B.A.E.: Before Anyone Else

By Jahquel J. / Genre: Urban

B.A.E.: Before Anyone Else

You know those summer night, cool breeze, everybody is outside and kicking it? Music blaring, you chilling with your girls, watching the guys? Well, that’s how it went for Moët.

Moët Rubins, was sitting on her best friend’s stoop with her girls, kicking it and having drinks, when a drop top Maybach pulled onto the block and out hopped out Zyair Zane Whitfield, the undefeated heavy weight champ. With millions of dollars and wins under his belt, Zane is interested in the soft spoken girl with the blond hair. Moët lets Zane chase her, not interested in the lime light or his whorish ways. Will Zane break her down?

Tammy, never thought inviting her cousin over would lead to her best friend and cousin maybe becoming a thing. She knows Moët is hesitant because of her past relationship that she can’t seem to leave alone. Tammy is fighting her own demons with her husband and newborn daughter, who drops a bombshell on her. This causes Tammy to put her big girl panties on and handle it, but will she crack under pressure?

In order for someone to be come your B.A.E you have to be willing to put them before everyone else, but is Zane and Moët ready to be each other’s B.A.E?

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The Project: A BBW Romance

By Leila Lacey / Genre: Romance, African American, United States

The Project: A BBW Romance

After more than a year of fighting cancer, Anastasia Simmons is given a devastating diagnosis. She has only twelve months to live. She decides to spend what precious time she has, enjoying life to the fullest and making a difference. Ana buys a bakery from owners who are going into foreclosure and gifts it back to them with one condition. She wants to work for them occasionally and serve up some of her delicious confections.
Dimitri Petrovsky is the eldest son of one of the richest and most powerful families in St. Petersburg, Russia. Though business is important, his family regards love as the keystone of success. Before his father will give him control of the family dynasty, Dimitri must be married. His stubborn nature compels him to refuse and he moves to the States to take charge of the family’s American business interests instead. The distance provides a sense of safety and, to appease his parents, he tells them he met and married a woman after a whirlwind romance.
The ruse works, until his parent’s fortieth wedding anniversary. Not only is he required to attend the celebration, but he must bring his new wife. Dimitri has spent weeks going to a local Bistro just for the opportunity to watch the beautiful woman who works at a nearby bakery. She’s a little rough around the edges, but Dimitri is running out of time and decides to make his move.
When Ana is approached by a handsome stranger who asks her to be his pretend wife, she thinks he’s lost his mind. After talking to Dimitri for a while, she realizes he’s sane but doesn’t know the meaning of fun or joy. She decides to turn the tables and make him her next project. She accepts his invitation, but he has to abide by a few stipulations. They must spend one month getting to know each other so they will appear to be a real couple and Dimitri has to do everything Ana wants, no resistance, no questions.
The days fly by and, before either of them realize it, they have fallen in love. There is one glitch, however. Ana has not told Dimitri she is dying.

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Team Mom (Finding Love Book 1)

By Delaney Cameron / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Team Mom (Finding Love Book 1)

Julie’s calm life is thrown a curve ball when her brother arrives the night before his seven-month deployment asking her to take care of his son. As a preschool teacher, she’s used to dealing with toddlers, not nine-year-olds. Noting her nephew’s interest in baseball, Julie signs him up for little league. She’s anything but thrilled to find out that his coach is a celebrity.

Eric returned to St Marys to lick his wounds and start over. But even in his hometown, he’s known more for his unfortunate appearance on a reality dating show than for his seven years in the major leagues. All he has to show for that poor decision is an ex-wife and a broken heart.

Julie’s obvious disapproval makes her the perfect choice for his team mom. If she doesn’t like him, she won’t cause any problems. But will that be enough to keep his growing interest in her in check? And as Julie’s preconceived notions about sports figures slowly unravel, will she be able to resist the man behind the public persona?

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Heartbeat of the Block: A Street King’s Love

By A’zayler / Genre: Urban

Heartbeat of the Block: A Street King's Love

Best friends since the beginning, raised, groomed, and established in the ruthless streets of their home town, Brasi Gibson and Lucy “Lu” Daniels have finally made it to the top. Thriving off the respect of others while enjoying the perks of being hood rich, the pair effortlessly dominate any and everything they’re a part of.

Though they’re nothing more than friends, the inner fire that burns on the inside of them both for the other, is starting to become unbearable. Lu is well known in the streets for being Brasi’s first lady, and because of this, things between her and her longtime boyfriend are diminishing. Loving Brasi with everything in her, but still drawing the line at their friendship, Lu’s able to balance it all out, until Brasi presents his truest feelings to her.

A young street king and a self-made boss in his own right, Brasi Gibson is living the life. He’s got money, women, and anything materialistic at the tip of his fingers, but all of that means nothing to him without true love. Having always known that Lu was indeed made for him, Brasi doesn’t stress her personal life until it starts to get in his way. Accustomed to getting anything he wants, he feels as if Lu is no different and disregards everything in his way of having her.

Breon is Lu’s younger sister and has pretty much been along for the ride. Never challenging Lu or getting involved in anything that has to do with the streets, Breon lives a pretty peaceful life. However, all of that is quickly dismissed once Brasi’s right hand man, Wren Moore, starts to pursue her.

Street and as hood as they come, Wren is fearless and sees no boundaries when it comes to the things he wants. The only problem with that is, the one thing he really wants, he can’t have. Breon seems to fight him at every turn, but being the persistent young hustler that he is, he weakens her and quickly captures her heart. Find out just how far these men will go to obtain the heartbeat of their blocks.

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Web of Fear (Glenmore Park)

By Mike Omer / Genre: Detective, Mystery & Thrillers, Women’s Fiction

Web of Fear (Glenmore Park)

A Girl Missing for the Whole World to See
Detective Hannah Shor gets a case in the worst way possible – a friend calls her for help. Her twelve year old daughter has been kidnapped, and Hannah joins forces with the FBI to bring her home safely.

A ransom note gone viral

When the kidnappers post an image of their captive on Instagram, the situation spins out of control. Now, the whole world is watching. Rumors spread like wildfire, and online vigilantes add fuel to the raging flames.

As Hannah digs deeper, she unravels dark secrets from the family’s past. With the realization that the kidnapping is about more than just a ransom, Hannah needs to close in on the truth, before Abigail’s time runs out.

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Demon Blessed

By Nikki Sex / Genre: Vampires, Paranormal, Romance

Demon Blessed

I know he’s a shifter before I see him. As I step inside, desire pulls me under like a wave. Vampires are delicious, but nothing is as scorching hot as a powerful werewolf. I’m not sure what I want more—to have him bend me over the table, or to feed on his otherworldly energy.

I crave both.

Temptation! This is how my problems begin. I can’t trust anyone, particularly supernatural creatures. With my power, I don’t even trust myself.

I’m too damned dangerous.


Psychic, Janice St. John, is no longer human—not since her mother’s spell went wrong and a baby demon took up residence in her body. Now Jan’s teaching her bloodthirsty inner monster to be good. Employed by a detective agency, she solves mysteries by talking to ghosts. Then she makes one little mistake…

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Fire & Ice (The Locklaine Boys Book 1)

By Jessica Prince / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Fire & Ice (The Locklaine Boys Book 1)

Pepper O’Malley isn’t one to be toyed with. Fool her once, shame on you. Fool her twice, and they’ll have trouble finding your body. She used to dream of white picket fences and happily-ever-afters, but now she lives in the real world. As the saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” especially when that woman is a redheaded spitfire.

Griffin Locklaine always viewed commitment as a four letter word. He was clear about what he wanted from the start and made no apologies for it. He didn’t care if he came off cold as ice. He lived for his job, his family, and his friends. He had no desire for a relationship. That was, until he saw the once-young-and-scrawny Pepper all grown up.

They’re like oil and water, fire and ice. A volatile combination that should never work together. Unfortunately, fate has other ideas. A spark like theirs left ignored has a tendency to burn out of control, leaving everyone to wonder who will be left standing when it finally explodes. Only one thing is certain. When they finally come together, it’s going to be epic.

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Guess the Animal Faces: Animal Identification Book for Kids (I Love You…Bedtime stories children’s books 19)

By Lisa Rusczyk / Genre: Mammals, More Animals, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Guess the Animal Faces: Animal Identification Book for Kids (I Love You...Bedtime stories children's books 19)

This is a read aloud kids book that is written in an easy to read style with more than 50 colorful illustrations and is ideal for children from preschool to little kids.

Polar bear.



All children love animals and their cute little faces! Your child will love reading along as they see adorable colorful illustrations of their favorite furry and feathered friends and guess which animal they are! From a smiling sheep to a mischievous raccoon, they’ll laugh as they play along and learn all about their animal pals! Make reading time a wildly fun adventure with this playful book from the You Are Loved book series!

Read along as Guess the Animal Faces is a beginner reader book that any child will enjoy, especially at bedtime.

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CAST IRON COOKBOOK: Vol.2 Lunch Recipes (Cast Iron Recipes)

By Charity Wilson / Genre: Special Appliances, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

CAST IRON COOKBOOK: Vol.2 Lunch Recipes (Cast Iron Recipes)

Cast Iron Cookbook Recipes Just For You

Cast iron skillet cooking is making a serious comeback finally. Cast iron has always been known to have even heating, great heat retention and is so versatile you can use it on a grill, toss it in the oven or even use it over an open flame. Yet very few people were using it.

Some people claim to have been handed down cast iron cookware that is 150 years old. That is amazing. Maybe a bunch of grandmas got together and decided it was time to revive cast iron cooking from the slow death it was experiencing. Who knows and really who cares, you just want to eat great tasting food.
What’s So Great About Cast Iron Cookware

For starters, there is the nostalgic feeling you get cooking with them if your family were avid users when you were a kid or those grandparents you only saw once in a while. The flavoring is just better in cast iron as it seems to release its own unique taste. It somehow captures the aromas of many delicious meals and melds it with whatever you are cooking.

Cleaning cast iron is not near as difficult as you have been led to believe. Just clean it while it is still warm instead of waiting until all the food is baked right on. You don’t want to use soap on it and can just use hot water. Now if you love to cook and then soak your pans cast iron will not be your friend.

You do not want to soak cast iron as it might rust and then you will really need to do some work. You do need to season your skillet after buying it which does take about an hour (instructions inside) but then you have a skillet that will last for years and years.

Cooking with cast iron is more convenient than traditional pans. You can start the recipe on top of the stove and then finish it off in the oven without changing anything. Just slide the skillet in. Or put the pan right in the oven to start and when it is done serve it right from the pan. Who needs casserole dishes?

You can essentially make any recipe you can imagine in a cast iron skillet.

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