Billionaire Unbound: The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Chloe

By J. S. Scott / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Billionaire Unbound: The Billionaire's Obsession ~ Chloe

Chloe Colter is finally able to fulfill her dream of getting married after over a decade of school to become an equine vet. But her dreams of a perfect life are shattered when her fiancé becomes abusive, forcing her to finally break away from a destructive relationship.
Life has always been simple for Gabe Walker…until the moment he kisses Chloe Colter at a New Year’s Eve party. He wants her, and he’s used to getting what he wants. Can he convince Chloe to accept a job at his horse ranch so he can see her every day and slowly watch her passion emerge as she learns to trust a man again?

The fire between Gabe and Chloe burns hot, but can Chloe finally let go of her horrifying life before Gabe and give him a chance?, Is she strong enough to reach out and take a man who wants her, doesn’t want to change her, and who cares about her exactly as she is? or will the emotional turmoil of how Gabe makes her feel make it even harder for her to heal, and force her to walk away?

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Hot Stuff (Hot Zone Book 1)

By Carly Phillips / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Hot Stuff (Hot Zone Book 1)

He’s about to find out … She’s not just one of the guys.

Annabelle Jordan and her two sisters were orphans in frilly dresses when they went to live with their sports-lawyer uncle in his world of locker rooms, bookies and gambling. Now the girls are publicists in their uncle’s firm, The Hot Zone.

Despite her upbringing, Annabelle is all woman. She’s naturally drawn to real men—like her latest client, businessman and former football legend Brandon Vaughn.

The chemistry is potent, undeniable, irresistible. Annabelle soon realizes that Brandon is much more than just another jock. And that she’d better hold on tight if she doesn’t want to lose her heart.

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Wolf Hook (A World War II Thriller)

By Michael Wallace / Genre: European, Historical Fiction

Wolf Hook (A World War II Thriller)

Jim Heydrich is the Canadian-born nephew of one of the most feared men in the Gestapo. When his family returns to Germany just before the war, he somehow manages to draw the attention of the Gestapo and to convince the British Secret Service that he is a Nazi spy, a threat to their plans who must be eliminated.

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Rocky Mountain Haven (Six Pack Ranch Book 2)

By Vivian Arend / Genre: Sagas

Rocky Mountain Haven (Six Pack Ranch Book 2)

It’s the quiet ones who take you by surprise.

Beth Danube’s emotionally abusive husband is dead and buried. So is her heart. It’s no big deal, she has all she wants: her three little boys and a fresh start in a small Alberta town. What she doesn’t want is another man in her life—not now, maybe not ever.

After ten years of unsatisfactory, missionary-position sex, she never expected her libido to reawaken. One look at sex-in-boots Daniel Coleman in a Calgary bar, though, blows the dust off her sexuality.

Sensing an edge of desperation, even fear, beneath Beth’s come-on, Daniel finds himself giving in to the powerful urge to let his normally subdued desires run wild. The lady wants non-judgemental, non-vanilla sex? She’s got it—in and out of the bedroom.

At first, friends with blazing-hot benefits is more than enough. Then she realizes Daniel is burning away the protective fortress around her heart…and the guilty secret she dare not reveal.

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The Warrior Poet (The St. John and de Gare Clans)

By Kathryn Le Veque / Genre: Scottish, Historical Fiction

The Warrior Poet (The St. John and de Gare Clans)

1266 A.D. – A family feud has existed between the House of de Gare and the House of St. John for over seventy years. The feud has seen Eden Castle, home to the St. John’s, grow stronger while Castle Winding Cross, lair of the de Gare clan, suffers. Furthermore, the House of St. John has bred the most fearsome warrior in the north of England, a powerful knight known throughout the land as the Demon of Eden. Christian St. John is the culmination of decades of fine breeding and training, a master of the knighthood. When Christian launches what he hopes will be the final attack against Winding Cross to end the long-running feud once and for all, the de Gares are cunning enough to avoid complete destruction. Furious, Christian’s father orders his son to breach the sanctity of the convent where the de Gare heiress has been hiding. The Demon is able to violate the convent and capture his quarry, but not without a fight.

The Lady Gaithlin de Gare does not go easily with the Demon. A big woman with long legs and long blond hair, she too has long been taught to hate the House of St. John. Christian escapes to the north with his combative captive and it is a long-running battle that takes them well into Scotland where Christian will hold the woman, demanding the complete surrender of her family’s home in exchange for her life.

Gaithlin doesn’t make Christian’s life easy at first; she fights him furiously, unwilling to be a submissive prisoner. But the more times that passes, the more she comes to ease her combative stance and realize that Christian St. John is no ordinary knight; beneath the terrible reputation lurks the heart and soul of a poet. The more she comes to know that side to him, and his secret desire for peace, the more her defenses go down. The Demon is not at all what she had been told; he is a man of intelligence and wit, with a beautiful gift for prose. The warrior is indeed a true warrior-poet in every sense of the word. A man of peace lurks beyond the fearsome façade.

Join Christian and Gaithlin as they succumb to searing passion, torn between loyalties and long-standing hatred. As their families turn against them and Christian must face his warring family and answer for his crime of falling in love with the enemy, help and understanding come from the most unexpected of places.

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Thugs Cry 2

By Ca$h / Genre: Urban

Thugs Cry 2

CJ is devastated when he comes home to find Tameka on the floor unconscious and leaking blood from several execution-style gunshot wounds. As he holds her in his arms tearfully begging God not to take her away, he already knows that if she dies he is going to turn Newark, New Jersey into a killing field.

Raheem has just lost the love of his life to suicide and although he is grieving nothing can get in the way of him helping CJ go up against a foe as ruthless as any he has ever faced before. But when Raheem’s loyalty collides with his Islamic faith, and the chance to love again presents itself, his principles get tested.

Nard is not only out to dethrone CJ as Newark’s drug king, he is death bent on annihilating CJ’s whole team. This beef isn’t about drugs, it’s about a woman, and it’s very personal. Young Nard shows that he can match CJ’s gangsta body for body.

When the smoke clears who will wear the crown as The Bricks supreme thug?

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I May Be Young But I’m Ready 2 (I May Be Young But Im Ready)

By ke’asia Morris / Genre: Urban

I May Be Young But I'm Ready 2 (I May Be Young But Im Ready)

After surviving the wrath of their crazy exes, Kamrai and Jordan think they are finally able to live in peace. But, how could they when Kamrai’s jealous ex-boyfriend Kade and Jordan’s crazy ex-girlfriend Tehani are still lurking and always out for revenge?
Jordan is dealing with his own skeletons that could ruin his relationship with Kamrai if ever she found out. His true mental state and impulsive actions could run her away forever and what is a man to do without his woman?
Kamrai would soon have to deal with the troubles of Jordan, but she finds herself in a situation with two of the worst people she could ever dream of. The unwelcomed company has her defenseless and praying that Jordan finds her before death does.
Will they eventually be able to live out their happily ever after in peace? Or, will the return of the psycho exes prove to be deadly for all parties involved? Come ride down the Las Vegas strip and see just how far Mocha and Jordan are willing to go to protect the love that they damn near died to build!

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The Little Blue Digger – A Colorful Construction Site Story for 2-5 Year Olds

By Harriet Tuppen / Genre: Cars & Trucks, Cars, Trains & Things That Go, Children’s eBooks

The Little Blue Digger - A Colorful Construction Site Story for 2-5 Year Olds

The Little Blue Digger is a beautifully illustrated construction site story for 2 – 5 year olds. It will particularly appeal to young fans of construction site vehicles who love to watch the different diggers and trucks at work!

Readers will get to know Little Blue (a very little excavator), Big Yellow (a slightly stern backhoe), Strong Green (a gruff bulldozer), Tall Orange (a wobbly crane) and Wide Red (a hard-working dump truck).

Little Blue is not allowed to join in the daily construction work in Builders Town because the other trucks consider him too little to help. However, following a slight mishap at the construction site, Little Blue rushes in and proves that he can work just as well as any of the other vehicles, earning their respect and a permanent place on the construction team.

A fun and entertaining story for children and parents to enjoy together, The Little Blue Digger also carries gentle messages of friendship, inclusion and acceptance of differences. It is perfect for reading aloud at bedtime!

The characters in this book are brought to life by illustrator, Branislav Gapic, who gives each of the vehicles its own charming personality. Branislav starts by drawing and coloring the pictures by hand and then he filters them in Photoshop to achieve a unique, child-friendly style.

Intended for young readers, the pictures are simple and colorful, but they also contain additional fun details that will amuse young children and encourage discussion. See if you can spot the grumpy traffic cone that just had a rock bounce off his head!

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4 Ingredient Cookbook: 150 Quick & Easy Timesaving Recipes

By Bonnie Scott / Genre: Quick & Easy, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

4 Ingredient Cookbook: 150 Quick & Easy Timesaving Recipes

You don’t need an extensive pantry to cook up a meal that’s tasty and sure to please the entire family. With just four ingredients, you can create everything from appetizers, main dishes and side dishes to breads, salads and desserts.

You can create an entire meal with recipes using four ingredients, so you’ll be able to enjoy time with your guests and not spend the whole evening in the kitchen. Cleanup is a snap, as you won’t be using every bowl and measuring cup in your kitchen to prepare your meal.

Whether you’re a busy parent on the run, a college student with little cash or a novice in the kitchen, you’ll find loads of recipes to tempt your family’s taste buds and keep your budget in check. These simple recipes are done in a snap and even a beginning cook can follow the simple directions to create a tasty meal.

Recipes include:
Chicken Nuggets
Grilled Herb-Mustard Chicken
Chicken Breasts with Mushrooms
Baked Chicken
Honey ‘N Spice Chicken
Chicken Cacciatore
Green Beans And Salsa
Zesty Red Potatoes
Simple Macaroni And Cheese
Poppy-Seed Bowtie Pasta
Salmon Patties
Italian Muffins
Hawaiian Crescents
Pineapple Tarts
Cake Cones
Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

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