Dad’s Best Friend

By Mia Ford / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Dad's Best Friend

Losing my parents was one of the hardest things that I’d ever been through. I was just a teenager and needed my mom. Through legal paperwork as well as love, I went to live with Dad’s best friend, Perry Adams. They were friends since grade school, and I didn’t know anyone better than Perry. It was perfect.Then came the years when I grew older and more aware of hormones and emotions. I knew it was wrong to want to sleep with a man that was twice my age as well as such a close member of my family. It just got harder, though. I knew so many guys at school that would take care of my needs, but they were crass and immature.They weren’t Perry. Before I knew it, I was graduating from college and more attracted to him. He suggested a trip together to celebrate, and I agreed, with no intentions of anything happening between us. Then there was a kiss, and we couldn’t stop it.Was there a future for Perry and me?Could we get past all the wrongs in our relationship?Could I start my life without him in it now that I didn’t have to stay?

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Highland Courage (Duncurra Book Book 2)

By Ceci Giltenan / Genre: Medieval, Historical Romance, Romance

Highland Courage (Duncurra Book Book 2)

Her parents want a betrothal, but Mairead MacKenzie can’t get married without revealing her secret and no man will wed her once he knows.

Plain in comparison to her siblings and extremely reserved, Mairead has been called “MacKenzie’s Mouse” since she was a child. No one knows the reason for her timidity and she would just as soon keep it that way. When her parents arrange a betrothal to Laird Tadhg Matheson she is horrified. She only sees one way to prevent an old secret from becoming a new scandal.
Tadhg Matheson admires and respects the MacKenzies. While an alliance with them through marriage to Mairead would be in his clan’s best interest, he knows Laird MacKenzie seeks a closer alliance with another clan. When Tadhg learns of her terrible shyness and her youngest brother’s fears about her, Tadhg offers for her anyway.

Secrets always have a way of revealing themselves. With Tadhg’s unconditional love, can Mairead find the strength and courage she needs to handle the consequences when they do?

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Treasure Kills: Legends of Tsalagee Book 1

By Phil Truman / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Action & Adventure

Treasure Kills: Legends of Tsalagee Book 1

It has a Curse. When the murder of a local farmer dumb founds those in the small burg of Tsalagee, Oklahoma, local legends Hayward Yost and Socrates Ninekiller suspect two renegade bikers who ride into town. Others in the community are drawn into the mystery – a Wiccan who moves to town to pursue her New Age lifestyle; her bumbling, socially inept boyfriend women can’t resist; a young war veteran home to heal his physical and emotional wounds.

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Addicted to the Hustle: A Carolina Love Thing

By Renae / Genre: Urban

Addicted to the Hustle: A Carolina Love Thing

Logan Mills hasn’t always had it easy, and is just simply trying to get through life. With an absentee mother and alcoholic father Logan has the weight of the world on her shoulders. All Logan can really count on are her crazy ass friends Margo, April and her secret crush Ameer Sanchez to keep her sane.

Ameer Sanchez is a young rich, and in demand. With a small circle that consists of his best friends Jacob and Daniel, he doesn’t need much else to hold him down, well except for that special someone. He’s fine as hell and on his way to living out his dreams. He also has everything he wants and can have any girl he wants but ever since he laid eyes on Logan he knew that he had to have her.

Unfortunately, for this bunch, life isn’t always as simple as it should be. Ameer is struggling to keep his head right, and do right by Logan but life keeps getting in the way. Keeping his past in the past is not working out as simple as he thought it would be.

Friendships and relationships are challenged, and some may not survive. Not to mention that the streets are invading their circle with a vengeance.

Roman is the plug that Jacob and Daniel work for and he has an offer that they can’t refuse, even if they should be running from it. With Roman about to step down will the guys step up and take his place or will unforeseen circumstances make it impossible.

Will Ameer be able to handle a relationship and running the streets? Will Logan be understanding of his constant demanding schedule? Will outside forces as well as, the ones closest to them try to tear them apart? And ultimately, is being Addicted to the Hustle really worth it?

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Bad Play: A Sports Romance

By Kristen Flowers / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Bad Play: A Sports Romance

I’m a once-in-a-generation, super-star quarterback.
Bad Plays?
I don’t make bad plays.

But when Miranda Bach, a.k.a. ‘little Randy’, walks back into my life, my whole world changes in an instant. She was my best friend’s little sister. We practically grew up together.

But now that she’s standing in front of me with the same fiery-red-curls I remember and her sexy as hell yoga pants—she’s anything but ‘little Randy’ anymore. She’s a full grown woman.

And irresistible at that.

Now as my massage therapist, she’s the one in charge of getting me through an injury and back on the field. But when she puts her hands all over me, a million tempting emotions course through my body. Now I only want one thing


But this is a dangerous game we’re playing. If we get caught it’s a breach of both of our contracts.

Bad Plays?
I’m starting to think this might be the worst play of all…

I never thought I’d see him again. The man who ushered me through my boy-crazed teenage years and countless nights of fantasies. He was everything a girl like me wanted.

And boy did I hate him.

His constant teasing and the way he called me ‘little Randy’ always had me in near tears. So you can imagine my racing heart when I saw him banging on my office door. Now I’m forced to confront all of my old teenage emotions again.

He still seems like the same old jerk I remember him being—arrogant, rude, and all he cares about is money. The last thing I need is to let feelings get involved.
I’m a professional.

Sleeping with the league’s most famous quarterback would ruin my career.

I’ll bury them deep and do whatever it takes to get the job done…

There’s no way in hell I’ll let Axel Montgomery ruin my life.

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You’ll Always Be Enough

By Laura Kuehl / Genre: Animals, Children’s eBooks

You'll Always Be Enough

“By the light of the moon, each budding creature came to see that they’re not like one another, and that was meant to be. All have a purpose, and though it’s sometimes hard to know, they all have gifts that blossom as they grow. It won’t always be easy. At times, it will be tough, but no matter how you’re feeling, you’ll always be enough.”

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Seasonings – The Ultimate Recipe Guide

By Jessica Dreyher / Genre: Herbs, Spices & Condiments, Cooking by Ingredient, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Seasonings - The Ultimate Recipe Guide

* The Ultimate Seasoning Recipe Guide *

Seasoning adds interest and depth of flavor to virtually anything you cook, whether you grill outdoors on a barbecue or indoors in a ridged grill pan. Expand your cooking repertoire by using these recipes to add flavor to any dish. We have collected the most delicious and best selling seasoning recipes from around the world. Enjoy!

Enjoy Delicious Seasoning Recipes Today!

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