Nothing But Trouble (Irresistible Billionaires Book 1)

By Ashley Bostock / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Nothing But Trouble (Irresistible Billionaires Book 1)

Here comes trouble…

CEO of a #1 matchmaking website, Michael Vilander knows all the algorithms for the perfect connection. Yet, he’s nothing, but alone. After all, running a billion dollar company doesn’t leave much time for falling in love. Putting his own company to the test, he meets a sexy and innocent woman online, hoping to land a date for the esteemed Valentine’s Day Gala. But what he gets is so much more than he ever imagined.

Twenty-four year old Sophia Baldwin is in over her head as she tries to makes ends meet. Her dreams of being a nurse are on hold while she cares for her ailing grandmother. Connecting with the charming and sexy mogul changes everything for the drowning exotic dancer.

But Sophia goes too far when she blurts out their engagement to a roomful of envious ears at the Valentine’s Gala. Now, they have thirty days to prove how truly in love they are. Can a month of make-believe turn into something real or will Micheal’s past destroy everything they’ve built?

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By Cindee Bartholomew / Genre: Women’s Adventure, Action & Adventure


Never-Moore: At no future time; never again.

A commanding military man Maximus Aurelius Moore covertly indulges his demanding sexual nature while secretly controlling a complex business life as a venture capitalist and heir to an Italian fortune.

When he discovers a stunning dancer in Las Vegas, the enigmatic reserved man is shocked by his physical response to Seary, the star of Been Jammin’, having thought himself incapable of such a response.

Being an alpha male who makes things happen, he executes a plan for a long-term relationship with the untouchable diva to become his exclusive lover.

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Reborn: The Red Ledger: Volume 1 (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

By Meredith Wild / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Reborn: The Red Ledger: Volume 1 (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

He’s death for hire…

Some people measure life in hours. Days. Weeks. I measure mine in kills. A covert military mission gone wrong robbed me of my memory and any link to my past. This is my existence now. I execute and survive. Nothing more, nothing less. I was ready to write Isabel Foster’s name in my ledger of unfortunate souls until she uttered the one word that could stop the bullet meant for her. My name.

She knows my face. She knows me. She’s the key to the memories I’m not sure I want back. Now nothing is simple. I still have a job to do, and my soul isn’t worth saving. I’m not the man she thinks I am. I can’t love her. And sparing her life puts us both in the crosshairs.

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Tempt Me With Forever (A NOLA Heart Novel Book 4)

By Maria Luis / Genre: American, Humor & Satire

Tempt Me With Forever (A NOLA Heart Novel Book 4)

Never trust a bad boy.

That’s what Beauty Influencer Lizzie Danvers tells her YouTube subscribers after getting dumped on Instagram. Lizzie may have the devil’s luck in choosing men, but she’s determined to prove that the age-old “once a playboy, always a playboy” theory is bulletproof. All she needs is thirty days and one sexy commitment-phobe to do it…

By day, Gage Harvey helps his twin at Inked on Bourbon, tattooing butterflies onto every female under the age of thirty. By night, he works for New Orleans’ Special Operations Division, fulfilling a family legacy to protect his city. Relationships aren’t on his radar–until the hot-as-hell woman on his tattoo table glances up at him, a butterfly half-inked on her butt, and propositions him.

Gage should say no–nothing good ever comes from entertaining crazy women. But for the sake of playboys everywhere, he’ll take one for the team, and prove to Miss Lizzie Danvers that bad boys are the only men who will tempt you with forever.

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Strokes: A Dark Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Finding Their Muse Book 2)

By Bea Paige / Genre: British, Contemporary Fiction

Strokes: A Dark Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Finding Their Muse Book 2)

He told me I was his muse. He lied.

Anton Sachov, the artist, the man who only sees in monochrome.
He wants something from me.
Something precious; the meadow green of my eyes, the rich mahogany of my hair, the creamy white of my skin, the stark red of my blood, even the darkness of my soul. And he will do anything to get them.
Including the unthinkable, locking me away.

Join Rose and the men of Browlace Manor in the second book of the Finding Their Muse trilogy and sink further into this dark, gothic tale of guilt, desire, despair, and redemption.

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Where There’s Smoke (Sweet Sin Book 2)

By Kathy Coopmans / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Where There's Smoke (Sweet Sin Book 2)

The lives of Dean Wagner and Tatum Fields have been ruled by the hand of fate.

The past six years of my life have been consumed by guilt. Since we lost Landon to a fire, I’ve done everything in my power to protect my daughter, Leila, from finding out the truth about how her twin brother died. Nothing in my life means more to me than her.

Not my band, not my reputation. Nothing.

Until I see Tatum, the woman I saved on the beach the same night she dealt with a loss of her own.
The daily routine I’ve settled into is what keeps me going. Work at my chocolate shop, pay the bills, repeat. I don’t date. I don’t trust. And I have never forgotten the man who walked away from saving my life without allowing me to thank him.

I know how to reach him, but I avoid him at all costs.

Until fate decides to make another appearance.

This is a story of how destiny ends up bringing these two souls back together, and how fate, the word very little people believe in is really their friend, after all.

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Surviving The Turned (The Orphans Book 2)

By Mike Evans / Genre: Zombies, Horror, Teen & Young Adult

Surviving The Turned (The Orphans Book 2)

The Orphans: Surviving the Turned Vol II picks up immediately where book one left off, with your heart broken and beating.

After the first wave of outbreaks and infection, the blood has not even had a chance to dry before Shaun and his friends are forced to disobey his father’s wishes, to stay where they could be safe at the families cabin and away from the unknowns of their new bloody apocalyptic world.

The zombies are just as vicious and hungry as in book one and never satisfied.

From their first trip into town the zombie apocalypse war begins, survival and taking care of each other is key.

The search for the Cure is America and the world’s only hope. The government put out a plea for anyone that might know anything about the spread of death.

The government very quickly figures out that Karen was patient zero at the hospital outbreak. They also find out that Frank Fox is the one responsible for developing the drug. None of them knowing about the backstabbing acts his assistant Rogers had done to him.

While the government waits for help, the military sends in a team of Navy SEALs to try and speed up the process, hoping that they can find the research that they need. The soldiers find the apocalyptic world a bit more dangerous and chaotic than they had expected.
Shaun and his friends run into the SEALs and together they embark on a battle to find the cure. Shaun has his own emotional issues to deal with, as he learns that his dad was the one responsible for it all.

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Have a Heart (A Love Happens Novel Book 4)

By Jodi Watters / Genre: Family Life

Have a Heart (A Love Happens Novel Book 4)

If he had a heart, she’d be the woman he’d give it to.

A runaway bride, searching for happily ever after.
A Navy SEAL, who doesn’t believe in such things.
A bar, in the middle of nowhere, and fate, who’s been awaiting this day.

When I left my groom at the altar, I didn’t care where I went, or who I met along the way.
When I walked into a roadside bar in Nowhere, California, I wasn’t planning on staying.
When I sat down beside Jason Reynolds, I had no idea who he really was.
My world turned upside down.
Now all I want to do is save him.

I tried to ignore her. The beautiful train wreck who’d crashed my pity party.
I tried to fight temptation. Her sweet smile and smart mouth threatened my misery.
I tried to walk away. My blackened soul didn’t deserve her bright, hopeful light.
My team calls me Tin Man for good reason.
Love has no place in my life.

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Rotten Lil Peaches: Atl’s Finest

By Sa’id Salaam / Genre: Urban

Rotten Lil Peaches: Atl's Finest

Autumn Jackson had a rough life in the rough streets of Southwest Atlanta. The smart girl has plans and visions of life beyond her bleak surroundings. A life-changing incident at the age of fifteen transforms the sweet girl into another person. Her innocence is lost and she is willing to do whatever it takes to secure that bag.
Her and close friends, Meka and Qianna, set off on a journey to run up a check up. They follow the bad examples of the bad girls in the hood while adding their own unique twist. Will they achieve the riches they seek or die trying? Either way, they are Atl’s finest.

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Mommy Loves the Banker (Mommy’s Little Matchmakers Book 4)

By Sharon Hughson / Genre: American, Contemporary Fiction

Mommy Loves the Banker (Mommy's Little Matchmakers Book 4)

Her first love walked away. His passed on. Could they find a new forever love in their silver years? Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Meredith Williams’s whole life was uprooted when her husband of twenty years decided he didn’t love her anymore. Now living in a new town and attempting to fill her daughter’s shoes as a stand-in mommy, she longs to prove her lotion-making is more than a hobby. Unfortunately, she’s going to need a small loan to make this new dream a reality.

Despite years on the job, Donavan Anders struggles to find balance in his job as a bank manager. He wants to help small businesses, but the corporate offices keep tightening their lending policies, meaning he has to say no far more than he would like. The last thing he wants to do is reject Meri’s application, especially since he’s instantly attracted to the sharp-tongued and hard-working grandmother.

When their granddaughters become the victims of a little league bully, these grandparents need to step up their game with a plan to nip the situation in the bud. Before long, the matchmaking minors begin working on a plan of their own—to help their stubborn grandparents see that they’re overdue for a happily ever after.

Can these two little girls hit this love match out of the park, or will they be tagged out before they even have a chance to swing? Find out in this fun, funny, and heartwarming tale of just how deviously two little girls will play in order to make sure their plan goes off without a hitch.

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Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully

By Jane Lovascio / Genre: Bullies, Friendship, Social Skills & School Life, Growing Up & Facts of Life, Children’s eBooks

Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully

After Roscoe steals Casey and Bella’s Frisbee, they embark on their 6th adventure. Along the way, Opee the Owl explains to the dogs what bullying is and how to respond to it in the right way by speaking up and telling an adult you trust.

Throughout their journey, Casey and Bella experience three different types of bullying and apply the advice of Opee the Owl to help out their three new friends. Find out how you can help stop bullying by taking the Casey and Bella Pledge to Stop Bullying and Be Nice to One Another!

Free as of 08/22/19 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Intermittent Fasting: The Art of Intermittent Fasting: How to Lose Weight, Shed Fat, and Live a Healthier Life

By Connor Thompson / Genre: Anesthesiology, Specialties, Medical eBooks

Intermittent Fasting: The Art of Intermittent Fasting: How to Lose Weight, Shed Fat, and Live a Healthier Life

How to use the Power of Fasting to Lose Weight, Burn Fat, and Become A Healthier You

Are you looking for a new way to become healthier and lose weight?Have you tried every conventional diet out there only to find out that they’re nothing more than empty promises? If so, the problem might not be what you are eating, but rather when you are eating it. A new, better kind of fasting is the solution to your weight loss problems, and The Art of Intermittent Fasting is here to help.Intermittent Fasting isn’t some new fad diet—it’s an entirely different way of eating, one that is designed to help you get the most nutrients from the foods you do eat, while also helping keep your total calories down..Between the two, natural weight loss will follow, easier than ever before. This time, you’ll be working with your body’s natural rhythms, allowing you to start seeing significant progress in as little as one month!Inside The Art of Intermittent Fasting, you will learn:

  • How our modern diet is failing us
  • The truth behind intermittent fasting
  • How to start fasting safely and effectively
  • Benefits to expect
  • Different types of fasts
  • Foods and meal-plans to help make your fast easier
  • Exercises to encourage weight-loss while fasting
  • Combining the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting
  • FAQ with all your most pressing questions

And more!

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