Dead Running

By Cami Checketts / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Dead Running

Cassidy Christensen is running.
Running from the mercenaries who killed her parents.
Running from a scheming redhead intent on making her life miserable.
Running from painful memories that sabotage her dreams of happiness.
With two very tempting men competing for her attention, she hopes she’ll finally have someone to run to, but can she trust either of them? When secrets from her past threaten her family, Cassidy decides to stop running and fight for her future.

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Michael: A Standalone Zodius Novel (The Zodius Series Book 1)

By Lisa Renee Jones / Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Michael: A Standalone Zodius Novel (The Zodius Series Book 1)

One of an army of soldiers created by a government experiment, Michael is different from the others involved, dangerous in ways no one quite understands. Even Michael himself, believes darkness lives within him, evil fights to control him. And only one woman, the woman he loves, can bring him back from the darkness and into the light. But she has become his enemy.

Cassandra is the daughter of the man who created Michael, who unknowing to her, tricked him into taking drugs he believed to be immunizations. She is torn between her love for Michael, and her love for her father. She’s also the woman Michael left behind, breaking her heart, seeming to shut her out without looking back. But now Michael is back, fully intending to show his enemies, Cassandra’s father included, his wrath. And he’s not leaving without Cassandra.

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True North Book 3 – Finding Now Kate and Sam

By Allie Juliette Mousseau / Genre: Sports

True North Book 3 - Finding Now Kate and Sam

Hot for teacher? Yeah that’s a fucking understatement!

When I see Kate Jolie’s fine ass all wrapped up in that no
nonsense, all-business, pencil skirt, I know I have to peel the wrapper from
the goods. And oh I know it would be good!

Once I figure out she is my fucking professor?? That makes
her simply irresistible!

She likes spouting off about her rules and boundaries and
won’t stop playing hard to get – which makes me hard just thinking about her.
Jolie has this funny, adorable habit of telling me no, but it only makes me
work harder. 
There’s that word hard again… *Adjusts the growing bulge in crotch of jeans*

When I catch a glimpse of her soul behind the rigid walls
and see the pain she tries to keep buried, Kate Jolie becomes so more than a

But can I get her to believe that?

Fuck yeah I can! I’m Sam North and can do fucking
anything–including fix her beautiful, broken smile.

Just watch me.
***What happens when young hot university rocker meets beautiful slightly older professor?

After a tragic accident that plays on an endless loop in her mind, wild child Kate Jolie died inside. She now functions only through her rigid, ironclad routine, which keeps her mind and soul in check – balancing her in a dangerously precarious position between life and death.

Rocker and Master’s student Sam North knows no limits and seeks out every challenge to conquer and defy. With his cocky grin, piercings, colorful tattoos, undress-you bedroom eyes and magnetic sex appeal, he has no trouble finding women to warm his bed. When he spies his new professor, the gorgeous Ms. Jolie, she’s just another summit he wants to climb in order to reach its peak. But as he begins to catch glimpses of her soul, she becomes his Everest.

Kate Jolie is the only woman who wants nothing to do with Sam North – and the only woman he can’t do without.

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Inflamed: A Shadow Riders MC

By Kiki Leach / Genre: Urban, Contemporary Fiction

Inflamed: A Shadow Riders MC

“I’m nothin’ but danger, darlin’. I’m no more than death. I’m somebody that you don’t wanna f%&kin’ mess with in the middle of the goddamn night or even in the daytime. I’m your worst f%&kin’ nightmare – your greatest enemy. I’m every f%$kin’ thing you never wished I was and every f%$kin’ thing you ever wanted me to be.”

Their worlds collided like a pair of rocket ships in midair.

Eight years ago, Mia Sullivan was known in and around her small town just outside of Crescent Beach, Florida as the ‘good girl’. The ‘preacher’s kid’. The one who never stayed out late, always turned in her homework on time and never, ever said a word in front of anyone else that she couldn’t say in front of her parent’s first. She didn’t drink. She didn’t smoke. And sex before marriage was completely off the table. Her world was perfect. Her life plans were laid out in front of her. Everything was set in place. Until one night with the wrong man sent a girl well on her way to the top of the hill, sinking straight down to the bottom of the river like a stone.

Eight years ago, Jacob ‘River’ Hawkins was just a man looking to finally catch a break in his life. Born into a world of drugs, booze, sex and bikes, he had long ago given up on his dream of winning the UFC World Championship title after snapping his opponent’s neck during a staged cage fight. As a result, his mother encouraged him to finally become an official member of the only family he ever knew growing up, the Shadow Riders MC. A few years in was all it took before he was made VP and forced to help make decisions about a club that while saving him from the streets, was also draining away parts of his soul day by day. Parts he never thought he’d get back until the morning he found a girl almost half his age beaten, broken and laying half dead right outside his club.

Eight years ago changed the course of two lives forever, connecting two souls that never believed in needing someone else until they had a need for each other. Neither of them knew just how much that need would eventually turn to lust, followed by love. Neither of them knew just how much that kind of love would almost destroy them both.

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Devi’s Bliss: a story of Aurora

By Mika Lane / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Devi's Bliss: a story of Aurora

A story of Aurora. The fourth novella in the Devi’s Bliss series by Mika Lane, writer of hot, sexy romance.

Aurora Rose never misses at week at karaoke, where she sings like a songbird. She rides her bike everywhere because she hates cars, and lives in what she calls a “treehouse” in the middle of the redwoods on Mount Tamalpais. She’s a popular sensual massage therapist at the world-renowned spa, Devi’s Bliss, just outside beautiful San Francisco. She’s also three thousand miles away from a life she had in New York that was filled with designer clothes, charity fundraisers, and country clubs. Not to mention an earth-shattering betrayal. And no matter how far she goes, she can’t seem to truly get away.

How much further will she have to run?

But when she meets the handsome racecar driver Mr. S, it looks like she finally may be able to relax. Or can she?

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Should’ve Known Better: (Storm Book 1)

By Cassandra Carr / Genre: Sports

Should've Known Better: (Storm Book 1)

Sarah Jenkins, a math geek and hockey fanatic, is thrilled when the NHL hires her as an adviser for the Buffalo Storm. She gets to marry her two loves in this perfect job.
Sebastian St. Amant is a young hockey player looking to make the jump from the minors to the big leagues. His lifelong dream is within reach, but he needs to convince the Storm’s management and coaches he’s ready.
When Sarah and Sebastian meet, sparks immediately fly. Both want to succeed, but neither can ignore the growing attraction and a relationship is out of the question—Sarah’s an influential staff member and Sebastian’s a player, not to mention over ten years her junior.
But the impossible becomes the necessary when they can no longer fight their attraction. As everything crashes around them, the strength of their relationship is tested. Will it weather the storm, or should they have known better?

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Ranch’s Retreat (River’s End Ranch Book 6)

By Kirsten Osbourne / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Ranch's Retreat (River's End Ranch Book 6)

Discover River’s End Ranch, a gorgeous “destination ranch and resort” in Riston, Idaho, that is run by the six Weston siblings and their well-meaning, semi-retired parents. Five bestselling Western romance authors have created a world like no other–full of fun outside activities, a huge family in need of love, and side characters you will never forget. A world where our characters learn, laugh, and love.

Kaya Taylor lived a simple, quiet life. As a single romance writer, she spent most of her time alone, except for her online friends. Going on a writer’s retreat to some huge destination ranch in Idaho sounded like a dream come true. She would get to spend time with a couple of her closest friends, be in new surroundings, and maybe even learn to ride a horse. On her first night on the ranch, she saw Glen and knew her heart would always belong to him.
Glen Johnson had a plan. He was only a few months from getting his doctorate, and then he was going to turn his uncle’s old ranch he’d inherited into an equine therapy center for autistic children. He’d been working toward the goal for years, and nothing and no one would derail him from it. When he met Kaya, he felt an immediate connection, but he couldn’t let it change his plans. Would Glen be able to make changes to the life plan he’d made for himself? Or would they both spend the rest of their lives aching for the love they lost?

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How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship

By Frank Love / Genre: Love & Romance, Relationships, Health, Fitness & Dieting

How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship

Could there be a painful or costly breakup in your future? According to most relationship statistics, the answer is likely “yes”! But this doesn’t have to be the case. In his new book, How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship, Frank Love reveals what couples and individuals can do to create more fulfilling partnerships, or to amicably end relationships that aren’t working – without suffering the emotional, financial and family ruin that major breakups can cause.
Far more than just a “breakup” book, How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship guides readers at every stage of their
romantic partnerships, helping them to have the tough, important, conversations that most couples avoid. Readers
will learn how to be more honest with their partners so that they can make better decisions in their relationships and
enjoy the happiness that eludes many couples.
Whether you’re beginning a whirlwind romance, seeking to improve your marriage, looking to gracefully separate
from your partner, or talking to your teenager about relationships, this is the book for you. How to Gracefully Exit
a Relationship reveals:
How being realistic about love can make you a powerful partner;
How to get what you want out of your relationship – and ensure your partner’s needs get met as well;
How to tell the kids; and
How to be friends with your ex.
Don’t think a breakup can happen to you? Consider the following:
The average person experiences at least two major breakups. (
Approximately half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. (
The average cost of divorces involving lawyers is about $1,500 for uncontested divorces and more than
$15,000 for contested divorces. (
When we accept that breakups are a real possibility in any romantic relationship,
and discuss this reality with our partners early on, we can have more honest
relationships – and minimize the devastation and drama if the partnership changes
or ends.

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The Kangaroo Pouch: A story about surrogacy for young children

By Sarah Phillips Pellet / Genre: New Baby, Family Life, Growing Up & Facts of Life, Children’s eBooks

The Kangaroo Pouch: A story about surrogacy for young children

The Kangaroo Pouch introduces young children, ages 2-to-8, to the concept of surrogacy. The story is narrated by a young kangaroo named Oliver whose mother has decided to help another family have a baby. The Kangaroo Pouch gently guides the reader on the surrogacy journey and answers questions they may have such as, why would someone choose to be a surrogate? What will family life be like during the pregnancy? And most importantly, what happens when the surro-baby is born and given back to their biological parents?

The Kangaroo Pouch is designed to act not only as a conversation starter, but also as a “how-to” manual for children to refer to throughout the surrogacy journey. The book has been reviewed by child specialists to ensure that it conveys age-appropriate messages.

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Ketogenic Vegetarian: For Fat Loss And A Healthier Life

By Daisy B. Green / Genre: Mental Health, Family & Health Law, Law

Ketogenic Vegetarian: For Fat Loss And A Healthier Life

Do you think you still want to lose fat as you have failed too much time before? Do you want to keep the fat away from your bum, belly and thighs? Don’t you want to be slimmer or stronger than before?
How about I told you that you could lose weight fast, feel more better, look more beautiful or handsome, be more energy, less pain, boost your sex enthusiasm, keep away from the desease, be longevity?
Ketogenic Vegetarian will be your answer, you will get what you want
You will know the basic knowledge of ketogenic diet, the benefits of keto diet and the benefits of being a vegetarian. All of the recipes in this book are so easy and simple, and so powerful to you. Not only it suit for ketogenic dieter or vegetarian, they are also suit for anyone who want to have a healthier life.
This Amazing ketogenic vegetarian book will give you an absolute body changeover without any supplements, workouts or high price ineffective fat loss pills.It can work on anybody, no matter what weight, body shape, and body type you are.It also will lower your risk of cancer, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, and be energitive!

Ready to try this amazing book to make amazing change to your life?
I have already written everything I know into this book with so many years experience, it will slow down the speed of aging, and makes you younger and beautiful. You will benefit from it as much as I do.

Amazing results you will see when you stand before the mirror in next few weeks.

I have already made this book to lead anyone fom new comer to professional. So you can know what foods to eat and what to avoid, helping nourish properly and support long lasting fat loss, anti-aging, boundless natural energy and a better mood.

The book you will get is full of powerful information which is easy to understand, happy to use and designed to give you maximum effectiveness in minimum time.

So what benefits will you get by following this program?1.Better your skin, looks younger, less wrinkles and discoloration of acne
2.Rapid fat loss without exercise
3.Redue inches from your overall body measurements
4.Sleep better and wake up easier and timely
5.Increase body energy level with no coffee or any other pills
6.Lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and lower the risk of cancer
7.Do help to diabetes,epilepsy, and make your brain clear everyday
What will you find inside of it?
1.A quick overview of ketogenic diet and it’s benefits
2.What is vegetarian and it’s super benifits
3.Complete nutrition values, step by step procedure of each recip, even an idiot can make all of these recipes
4. Over 50 very easy and delicious recipes will keep you slimmer and healthier
5.most of the recipes are quick and easy to made, it will save you too much time
6.All the ingredients of this recipes are not in high price, it will save you much money.
And much much more!

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