NEVER CAME HOME an addictive crime thriller with a twist you won’t see coming (Detective Inspector Siv Drummond Book 2)

By GRETTA MULROONEY / Genre: Serial Killers, Crime, Thrillers & Suspense
NEVER CAME HOME an addictive crime thriller with a twist you won't see coming (Detective Inspector Siv Drummond Book 2)


Six years ago, Lyn Dimas went missing. She had left her nine-year-old son home alone and her daughter was at a school prom.

Now, builders find a mummified corpse tied to the back of a fridge in a derelict building. An old mattress completes the sad scene.

Detective Siv Drummond is called in to solve this baffling case.

Siv discovers the victim had a complicated home life. But why did Lyn disappear on a quick trip to the shop and can Siv unearth the truth of family secrets and lies, before anyone else pays the ultimate price?

A cold case bursts into life to tear apart a family again.


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Peace Lily: Book Two in The Katherine Wheel Series

By Alex Martin / Genre: Sagas, Genre Fiction
Peace Lily: Book Two in The Katherine Wheel Series

After the appalling losses suffered during the First World War, three of its survivors long for peace, unaware that its aftermath will bring different, but still daunting, challenges.
Katy trained as a mechanic during the war and cannot bear to return to the life of drudgery she left behind. A trip to America provides the dream ticket she has always craved and an opportunity to escape the strait-jacket of her working class roots. She jumps at the chance, little realising that it will change her life forever, but not in the way she’d hoped.
Jem lost not only an arm in the war, but also his livelihood, and with it, his self esteem. How can he keep restless Katy at home and provide for his wife? He puts his life at risk a second time, attempting to secure their future and prove his love for her.
Cassandra has fallen deeply in love with Douglas Flintock, an American officer she met while driving ambulances at the Front. How can she persuade this modern American to adapt to her English country life, and all the duties that come with inheriting Cheadle Manor? When Douglas returns to Boston, unsure of his feelings, Cassandra crosses the ocean, determined to lure him back.
As they each try to carve out new lives, their struggles impact on each other in unforeseen ways in this heartbreaking romance.

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War in the Wilderness (Path of Nemesis Book 2)

By Adam Lofthouse / Genre: Historical, Thrillers, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
War in the Wilderness (Path of Nemesis Book 2)

Germania, winter, AD 168.

Balomar, King of the Marcomanni and leader of the united army of the tribes, broods and drinks his way through the long winter as his alliance falls apart. He won great fame when he destroyed the Fourteenth legion and brought his army to Italian soil. Rome will not let his victory go unanswered; new legions have been formed, and their spear tips point north.

Elsewhere Albinus braves the harsh weather and tribal hordes as he searches desperately for Licina, his lost fiancé. Once more he must play dice with Fortuna as he launches himself into the iron storm.

For Rome, and his father’s shade…

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Brock’s Mate (Wild Blood Shifters Book 7)

By Anastasia Wilde / Genre: Holidays, Romance
Brock's Mate (Wild Blood Shifters Book 7)

He used to be the one who saved people.
Now he’s the one they need to be saved from.
Until fate sends him one last out-of-control shifter—and he’s her only hope…

After years of healing other people’s pain and darkness finally drove his wolf over the edge, Brock left his job, his family and his calling behind, ending up on the fringes of the Wild Blood crew. The one who doesn’t really belong; the one whose wolf is too wild, whose heart is too numb to ever find Ms. Right—or even Ms. Right Now.

Especially if she’s a shifter in trouble. Been there, done that, tried to fill the holes in their hearts until they bled him dry. He’s done.

All her life, Desi Phillips has been a magnet for bad situations and men who want to trap her in them. Luckily for her, her penchant for getting into trouble is matched by her talent for getting back out of it and disappearing. That is, until her latest boyfriend turns her into a freaking out-of-control werewolf, setting ex-shifter-government agent Brock Reilly on her trail.

Desi’s not like the needy, clinging women Brock’s fallen for in the past—in fact, her only goal is to get as far away from him as possible. But to keep her from getting imprisoned as a rogue, he has to chase her down and persuade her to stay with him long enough to learn to control her wolf.

Could Desi’s worst betrayal turn out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to her? And has Brock finally found a woman he can save—one who’s willing to save him back?

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by Mistake: A Steamy Romantic Comedy: (Poison & Wine, book 1)

By Sigal Ehrlich / Genre: Medical, Genre Fiction
by Mistake: A Steamy Romantic Comedy: (Poison & Wine, book 1)

There’s so much going on in Anna’s life. Teaching countless hours at the studio and nurturing the three major relationships of her life – her group of tight-knit friends, all while attempting to not screw up this whole adulthood thing leaves very little time to waste on yet another dating app. At this point, a relationship is off the menu. Being “self-partnered” is more than enough.

A serious relationship has been crossed off Liam Brody’s list of goals, at least for the foreseeable future. Completing his residency and becoming a trauma surgeon is his only priority. Casual relationships, his friends, and books are the only things he’s willing to lose his precious free time to.

When an accidental email starts a deep online connection, both Liam and Anna dive in with zero concern . . . because there’s really no harm in getting close to someone who you’ll never meet in real life, right?


When a turn of events brings their “safe” virtual connection to an unexpected face-to-face, Anna and Liam learn their online chemistry pales in comparison to the real deal. A realization that brings along the bazillion-dollar question – what do you do when you meet The One at the most impossibly wrong time?

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On the Run: Take the Money Trilogy, Book 1

By Joseph Flynn / Genre: Crime, Thrillers, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
On the Run: Take the Money Trilogy, Book 1

In the summer of 1941, Sergeant Dan McGill did the unthinkable, something no Chicago cop was ever supposed to do. He refused to go on the Mob’s payroll. Refused to become one of organized crime’s stooges in blue. If the Mob let something like that go unchallenged, it’d be the end of them.

So McGill had to go. Six feet under. Only the Mob made a serious mistake. The boss decided Charlie Hart, Dan’s best friend and the crooked police lieutenant who’d been given the task of roping Dan in, had to die, too. That was the price Charlie had to pay for failing to make Dan knuckle under.

The Mob got Charlie, all right, but then Dan struck back. He killed the boss’s two sons and then the old man himself. He caught the boss just as he was about to blow town — with $3 million stuffed into two suitcases. Finders keepers, Dan thought after putting the boss down. He took the Mob’s money after all.

From that moment on, a hunt began that would last four years. The mob would stalk its target throughout the United States and all the way into war-torn Europe after learning that Dan, now calling himself Charlie Hart, had joined the army. The boys in Chicago figured if they didn’t kill the bastard, the Nazis would get the job done.

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Married To The Mafia: The Fallen Son

By Tya Marie / Genre: Urban, Genre Fiction
Married To The Mafia: The Fallen Son

“Everyone knows a man’s worth is based on whether or not he keeps his word. The same applies to women. You have mine—until the day I die.”

Johnny leaned in, flooding my personal space with expensive aftershave, a dark glint in his eye. “What if you die tonight?”

Pause. “Then I lived up to my word, didn’t I?”

Juice Campbell doesn’t believe in marriage. The product of an extramarital affair gone wrong, the twenty-five-year-old has her mind made up when it comes to being tied down by anything other than her career. On her last night dancing at one of Atlanta’s premier strip clubs, Juice’s opportunity to start over is derailed when she is witness to several murders, including one of her closest friends. Overnight, she goes from stripper to wife of mafia hitman Johnny “Johnny Two-Times Gabbana.” As formidable as he is handsome, Johnny turns Juice’s mundane life upside down and in turn, changes her views on matrimony as their feelings intensify. The only thing standing between the two living happily ever after is Johnny’s family, more specifically his father, who will stop at nothing to make sure death does them part.

Johnny Gabbana is revered within the mafia underworld for several reasons, the main one being his special “gift,” the rare ability to take out any given target in two shots or less. The youngest son of the infamous mafia boss Antonio Gabbana, Johnny has spent the past decade protecting not only his father, but the generational wealth amassed by the patriarch. Such a task requires discipline, and compared to the hedonistic nature of his brothers, Johnny’s a coldhearted saint, seeking more than a warm body between his sheets. When he sees Juice at the club it’s love at first sight, and their second encounter, though morbid, solidifies his belief that the mouthy stripper might be “the one.” Johnny goes against his entire family to save Juice, a decision that places both of their lives in danger from the moment they say, “I do.”

Married to the Mafia is a tale of love and loyalty, proving that neither are mutually exclusive. Johnny’s loyalty ends where his marriage begins, and he vows to protect Juice, even if it means sacrificing himself. As for love? Between himself and his family, there’s none lost.

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Beyond The Wall: A Young Adult Dystopian Novel (The Beyond Book 1)

By Kate L. Mary / Genre: , ,
Beyond The Wall: A Young Adult Dystopian Novel (The Beyond Book 1)

In the Society, everyone is happy.

Drea Young has grown up living in the shadow of the wall. Not only does she know there’s nothing left beyond it, but she also knows that it’s there to protect the citizens of the United Society of the Reestablishment. That doesn’t stop her from feeling trapped, though. Why? Everything in her world is perfect. There’s no more struggle, no war or crime, no conflict.

No choice.

Drea has always thought she was alone in her blasphemous thoughts, but then she gets to know Jerrick Carter and realizes she couldn’t be more wrong. Quiet and Brooding – and incredibly gorgeous – Jerrick helps her understand not just the world around her, but herself as well, and the more Drea learns about the Society, the more desperate she becomes to break free.

But after a lifetime of being controlled, she isn’t sure if she’s strong enough to leave everything she knows and loves behind…

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Igniting the Flame (The Ignited Girl Series Book 2)

By EJ Everette / Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Igniting the Flame (The Ignited Girl Series Book 2)

This can’t be real.There is no reality where I have… powers?And what do the guys mean when they say I am part of a prophecy?After Gray wakes up following tragedy, she is confused, frightened, and hell, a little bit angry.When the guys tell Gray just how important she is, she loses it.Gray is tired of manipulation. Tired of games. The old Gray let herself be a victim. Allowed herself to be a pawn in the plans of others. Those bones have been broken, scars have been formed, and the new Gray refuses to revisit that pain ever again.But when an enemy comes for her, Gray finds herself alone and once again her life hangs in the balance as someone else calls the shots.After they tell Gray the truth about who they are, where they are from, and the destiny that lies before her, the guys are beyond shocked when Gray demands space, pushing them away from her at every turn. This isn’t right. They are her guardians, hand chosen to protect her and keep her aligned with the path that leads to peace. How are they supposed to do that when she won’t even let them in the same room? Not to mention, now that the igniting has taken place, their bonds are stronger, leaving them all desperate to be with the one their lives are bonded to. When Gray goes missing, the guys have to put aside their own pain and focus on saving the woman they can’t live without, even if she doesn’t accept their love yet.They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and the truest strength, comes from pain. Gray is about to find out just how much she can break and, in turn, how much she wants to survive. If she is going to bring about the prophecy she is destined for, she is going to have to ensure she is strong enough to conquer those who oppose her. Sometimes, we have to feel the burn of the flames before we can conquer the fire within.

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Savannah Cats and Kittens: Complete Owner’s Guide to Savannah Cat & Kitten Care

By Taylor David / Genre: , ,
Savannah Cats and Kittens: Complete Owner's Guide to Savannah Cat & Kitten Care

If you haven’t heard of a Savannah Cat, don’t be surprised. they are one of the newest cat breeds around, only recognized by The International Cat Association in 2012.

If you get online and search for a Savannah and think, “That looks like a miniature cheetah!” you won’t be alone in the reaction. As descendants of the African serval cat, no amount of money is too much to pay for the companionship and pure joy these remarkable domesticated cats will bring to your life. They really aren’t your typical house cat, and this book will tell you why.

Everything you wanted to know about Savannah cats and kittens. Guaranteed to answer all your questions, this book is a must for anyone passionate about Savannah cats or Savannah kittens.

It contains all of the information you need about Savannah cats – personality, temperament, breeding, training, health, diet, life expectancy, buying, cost, and more facts!

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The Basics Behind Urban Gardening: The Top Techniques Used from Urban Gardens to Backyard Homesteads. Create a Thriving Sustainable Vegetable Garden using these 7 Incredibly Productive Techniques

By Wilfrid Marsh / Genre: , ,
The Basics Behind Urban Gardening: The Top Techniques Used from Urban Gardens to Backyard Homesteads. Create a Thriving Sustainable Vegetable Garden using these 7 Incredibly Productive Techniques

How to create a thriving urban oasis in any space, even if you’ve never grown anything before…Do you feel trapped by the walls of your urban living space?Are you tired of feeling disconnected from nature?Do you dream of escaping the city sprawl to a haven of greenery? You’re not the only one — and you don’t have to settle for a second longer.The time has come to transform your environment, and with it, your life!As you’re about to find out, greenery has the power to create a calming effect wherever it is incorporated.In fact, integrating nature into your surroundings has been proven to positively stimulate the mind and act as a buffer against stress and depression.And with the right information and advice you, too, can create a green space in your home.The best part?It’s much easier than you think — no matter how little space or light you have available!With techniques like container gardening, vertical gardening, and hydroponics you can take advantage of any area in your home and start a thriving garden.Here is just a fraction of what you will discover in The Basics Behind Urban Gardening:A detailed exploration of gardening techniques, including their unique advantages and disadvantages so that you can make the right decisions for you and your spaceHow to identify the plants that are best for your wants, needs, and available spaceWhat to consider when beginning your vegetable and herb garden, including critical steps to prime your garden for guaranteed success Definitions for the key terms and vocabulary of the gardening worldStep-by-step instructions for building raised beds, keyhole gardens, and more…How to decode USDA plant hardening zones and choose the plants most likely to flourish in your areaThe most common mistakes made by beginner gardeners and the simple solutions to help you avoid themAnd much more.So even if you’ve tried gardening before only to end up frustrated and discouraged, and even if you’ve killed so many plants that it’s becoming a joke among your friends and family — that’s all about to change.Because now you’ll have everything you need to succeed, right at your fingertips. These tried and tested tools and techniques are guaranteed to have you successfully sprouting flowers, vegetables, and herbs in no time.If you’re ready to quickly and easily cultivate your green thumb and turn your space into a blissful oasis, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

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One Banana… Two Banana

By Elanna Reiss / Genre: Literature & Fiction, Children’s eBooks
One Banana... Two Banana

One Banana… Two Banana is a great starter counting book (ages 1-5). The food, graphics, rhymes and rhythm help teach counting and vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.
And the play on words keeps grown-up readers on their toes.

Free as of 09/07/21 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Clean Eating Meal Prep Cookbook: 6 Weekly Plans and 150 Recipes for Ready-to-Go Meals

By Deborah M. Nas / Genre: , ,
Clean Eating Meal Prep Cookbook: 6 Weekly Plans and 150 Recipes for Ready-to-Go Meals

Eat clean and healthier with 150 meal prep recipes and handy clean eating tips

Clean eating isn’t about abiding by a strict set of rules?it’s about incorporating more real food into your diet and establishing healthy habits that help you look and feel your best. Meal prep is a great way to save time and money with wholesome ready-to-go options for breakfast and lunch, and quick dinners you and your family will love. The Clean Eating Meal Prep Cookbook introduces you to the benefits of eating clean and meal prep with 6-week meal planning templates and shopping tips designed to meet specific nutritional goals.

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