What Happens in Piccadilly (The Hellion Club Book 3)

By Chasity Bowlin / Genre: Regency, Romance
What Happens in Piccadilly (The Hellion Club Book 3)

There’s no such thing as just a kiss…
Chaos! That is what greets Miss Calliope St. James when she enters the household of her prospective employer, Lord Winn Hamilton, the Earl of Montgomery. The newly appointed guardian for his nieces and nephew, he’s clearly a man who has no idea what to do with children… and they are children who clearly know when the adults in charge haven’t a clue what they’re doing. But he is handsome. Terribly, temptingly handsome even when he’s maddening. Winn thought it was bad enough when his home was overrun with children hell-bent on driving him insane. Then their new governess arrived… and she looks like no governess he’s ever seen. Distractingly beautiful, maddeningly forthright, frustratingly capable—he’s equal parts attracted to her and infuriated by her. And then he sees the portrait… the portrait that changes everything. Because Calliope St. James isn’t just the abandoned and unwanted child of unknown parents as she’s always been led to believe. If Calliope is who he thinks she is, she’s very, very wealthy and there are powerful people in the highest reaches of society who want her very, very dead. To keep her safe, he’ll have to keep her close, and that presents them both with an entirely different sort of danger.

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Luna (The Luna Series Book 1)

By Letty Fram / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Romance
Luna (The Luna Series Book 1)

Will Lottie be able to deal with the possibility of the supernatural—even if she turns out to be one of them?
Charlotte “Lottie” Montgomery has recently graduated from Cambridge University and has accepted a veterinarian job in the small town of Lupine Valley.

Upon arrival, Lottie finds herself drawn to five men, who are loyal, protective and just a little bit quirky. Are their mannerisms because of their small-town culture, or is there something deeper to it? Something more… supernatural?

But, it turns out, Lottie has secrets of her own. But the choice is taken from her on whether she wants to share them. Some secrets need to be revealed, even if it means destroying her entire life.

When the truth is revealed, Lottie has to decide whether she can accept her new life and the people in it, or if she’s going to go back to a life of ignorance.

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Daring the Duke (The Debutante Dares Book 1)

By Charlie Lan / Genre: Romance, Classics
Daring the Duke (The Debutante Dares Book 1)

In this Regency Romance by Charlie Lane, a London season of scandalous dares forces a lady and her duke to see that perfect isn’t as perfect as it seems.

A redheaded bluestocking in desperate need of a wealthy husband.
A handsome duke looking for his perfect duchess.
And a dare that shows that opposites may not only attract but can be so much more.

Lady Tabitha Hampton has the memory of an elephant. Her sharp brain locks everything away tight as a trunk in an attic. But this talent fails to help the twenty-seven-year-old bluestocking attract the attention of a single wealthy suitor. And she needs one. With three sisters of marriageable age, a sickly father, and a series of bad investments that left them impoverished, Tabitha’s marriage could save or ruin her entire family.

Arthur, the Duke of Collingford needs a wife but not just any lady will do. Arthur’s future duchess must be perfect in every way—fair of face, impeccable manners, with enough social influence to impact his parliamentary projects. When he joins the whirl of the London season, the duke finds an insufferable, redheaded wallflower instead.

Tabitha insists she can be the perfect duchess, if he’ll only give her the chance. Arthur agrees to test her abilities, but she tests his control. And one taste of her lips is enough to make him question everything.

Opposites may attract, but can they cooperate? Or will they lose everything, including their hearts?

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The Stagecoach: A John Treehorn Mystery (Book 8)

By Dinah Miller / Genre: Native American, United States
The Stagecoach: A John Treehorn Mystery (Book 8)

Who’s the sheriff? Who’s the bank robber?

FBI Special Agent John Treehorn hunts for a killer who murdered an ex-Pinkerton Detective and his Wells Fargo client on the Navajo Indian Reservation while transporting a briefcase full of unsecured bank bonds and a little black book.

The investigation takes a turn when Treehorn’s ex-sister-in-law, Simi Bear, General Counsel for the United States Marshal Service, arrives to work the investigation. The bodies begin to pile up as a man in the Witness Protection Program turns up dead, while a second disappears. Soon threads tying all four to the Mesa and Gutierrez drug cartels begin unraveling, exposing everyone’s agenda.

Treehorn learns the truth behind the cartels’ involvement, and discovers the connection to the murder of his wife, Skyler, which finally allows him to free her chindi spirit.

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Hope for the Cowboy: A Christian opposites attract romance (Whispering Oaks Ranch Book 1)

By Hannah Jo Abbott / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction
Hope for the Cowboy: A Christian opposites attract romance (Whispering Oaks Ranch Book 1)

He’s committed to the ranch he loves, she’s just here for a job, but they just might find each other too.

Katie Wadford is devastated after being fired from her job as an account manager. When no other large firms in town will hire her, she’s desperate to find a place to prove herself. Reluctantly she returns to her hometown in hopes of working for a small business to boost her resume.

Sawyer Macklin is certain that his family ranch doesn’t need a business manager. When his father hires one anyway, Sawyer agrees to get along. But the woman who shows up in high heels isn’t anything like what he expected.

When Katie offers the ranch as the location for a church fundraiser, Sawyer volunteers to help, but only so he can tell her it’s a bad idea and put an end to it. He finds out Katie is a hard person to say no to.

As they learn to work together, will Sawyer’s fears of his past mistakes keep them apart, or will they both find a future they didn’t expect?

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The Duke’s Sword (The Duke’s Guard Book 1)

By C.H. Admirand / Genre: Regency, Romance
The Duke's Sword (The Duke’s Guard Book 1)

Gwendolyn guards her bruised and battered heart like a warrior…Patrick O’Malley has no time for distractions…

The Duke of Wyndmere’s quest to find a nanny for his newborn twins brings yet another applicant to his door. Widowed Gwendolyn Alexander’s reputation precedes her as one of the most sought-after nannies among the ton.

Patrick O’Malley, head of the duke’s personal guard, hopes this latest applicant will meet with the approval of the most difficult members of the duke’s family…his twin babes. Nothing prepares him for the physical reaction that slams into him as the petite woman, dressed in drab peat-brown from head to toe, steps down from the duke’s carriage. Her Irish whiskey-colored eyes hold him captive, while her voluptuous curves have his breath snagging in his lungs as unbidden images slam into him of tangled sheets…flickering firelight, and silky brown tresses spread across the white of his pillow.

Gwendolyn Alexander anticipates her reputation preceding her as she alights from the duke’s carriage. She steps down from the carriage to thank the footman for his assistance, and her gaze collides with an impossibly handsome, broad-shouldered man, garbed in black from head to toe. Desire flickers in eyes the color of polished emeralds, reminding her of Beltane fires, drawing her inexorably toward him.

When Gwendolyn and Patrick find themselves at cross purposes protecting the little ones from threats of kidnapping, they must learn to compromise and work together before the kidnapper strikes again!

Will they walk away or face the fire of desire that threatens to consume them?

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Mail Order Bride: The Bride’s Unexpected Baby: Clean and Wholesome Western Historical Romance (Mail Order Bride and Babies)

By Faith Johnson / Genre: Westerns, Genre Fiction
Mail Order Bride: The Bride's Unexpected Baby: Clean and Wholesome Western Historical Romance (Mail Order Bride and Babies)

Amanda is excited to begin her new life in the West as a mail-order bride. Her husband-to-be, Dr Steven James, seems kind enough in his letters, and Amanda looks forward to working alongside him as his nurse. Though her journey to meet Dr James is a long one, she comforts herself with the dreams of her new life and husband. So when she learns her plans now include an unexpected baby, Amanda is not quite sure how to feel.

Dr James has been left caring for his late sister’s child, and he is pleased Amanda is here now to help him out. The only problem is, that Amanda did not come west to be a mother—she had hoped to work as a nurse, not a nursemaid. As much as Amanda wants to feel happy and loved in her new home, she is devastated that her dream will not come true.

But with trust in love, life has a way of bringing us our dreams in ways we never expected.

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Killian (New York Vulcans Book 3)

By Teagan Kad / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance
Killian (New York Vulcans Book 3)

Beautifully, wonderfully, toe-curlingly complex.
That’s Killian O’Sullivan—running back for the New York Vulcans complete with lucky green jockstrap and an appetite for trouble.
A smart woman would steer well clear, but I’ve decided to head right for the pretty blue eyes of the storm.
I find him one night half-naked in an alleyway (long story) short on pants but definitely not short on something else.
Helping a stranger in need is one thing, but dating a Vulcan is quite another.
He lives on a knife’s edge. Me? I’ve got… complications (even longer story).
It’s a solid no-go. Absolutely not.
Still, there’s a flicker of desire that’s working itself between my legs that seems damn near unstoppable if I let it burn unattended.
But a guy who looks good in a skirt (yep, another story) and smells like a bottle of Jameson?
I have an inkling, a little tingle that tells me it would be a bad, no good, terrible kind of idea.
Because getting into his pants is one thing.
But getting into his head is quite another.

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Wanted: The Perfect Husband (Rocky Ridge Romance Book 3)

By Margery Scott / Genre: Frontier & Pioneer, Westerns, Genre Fiction
Wanted: The Perfect Husband (Rocky Ridge Romance Book 3)

Sybil Franklin needs a husband – fast! In order to keep the ranch she inherited from a father she never knew, she must be married within thirteen days. One man comes highly recommended. The problem is, he has no interest in marriage, no matter what she offers in return.

Devin McGregor had a ranch once, had a fiancé, had a future. He made a mistake, and it cost him everything. Now, he’s afraid to risk failing again, even though it’s tempting to accept Sybil’s marriage proposal.

When Sybil decides to post an advertisement for the perfect husband, Devin knows he has to stop her from being taken advantage of, but there’s only one way to do that – marry her himself.

If Devin can’t overcome his fear of failure, he’s going to lose everything again – including the woman he loves.

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Courting The Witch: A Four Arts Novella

By M.J. Scott / Genre: Romantic, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Courting The Witch: A Four Arts Novella

Desire or duty…which will woo a witch?
Imogene Carvelle has always dreamed of a glittering career as an Imperial Mage. She wants to travel the empire and do some good. Marriage can wait. When she returns home from a long mission away, she has nothing more on her mind than having a little fun. But when Imogene meets a huge and handsome heir to a duq at a ball, her plans for just one night get complicated. Because the oh-so-delicious but oh-so-wrong Jean-Paul du Laq doesn’t want to let her go…

Jean-Paul du Laq knows he has to marry. As the heir to a duq, he has to carry on the family line with the right kind of wife. A career minded commoner like Imogene is absolutely not the woman he should be considering for anything more than a dalliance. But to him, Imogene shines brighter than the sun and he’s determined to win her heart…

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Operation Nana: A Plan Full of Love

By Kelle Lima / Genre: Humorous, Literature & Fiction, Children’s eBooks
Operation Nana: A Plan Full of Love

Juju has a very special mission. She’s determined to make Miss Rose her nana even though they aren’t connected by blood. This little girl is ready to show the world that to be part of a family, we only need to be connected by our hearts.

Ready? Set. LAUGH & LOVE!

Being blood related is not the dictator of becoming family as you probably know! Juju’s fun-loving demeanor is the most naïve and cutest thing as she tries to express how much she loves and cares for Miss Rose. We can be related by blood, adopted, or even just love someone so much that they just become related to us in our hearts.

Family is who you love, no matter what!

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Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 900 Amazing Recipes for Fast, Easy, and Tasty Meals

By Vanessa Ol / Genre: Quick & Easy, Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 900 Amazing Recipes for Fast, Easy, and Tasty Meals

The pressure cooker is truly a Game-Changer!

Cooking does not have to be a chore. With a pressure cooker as your secret weapon, whipping out delicious meals can be fast, easy, and enjoyable.

In this monster of a cookbook, you will find valuable information on things like:

·How pressure cooking works
·How to operate a pressure cooker
·Tips on safety and maintenance
·How to convert slow cooker recipes to a pressure cooker

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