Angels in Our Lives (The Pearl Makers Book 1)

By Melissa Storm / Genre: Coming of Age

Angels in Our Lives (The Pearl Makers Book 1)

The animals in our lives are often just angels in disguise.

Six-year-old Emily needs a miracle if she’s ever to walk again. Luckily, her protector angel refuses to leave her side. In fact, she comes to Emily as a golden retriever puppy named Lulu, so that she may stay close by as the little girl struggles through recovery.

Emily and Lulu quickly become inseparable, accomplishing together what everyone believed impossible. As the years pass, Emily grows into a strong young woman while Lulu simply grows old.

Will Emily lose her angel?

This special tale of friendship is sure to bring comfort and peace to anyone who has ever mourned the loss of a beloved pet.

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The Virgin’s Dom: A Dark Billionaire Romance

By Ashlee Price / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

The Virgin's Dom: A Dark Billionaire Romance

Don’t be shy, girl. Show me what I own.

She has a not-so-little secret.

No guy has ever been able to get her off.

They try to cross that line with her.

They might get close but ultimately they fail.

They leave holding the bag.

…Or, should I say, holding the cuffs and whips.

Rinse. Repeat.

Until she met me: A self-made billionaire who’s into BDSM.

I want to make her mine. I want to own her beyond just as my one night auction prize.

I want to give her all the pleasures any man can offer a woman.

I want her to surrender and submit to my commands.

I love hearing her say…”Yes, Sir…Yes, Daddy”

She wants to trust me.

She wants to have faith in me.

But how could she?

With all the men in her life constantly taking advantage of her and disappointing her.

I know deep down she wants me. But things aren’t that simple. Nothing worth fighting for ever is.

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Fully & Completely: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

By Ashlee Price / Genre: Short Stories, Contemporary Fiction

Fully & Completely: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

There’s something about the way he looks at her…
Desire. Lust. Passion.

Mia loves her job as a zoologist for a small animal sanctuary in the outskirts of Chicago.

She went to school to learn as much as she could about animals, and now she is in a position to observe some of the rarest species on the planet.

It’s a dream come true and everything is perfect.

But then Mia finds out that the sanctuary is in trouble, and she starts to think about what would happen if it closes down for good.

Mia is determined to set things right, and she knows that she’s going to have to do something.

After much thought, Mia sets out with a plan to get the sanctuary back on track, one way or another.

Though she is nervous about her plan, Mia is determined to go on for the sake of the animals.

What she never expected was to find a gorgeous man in front of her.

Before she knows it, Mia has forgotten everything except the baby blue eyes looking back at her.

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Her Prairie Knight (Prairie Brides Book Two)

By Kit Morgan / Genre: Frontier & Pioneer, Westerns

Her Prairie Knight (Prairie Brides Book Two)

Newly released from prison, the last thing Colin Cooke expected to see in Clear Creek was an angel. But there she was, just getting off the stage, and was of course everything an angel ought to be. Beautiful, of exquisite form, and with honey gold curls that bounced when she walked. Unfortunately, she walked straight into the arms of Mrs. Irene Dunnigan! The one person everyone avoided as best they could. At least until they needed something from the mercantile, then they had no choice. The self-righteous, cantankerous woman owned it! How was he going to get acquainted with the exquisite creature while Mrs. Dunnigan roamed about guarding her like some fire-breathing dragon? Perhaps with a little help from his brothers, he’d manage it. But the sort of help he got wasn’t exactly the kind he had in mind.

Belle Dunnigan hadn’t expected Clear Creek to be so remote. It was a far cry from Boston society and she soon learned how hard life out on the Oregon prairie could be. But it wasn’t prairie life that was hard. It was living with her Aunt Irene! The woman ruled with an iron fist and hated everyone. Especially the Cooke family. And unfortunately for Belle, the only decent men of the marrying kind within a hundred miles, WERE the Cookes! With spinsterhood starring her in the face, what was she to do? Even worse, she was terribly attracted to Colin Cooke, the one man her aunt hated most of all.

Will love find a way? Or will it be no match for Mrs. Dunnigan? The bane of Clear Creek!

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Kade: A Wolf’s Hunger Alpha Shifter Romance

By A K Michaels / Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Kade: A Wolf's Hunger Alpha Shifter Romance

An out of control Alpha Wolf who is obstinate and won’t heed his Beta’s warnings. Kade MacKenzie is hell-bent on feeding the Hunger gnawing inside him. Stubborn to the core he refuses to believe what’s wrong, that is, until his Wolf decides otherwise.
When his best friend, and one of his Betas, Lennox, reveals the reason for his insatiable Hunger, Kade refuses to believe him. At first. His beast has other ideas, and soon the Shifter is on a quest to find the most precious thing in the universe: his soul-mate.
His decision made, Kade will allow nothing to stand in his way as he searches for the woman who will change his life forever.

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Served: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

By Ashlee Price / Genre: Sagas

Served: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

I can’t stop thinking about that Bad Boy.


Jesse Olson has a full plate.

When her father dies suddenly of an aneurism, her whole world seems to come to a stop.

But with a bistro to run by herself and one of her special coffee blends getting a lot of attention in the city, Jesse is busier than ever.

She doesn’t have time to do much of anything except work and sleep, and she isn’t thinking about anything else – until she meets a rude businessman with flashing dark eyes and a wicked tongue.


Scott comes to the bistro for one reason, but changes his mind when he meets the young owner and decides that he can find something else that he wants there.

When Jesse is quick to put him in his place, it leaves Scott baffled.

It also leaves him wanting more. He’s used to being listened to, and Jesse hasn’t given him the time of day.

Instead of discouraging Scott, though, this just makes him want to get to know the fiery redhead more.

He has a feeling that he’s going to be needing a lot of coffee…

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Medalon: Book 1 of The Demon Child Trilogy (The Hythrun Chronicles 4)

By Jennifer Fallon / Genre: Epic, Fantasy

Medalon: Book 1 of The Demon Child Trilogy (The Hythrun Chronicles 4)

According to legend, the last king of the Harshini sired a half-human child, known as the Demon Child, born to destroy a god . . . lists Medalon in the world’s top 30 best political fantasy books along with New York Times Best Seller, Game of Thrones.

Medalon is the first book in the epic Demon Child trilogy, part of the 10 adventure-filled, action-packed books of the Hythrun Chronicles, from international bestselling author, Jennifer Fallon. With the epic scope of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, the humor of David Eddings in his heyday, the drama of Diana Gabaldon and the action, epic worldbuilding and political scheming of George R R Martin, and you’ll have some idea of the fabulous worlds and the intriguing characters awaiting you in the Demon Child Trilogy.

The small country of Medalon is caught between the vast nation of Karien in the north and the nations of Fardohnya and Hythria in the south. For centuries the Medalonians co-existed peacefully with the Harshini, a magical race that abhors killing. But they have been exterminated and in their place the Sisters of the Blade rule Medalon from their once magical Citadel. An elite army of Defenders enforces the Sisterhood’s oppressive rule and ensure the Harshini and their gods never return.

R’shiel, only daughter of the First Sister of the Blade, rebels against the Sisterhood when her mother’s politicking gets too much for her to stomach. Her half-brother, Tarja, a Captain in the Defenders, rebels with her when he learns the secret their mother has kept hidden all these years, and realizes she will stop at nothing to protect it.

Tarja and R’shiel flee for their lives, but soon find themselves caught up in the heathen rebellion against the Sisterhood. With their new allies, their lives take a turn neither could ever have imagined.

Meanwhile, far south in Hythria, the land ruled by the powerful Wolfblade clan, Brakandaran the Halfbreed, the legendary Harshini outcast, is secretly called on by the last hidden remnants of the Harshini to find the demon child, the half-human child of the dead Harshini king, Lorandranek.

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Bad Boy Exposed

By Ashlee Price / Genre: Sagas

Bad Boy Exposed

I’m a loose cannon…and I’m ready to fire!

What I want, I get.

Women can’t resist me. They see me and they’re like “Pull the trigger, baby.”

I take aim and I explode!

Being arrested hasn’t slowed me down one bit.

I’m out on parole, but good behavior is the last thing on my mind.

You can’t tame a sex addict. Especially not when they give me a therapist straight from my wildest fantasies.

I want her, and for just one taste, I’ll pay the ultimate price.

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Books for Kids: TWO LITTLE HEROES (Ages 3-5): Children’s Picture Book

By Michael Yu / Genre: Beginner Readers, Children’s eBooks

Books for Kids: TWO LITTLE HEROES  (Children’s Book, Picture Books, Preschool Books, Baby Books, Kids Books, Ages 3-5): Children's Picture Book

Boo and Doo live in the small, peaceful town of Oobaoo. Their houses are made of sugar. Everything is fine and dandy until a crazy cloud arrives. Soon the little town is attacked by giant rain drops that splatter and batter everything in sight. Can Boo and Doo, two brave, young Oobas, save the day? What wacky plan do they have up their sleeves?

Find out the answers in this silly, entertaining rhyming book with a surprisingly funny conclusion.

Children of all ages will enjoy hearing this upbeat and humorous adventure of Boo and Doo.

Free as of 06/11/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Grill It!

By Bonnie Scott / Genre: Outdoor Cooking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Grill It!

Whether you cook with a simple charcoal grill on your apartment balcony or have the luxury of a complete outdoor patio kitchen, this collection of grilling recipes is sure to spark your imagination. Make outdoor cooking a regular activity with this tasty collection of grilling favorites.

We’ve grown a lot more sophisticated with our grilling and moved beyond burgers and hot dogs. It’s also not just reserved for summer cookouts. Today, many people grill all year long and prepare entire meals on their gas or charcoal grill. There’s no need to heat up your kitchen, and grilling helps keep clean-up to a minimum.

With Grill It! you’ll find recipes for every type of meat, vegetable and loads of great ideas to make your grilling fun, fast and enjoyable. There’s no need for fancy tools, an expensive grill or a long preparation time. These recipes are created so everyone can enjoy the flavor and ease of grilling without a lot of fuss or mess. Now, even the cook can take it easy and enjoy an afternoon or evening relaxing and being part of the fun. So, sit back, browse the recipes and start planning what to cook next.

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