Again: A Second Chance Romance

By Nikki Chase / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Again: A Second Chance Romance

My dad said the boy was trouble, and I didn’t listen.
Now, years after Aiden broke my heart, he suddenly reappears—everywhere.
He shows up in the strangest places. I can’t seem to escape him.
Worse still, I don’t want to. Even if I still hate what the boy did.
I’m afraid I’m falling all over again for the man he’s become.

Ten years ago, I waited for my boyfriend all night at our usual place. He never showed up, not even when the diner closed and they shooed me outside to wait in the rain.

Trying to get over Aiden was more painful than a root canal and more difficult than my med school classes. But somehow I managed to put the shattered pieces of myself back together.

One thing I still haven’t done? Fall completely in love with another guy, the way I fell for Aiden. I’m sure I will, though… eventually.

Then, without any warning, Aiden starts showing up everywhere: at the mall parking lot, by the slot machines in the casino, and even at my sister’s wedding rehearsal. Oh, we also happen to be new medical interns at the same hospital.

Seriously, what is happening?

I mean, a part of me is still fuming over what happened in the past. But I can’t deny I’ve always wanted to see Aiden again. He’s looking good. Real good.

He used to be a tall, lanky kid. Now, he’s a solid wall of muscles, with a smile that could melt hearts (and panties). Despite his humble beginnings, he’s also a young doctor with a bright future ahead of him.

As our worlds collide, secrets come tumbling out. We learn the chilling truth: with every secret kiss we share, we’re risking everything—our careers and our families.

I know I should stay away from Aiden. The stakes are too high. But what do I do when love keeps leading us back to each other, again and again?

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Caged (Bound by Cage Book 1)

By Brittany Crowley / Genre: Sports

Caged (Bound by Cage Book 1)

I was perfectly content with my life, or at least I thought I was. Then Zander ‘The Hitman’ Cage walked into my bar with those hypnotizing blue eyes and everything I ever thought I wanted flew out the window. Giving him a chance was the easiest decision I ever made. He ripped apart my safe little existence and took me along for the ride of my life. He was a fighter, a hero and every woman’s fantasy.

I didn’t need any distractions coming up on the biggest fight of my career, but fate had other plans. Savannah was a breath of fresh air and the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I never planned on meeting her, I also don’t plan on letting her go. I’ll do whatever it takes to show her that I’m more than just the name, and will stop at nothing to make her mine.

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Spark: Feyguard Book 1

By Anthea Sharp / Genre: Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy

Spark: Feyguard Book 1

Superstar gamer Spark Jaxley’s life might look easy, but she’s part of an elite few who guard a shocking secret; the Realm of Faerie exists, and its dark magic is desperate for a foothold in the mortal world.

Aran Cole hacks code and sells his gaming cheats on the black market. It’s barely a living, and one he’s not proud of. But when he turns his skills to unlocking the secrets behind Feyland–the most exciting and immersive game on the market–he discovers power and magic beyond his wildest dreams.

Spark’s mission is clear; pull Aran from the clutches of the fey folk and restore the balance between the worlds. But can she risk her life for someone who refuses to be rescued?

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The Bachelor’s Baby (Love in Montana Book 3)

By Dani Collins / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

The Bachelor's Baby (Love in Montana Book 3)

Who could resist this tempting offer, but Meg Canon plans to do just that. She is only home to clean out her childhood bedroom for her brother’s new step-daughter and then she’s outta her childhood small town and back to her life in Chicago, but when she meets the sexy, renegade millionaire while she’s stuck in the snow, sparks fly and Meg is tempted to maybe stay a little longer.

Linc Brady is new in town and happy to help a kid in need, but this? Technically he doesn’t owe Meg a damned thing after she bids on him, after setting him up for the Marietta bachelor auction in the first place, but her high-class city polish is his fatal weakness and makes her impossible to forget. When she agrees to come home with him, he makes it clear he’s a confirmed bachelor. This is a one-night thing. One night that turns into nine months and maybe a lifetime…?

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Northwoods Magic (Northwoods Fairy Tales Book 1)

By Desiree Lafawn / Genre: Fairy Tales, Mythology & Folk Tales

Northwoods Magic (Northwoods Fairy Tales Book 1)

Quinn Reynolds is desperate for answers. After a near fatal accident, Quinn’s life changes and she is suddenly plagued by dreams of ravens, magic, and a boy with copper-ringed eyes. Told by her doctors that she is delusional, Quinn travels to the Northwoods of Minnesota to find out the truth. But Quinn has another problem that she hasn’t shared. Not only does she dream of magic, she also possesses her own power as well.

Corbin Olsen has been battling his own demons for the last ten years. After sacrificing everything to save Quinn’s life, she forgot about him completely. He’s thought of her constantly in the years she’s been gone, but nothing prepared him for the woman she has become. Although angry at her for leaving him, Corbin isn’t able to dismiss his need for her.

But Corbin and Quinn are running out of time for a meaningful reunion, the real evil is back and hunting the prey that escaped it all those years ago.

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Hard Irish Luck: A Southern Steam Novel (Weldon Brothers Book 3)

By Jennifer Saints / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Hard Irish Luck: A Southern Steam Novel (Weldon Brothers Book 3)

Hard hat in hand, Jared Weldon goes undercover, but the answers he finds at McKenna Construction leaves him drowning in passion — and hard up against a killer…

Hardcore, fast-car-and-wild-women bachelor, Jared Weldon, is sure McKenna Construction is being underhanded. That is the only way the company could be under bidding him and edging his company to bankruptcy. He goes with his twin and business partner to a roadside bar intent on milking information about R. McKenna’s practices from the man’s crew. Before he can make the first connection, a woman catches his eye and he ends up in a bar fight with her ex, but not before he steals a forbidden, roll-on-the-bar-floor kiss from her and comes close to having the best five seconds of his life. Little did he know, as his hard Irish luck would have it, he was holding his competitor in his arms.

In the three years since her divorce, Rocky McKenna has kept her nose to the grindstone and dodged any and all emotions or physical entanglements with the opposite sex. She has more important things to do in life. Despite setbacks and tragedy, she has worked hard to make McKenna Construction thrive during difficult times. But now, her body is clamoring for more and Jared’s masterful kiss is the spark that ignites her suppressed passions.

The day after the kiss Jared hunts Rocky McKenna down at the jobsite she outbid him on. He isn’t even sure what his is going to say, he just knows he has to see her again. He shows up in time to save her from being seriously injured by an “accident” on the job, but is slightly injured himself. He is sure someone is out to kill her. Rocky takes Jared for medical help, and he decides he’ll use the guise of his older brother’s security company and convinces her she needs his bodyguard services.

Rocky is sure her life isn’t in danger, but she can’t resist having more time with this man who has swept her off her feet. The meeting of their passions, and Jared’s intense love making, take her to new sexual heights and opens the door to her solitary heart. But more “accidents” occur and it isn’t hard Irish luck at work. Suddenly, as people around her die, Rocky and Jared are in a battle for their lives as they race to uncover the deadly secrets lurking beneath the surface of her seemingly normal life.

Both Jared and Rocky are in for some hard lessons about life and love, but will they discover the treacherous murderer in their midst too late to survive?

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Children’s book: Messy Mason (Happy Motivated children’s books Collection)

By YONIT WERBER / Genre: Humor, Children’s eBooks

Children's book: Messy Mason (Happy Motivated children's books Collection)

Mason was messy.
He was very messy!
He didn’t like to clean anything, especially his own room.

His mom tried all possible way to convince him to clean his room,
But Messy didn’t want to.

Until one day, something unexpected happened that motivated Mason
to do it by himself.

This bed-time children’s story tells the tale of Mason and his mom and a fun
and easy way to motivate kids to clean their room by themselves,
without shouting,
nor threatening
nor promising all kind of gifts…

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Juicing Recipe Book: 365 Juicing Recipes for Every Condition (Juicer Recipe Book)

By Brian Taw / Genre: Drinks & Beverages, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Juicing Recipe Book: 365 Juicing Recipes for Every Condition (Juicer Recipe Book)

Do you want to start changing your health for the better?

If you’ve been feeling lethargic, bloated, anxious or just downright sick then I have great news for you: I’m here to show you the life-changing effects of juicing and exactly what fruits and vegetables to use to get your health back on track. I’ve spent my career analyzing why these health problems crop up and now I’m here to show you how you can drastically improve your health and bring back the excitement in your life. I’m Brian Taw ,a certified fitness trainer. This is what I do for a living. I’ve spent my career figuring out what makes the body tick and I’ve helped people find their way to the best shape they’ve been in their lives through juicing. I’ve been through this challenge with many clients who have been depressed, anxious, & downright sick from all of the junk that they’ve been eating just like you are today. I helped them get their health and fitness back in order and I can do the same for you. Give these juices a few minutes and you’ll start to feel better. Your digestion gets better and your body will thank you for those nutrients. Give these juice recipes a few days and I guarantee that you’ll not only feel better, you’ll look better as well. You will not only know exactly how to get yourself back in shape……but you’ll have a life-changing habit as well.

Not only that, I’m going to show you how people get themselves in these kinds of health conditions in the first place. You’ll also learn how some fruits and vegetables can be beneficial for certain types of health conditions. In this juicing recipe book we’ll cover: What causes the health condition that you’ve been feeling? Which specific fruits and vegetable juices can help you and why Easy and practical juices that you can make everyday to help you get all of those necessary nutrients 365 easy to prepare juicing recipes If you don’t read this juicing recipe book, you’ll risk the chance of being forever hooked on junk food and maintenance drugs to keep yourself afloat. This juicing recipe book has been proven to work so many times. I’m going to show you that getting your health back is not only possible but it’s so much easier than you thought. All it takes is for you to start taking those first few steps and all for less than the cost of 2 cups of cofee.

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