Mountain Man’s Gift: A Small Town Holiday Romance (Mountain Men of Liberty)

By K.C. Crowne / Genre: Billionaires, Romance
Mountain Man's Gift: A Small Town Holiday Romance (Mountain Men of Liberty)

Dear Boone Callaghan,
You’re BIG in every way.
Your body.
Your presence.
Your big woody …. axe.

I wanted to proclaim my love.
But my ego got in the way.
Except for that one night…
I offered my V-card to my best friend’s older brother.
Talk about big mistake.
Life brings me back…
And Boone has aged like fine wine.
He’s a single dad.
A total D.I.L.F.
And desperately needs a nanny.
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want him anymore.
Now I’m a live in nanny for my teenage crush.
An intense desire keeps us both up at night.
While the cold winter weather rages outside…
The Callaghan residence is burning up.

Will this Holiday season bring my teenage fantasies to life?
Or will skeletons from the past make me regret returning to the town I left years ago?

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Blackbird Rising (The Witch King’s Crown Book 1)

By Keri Arthu / Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales, Literature & Fiction
Blackbird Rising (The Witch King's Crown Book 1)

A modern fantasy novel inspired by the King Arthur legend…

For hundreds of years, the Witch King’s sword has been buried in stone awaiting the next hand to draw it.

Many have tried. None have succeeded.

Gwen is the last in a long line of De Montfort witches whose duty it is to protect the sword of all power. But when she returns to King Island to perform the blessing, a mysterious pulse of blue light tells her that someone has attempted to draw the sword. Before she can investigate any further, demons attack. She only survives with the help of a mysterious stranger who disappears as quickly as he appears.

Gwen and her grandmother, Moscelyne, soon discover that minor gateways into Darkside—the traditional home of both demons and dark elves—are being forced open by magic. Even worse, someone is now sending demons after the Witch King’s heirs.

As vital artifacts are stolen by Darkside and the deaths draw altogether too close to home, Gwen and Mo—with the help of old gods and an ancient order of knights once thought dead—scramble to unravel the clues and stop the murderous would-be king from claiming the crown.

If they fail and the wrong hand draws the sword of power, he can unlock the main gateway into Darkside and unleash utter hell onto an unsuspecting and unprepared England….

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Love Blooms: A Firefighter Small Town Romance (The Bell Family of Bluestar Island Book 1)

By Jennifer Fay / Genre: Sea Adventures, Action & Adventure
Love Blooms: A Firefighter Small Town Romance (The Bell Family of Bluestar Island Book 1)

He’s an injured firefighter. She bakes the most delightful treats. When their worlds collide will the baker help heal the firefighter with a mix of blueberry muffins and her caring way?

The elegant baker, Hannah Bell, has always lived on Bluestar Island with her family. While still grieving for her father, who died in a fire, she focuses all of her energy on making her dream come true—opening her very own bakery. But when a broken water pipe washes away her carefully laid plans, she’s on the verge of losing everything.

New York firefighter Ethan Walker’s life is in a tailspin after he’s injured on-the-job. When an urgent call detours him to Bluestar Island, he agrees to help his lovable but meddlesome great-aunt. But organizing the island’s Spring Fling proves a lot harder than he originally imagined. He needs help…and fast.

Under the magic of Bluestar Island’s sea breeze and warm sunshine, Hannah and Ethan must not only face their immediate obstacles but also their own turning points in life. Will they have to do that alone? With a leap of faith and a dash of romance, they might just find the perfect mix to make their dreams come true.

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Romancing the Gravestone: A Jane Ladling Mystery

By Gena Showalter / Genre: Amateur Sleuths, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Romancing the Gravestone: A Jane Ladling Mystery

She suspects everyone of everything. Sometimes she gets it right.

Jane Ladling is the sole proprietor of her family’s landlocked cemetery, Garden of Memories. She’s responsible for the, er, guests, but there’s a slight problem. Well, besides her moody cat, Rolex, and her sixty-two-year-old best friend’s unrequited crush on the sheriff. An extra body now rests in Plot #39.

Enter Special Agent Conrad Ryan. He’s gruff, he’s gorgeous, and oh, yes, he kind of suspects her of murder. What’s an innocent—and very single, not that it matters—girl to do? Solve the crime herself. Even if she must turn the small town of Aurelian Hills, Georgia upside down.

The only line she won’t cross? Falling for the first man to make her heart flutter. Nope, not happening. Not even a little.

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Reach Me (A Katie Winter FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 2)

By Molly Black / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Reach Me (A Katie Winter FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 2)

FBI Special Agent Katie Winter is no stranger to frigid winters, isolation, and dangerous cases. With her sterling record of hunting down serial killers, she is a fast-rising star in the BAU, and Katie is the natural choice to partner with Canadian law enforcement to track the killer across the brutal and unforgiving landscape.

Yet Katie’s past haunts her, demanding her attention and dragging her down into a well of secrets. Will this killer take advantage of Katie’s weakness?

Can she stop him in time?

Or will he find her first?

A complex psychological crime thriller full of twists and turns and packed with heart-pounding suspense, the KATIE WINTER mystery series will make you fall in love with a brilliant new female protagonist and keep you turning pages late into the night.

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The Medicine-Woman Bride (Mail Order Brides of Bluff’s Pike)

By Susannah Calloway / Genre: Westerns, Genre Fiction
The Medicine-Woman Bride (Mail Order Brides of Bluff's Pike)

Jennifer Mason loves medicine. She lives on the family farm with her beloved younger brother, feeds her thirst for medical knowledge through any books she can find, and spends her time learning from the doctor in town and the nearby Shawnee medicine man.

Then tragedy strikes, and Jennifer’s life is changed forever. Unable to save her brother’s life after a horrifying accident, Jennifer wonders whether her search for knowledge was a waste. Unsure of herself and driven by loneliness and despair, she takes the first option she finds for a new start: becoming a Mail Order Bride for a rancher in Bluff’s Pike, Colorado.

Her new husband is David Jameson, and Jennifer knows she’s been lucky. He’s kind, intelligent, hard-working – and handsome. He even agrees that she can be his wife in name only until she recovers from her grief.

When tragedy strikes again, Jennifer is forced to search for help wherever it can be found. She realizes her feelings have changed more rapidly than she had ever imagined. Will her doctoring knowledge help her this time? Or will she lose her husband just as she is beginning to love him?

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ARISEN : Raiders, Volume 5 – The Last Raid

By Michael Stephen Fuchs / Genre: War & Military, Action & Adventure
ARISEN : Raiders, Volume 5 – The Last Raid

What do you do when you’ve burned every bridge that can lead you home?
When the only path to survival is through an impregnable citadel of certain death?
And when the one way to save your place in the Tribe may be to leave your friends behind forever?

Strap in for the final chapter in the Raiders saga – the biggest and most explosive ARISEN adventure yet, and the climax and conclusion of the epic series. The USS John F. Kennedy, humanity’s last best hope for survival, is running out time, trapped in the Straits of Hormuz by their most lethal and sinister threat ever. And to salvage any chance of survival, or progressing the mission to save humanity, the Marine Raiders must gear up for one last impossible raid, assaulting into the teeth of a fortress defended by 200 Wagner Group contractors, each of whom is better than every one of them – and who are led by a malevolent ghost from the past. Finally, Yaz must confront all his demons to have any chance of coming back from this one, of saving his teammates, or of finding redemption for all that has come before.

The Last Raid

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Safety in Numbers

By Sophie Penhaligon / Genre: Billionaires, Romance
Safety in Numbers

After experiencing a traumatic accident, mathematician Seraphina Ellis tries to hide away, resigning herself to a lonely, unfulfilling life. Determined to conceal her disability from her co-workers, she conceals herself in her desolate cubicle, crossing off the days of her life, discontented and defeated.

A chance meeting with irascible but mesmerizing billionaire scientist and CEO Milo Grant provides her with the job of her dreams, and the chance of escape from cubicle land. But Grant is haunted by his own monsters and is increasingly interested in more than just her mathematical magic.

In this touching and sexually charged contemporary romance, Sophie Penhaligon manages to deliver a novel that is lighthearted and fun whilst dealing with the difficult topics of loss and disability.

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A Rebel’s Beacon (Alaskan Rebels Book 2)

By Sara Blackard / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance
A Rebel's Beacon (Alaskan Rebels Book 2)

An ex-army pilot on his next adventure. A dog trainer establishing her mark. Can they rely on each other when a rescue mission turns deadly?

Bjørn Rebel has achieved his lifelong dreams: a helicopter of his own and a business showing-off his beloved Alaska.

When the local search and rescue team asks for air support, he jumps at the chance to volunteer. Not only will his experience flying evac missions for an elite division of the army give search and rescue a big advantage, it will give Bjørn a chance to redeem himself after a botched mission left rumors clinging to him he can’t shake.

Sadie Wilde is flying high on the success of the K9 breeding and training program she started with her family.

Since childhood, Sadie, her sister, and her cousins planned to have a kennel dedicated to breeding superior dogs for search and rescue and law enforcement. With her father and uncle heading up the local SAR, she’s seen first hand how a well-trained dog can mean the difference between life and death. Sadie’s determined to do whatever she can to ensure her dogs are the best. Bjørn, Search and Rescue’s newest recruit, just might be the ticket to taking her training program to new heights.

When a routine rescue mission takes a sinister turn, will Bjørn and Sadie be able to uncover the truth in time or will they be the ones needing to be saved?

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The Heart Chaser: A Hockey Romance (Boston Hawks Hockey Book 6)

By Gina Azz / Genre: Sports, Romance
The Heart Chaser: A Hockey Romance (Boston Hawks Hockey Book 6)

Notorious ladies’ man and hockey hotshot Luca Pandatelli broke his own rules when he tangled up with me.

Not only did we spend an entire weekend in bed together, but he confided in me, sharing painful truths about his past. With a kiss good-bye and a promise to call, something sparked between us. Something that broke through my walls.

Except he didn’t call. And I re-enforced my walls with steel and barbed wire.

Now, I’ve accepted a job with the Boston Hawks franchise, making it inevitable that I see the last man I want to cross paths with. I’m prepared to dismiss him and pretend like our weekend together never happened.

But the regret in Luca’s eyes and the apology in his voice catches me off-guard. The harder I push him away, the harder he pulls me in.

Until the one thing I can’t accept, can’t forgive, comes to light.

And I’m left wondering, is Luca only interested in the chase? Or is he really playing for keeps?

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The Lost Lady

By Amelia Brown / Genre: Fantasy, Romance
The Lost Lady

A Woman Lost in Time…
Luveday is a researcher and spends most of her time behind a desk or a book. When she is transported to Anora, another world that resembles medieval England, she is at a loss, but she’s smart enough to know that a woman on her own has little chances of survival and fewer rights. She finds herself rescued by a knight on his way home to Lander’s Keep, and works to make herself indispensable to the castle and it’s absent Lord, hoping that she won’t be thrown out into the cold before she can find a way home.

The King’s Champion…
Lord Iain De Lane returns home to find his ancestral castle, long neglected, has been transformed and a mysterious lady is responsible. His elderly Aunt, Lady Emmalyn and young Ellie, sing her praises, in fact the whole castle and village have nothing but good to say about her, but the last thing Iain needs is another woman in his life. Especially since, his fiancé, Lady Christabel, has taken up residence unexpectedly, and despite the improvements, they are both finding out that a court favorite is not the proper wife for a northern lord. Still, Iain is locked into a betrothal sanctioned by the King, and he needs the coin to keep his people fed. No matter how appealing Lady Luveday may seem in comparison, he could never choose the penniless noblewoman.

As Luveday grows to be more to Iain and his people, it becomes clear that the Lord of the Keep has made a serious mistake in choosing a bride. When the wedding draws near, and the lines between Lord and Lady blur, will Iain follow his heart and marry her or will Luveday need to make a hard choice of her own, and leave the place she loves or risk becoming more than a lost lady, but a fallen one?

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By A. WARD / Genre: Single Authors, Short Stories

What happens on vacation should stay on vacation – at least that’s how the old saying goes. When Memori Stills and her group of friends leave their homes in Louisiana for a trip of a lifetime to Dubai, not only is temptation on the itinerary but so is deceit.

When coming across a man like Sy’Cotic Baptiste, it’s a dream come true. Strong, handsome and educated are all words that describe him. Drawing attention in every room he enters, he exudes power whenever he speaks. Yet, not all women can handle the pressures of such a man. Torn between what’s right and wrong, Memori and her girls are at a crossroads with how to handle Sy’Cotic – especially considering what’s on the line.

As years of family secrets come uncovered with a mere phone call, a lost soul is linked to a devastating past. Both relationships and friendships are pushed to the brink, while forever bonds are broken.

Can friendship overcome treachery? Will love conquer lust? Or will a haunted past come back to ruin a new life? Find out in Spring Break in Dubai with A Gangsta!

Free as of 09/17/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Louisiana Cooking: Easy Cajun and Creole Recipes from Louisiana

By Sarah Spence / Genre: Cajun & Creole, U.S. Regional, Regional & International
Louisiana Cooking: Easy Cajun and Creole Recipes from Louisiana

Louisiana is beautiful, soulful and spicy! If you can’t tell this by the region’s inhabitants, then you can surely tell it by its amazing food. Come and discover the bold flavors of Louisiana and bring some of the best Creole and Cajun dishes to your table!

The cuisine of Louisiana is blend of old styles and new traditions, circumstance and spirit, Creole and Cajun. At every turn you find dishes that are unique to the region that speak secretly of the past while you enjoy the present. This is more than just food, it is life. To truly capture the soul of Louisiana cooking, you must fully immerse yourself and celebrate the roots of each dish.

From Jambalaya to gumbo, crawfish to spoon bread, red velvet to king cake, this book takes you on a tour of the most beloved flavors of the region. When a trip to the south just isn’t possible, but your spirit longs for adventure, dive into this book of Louisiana cooking and experience the heart and festivity of the region in your kitchen.

Free as of 09/17/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life

By Bryan R. Johnso / Genre: Chapter Books, Literature & Fiction, Children’s eBooks
Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life

Life at Flint Hill Elementary School may seem normal, but seven friends find themselves on a path to crack the code for an epic life. Whether they’re chasing their dreams on stage, searching for an elusive monster fish, or running a makeshift business out of a treehouse, can these heroes find a way to work together to change their community?

Free as of 09/17/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Mabel and the Sock Pirates – Childrens Picture Book

By Elwyn Tate / Genre: Cats, Animals, Children’s eBooks
Mabel and the Sock Pirates - Childrens Picture Book

Mabel is a cat who lives on a farm by the sea… but not just any old farm… Mabel’s farm has some very special trees… Trees unlike you have ever seen before.

One day some rascally pirates sail by and decide to plunder and steal from the farm and Mabel must defend her precious trees and there unusual fruit.

Free as of 09/17/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.


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