Brides of Beckham: The First Four Books

By Kirsten Osbourne / Genre: Historical Romance, Romance

Brides of Beckham:  The First Four Books

This box set includes the first four books in the bestselling Brides of Beckham Series by Kirsten Osbourne. Included are: Mail Order Mayhem, Mail Order Mama, Mail Order Madness and Mail Order Mix-up.

Harriett Long, a widow in Beckham, Massachusetts, begins her journey as a matchmaker by matching up four brides with grooms in the West. Follow her and her butler, Higgins, as they give desperate women their happily ever afters.

Mail Order Mayhem

When Maude is told she must marry a repulsive man, she instead responds to an Iowa farmer who is looking for a mail order bride. After sneaking out of town on a train, she goes to Iowa and marries. She quickly falls for the wonderful man she marries, but does he feel the same? And will she be able to escape her past?

Mail Order Mama

When Emily’s mother decides to marry, her fiancé says that twenty year old Emily needs to find a new place to live before the wedding. She runs across an advertisement for mail order brides and responds, hoping to find a good situation. Benjamin lost the love of his life just months before. He and his girls need a new mama in their house. Will Emily be the mama they need?

Mail Order Madness

Susan cannot stand living with her eleven younger siblings, so she answers an advertisement for a mail order bride, choosing a man who has no children so she won’t be plagued with other people’s ill-behaved offspring. When she arrives in Fort Worth, she finds out her fiancé has been killed, and his older brother is offering to take his place.

Mail Order Mix Up

When Ellen and her sister are forced out of the only home they’ve ever known by a local banker after the death of their father, they answer an advertisement placed by Harriett Long for mail order brides. Ellen chooses to marry the sheriff of a town in Colorado while Malinda agrees to marry his brother, a banker. Each sister is immediately drawn to one of the brothers….too bad it’s the wrong one!

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Don’t Touch My Crown: It’s The Mafia

By Charae Lewis / Genre: Urban, Contemporary Fiction

Don't Touch My Crown: It's The Mafia

We are the perfect couple, we’re just not in the perfect situation

For years, Mafia, sat in misery as she witnessed her husband, Prentice, share the very thing that was supposed to be reserved for her. He was numb to her heartache and Mafia was simply exhausted. She had squandered every ounce of energy to fight for her marriage, but she quickly realized that her effort was in vain. Mafia is undecided if she should continue her union with Prentice but when an old flame re-emerges, chaos arises. She’s torn on if she should continue to be a loyal wife, or take a chance on something that’s considered sinful. When she discovers a harmful secret her husband has been harboring, Mafia finds herself in a treacherous situation.

Will Mafia ever put herself first and open her heart again or will she continue to settle for unhappiness?

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Bound to Me: A gripping, heart-wrenching, second chance romance (The Harbour Series Book 1)

By Christy Pastore / Genre: American, Contemporary Fiction

Bound to Me: A gripping, heart-wrenching, second chance romance (The Harbour Series Book 1)

We set the rules…

Well, I set the rules… he agreed.

I left before we could break them, or so I thought I had…

Ella Connolly is looking forward to starting a new adventure in her life. After putting her party girl, headline-grabbing tabloid exploits behind her, she has become a responsible and successful entrepreneur. Moving across the pond to Manhattan, she’s determined to make the dream for her boutique to become an international retail brand come true.

While in the States, her overprotective brother insists she have a fulltime security detail. This complicates Ella’s plans in more ways than one.

Alex Robertsen’s life is in shambles. After losing the woman he loves to his brother, he’s been on a steady diet of booze and easy women in an effort to make himself numb. Things needed to change.

Change is good.

Good, that is, until Alex finds himself thrust into an all too familiar situation.

He’s obligated by a professional oath to protect Ella at all costs.

She’s vowed to not let distractions, even the ruggedly handsome ones, keep her from her goals.

But old habits die hard…

We’d broken the rules… more than once.

We were bound to… and we agreed it was worth the risk.

He left before it shattered us both… or so we thought.

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He’s a Savage But He Loves Me Like No Other

By Miss Jenesequa / Genre: Urban

He's a Savage But He Loves Me Like No Other

When a Savage knows exactly what he wants, he’ll stop at nothing to get it…

After separating from her husband, Mulan Mitchell tries to live an independent, stress-free life. But with his dominating presence on the streets of Philadelphia, that only proves to be harder for Mulan. Determined to be a free spirit, Mulan attends a party with her cousin, Draya, and best friend, Makiyah. But what starts off as an exciting event, quickly turns into a drama-filled night when a run-in occurs with the one man Mulan is trying to stay far away from.

The one man that is known for his dangerous nature and being the wrong one to mess with. The one man that alongside his brothers, are all known to have a reputation of wreaking havoc on the streets of Philly. The Mitchell Brothers. An extremely attractive yet notorious trio.

Rashard Mitchell is the complicated and the most stubborn one. Lost without his wife by his side, his stubborn trait only worsens. He was never going to allow Mulan to think that their separation was a permanent thing. Letting her go was never an option. Then there’s Malakai ‘Killa’ Mitchell, the youngest yet the most outrageous, who wants only his way or no way. He’s spoiled, rude, and very defensive. But could Killa have finally met the girl who could make him change his ways forever? Sounds impossible. Finally, there’s Kendrell Mitchell, the blunt and most assertive one. He says things as they are, and he doesn’t give a damn about anyone else’s feelings. He makes someone upset? They better be ready to apologize to him for being a childish fool.

But when these three men, who are known to run the streets in which they roam, are caught up by three women they find they can’t live without, what will become of their empire? It’s not easy wearing the crown, but it’s definitely not easy juggling love and keeping your head up in the streets. Especially when there’s trouble constantly lurking in the shadows.

Three women sought out by three savages who have a very hard time hearing no… What could possibly go wrong?

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The Billionaire’s Muse

By M. S. Parker / Genre: Coming of Age

The Billionaire's Muse

When newly hired editor’s assistant, Tanya Lacey, reaches out to the unknown author of a steamy new erotic romance novel, she’s stunned to learn that the author is not only a man, but also a handsome billionaire.

Wealthy CEO, Erik Sanders, has a secret. Whenever he’s not managing his billion-dollar business, he writes erotic romance novels, but it’s not until he meets the charmingly innocent Tanya that he finds out what inspiration truly means. Soon, she becomes his muse, but is it enough? Will work and aspiration come in way of true happiness?

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The Best Man (The Manly Series Book 1)

By Teddy Hester / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

The Best Man (The Manly Series Book 1)

The first novel in the Manly Series about the DePaul men and the women they love!
Every day, Leo DePaul battles the ugliness of relationships gone bad, yet still believes in romance and happily ever after.
Juliette Samson surrounds herself daily with fairytale romance, but knows from experience not to buy into that painful delusion.

The wedding of Leo’s brother to Juliette’s best friend throws these two unlikely lovers together, and sparks fly between them from the first meeting, when Juliette fits Leo for his tux. Their relationship is a struggle for control in and out of the bedroom, and it’s a toss-up as to who ultimately will win.
When Juliette’s past sucks them into a maelstrom that threatens both their beliefs and even their lives, can a poetry-quoting divorce lawyer and a wedding consultant who’s determined to stay single find common ground for love?

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Winter Soup: Hot and Hearty Soup Recipes to Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting: Health and Fitness on a Budget (Souping and Soup Diet Cookbook Book 1)

By Alissa Noel Grey / Genre: Soups & Stews, Meals, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Winter Soup: Hot and Hearty Soup Recipes to Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting: Health and Fitness on a Budget (Souping and Soup Diet Cookbook Book 1)

What’s for dinner! – Delicious Soups to Satisfy Your Soul
When colder winds blow and you want to cup your hands around a satisfying bowl of hearty soup, don’t bust your waistline with high-calorie cream-based soups.
From the author of several bestselling cookbooks and fitness enthusiast Alissa Noel Grey comes a great new collection of recipes. This time she offers us her soul warming, comforting and enjoyable winter soup recipes.
Soup Cookbook: Soul Warming, Comforting Winter Soup Recipes for Better Health and Natural Weight Loss is an invaluable and delicious collection of easy, feel-good winter soups that are healthier versions of traditional soup recipes.
If you’re looking for delicious low calorie soup ideas, this cookbook is for you.

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Don’t Judge An Alligator By Its Teeth! (Benjamin’s Adventures Book 1)

By Kevin Ocasio / Genre: Imagination & Play, Children’s eBooks

Don't Judge An Alligator By Its Teeth! (Benjamin's Adventures Book 1)

In “Don’t Judge An Alligator By Its Teeth!,” you and your child will go on a wonderful
journey with Benjamin while learning a valuable lesson along the way.

From the gorgeous illustrations to the fun, exciting and entertaining story, you and your
child will love every minute of the first book in the “Benjamin’s Adventures” series!

Download this book now to begin reading about Benjamin’s first Adventure…
your child will absolutely love it!

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