The Absence of Olivia (Love and Loss Book 1)

By Anie Michaels / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

The Absence of Olivia (Love and Loss Book 1)

My name is Evelyn.

I met Devon and instantly fell for him.

Weeks later he fell for my best friend.

Never one to make waves, I watched as they started a life together. I stood by as their family grew, was the maid of honor at their wedding and the godmother to their children. All the while, I was longing for him, watching as he became the perfect husband and father. I was never jealous. I wasn’t even angry that my best friend had the only person I wanted. I had simply resigned myself to living without his love, but still being a part of his life.

Then, one terrible day, my best friend died.

She died and we all struggled to live life without her. Slowly, as the pain eased, our eyes opened and Devon finally saw me.

This is a story about second chances and second choices.

This is the story of how my life changed in the absence of Olivia.

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Fierce (Storm MC #2)

By Nina Levine / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Fierce (Storm MC #2)

She’s everything he’s never wanted. He’s everything she’s never known.Scott Cole is a force to be reckoned with. As Vice President of the Storm Motorcycle Club he carries out his duties with a ruthless determination. He moves through life with a clear agenda – protect his club and his family at all costs.

He is intense.

He is loyal.

He is fierce.

He doesn’t give his love easily, but when he does, he loves fiercely. Settling down, however, has never been part of his plan.

Harlow James is a country girl who has never met a biker in her life. She is also done with men. In her experience all they ever do is lie, cheat or steal. When she meets Scott Cole she knows he is heartbreak on legs.

He is confident.

He is sexy.

He is bossy.

She knows she must fight her growing attraction to this complex man in order to guard her heart. When his world crashes into hers and danger comes calling, Scott’s fierce desire to protect kicks in and Harlow realises that she might just have found a man worth taking a risk on.

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Hitman on Campus: A Bad Boy Romance

By Lara Swann / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Hitman on Campus: A Bad Boy Romance

I was told to keep her close – what’s closer than in my bed?


I’m deadly and dangerous – not to mention completely irresistible. The youngest hitman the Irish mob has ever seen. Not some f*cking bodyguard.

But the boss’s daughter is heading back to college with a threat on her life, and I can’t exactly say no when I’m told to protect her. A few weeks of hot girls and college parties doesn’t sound so bad anyway.

Except that’s not what I get.

Alana Sullivan is smoking hot, with a body just made for wrapping around my c*ck, but she doesn’t do parties. Or drinking. Or anything remotely fun.

F*ck me.

She’s completely off limits. A good girl with no clue about her dear daddy’s activities. And all I can think about is corrupting her – one soul-destroying orgasm at a time.

Screw it. I don’t play by the rules. If I have to follow her to classes and study groups and – yes, really – the library, I’m going to have some fun.

And she’ll never know what hit her.


I can’t stop thinking about the new guy in my classes. He seems to be everywhere I look, and it’s driving me crazy.

It’s not his playboy-looks, cocky attitude or scorchingly-arrogant smile. Well…maybe a little.

But I swear he’s different. Covered in tattoos, rough and dangerous like nothing I’ve ever known – and he talks dirty. Like filthy, panty-melting suggestions that make me want to slap him and kiss him at the same time.

He’s so not my type. I don’t do bad boy jerks with one-track minds.

But what kind of bad boy never misses a class and turns up at the library every day?

He’s hiding something. And I’m going to find out what it is.

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Pivotal Moments (In Time Series Book 1)

By Trinity Hanrahan / Genre: Coming of Age

Pivotal Moments (In Time Series Book 1)

A senior in high school, introvert Aislinn Munroe is satisfied living unnoticed…

Aislinn is doing the normal post-high school preparations to get into college. She’s getting ready for a life beyond senior year, and wonders where she’ll fit in to the world once she’s officially an adult. Though her curves are to kill for, she’s also smart and funny. However, she isn’t at all popular, which is just fine with her.

Aislinn’s introverted ways are about to be put to the test…

Content with hiding from the limelight, Aislinn doesn’t get bullied like so many other shy kids do—that is, as long as she keeps to herself. But is she really living the life she’s meant to? Or are there unforeseen adventures waiting to shake up her life in the near future?

When her brother comes home from college, he brings an unexpected houseguest…

Teagan Aldridge is a reformed party animal, ladies’ man, and bad boy. He’s the last person Aislinn thought would ever show her attention. But when Aislinn and Teagan become unlikely friends, he brings out a side of herself she never knew existed. She already knows she’s special, but sexy and adventurous? That’s a first.

Are their personalities too far apart, or will opposites attract, making them an unusual, but influential pair? When their vast differences collide, Aislinn is led to some unexpected…

Pivotal moments.

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By Michelle Love / Genre: Short Stories, Contemporary Fiction


In the beautiful, evergreen state of Washington, the uber-rich send their teenage and young adult children to the exclusive private Auburn College of Fine Arts, where the teachers’, parents’ and even the students’ lives and loves collide.

Part #1:Luca
Part #2: Zea
Part #3: Maximo
Part #4: Jesse
Part #5: Bree
Part #6: Ophelie
Part #7: Kizzie
Part #8: Ethan
Part #9: Emory
Part #10: Auburn

It includes the first two books of Dirty Money

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The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire, Book 2, (A Paranormal Romance) (The Witch The Wolf And The Vampire)

By A K Michaels / Genre: Vampires, Paranormal, Romance

The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire, Book 2, (A Paranormal Romance) (The Witch The Wolf And The Vampire)

Peri has finally stopped running and found safety with Gabe and Josef … her Wolf and her Vampire. Now she is getting strong, physically and magically, and she is ecstatic with her two mates. She is not about to let anyone take that away and she surprises even herself with her power.

However, a psycho sect has been hunting her for over six years, and they are closing in. Her own father is the leader of this sect, but she is more than willing to do whatever she can to take him down. Destroy him for everything he is, everything he does, before he does to others what he did to her.

With an ancient Vampire and a powerful Wolf by her side she just can’t fail … can she?

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Difficulty: Legendary (LitRPG Series Book 1) (Difficulty:Legendary)

By Gregg Horlock / Genre: Epic, Fantasy

Difficulty: Legendary (LitRPG Series Book 1) (Difficulty:Legendary)

In the world of Re:Fuze, anything is possible. Fortunes can be made, and the unlikeliest of people can find glory in a land of swords and magic.

With low Job Qualification (JQ) scores and 2 years of national service looming, Eric Templeton knows he is doomed to a life of poverty. When he is given a chance to enter the game, he knows he has the opportunity to save his family from their desperate situation.

But when he enters the game, Eric isn’t spawned into the newbie camp of Blundow. Instead he is sent to the darkest regions of the map, filled with creatures beyond his level. He stumbles across a conspiracy that no newbie should ever see, and he knows that he can’t hope to survive.

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Darkly Wood

By Max Power / Genre: Horror

Darkly Wood

When a new arrival to the village of Cranby discovers a small leather bound book called ‘Tales of Darkly Wood’ she soon discovers that not all of the stories within are as fantastic as they first appear.

The book tells of supposedly terrible events which have occurred in the Wood that overlooks the village. What begins as an innocent stroll with her new admirer up by Darkly Wood soon turns into a nightmare for young Daisy, one from which it seems impossible to escape.

The line between reality and fantasy soon begins to blur, as a fledgling love affair is tested in the most terrifying circumstances. Swept up in her emotions, the young girl soon discovers that while sometimes love is all you need, sometimes love is not enough. There is something wrong up in Darkly Wood, and soon Daisy has to fight to save more than her life.

This spine chilling love story builds momentum and maintains excitement and pace right to the astonishing and jaw dropping climax. Along the way stories from the book ‘Tales of Darkly Wood’ help reveal the strange truth behind the mysterious Wood high on the hill above Cranby.
If you like a thrilling ride and enjoy storytelling at its best, Darkly Wood will keep you on the edge of your seat and lead you into a wonderful world of storytelling all at the same time.

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Demon I (Mike Rawlins and Demon the Dog Book 1)

By Bernard Lee DeLeo / Genre: Action & Adventure

Demon I (Mike Rawlins and Demon the Dog Book 1)

Five high school seniors were going to the ‘haunted house’ when their car wouldn’t start. Mike Rawlins who is a sophomore and works at his dad’s auto shop stopped by and got the car going for them. They convince Mike to go with them to the haunted house and he does, but not before stopping and getting holy water at the church and buying salt. Mike had been there before, he knew to be prepared.

Once in the house the girls are less than enthused. Talk about creepy. Mike makes a circle with the salt and holy water. The others think he’s really nuts. Jerry and Stan are excited and Mike? Well Mike’s been here before and he’s less than enthused. The guys then head for the cellar. The cellar that has a huge stinking sinkhole and a metal hatch. The guys try to pull the hatch up only to have it fly up on its own.

It releases a luminescent wave that goes through the entire house and crashes into their salt circle. This thing is screeching with rage and loud enough for the teens to grab their ears in agony. They all jump into the circle. The circle that is their only protection from this thing.

Enter an emaciated mixed breed dog. The dog dives right through the apparition, jaws ripping at thin air. The dog then begins herding the apparition as though it were a sheep. Snapping and growling without fear until inexplicably the monster disappears. They all make tracks out of that house as fast as they can.

Mike takes possession of the dog. A dog he names Demon. Demon is an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix. At least that’s what the vet comes up with. Demon turns out to be Mikes best friend and as we go along Mike realizes that Demon is way more than just a dog. Mike and his friends who now have a bond are on a roller-coaster of a ride.

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The Little Blue Digger – A Colorful Construction Site Story for 2-5 Year Olds

By Harriet Tuppen / Genre: Cars & Trucks, Cars, Trains & Things That Go, Children’s eBooks

The Little Blue Digger - A Colorful Construction Site Story for 2-5 Year Olds

“Everyone in Builders Town was very busy building things. Everyone, that is, except for Little Blue.”

The Little Blue Digger is a beautifully illustrated construction site story for 2 – 5 year olds. It will particularly appeal to young fans of construction site vehicles who love to watch the different diggers and trucks at work!

Readers will get to know Little Blue (a very little excavator), Big Yellow (a slightly stern backhoe), Strong Green (a gruff bulldozer), Tall Orange (a wobbly crane) and Wide Red (a hard-working dump truck).

Little Blue is not allowed to join in the daily construction work in Builders Town because the other trucks consider him too little to help. However, following a slight mishap at the construction site, Little Blue rushes in and proves that he can work just as well as any of the other vehicles, earning their respect and a permanent place on the construction team.

A fun and entertaining story for children and parents to enjoy together, The Little Blue Digger also carries gentle messages of friendship, inclusion and acceptance of differences. It is perfect for reading aloud at bedtime!

The characters in this book are brought to life by illustrator, Branislav Gapic, who gives each of the vehicles its own charming personality. Branislav starts by drawing and coloring the pictures by hand and then he filters them in Photoshop to achieve a unique, child-friendly style.

Intended for young readers, the pictures are simple and colorful, but they also contain additional fun details that will amuse young children and encourage discussion. See if you can spot the grumpy traffic cone that just had a rock bounce off his head!

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Ayurvedic Cookbook: Collection of Traditional and Creative Recipes for Home Cook

By Anna Leary / Genre: Indian, Asian, Regional & International, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Ayurvedic Cookbook: Collection of Traditional and Creative Recipes for Home Cook

This book contains recipes for simple meals that can give therapeutic effects, which are part of the daily diet of many people living by the rules of Ayurveda, now not only in India, but also far beyond its borders: the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. The primary goal of Ayurvedic medicine is to promote good health rather than fight disease. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. According to the knowledge of Ayurveda, the three Ayurvedic body types, or doshas, are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. In nature, water, fire, and air always communicate with each other. The same process is in the human body. Thus, different combinations of the three doshas determines individual characteristics of each personality. Imbalance of the three doshas is the main cause of any disease. People awarded with a perfectly balanced constitution by nature usually have a gifted inner sense of harmony, good health, and excellent digestion. However, most people dominate one or two doshas, and to achieve a balance, they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat right. Ayurveda is a perfect complement to the live food lifestyle and cuisine. To get you started, here are some delicious Ayurvedic recipes to inspire you.
I hope you enjoy it!

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