The Wayward Apprentice (A Stephen Attebrook mystery Book 1)

By Jason Vail / Genre: Historical, Mystery & Thrillers

The Wayward Apprentice (A Stephen Attebrook mystery Book 1)

Stephen Attebrook, a crippled knight facing poverty and ruin, seems condemned to a quiet life when he takes a position as deputy coroner in the small town of Ludlow.

But instead, he plunges into a web of murder and intrigue.

A death Attebrook rules an accidental drowning turns out to be a murder, and he must find the killer with little evidence pointing the way.

Then a commission to return a runaway apprentice pitches him into the midst of a conflict between a rebellious earl and King Henry III that is about to erupt into civil war.

Caught up in the twilight struggle among spies readying for war, Attebrook races to defend the apprentice against a charge of murder while dodging killers in the employ of one of the factions.
Thirteenth century England has never been brought more vividly to life than in the pages of The Wayward Apprentice.

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Renegade Ridge: Bad Boy Action Adventure Romance (Renegade Series Book 1)

By Arabella Steedly / Genre: Romance, Action & Adventure

Renegade Ridge: Bad Boy Action Adventure Romance (Renegade Series Book 1)

Saddle up for a wild ride…

Jake is in trouble again… but this time it’s not with the law. His prized mare is injured while barrel racing and needs medical attention fast! He is forced to turn to Dr. Vanessa Hart…
The young, HOT inexperienced veterinarian who is new to town.

When she shows up at the ranch, they get off on the wrong foot… Jake’s PTSD kicks in from his military days, and he gets angry with her.

Jake can’t deny his attraction for the BBW, but he has a shady past. One he is afraid to admit to Vanessa for fear she will label him as a bad boy loser.

Vanessa has come to town for a fresh start…

She keeps to herself but when Jake does her a favor she agrees to go out with him. After their first kiss, Vanessa can’t keep her eyes off him.

She wants more…

But she holds a deep dark secret too that she isn’t about to share… a deadly secret!

Will Jake and Vanessa’s love for each other be strong enough for them to find happiness and put their pasts in the rearview mirror?

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Shameless (The Shameless Trilogy Book 1)

By M. Malone / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Shameless (The Shameless Trilogy Book 1)

I am the thing that goes bump in the night. I am a liar, a protector…a killer… I am Noah Blake.

There is only one light in my darkness, one bright ray in the storm of my life. Lucia DeMarco. And I’ll do anything for her. Anything except show her who I really am…an assassin. Well, former assassin. I don’t really do that anymore…usually.

It would be easier if she didn’t call me names. Asshole, control freak … shameless. It would also be easier if she didn’t look at me with those trusting gray eyes. If I didn’t dream about the perfect curve of her — never mind all that. The point is she’s digging into my world, my secrets, and it’s going to get her killed.

But first, we have another more immediate concern. Lucia is going on a date—With someone else…

And I’m not allowed to kill this one.

Noah’s Cliffhanger Warning:
Ladies, I know you want to see the full package. But I have to tease you first. So I’m just going to open a few buttons so you can take a peek. And while you’re at it, hold onto your panties because I like it dirty.

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Liv (Signature Sweethearts)

By Kelsie Rae / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Liv (Signature Sweethearts)

Liv had her life all figured out until it was shattered by the loss of her husband. He left her a piece of him she hadn’t planned on. How can she pick up the pieces when she doesn’t know where to begin?


I never imagined my life would end up this way. I thought I had everything figured out until I got the call my husband was killed in a car accident and that my period was late.

Dead Husband: Check
Positive Pregnancy Test: Check
Screwed Beyond Belief?: Double Check


I was never supposed to see her again. That was the deal. Leave her and my ex-best friend behind to finally mend my broken heart and move on with life. And it was going smoothly, too. That is, until said ex-best friend dies and his wife, Liv, lets a secret slip at his funeral that I can’t possibly ignore.

Out of my freaking mind?: Check
Extremely Angry Girlfriend who will kill me when she finds out I have a new roommate?: Check
About to get my heart ripped in two?: Double Check

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Evanthia’s Gift (The Gift Saga Book 1)

By Effie Kammenou / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Evanthia's Gift (The Gift Saga Book 1)

This Greek American family saga follows a multigenerational story of love, loyalty, and culture. An emotional novel about family bonds and the difficult pull between home and heritage.

In the year 1956, Anastacia Fotopoulos finds herself pregnant and betrayed, fleeing from a bad marriage. With the love and support of her dear friends Stavros and Soula Papadakis, Ana is able to face the challenges of single motherhood. Left with emotional wounds, she resists her growing affection for Alexandros Giannakos, an old acquaintance. But his persistence and unconditional love for Ana and her child is eventually rewarded and his love is returned. In a misguided, but well-intentioned effort to protect the ones they love, both Ana and Alex keep secrets – ones that could threaten the delicate balance of their family.

The story continues in the 1970’s as Dean and Demi Papadakis, and Sophia Giannakos attempt to negotiate between two cultures. Now Greek-American teenagers, Sophia and Dean,
who have shared a special connection since childhood, become lovers. Sophia is shattered when Dean rebels against the pressure his father places on him to uphold his Greek heritage and hides his feelings for her. When he pulls away from his family, culture and ultimately his love for her, Sophia is left with no choice but to find a life different from the one she’d hoped for.

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Greyson (A Hell’s Harlem Novel Book 1)

By J.M. Walker / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Greyson (A Hell's Harlem Novel Book 1)

Confusion. Lust. Fear. Passion.

It started the moment she passed out in my arms.

Seduction. Vile. Depraved. Desire.

She couldn’t remember her past but looked to me like I was her future.

My walls were built. My heart was cold. My emotions vacant.

After being alone for five years with only my motorcycle club at my side, she was who I had been searching for. The one I had needed all along to light up the darkness surrounding my life. Just when I thought I had her, just when I thought I could finally allow myself that happiness I didn’t think I deserved. She was ripped from my hands…

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True Light (From the Stars Book 1)

By G. Bailey / Genre: Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult

True Light (From the Stars Book 1)

With sharing the true light, there is always a cost.

Aura Scott didn’t want to move house, but her father didn’t give her a choice when he wanted an escape after the car accident that nearly killed them both. Trying to survive in a literal ghost town is never fun, but add in the neighbours from hell, well it’s becoming a nightmare.
Maxx and his brother have dark secrets, and Aura might want to run when she finds out the truth.
When two strangers move into Maxx’s house across the street, Aura finds out there is more than just secrets to be frightened of.

When light appears, so does darkness…

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No Prince Charming (Secrets of Stone Series Book 1)

By Angel Payne / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

No Prince Charming (Secrets of Stone Series Book 1)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who dressed up and went to a big party at the palace. When she was there, she met a prince. They danced and fell in love…

Damn good line. Too bad I don’t believe a word of it anymore.

My name is Claire Montgomery, and I’m not a princess. I’m a fighter. I worked hard to earn my place on the emergency image repair team for one of the biggest public relations companies in the country. We’ve been called to the renowned Chicago headquarters of Stone Global Corporation, where it’s our job to clean up a heap of the Stone family’s filthiest laundry. Our success will be the biggest victory of my career. I’m on my game. I’m ready.

Why doesn’t ready include a contingency plan for Killian Stone?

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One For Sorrow (Isabel Fielding Series Book 1)

By Sarah A. Denzil / Genre: Psychological, Mystery & Thrillers

One For Sorrow (Isabel Fielding Series Book 1)

A chilling psychological thriller by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Silent Child.

Who really killed Maisie Earnshaw?

Within the walls of the high-security psychiatric facility, Crowmont Hospital, reside many violent offenders. To nurse Leah Smith, no matter what, all offenders are patients first and foremost. When Leah is appointed as nurse to Isabel Fielding, she is determined to remain professional despite the shocking crime Isabel allegedly committed in her past.

Seven years ago, six-year-old Maisie Earnshaw was found face down in a duck pond, her body mutilated. Isabel–at age fourteen, found covered in Maisie’s blood–was convicted of murder.

As Leah spends time with Isabel, she comes to know her as a young woman with a sweet, gentle nature, someone she could never see as a murderer. Leah begins to suspect members of the Fielding family of framing Isabel as a young girl, and she’s not the only one. True crime blogger James Gorden thinks Isabel is innocent too.

But is Leah letting her own dark past taint her judgement as she grows closer to her patient? Or has a young woman been unjustly robbed of her childhood?

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Jump Off Bitches

By MJ Sparks / Genre: Urban

Jump Off Bitches

This sizzling trio of BFFS and boothangs bring sure fire ratchet drama and sass with colorful bursts of erotic scenery. Meet Kenya, Bird and Deidre. Three chicks with three very different stories. First up to bat is Miss Kenya, the self titled classy and fashionable down south chick with sass for days. She is a working single mother and student, who after two years of a shelved sex life, feels her frozen hot pocket is overdue on getting scorched. After a long and strong relationship with herself and “her toys”, her desire for human contact has become imminent. Being pulled in so many different directions, she barely has time to date, much less carry out a relationship with someone, but she can not shake the nagging urge to hit the sheets with someone other than Mario, her favorite vibrator. She quickly sets her sights on an unlikely target the father of her son’s best friend, who also happens to be married. Things get very hot and sticky, but is she bold enough to go all the way?

While Kenya is trying to figure out if she will be a side chick, her best friend, Bird is engulfed in a battle against a side chick trying to keep her husband. She is ready to get down and dirty and go to all out war for her man, but after finding herself fighting a losing battle, she jumps ships and lands into the arms of another man. Determined to find out if the old adage of getting over one man by getting under another reins true, Bird finds herself in the crossfire.

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Beautiful Savage (Savage & Ink Book 2)

By Victoria Ashley / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Beautiful Savage (Savage & Ink Book 2)


Thirteen long years without Lex, and as if she was never gone, she walks back into my life, feisty as h@ll and set on running from me.

I refuse to let that happen.

She’s my Lex. I’ve been in love with her since the age of nine. I lost her once, and you better d@mn well believe that I will walk through the fires of Hell before losing her again.

She’s set on pushing me away, afraid to show me how far down the path of destruction she has traveled but I’m making it my mission to piece her back together again and claim her as mine.

It doesn’t matter if I have to destroy everything in my path that leads to her– I will.

She’s not the only one who has changed with time. I’m rough, savage, and just as damaged as she is.

But there’s one thing I’m capable of – always have been – and that is loving her.


I need medicine to escape this reality – the pills, c@caine, and liquor aren’t even enough to numb the pain of my past.

Years without Jax destroyed me – ruined me forever – and being back in his life will only ruin him the same.
I never meant to find him again, and I sure as hell never meant to want him just as much as I did before we were ripped apart.

It doesn’t matter that I need to stay away from him. It doesn’t matter that I fight to keep my distance. Jax refuses to let me go.

My biggest fear is destroying the only person I’ve ever been capable of loving, but he’s not giving me any other choice…

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The Opening Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel (Chase Fulton Novels Book 1)

By Cap Daniels / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Action & Adventure

The Opening Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel (Chase Fulton Novels Book 1)

When collegiate baseball phenom Chase Fulton suffers a freak injury on the field that shatters his dreams of becoming a Major League catcher, his future looks bleak until he’s recruited into quasi-governmental covert operations, where his training as an assassin and covert intelligence operative launches him into a world fraught with danger, intrigue, and unexpected passion. As Chase navigates the Caribbean, he’s pursued by a beautiful Russian SVR officer who is trained and prepared to find, interrogate, and kill him if necessary. He learns exactly how deadly the realm of international espionage can be when duty and love collide.

Free as of 09/29/18 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Last Goodbye

By Caroline Finnerty / Genre: British & Irish, Literary Fiction

The Last Goodbye

Sometimes the decisions we make can last a lifetime . . . and sometimes we cannot shake off the shackles of decisions made by others in the past.

Kate Flynn has spent her whole life running away. She reckons the best decision she ever made was to leave Ireland the day after she finished school. Having seldom returned since, she would be perfectly happy if she never had to go back there. She is happy in London where she runs a successful photography gallery with her best friend Nat, though their relationship is going through a rocky patch since Nat began an affair with a married man.

When Kate becomes pregnant and her partner Ben persuades her to make the trip home, she is forced to confront everything she left behind and memories of Eva, the mother she feels betrayed her. Kate finds it impossible to forgive Eva who chose to refuse cancer treatment while pregnant and died, leaving a young family motherless.

Do some wounds go too deep to ever heal? Must Eva’s Choice forever deny Kate real happiness?

The Last Goodbye is a powerful story of love and loss, forgiveness and new beginnings – a heart-wrenching and emotional page-turner for mothers and daughters everywhere.

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Scandal In The Pews

By Tracey T. Cooper / Genre: Christian, African American, United States

Scandal In The Pews

Scandal an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong causing general public outcry or outrage
We live in a society where there are scandals in Government, Corporate America, family and even amongst friends. But what happens when scandal takes place in your church, and leaders that you hold in high esteem are morally corrup
Enter the world of Bishop Gregory Fortune, a prominent Pentecostal preacher, father, and husband of almost thirty years. He has two children by the love of his life, Sheila. Though not a complicated man, he has big dreams to grow his ministry to a level of greatness. Then, unexpectedly, his simple life is instantly upgraded when a rare beauty walks into the doors of his small sanctuary. From the onset, an educated Nadira Horton is a quiet spirit, yet she has the aura of a Boss that Gregory recognizes almost immediately.
Hungry for success, Nadira takes the bull by the horns and sets her business plan into motion . At her direction, Gregory’s lofty dream of having a massive ministry materializes, and Sheila basks in the glory of their success without having put in any actual work of her own. Suddenly, Nadira finds herself in love with Gregory, who has also fallen hard for her.
All the while, Nadira’s best friend Myka is caught up in her own scandal. Dreadful secrets force her picture perfect marriage to fade in the most horrendous way imaginable.
The old saying, ‘If the head isn’t right the body isn’t either,’ reigns true in this congregation. Exceeding Faith Ministries and its members are all experiencing scandal while occupying the pews. Who will be the one to remove their white gloves, slide on their gladiator suit, and clean up the mess that their choices have left behind?

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By The Sparkler Princess / Genre: Zoos, More Animals, Animals, Children’s eBooks


March along with these curious ant characters as they learn the power of their thoughts, words and actions. Every page turn brings a playful surprise that will spark the imagination of every child’s mind and heart. This rhyming picture book promises to support children as they learn to navigate their way through unlimited possibilities, while raising their child-like curiosity. The first of a picture book trilogy for children ages 3-6 years, the Sparkler Princess secretly believes that it might possibly spark some magic within children of all ages, including adults.

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VEGAN: VEGETARIAN: 35 High Protein Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss and Building Muscle (Clean Eating, Slow Cooker, Raw Food)

By Charlotte Moyer / Genre: Low Cholesterol, Special Diet, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

VEGAN: VEGETARIAN: 35 High Protein Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss and Building Muscle (Clean Eating, Slow Cooker, Raw Food)

Lose Weight and Gain Lean Muscle Mass – The Healthy Vegan Way!
It doesn’t have to be difficult to cook delicious vegan meals at home!
Vegan: 35 High Protein Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss and Building Muscle by is more than a cookbook. Chapter-by-chapter, Charlotte Moyer introduces you to the most essential foods of a vegan diet. You’ll learn to prepare delicious dishes based around these popular vegan staples:

  • Beans
  • Quinoa
  • Nuts
  • Greens
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • and even Tempeh!

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