Laurie’s Time: The Fairfield Series

By Maryann Jordan / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction / Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (89 reviews)

Laurie's Time: The Fairfield Series

Beautiful Laurie Dodd was perfectly happy with her life. Raised by her loving aunt, she was ready to discover life out on her own. A new town, a new teaching job, a new apartment, and new friends. Finding a new man was not on her list, especially not one with the reputation of a player.

Rob McDonald, a local firefighter, had grown tired of one-night stands, but had no desire to be paired with the new woman in town. Until he met her. One look was all it took and Rob knew that Laurie was the one for him, but he was going to have to work to convince her that he was a changed man. One that was worthy of her.

A fire at the elementary school brought them together, but illness and deceit threatened to tear them apart.

Will Rob be able to find the missing pieces of Laurie’s past to help her fight for her future?

Will Laurie be able to forgive Rob’s deceit in order to have a future with him?

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The Boy in the Boat: A Memoir

By Brian O’Raleigh / Genre: Drama & Plays / Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (88 reviews)

The Boy in the Boat: A Memoir

If you’re looking for a thrilling true life suspence story that reads more like fiction than fact, do not miss The Boy in the Boat, a wild, unpredictable journey through Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East that will hold you enthralled. Brian never knew why his family fled Ireland but he learned early to escape his father’s demonic rages by slipping away from the Alexandra Private Hotel to the beach and the Kathleen R, the fishing boat that was to become his refuge and his sanctuary. At 18 years of age, running from the law in England, Brian arrives in Australia seeking to overcome a growing dependency on alcohol and the subsequent damage he is wreaking on his own life and the lives of those he loves. In a style that is both raw and compelling, The Boy in the Boat tells the riveting story of Brian’s childhood, his triumph over alcoholism, his inspirational journey towards recovery, and eventually to the profound realization that he was molded and shaped during his childhood years for the meaning and purpose of his life. This is an engrossing memoir.

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Hope To Escape

By Jack Parker / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (117 reviews)

Hope To Escape

When she planned her ESCAPE…

Ess wasn’t aware that a momentary encounter during her childhood had made her the object of obsession nearly twenty years later. Not just the artist’s obsession, but also the art collector’s. The artist had to kidnap her to keep her safe.

The truth doesn’t always set you free.

How do they go on?

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Secrets Can Be Deadly

By Nancy Roe / Genre: Contemporary Fiction / Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (53 reviews)

Secrets Can Be Deadly

A journey of secrets, lies, revenge, and death.

Tragedy strikes the lives of two children in 1968. A house fire kills Sam’s father and brother. Three weeks later, Sam’s mother disappears and Sam must grow up with strict grandparents. Mason’s mother and sister die in a fiery automobile accident. Mason’s father moves them to a new city in Iowa to forget about the life they left behind.

Twelve years later, Mason receives mysterious notes and phone calls about his past. Mason searches for the truth about the family he never knew, only to discover secrets that force him to choose between his father and the woman he loves.

Mason and Sam set out on separate quests to determine who is telling the truth, who is keeping secrets, and who must die.

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Marriage and Murder (Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 4)

By Dianne Harman / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (164 reviews)

Marriage and Murder (Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 4)

After a long courtship, Kelly, the owner of Kelly’s Koffee Shop, and Mike, the county sheriff, finally get married. Their honeymoon is cut short when Jesse, the owner of the local wine store called ‘The Crush’ gets murdered. Why would anyone want to murder Jesse, a likable and legendary wine expert?

There are a number of suspects including his ex-wife, an alcoholic who hates liquor stores, a Mafia hit man, a wealthy French woman, two wine making brothers, and even his sister. But who did it? Join Kelly, Mike, and their dogs, Rebel and Lady, as they seek to find the killer. Along the way, you’ll find lots of good food and mouth-watering recipes.

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Xavier: St Griswold College for Abandoned Boys

By E.M. Cooper / Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy & Magic, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories, Children’s eBooks / Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars (57 reviews)

Xavier: St Griswold College for Abandoned Boys

In the first book of the Xavier series, Xavier Jones, an ordinary thirteen-year-old boy is abandoned at St Griswold College deep within the mysterious Mourn Forest. As the world changes outside the school walls, evil brews at St Griswold. Xavier discovers the school and its inhabitants have strange customs and dark secrets. Everything he knows and believes about the world shifts.

He befriends Ethan and Gabe, an eccentric new arrival. Through them he discovers humour, hope and courage–and the first stirrings of his abilities. In a magical world teeming with angels, demons, shape shifters and the Darklaw, the boys meet Beth, a young seer from Ambrosia. Using their abilities and devices, the teenagers must discover who they can trust among those they meet including the ethereal Boundary Keeper, a vain messenger angel and a magical watchmaker. Together the young friends journey across a country infiltrated by sinister forces in the hope of saving the children of Griswold. They witness the terrifying First Strike, a celestial battle between angelic and demonic armies, and Xavier learns of his destiny and a frightening prediction.

Xavier is a boarding school fantasy series for readers from upper middle grade and up, who love the fantasy genre and for anyone who enjoys fantasy, adventure, magic and suspense.

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100 Fun Stories for 4-8 Year Olds (Perfect for Bedtime & Young Readers) (Yellow Series)

By Sharlene Alexander / Genre: Children’s eBooks / Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (169 reviews)

100 Fun Stories for 4-8 Year Olds (Perfect for Bedtime & Young Readers) (Yellow Series)

If your child loves books by Mo Willems, Laura Numeroff, Dr. Seuss, Felicia Bond, P.D. Eastman, and Sandra Boynton, your child will fall in love with this children’s story collection. This book is filled with wonderfully illustrated color pictures.
Includes a Table of Contents for easy navigationREFORMATTED to work correctly on ALL devices

There are 100 fun stories in this book.
1) Dizzy the Amazing Spinning Dinosaur – Find out how Dizzy uses his amazing spinning tail to defeat the big bad hungry T-Rex.

2) The Magical Mouse – Mouse meets a frog that gives him magical powers. Find out how Mouse helps the other animals and gets an amazing surprise when he reaches the Far Away Land.

3) Simon and the Evil Serpent – Simon, a genius clown fish, comes up with a plan to defeat the evil serpent when he discovers the witch’s secret.

4) The Cat That Was Afraid of A Mouse – Otto is a scaredy cat that hides whenever he sees a mouse. One day Tilly, a clever little mouse, finds Otto’s hiding spot and uses him to teach the other evil cats a lesson…

5) The Rooster that Couldn’t Crow: A farm gets turned upside down when a rooster loses his voice. Will he ever be able to get it back?

6)The Magical Mouse
7) The Party in Monsterland

8) The Early Bird Didn’t Always Catch the Worm

9) Monkey and the Silly Shark

10) Alligators Can’t Skateboard!

11) The Cow That Tried to Jump Over the Moon
12) Furious Fred Goes to an Ice Cream Store
13) Dinosaurs Are Not Terrible Lizards
14) The Scary Flood in Sun and Moon’s House
15) The Search for the Longest Story
16) Cheetah and the Crazy Rock
17) Where the Silly Things Are
18) The Happy Hippo Race
19) How the Tiger Got Its Stripes
20) The Magical Volcano Soup++ 80 More Stories!

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Mediterranean Slow Cooker: 101 Best of Easy and Delicious Mediterranean Slow Cooker Recipes to a Healthy Life

By J.J. Lewis / Genre: European, European, Regional & International, Cookbooks, Food & Wine / Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (35 reviews)

Mediterranean Slow Cooker: 101 Best of Easy and Delicious Mediterranean Slow Cooker Recipes to a Healthy Life

Mediterranean slow cooking will give you a celebration in the mouth while you are making yourself healthier!
Mediterranean cuisine include heart-healthy olive oil, protein-rich legumes, fish and whole grains with moderate amounts of wine and red meat. The flavors of the food are rich and their health benefits are hard to ignore. People who follow the diet have been found to have a lesser likelihood of developing high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, obesity. Therefore, while you are enjoying the exotic meals that the diet offers, you are promoting good health for yourself. Here are the delectably healthy meals that you will learn to cook in JJ’s cookbook:

  • Crock Pot Mediterranean Pork With Couscous
  • Southern Italian Ratatouille
  • Mediterranean Lentil Soup with Spinach
  • Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole
  • 9 To 5 Mexican Crock Pot Chicken

Gain a better heart and a smoother blood flow!
The foods that you will be eating on a daily basis once you adopt the Mediterranean diet are mostly heart-healthy food. They promote proper blood circulation and and healthier, stronger heartbeat. So, you can expect that while you are making a delicious change to your meal schedule, you will feel healthier overall because your blood flow is as smooth as it can get–a smoother blood flow equates to body parts that have more nutrients.

Avoid diseases and perform with more energy!

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