killer who was never caught. Though she resents the handsome lawman her father has always loved like a son, Katelyn is confused by the passionate sparks that fly whenever they are together. But, will John be able to save her when a murderer finally emerges from hiding?

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Seeds of Glory and Ruin (A Mage’s Influence Book 1)

By Melanie Cellier / Genre: Coming of Age, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Seeds of Glory and Ruin (A Mage's Influence Book 1)

Two sisters. Two seeds of power. One Mage’s Guild, and an unprecedented new power—but which sister does it belong to?

Cadence and her sister possess the seeds of glory and ruin—or so their father always insisted. Cadence never understood what he meant until Airlie’s seed of power is activated, turning her into the most powerful mage in generations. Despite knowing it must mean her own dormant seed is much more malevolent, Cadence is swept away to the distant Mage’s Guild in her sister’s wake. She’s used to living in Airlie’s shadow, but she can’t see a place for herself in this new world.

Nor can she believe in the apparent interest of the charming Zeke. No one has ever chosen her over her beautiful sister.

But leaving her new home isn’t an option. Plagued by questions from her isolated childhood, Cadence needs answers, and the Guild might hold them. But as the revelations grow, Cadence must find a way to conceal the truth from her new companions before the sisters’ secrets turn everyone against them.

And as word of Airlie’s power spreads, new danger emerges. Across the kingdom’s border, a threat is growing among the ruins of their former neighbor—enemies who will do anything to get their hands on the sisters and the seeds they contain. No longer able to shelter behind Airlie, Cadence must make a choice. Will she embrace her power—whatever it might be—or pursue a different path?

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The Mentor (Men of the North Book 3)

By Elin Peer / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance
The Mentor (Men of the North Book 3)

Everyone knows NOT to discuss how to raise children.

The Men of the North have been living in exile for centuries, raising their boys without the influence of women. Now an experiment will bring girls and boys together in a new school with children and teachers from each side of the border. But how can two teachers work together when they don’t agree on anything?

Sparks fly in this clash of cultures when Archer Rex objects to Kya Rae’s meditation “shit” that will surely turn his Nboys into wusses. He wants the kids to learn how to hunt and fight instead.

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Seducing the Earl: A Regency Historical Romance (Dangerous Lords Book 2)

By Maggi Andersen / Genre: Regency, Romance
Seducing the Earl: A Regency Historical Romance (Dangerous Lords Book 2)

John Haldane, Earl of Stathairn, first met Lady Sibella Winborne before he left to fight Bonaparte on the Peninsular. He intended to pursue her upon his return, but his war experiences ruined that plan. Instead, disturbed by nightmares, he chooses to associate with tavern wenches and gambles his time away while he continues to spy for the Crown.

But the lady remains on his mind.

He can’t quite let Lady Sibella go. Amazed that she has not yet married, John keeps her close as a friend, seeking her out at balls and riding with her in the park. But any thoughts he might have harbored about marrying the beautiful and smart Lady Sibella vanish after his friend and fellow spy is slain.

The game changes.

Determined to find his friend’s murderer, Strathairn faces a new mission – has the treasonous Frenchman, Count Forney, returned to wreak havoc? It is believed he drowned escaping England years ago. Or, worse… is there a new plot afoot to drive the people to revolution?

Lady Sibella Winborne has remained single well past her first season, despite several offers of marriage. Her many siblings have always aided her to deter unwanted suitors, but the family now believes it’s time she wed. Her elder brother, Chaloner, Marquess of Brandreth, insists on it. He has found the perfect suitor, Lord Coombe, but Sibella doesn’t warm to him. Is it because she harbors a strong affection for a blond-haired gentleman? Strathairn makes every other man seem ordinary. While she wants to set up her own household and have children, she can’t give up on Strathairn. When they’re together, the air sizzles. But does he look at every woman the way he looks at her?

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Disaster at the Christmas Dinner (Churchill and Pemberley Series Book 8) (Churchill and Pemberley Cozy Mystery Series)

By Emily Organ / Genre: Humor & Satire, British & Irish
Disaster at the Christmas Dinner (Churchill and Pemberley Series Book 8) (Churchill and Pemberley Cozy Mystery Series)

A poisoned plum pudding. A mutilated snowman. Christmas has gone disastrously wrong in Compton Poppleford.

Elderly sleuths Churchill and Pemberley are enjoying Christmas dinner with friends when a guest is fatally poisoned. Who’s responsible for the deadly dose? And why did they ruin the festive fun?

Churchill and Pemberley use their knowledge of the guests to investigate, but there’s another demand on their time. A Christmas killjoy is carrying out barbaric attacks on snowmen. Where will they strike next?

As secrets are uncovered and snowy footprints are followed, the detective duo find themselves in one dead end after another. And as the snowman smasher escalates, there’s a risk that Christmas will be ruined for the entire village…

Churchill and Pemberley face the ultimate test – could a trusted friend actually be a killer?

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Vindicated (Atlanta’s Finest Series Book 1)

By Sharon C. Coope / Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Black & African American, United States
Vindicated (Atlanta's Finest Series Book 1)

She’s a distraction he can’t resist…

A spark ignites the moment security specialist, Hamilton Crosby, meets stuntwoman, Dakota Sherrod. She’s like no other woman he’s ever met. But Hamilton never ignores his gut, and his gut tells him to stay clear of the enticing beauty.

Dakota is an adrenaline junkie. Leaping off buildings and running through fire is just another day at the job. Hence when she sets her sights on Hamilton, she goes after him full-force. Their attraction is fierce, but he thwarts her advances at every turn. He’s the strong, silent type who operates by a set of rules, but he’ll soon realize she rarely follows rules.

Falling for Dakota catches Hamilton off guard. So does the fact that she’s attached to part of his past. A past that indicted him with shame and loss. But when Dakota becomes the target of an unknown enemy, Hamilton stops at nothing to protect her. In turn, vindication is his reward, except it comes with complications.

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The Piece You Broke : A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (The Hounds Book 1)

By Marleigh Kassidy / Genre: Fantasy, Romance
The Piece You Broke : A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (The Hounds Book 1)

Two years ago, I lived a hellish life where happily ever afters happened to everyone else, never me. Until he came.

He was an alpha wolf shifter, rich, the most handsome man I’d ever seen in my life…and a monster a million times worse than the past I left behind.

Years of abuse finally break me, but when I least expect it, I’m impossibly free when I should be dead.

Keep running, Saige, I tell myself. Maybe then you’ll find a safe place to hide.

I never expect to run into three men with dark secrets, shadowed eyes, and damaged souls. With them I can almost believe they will protect me from a past that continues to hunt me.

With them, maybe I’ll be safe.

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Taken by the Sheikh: Three Book Complete Collection

By Mel Teshco / Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Taken by the Sheikh: Three Book Complete Collection

Three Desert Sheikhs: Three Captive Brides.
Bound by duty to honor their father’s dying wish, three royal brothers must marry their destined brides… by whatever means necessary…

Hostage to the Sheikh ~ Mel Teshco
Sheikh Shahzad Salah al Din doesn’t have time for hearts and flowers, not when his parents’ bodies are barely even cold in their graves and his country, Omana, is on the brink of revolt. He has to secure peace by honoring a long ago arrangement to make English rose, Lexi Galvin, his wife. The trouble is strong-willed Lexi isn’t aware of her royal Arab lineage let alone her destiny. There is only one way Shahzad can guarantee she will be his queen … and he isn’t above using force to get it.

The Sheikh’s Mistaken Bride ~ Christina Phillips
In order to secure a powerful alliance for his country, Khalid has no choice but to marry a neighboring princess. It’s not what he wants, but duty must come before pleasure. Yet when he meets the beautiful Sanura he changes his mind… only to discover the virgin in his bed is not his destined bride.

Sold to the Sheikh ~ Cathleen Ross
He’d paid a fortune for his bride and he was determined to collect, whether she liked it or not.

Rafi Salah al Din doesn’t trust easily. In charge of security for his country Omana, he devotes his life to duty. With his parents murdered it is his duty to stabilize his country by finding his parents’ assassin, marry and produce a son to ensure the Salah al Din line lives on. So why does the wife he bought disagree?

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The Earl’s Tempting Ward (Dukes Gone Dirty Book 2)

By Bella Moxi / Genre: Regency, Romance
The Earl's Tempting Ward (Dukes Gone Dirty Book 2)

This surly earl expects obedience from his fiery new ward. What he gets is nothing but trouble.

The fire that claimed the Earl of Foster’s father and brother left him scarred in every sense of the word. But despite the guilt and his mother’s hatred, Benedict took on the duties that came with the earldom. Including looking after his new ward—the orphaned daughter of his mother’s closest friend.

He expects a timid child to arrive on his doorstep, not a tantalizingly gorgeous young lady in need of a husband. The irritating beauty manages to rile more than just his temper, and he soon finds himself seeking her out for arguments that inevitably end with his lips on hers. His hands on her body. It isn’t right. It’s not what she deserves. But the temptation is too much. The only honorable solution is to marry the girl himself.

Only, Philippa has secrets of her own, and her past has her living a nightmare. She knows what her guardian has in store for her, but she’s not looking for marriage to a good man. And despite his growls and his threats, Benedict is good. Better than he knows.

Better than she deserves.

When it’s his honor pitted against her tortured past, a battle breaks out between the guilt-ridden lovers. It seems this ward will be teaching her prickly guardian what it means to fight dirty.

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Timeless Fairy Tales: Books 7-9: Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Frog Prince (Timeless Fairy Tales Boxset Book 3)

By K. M. Shea / Genre: Adaptations, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Fantasy
Timeless Fairy Tales: Books 7-9: Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Frog Prince (Timeless Fairy Tales Boxset Book 3)

Book 7: Swan Lake
Cursed to be a swan by day, Odette spends her nights leading a band of smugglers and ensuring their survival by flattering the evil sorcerer who cursed them.

When the kind Prince Alexsei tracks Odette and her crew to their camp, Odette fears he is yet another complication. Instead, he slowly endears himself to her as they search together for a way to break her curse.

But when the evil sorcerer launches an attack against the royal family, Odette is pulled between her love for Alexsei and the severe consequences from pitting herself against the sorcerer who ruined her life. Can she fight at Alexsei’s side and survive?

Book 8: Sleeping Beauty
Briar Rose, a clever peasant girl, feels only pity for the mysterious Princess Rosalinda–the hidden princess who was cursed to prick her finger on a spindle and fall asleep until true love’s kiss awakens her.

Her pity turns to horror when Briar learns she IS the princess, and Isaia—her childhood friend—is really a knight sworn to protect her.

When the evil mage who first cursed her returns and begins to plunder the countryside, Briar is whisked off to the capital where the king orders Isaia and the knights of the realm to stand guard and protect her. The king’s choice renders the villages under attack defenseless, and enrages the one-time peasant Briar.

For Briar is not the demure princess her family expects, and she vows to move on her own to save her people. Will the curse consume her, or–with help from Isaia–can she beat the evil mage at his own game?

Book 9: The Frog Prince
Crown Prince Lucien has spent his life playing a flirtatious idiot to manipulate his courts and hide the weaknesses he feels when compared to his brother. His acting backfires when he narrowly escapes an assassination and his father, the king, orders an enchantress to turn him into a frog for his own safety since the “idiot” prince can’t be expected to defend himself.

Strong-willed. Capable. Expendable. The servant Ariane is all of these things, which makes her the perfect escort for the newly transformed Lucien, even though carting the lazy frog prince around on a velvet cushion is the last thing she wants to do.

But as the assassination attacks on Prince Lucien continue, Ariane realizes the threat of darkness is much closer than she thought. And perhaps the prince is not as foolish as he acts…

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Mail Order Bride: The Bride’s Secret Past: Clean and Wholesome Western Historical Romance (Summer Mail Order Brides Book 2)

By Faith Johnson / Genre: Westerns, Literature & Fiction, Christian Books & Bibles
Mail Order Bride: The Bride's Secret Past: Clean and Wholesome Western Historical Romance (Summer Mail Order Brides Book 2)

August Stillwell has never gotten over the death of his wife, but his mother-in-law is determined he not live alone. And so, at her urging, he places an ad for a mail order bride. Although he is a bit surprised to actually receive a response, he realizes that maybe this is the best situation for him. The woman that has responded already has a child, and so the marriage could simply be a convenient arrangement to ensure there is an heir to the farm.

When Norah Cartwright’s husband dies the day she gives birth to their son, she is left alone and desperate. Struggling to make ends meet for her small family, she decides to head west and become a mail order bride. After all, even if she does not find love, at least she can have a secure home for herself and her son. August also seems like a good man, and together they begin to build a life. So when Norah’s past finds her and threatens to take that life away, she is heartbroken and afraid.

Will she lose the home she has finally found?

Free as of 07/27/23 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

How to Marry an Earl (The Cinderella Society Book 1)

By Alyxandra Harve / Genre: Regency, Romance
How to Marry an Earl (The Cinderella Society Book 1)

A Bluestocking, a betrothal of convenience, a traitor… and a handsome rake. What could go wrong?

Persephone Blackwell prefers digging in the dirt for old bones and secret treasure to anything Society might have to offer. When her godfather, the Duke of Pendleton, decides to host a Festival of Antiquaries, she jumps at the chance to take part-especially since it’s the best way to save her oldest friend, Henry Talbot, who is being framed for treason. She has not yet found the evidence that he has sent home hidden inside Egyptian forgeries—but she does find something else: Conall Hunter, the Earl of Northwyck.

The Conall she knew before the war was shy and serious, but this new Conall is a celebrated rake with a practiced charm and a dangerous grin. Persephone finds them both irresistible. Rumor has it, he is searching for a wife. Not that Percy is on the Marriage Mart. After all, earls do not marry ladies with scandalous pasts and a penchant for the mummification process of Ancient Egypt.

As it happens, Conall is secretly searching for a traitor, not a bride. But he is beginning to wonder if Persephone might fight both categories.

Free as of 07/27/23 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Down Stepney Way (The East End Sagas Book 1)

By Sally Worboyes / Genre: World War II, Historical, Genre Fiction
Down Stepney Way (The East End Sagas Book 1)

What will happen when the truth finally comes out?
Blackshirts march through the East End in 1930s London and the Jewish community is under threat of violence. In the midst of this, Jessie Warner discovers a family secret and turns to her mother for answers – but she is met with silence.

Over in Bethnal Green, Hannah Blake reluctantly joins the Blackshirts, forced by her cold-hearted mother to do so. Next-door neighbour Emmie Smith looks on, wishing she could tell Hannah the truth about her family and provide her with hope for a brighter future.

Meanwhile, Emmie’s son Tom, chipper and handsome, has fallen for Jessie Warner who he is desperate to bring home. Their lives intertwine and soon, so do their secrets…

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Positopia World: The Hidden Portal

By Linda J. Cro / Genre: Action & Adventure, Children’s eBooks
Positopia World: The Hidden Portal

Jack is just like most other kids. He loves riding his bike and making mud pies. Jack also has an engine that can turn green, yellow, or red. When he is very upset his engine is red; when he has settled down a bit, or is nervous or worried, his engine is yellow; and when he is calm and happy, his engine is green. Sometimes, Jack has trouble controlling how he reacts to his engine.

One day, while playing in the backyard, Jack accidentally opens a portal into another world. Positopia World is full of amazing colors, stunning landscapes, and talking animals. The adorable woodland creatures help Jack learn how to bring his engine back into the green.

But when he starts to miss his family, Jack decides it’s time to go home. The problem is, the only portal back is on the other side of the dark and scary Midnight Forest…

Free as of 07/27/23 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Christmas Magic Book

By KICA Academy / Genre: Desserts, Baking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Christmas Magic Book

Get inspired and make a fabulous Christmas Dessert Table!

The winter holidays are a time when magic enters our houses. So, this festive season, let’s bring in a little extra magic ourselves!

This book contains recipes for delicious Christmas pastries, all of which are perfect for making and sharing during the most wonderful time of the year.

Here at KICA International Pastry Academy, we’ve rounded up a collection of sophisticated and elegant Christmas desserts that will impress your family and friends. Our eBook contains 16 wonderful Christmas recipes – from magnificent celebration cakes to simple-to-make, moreish cookies. No matter whether you’re a chocoholic, cheesecake lover, or cupcake fan, you’ll find a recipe in this eBook that’ll win your heart and inspire you to make it on Christmas Eve!

Each pastry recipe comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a short video tutorial. Follow our step-by-step method, and soon your kitchen will be full of the smells of Christmas!

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