Box Set: Vampire Love Story Series

By H.T. Night / Genre: Paranormal, Romance / Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (139 reviews)

Box Set: Vampire Love Story Series (Four paranormal romance novels)

Josiah Reign is a lover and a fighter. Out for a simple jog, he happens upon a young woman who needs help. So Josiah does what he does best. He takes on her attackers…all five of them, in fact. Little does Josiah know that this one act of goodwill will introduce him to a very strange world, a world of dreams…and nightmares. For this woman, Lena, is not who she seems, and her friends are the stuff of legends. Worse yet, Josiah finds himself falling for not one, but two of these deadly creatures of the night. And as Josiah suffers a devastating loss that rocks his world, he will fight for what he believes in. He will fight for his one true love. And fighting is what Josiah does best.

For Josiah Reign, life as he knows it has been forever changed. In two shorts months he went from unbeliever to the “The Chosen” – savior of the Mani people (a vampire race that has been living underground for 10,000 years). Now Josiah must learn to control his powerful new body, all while understanding his destiny…and falling deeper in love. Soon Josiah realizes that to understand his calling, he must save a young werewolf…a werewolf with incredible powers of his own. Along the way, alliances are forged and old enemies rise again. And when tragedy strikes, Josiah must make the ultimate choice…and face an evil far greater than anything he’d ever imagined.

Josiah heads for Europe to master his gifts. Along the way, he realizes that others just might know what he’s up to. He fights off enemies from all sides. Ultimately, Goshi, the blue gnome, trains Josiah and he returns back to the states. When Josiah comes back to the people he trust the most, things are not what they once were. He needs to fight for his love Lena, more than he ever has before. Two unsuspecting enemies surface and now Josiah needs to protect what is rightfully his.

Five years before Vampire Love Story. It is 2006, and Tommy is training hard before his second mixed martial arts match. On a random night he runs across a sexy, mysterious woman named Sasha. Sasha turns Tommy’s life upside down and out of control. On a chance encounter, Tommy befriends a vampire named Patrick. Both Patrick and Sasha change everything Tommy has ever known to be true.

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Death of a Dapper Snowman (Stormy Day Cozy Murder Mystery Book 1)

By Angela Pepper / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (41 reviews)

Death of a Dapper Snowman (Stormy Day Cozy Murder Mystery Book 1)

Gift shop owner Stormy Day is settling into her new life until she comes across a frozen body, hidden inside a well-dressed snowman.

When her own father is implicated in the murder, Stormy must chase down clues and uncover the town’s secrets herself.

As she draws closer to identifying the killer, Stormy’s own life may be in danger. That is unless Jeffrey, the mischievous Russian Blue cat who led her to the icy body in the first place, can flick his sleek gray tail at the final piece in the puzzle.

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Haunting Leigh (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Book 4)

By Melanie James / Genre: Wicca & Witchcraft, Earth-Based Religions, Religion & Spirituality / Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars (48 reviews)

Haunting Leigh (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Book 4)

It’s Halloween, Leigh’s favorite time of the year. As a rookie witch with high hopes, she has a lot to look forward to. When a mysterious supernatural force meddles in her life things take a turn for the worse. Hunter gets caught in the paranormal crossfire and his very soul may be at risk. Leigh’s job seems to have suddenly gone sour as well. The public school doesn’t share this young teacher’s enthusiasm for what they deem to be a religious holiday. To keep her entire life from falling apart at the seams, Leigh needs serious help. Once again she calls on her trustworthy but inept best friends to pull her through. Magical mayhem abounds. Leigh has a run-in with a bizarre cult bent on human sacrifice, some galloping golems, AND pesky ghosts—not to mention stray bolts of witchcraft! Can Marie Laveau and Hunter’s parents help the gang put together an emergency séance in the historic but haunted Schlitt House? They find out some ghosts can be a real drag, possession has side effects, and exorcisms are unpredictable at best. What will the Witches Halloween Gala in Salem be like? Will we finally find out what the deal is with Luna when she gets her paw read?

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Mystery: The Isherwood Case Files

By Johnny Scotland / Genre: Private Investigators, Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (30 reviews)

Mystery: The Isherwood Case Files (Mystery, Suspense, Crime, Murder, Detectives, Fiction, Unsolved Mysteries, Mysteries, Thriller, Intense, Drama)

Mystery 1: The Mystery of the Missing Wives

Isherwood is the new boy in town, a well known British detective brought into the Los Angeles Police department’s homicide squad to help get better results. Although Charley doesn’t like the idea, he has no choice but to put up with it. Isherwood shows the squad what difference observation makes to how a potential crime scene is viewed, when asked to help by a member of the public who is worried for the safety of her sister.

Is she right? Is the girl’s fiance a monster who has already killed his previous wives? The problem is that he is perceived as a high profile member of society and the Chief warns the detectives to tread carefully.

Will Isherwood tread on anyone’s ego as he provides insight on this potential murder case? This is the first of the series of Isherwood Case Files in which our detective gets up close and personal with homicide, showing the squad the difference between the American approach and the more reserved British approach.

Mystery 2:The Case of the Ghost Writer

With Jon Isherwood being asked to help in the Los Angeles Police Department’s homicide division, a call is received from a landlord who has found his tenant has been murdered. In this salubrious part of town, the ghost writer has found his demise.

Will the clues be sufficient to pin the murder on anyone? Since the ghost writer lived a very private life, investigation takes Isherwood and his team to the home of a rich and famous author. There are many questions unanswered, though with forensics on their side, will they be able to work out the motive that anyone could have had to kill the solitary figure?

Using observation, Isherwood and his team work toward finding a conclusion to a story which spells sadness, disappointment and revenge. But whose will the revenge be and will it be easy to crack the case? Readers will need to take the journey with our detectives to find the answers to their questions. Not all is always as it seems.

Mystery 3:The Case of the Dead Man with No Identity

When a victim is found at the bottom of the laundry chute in a hotel, where will the inquiries begin. There is no identification on the man and nothing to say who he was. Isherwood investigates the case of the dead man with no identity with his usual flare.

Should he be looking in other places or are the clues there for him to find? As the story unfolds, is the killer who they think it is? Can a killer actually be charged with murder when the victim is seemingly already dead?

One of Isherwood’s most irritating cases, the blandness of the whole affair baffles him. Instead of being riddled with detail for him to unfold, this crime comes with no clues, no answers and no real leads. How will the detectives find out who killed Ian Bradshaw? And what stories can the dead body tell the coroner’s office about how the death occurred? Readers will discover within the pages of this story.

Mystery 4: A Case of Check Mate

When a murderer leaves the calling card of a chess piece, Isherwood is left to find out the significance. Does this mean something particular? The preacher who was murdered seems an unlikely victim, though Isherwood is left to do what he can to make sense of the killing. Looking through past history, perhaps there are links that may have been missed, other than for that calling card.

This case takes Isherwood and his team into the land of chess, where much is symbolic and meaningful. Can our sleuth find the murderer in time or will another crime be committed? What chess piece will he leave this time…..

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1929: Book One (The 1929 Series)

By M.L. Gardner / Genre: Sagas / Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (647 reviews)

1929: Book One (The 1929 Series)

As Black Thursday triggers financial despondency, three young couples in New York City must trade their lives of luxury for poverty, tragedy, and setbacks.

When Jonathan Garrett’s brokerage firm collapses on the day of the Stock Market Crash, he unites with his closest friends (and former business partners), Aryl and Caleb, to relocate, track down a low-paying job, and cultivate a new life.

As the three men toil in their laborious jobs, their wives, Ava, Arianna, and Claire, slowly adapt to life in a shabby, rundown apartment, learning to sew, cook, and clean. With the help of their former, outspoken, Irish maid, Maura, and a new, equally Irish friend, Shannon, the wives become even closer than before.

The couples’ rocky path leads to more turmoil, however, when a business rival, Victor Drayton, creates one disaster after another. From petty tricks to outright violence, Victor’s nefarious mind will stop at nothing to beat down Jonathan’s last glimmer of hope.

Despite everything, Jonathan and his friends are fixated on surviving.

Emotional and financial destruction nip at their heels, until finally, with a lucky twist of fate, they escape city life and begin anew in their hometown of Rockport, Massachusetts.

A story set in the past, 1929 is full of romance, drama, and humor. Vivid, expertly crafted characters make this novel more than memorable—1929 is unforgettable.

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The Psalter

By Galen Watson / Genre: Historical, Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (313 reviews)

The Psalter

A medieval prayer book, an Irish saint’s prophecy, and a forgery that changed the church—forever.

Father Romano has run afoul of the modern inquisitors before. This time, it leads to a medieval manuscript and murder. Was it an ordinary theft gone wrong or something more? The Carabinieri in Rome would like to know.

Michael Romano is an American priest working in the Vatican’s Secret Archives with a penchant for stepping over the line. Church Inquisitors have noticed — and they aren’t happy. Nevertheless, Romano is also the Church’s senior paleographer, an expert in ancient manuscripts, and his expertise is needed to examine a ninth-century codex known as a Psalter.

Father Romano’s examination leads him into the past as he uncovers an historical narrative of medieval forgeries, Saracen invasions, and Saint Malachy’s legendary prophecy of Petrus Romanus–the final Pope. Yet he has unwittingly become a target for those who will stop at nothing to possess the secret of the Psalter.

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Terry Treetop Finds New Friends: (Animal Habitats)values ebook(Goodnight & Sleep Book)(Adventure & Education for kids)Beginner Reader Early … Books for Early/Beginner Readers 1)

By Tali Carmi / Genre: Beginner Readers, Children’s eBooks / Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (202 reviews)

Children Books :Terry Treetop Finds New Friends: (Animal Habitats)values ebook(Goodnight & Sleep Book)(Adventure & Education for kids)Beginner Reader Early ... Books for Early/Beginner Readers 1)

How to win friends?

Let your kids go on an adventure and learn the value of friendship

This is a wonderful children’s book, about a boy named Terry, but….

Everybody called him Terry Treetop because he loved climbing trees.

Terry was alone, so he went on a journey to find new friends to invite to his new tree house.

He almost gave-up when a new opportunity came his way.

Will Terry use this opportunity to find new friends?

This beginner readers’ eBook Series will motivate and inspire your kids to be active about the things they want to achieve in life, and not to give-up on their quest for love and happiness.

Your kids will enjoy full colorful illustrations of Terry and the animals he met.

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Delicious Desserts: Amazing Low-Cal Favorites (Guilt-Free Gourmet)

By Lisa Patricia James / Genre: Desserts, Baking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine / Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars (44 reviews)

Delicious Desserts: Amazing Low-Cal Favorites (Guilt-Free Gourmet)

In tough times sometimes it’s soothing to allow ourselves a delicious and decedent sweet treat.  And, we also want to stay healthy.  This cookbook was created to both satisfy your sweet tooth and your desire to stay slender.

From moist chocolate pudding cake, to mouth-watering Key Lime Pie, this cookbook is chock full of recipes that will satisfy you and your calorie count.

These recipes have been collected and tested by our family and friends for the best flavor and being easy and quick to make.  You’ll love the recipe for Lisa’s Chocolate Berry Tarts (my favorite), and Creamy Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies.  As you look through the table of contents, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to make first!

Whether you want to make some simple afternoon snacks, or an magnificent dinner party show-stopper, these easy-to-make recipes will satisfy that sweet tooth while fitting into a healthy eating plan.

Each recipe has complete nutritional information.

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