Where I Belong (Alabama Summer Book 1)

By J. Daniels / Genre: Coming of Age

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer Book 1)

When Mia Corelli returns to Alabama for a summer of fun with her childhood best friend, Tessa, there’s only one thing keeping her on edge. One person that she’d do anything to avoid.

Benjamin Kelly. World’s biggest dickhead.

Mia hates him with a fury and has no desire to ever see him again. When she decides to start her summer off with a bang and finally give away her v-card, she unknowingly hands it over to the one guy that excelled at making her life miserable, learning a valuable lesson in the process.

Always get the name of the guy you’re going home with.

Ben can’t get the girl he spent one night with out of his head. When she leaves him the next morning, he thinks he’ll never see her again. Until he sees her lounging by the pool with his sister.

Mia is determined to hate Ben, even though she can’t forget him.

Ben is determined to prove he’s not the same guy he used to be.

What happens when the one person you wish never existed becomes the one person you can’t imagine being without?

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Serial Love: Saints Protection & Investigation

By Maryann Jordan / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Serial Love: Saints Protection & Investigation

Jack Bryant left the Special Forces to begin his private investigation business. Pulling together like-minded men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALs, and police, they were devoted to the missions that no one else wanted or could solve.
When the Campus Killer strikes again, Jack’s team is tasked by the Governor to find the killer, using whatever means they can.
While following the trail of the serial killer, he becomes entangled in the life of the beautiful woman living next to his property.
Bethany Bridwell moved in with her grandmother to take over running Mountville Cabin Rentals. She had no time for the handsome, mysterious man living next door who continued to intrude into her life…and her thoughts.
Jack battled his growing feelings for Bethany, worried his life would not allow for the white-picket-fence world she deserved. But he was unable to stay away.
When the trail of the Campus Killer strikes close to home, can Jack protect Bethany long enough to give her what she needs?

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Pride and Precipitation (Chick Flick Clique Romantic Comedy #1)

By Heather Horrocks / Genre: General Humor, Humor & Satire

Pride and Precipitation (Chick Flick Clique Romantic Comedy #1)

Breezy Jones is crazy about the weather, rain or shine, which makes her job as the local television station’s meteorologist perfect. She’s even hoping the new buyers of her Aspen Grove station will make some positive changes.

That’s before she meets the attractive new general manager, Noah Drake, who is determined to repackage everything—including Breezy’s down-home delivery and casual, girl-next-door appearance that seems too

Pollyanna for him. He replaces her with a high-powered diva weathercaster and makes Breezy her off-screen assistant.

With a flood of angry emails from the community, plummeting ratings, and incessant demands from the diva, it doesn’t take long for Noah to see which way the wind is blowing.

Will the station survive the competitive clash between pride and precipitation?

More importantly, can their blossoming attraction survive?

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By Amy Bartelloni / Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories, Children’s eBooks


Ten years after a pandemic swept the globe, survivors were forced into factions and camps in order to survive…

Jade and Sera are two orphans who have found refuge in a government camp. It is there where Jade falls in love with a young soldier, Anyon. But Anyon has his own secrets, carefully guarding a past that involves Sera. But before Jade and Anyon admit their feelings to each other the camp is attacked and they’re separated.

Jade knows to lead Sera to Albany, the last free camp in the east, but the road is dangerous.

Not only must they dodge pockets of infection, but they are threatened by drifters and gangs. When they arrive in Albany, they find it deserted.

Anyon and his friend Malachi are close on their heels, but not close enough. The Provisional Government is on a mission, and no one is quite prepared for what lies ahead…

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Netherworld (Ancient Kings of Anglecynn and Ceri)

By Kathryn Le Veque / Genre: Historical Fiction

Netherworld (Ancient Kings of Anglecynn and Ceri)

1197 A.D. – Smarting from the loss of his betrothed, Sir Keller de Poyer has learned not to trust women. A bear of a man with a brilliant mind, Keller is socially awkward but an accomplished knight. He is so accomplished in fact that his liege, William Marshal, gifts the man with lands in Wales for his meritorious service. But there is a catch – in order to secure the lands and titles, he must marry the Welsh heiress.

And so begins the journey into the Netherworld – a castle with a dark reputation and an heiress who hides her own terrible secrets. Death lives at Nether and Keller is caught in the maelstrom. Can he save his new wife from danger and betrayal before it’s too late?

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Gladly Beyond (Brothers Maledetti Book 1)

By Nichole Van / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Gladly Beyond (Brothers Maledetti Book 1)

An ancient curse, fractured at the birth of three brothers.
Two strangers helplessly drawn to each other.
A love story two hundred years in the making.

Claire Raythorn arrives in Florence, Italy, shattered, alone, and anxious to rebuild her life—preferably one without men. But she soon finds herself hunted and haunted— literally—when a mysterious stalker dressed like Mr. Darcy from BBC central casting appears in her photos. And only her photos. Who is this man? And what does his ghostly presence mean?

Dante D’Angelo simply wants to safeguard his brothers, despite the family curse that hounds his vision. But then Claire Raythorn walks into his life, untouched somehow by his curse. Soon, everything Dante thought he knew about himself starts to unravel, dragging Claire down with him.

Set against the lush backdrop of Florence, Italy—both past and present—Claire and Dante fight for a future together. But, first, they must uncover their shared past . . .

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Irresistible: A Bad Boy Navy SEAL Romance

By Kara Hart / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Irresistible: A Bad Boy Navy SEAL Romance

I’ve never backed down from a challenge, and I’ve had my share…
But Helena Rollins is in a league of her own.
She thinks I’m damaged. Broken. She thinks I’m trouble.
Well, maybe she’s right, but she’s wrong about one thing…
She’s mine forever, and I’m going to make sure of it this time.


War is Hell. That’s what they say, anyway. But Helena Rollins has fought me harder than any enemy I’ve ever faced. The only difference lies right in the center of my heart.

She’s got me backed into a damn corner. She’s making me prove myself over and over again. The way her eyes flickered with fire the first time we met told me this would be trouble, but she’s worth every damn second I spend on her.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that women hold the real glory. You don’t have to look real hard to get it. Those strawberry lips, the sinful looks she gives me, and the body of a goddess pulls me in within seconds. Now, I just have to prove I’m worth the trouble.

The days of war may be over for me, but I’m not just a small town guy with small dreams. At night, I dream of her. And though she thinks I’m a prick, I’ve made a vow to give her my world. I’ll see to it that she becomes my queen.


When I moved to Illinois, it was to be the best teacher I could to those kids. Of course, when I ran into Addison Williams, I knew my life would be thrown into chaos.

He’s a golden boy, a one-of-a-kind war hero. And he’s got his eyes set on me.

At the County Fair, he stares at me like I’m his trophy. With a ripped chest, bulging arms, and eyes like steel, what girl wouldn’t be flustered by his touch? But he’s done and seen things no man can ever come back from. There’s no way in hell I’m letting him near me.

One drink leads to another and, well, you get the picture. My toes curl, my mouth waters, and my legs tremble. He’s proving to me that he’s the small town guy every girl dreams of. He’s telling me I deserve everything and more.

I just hope to God he’s telling me the truth.

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Leather and Liquor: Road Devils MC

By Heather West / Genre: Heist, Crime Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

Leather and Liquor: Road Devils MC


She was an innocent little thing. She should have known better.

But I wasn’t going to be the one to tell her to stay away.

I did the opposite, in fact.

I took her into my world and made her my own.

It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t nice.

But I’ve never been either of those things.

I’m a cold-hearted S.O.B., and I’m never going to change.

She thought this was all a game.

But I’m made of two things, darling: leather and liquor.

And I’ll be that way ’til the day I die.

Whether she likes it or not.

She’s playing with fire. And she’s about to get hurt.

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Glory Boy

By Rick Partlow / Genre: Space Marine, Military, Science Fiction

Glory Boy

Caleb Mitchell gave up everything to protect his home. Shunned by friends and family for abandoning the pacifist beliefs of their religion, abandoned by the love of his life, he left his homeworld of Canaan to go to the Commonwealth Military Academy on Earth and train to fight in the looming war against the implacable alien threat of the Tahni Imperium. When a training mission with a crew of cadets winds up caught in the middle of one of the worst battles of the war, Cal and his fellow students are officially declared dead.
That’s when their war really begins. Recruited for a top-secret special operations unit, Cal and his friends undergo experimental and dangerous physical augmentation that turns them into supersoldiers, designed to take the fight behind enemy lines and put the fear of God into an alien society who thinks their Emperor is God personified.
Now Caleb is asked to sacrifice his very humanity to protect his people. But when Canaan itself is threatened by the Tahni, will he throw away his career and risk everything to save the people who turned their backs on him?

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Trigger Break: Crime Action Thrillers (Warriors Series Book 10)

By Ty Patterson / Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers, Action & Adventure

Trigger Break: Crime Action Thrillers (Warriors Series Book 10)

Zeb Carter’s enemies call him fate. The yakuza write their own destiny. Now, he’s going against them. Fate vs Destiny.

The first woman was reaching out to U.S. Special Forces operative Zeb Carter for help, when she is killed. She turns out to be the daughter of the head of an intelligence chief.

As Zeb swings into action, another woman, the daughter of another intelligence chief is killed.

It is obvious that the intelligence agencies of the world are under attack, and Zeb goes on the hunt.

It is a trail that takes him from New York to Los Angeles, and from London to Tokyo, battling Vietnamese killers and motorcycle gangs.

In Japan he comes across the yakuza, the most dangerous enemy he has ever faced. They are hatching a plan. One that will have a devastating effect on Japan and USA.

Zeb is an experienced operative. He has come through multiple missions. The yakuza are a different proposition, however. They are masters of survival, and war is their business.

Zeb is in their backyard and has walked right into their trap.

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Awakening: Volume 1 (Promiscus Guardians)

By Brianna West / Genre: Angels, Paranormal, Romance

Awakening: Volume 1 (Promiscus Guardians)

Izzy is on the fast track to nowhere. Being ordinary really blew sometimes. That’s until she meets Lucas—a man that’s unlike anyone she’s ever met. Mostly because he isn’t actually a man. He is a supernatural creature that proclaims to police the Light and Dark in order to protect humans.

And Izzy—well—she isn’t the human she thought she was. She is actually a supernatural being as well. And now Lucas is going to do everything in his power to find out what she is and protect her from the Dark lurking around the corner.

Awakening follows Izzy as she navigates this new world of demons, vampires, angels, and many other supernatural creatures. Recruited by the Promiscus Guardians and partnering with the most brooding and devilishly handsome man she’s every met, Lucas, Izzy is suddenly knee-deep up crap creek. Discover the secret behind her power and why it’s such a commodity in her Awakening.

Free as of 06/16/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Texas Ranger

By Yolanda Sharpe / Genre: Collections & Anthologies, Romance

Texas Ranger

With a love that shines too bright, this collection of bestselling stories is what every die-hard romantic truly needs. Enjoy the epic fervor of love as the plots will unwind one by one and each one of them is sure to keep you hooked till the very end.
Read this fascinating collection of some of the most beautiful stories that are sure to make you fall in love. Every single story will entice you and leave you mesmerized. So, let these sexy tales seduce you and leave you asking for more.

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Daddy’s Fiancée Nanny: A Single Dad & A Virgin Romance

By Piper Sullivan / Genre: Humor & Satire

Daddy's Fiancée Nanny: A Single Dad & A Virgin Romance

When I hired a Nanny I wasn’t expecting Harper…
Sweet, young and full of life. She was everything my daughter needed. And her curvy body was everything I desired.

Prince Rafael
My wife is dead and now her parents are trying to take my child, my heir to the throne of Estamillo.
They say I’m not fit to be her father. They claim I am not providing a nurturing female presence as a single dad.
I will not give up my daughter. Never. She’s all I have left. And she secures the line of succession.
My lawyer says I need a fiancée. And fast.
I have the perfect candidate. My daughter’s Nanny.
She already works for me, I’ll just pay her extra to be my fake fiancée.

And maybe she might be up for some off-the-contract activities as well…

Pretending to be engaged to the man I love was hard…
Tall, dark and sexy, Rafael was perfect in every way. But he only saw me as the too-young Babysitter

I put University on hold for a steady job.
I need to support my hell-raising Grandma Edie. She’s all the family I have left.
When Prince Rafael Cavallero hired me to take care of his adorable daughter Sofia, things were finally looking up.
What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with the Boss.
Or pretend that my wildest wish, being loved by him, was a reality.

I have only one choice, make Rafa fall in love with me before this fake engagement is over.

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Chronicles of a Barnyard Life: Smile Mr. Cow!

By Dr. Priya Sun / Genre: Farm Animals, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Chronicles of a Barnyard Life: Smile Mr. Cow!

What do you do when you can’t cheer yourself up?

Mr. Cow is in the same predicament. His adorable comrades try their best to make him smile, but wise Mother Hen succeeds by reminding him to pause, look around, and appreciate the little things. The story line is centered on cultivating gratitude and empathy in children—Gratitude as expressed by Mr. Cow and Empathy by his friends.

Gratitude and empathy taught through social interactions and stories, such as this, are integral to the development and happiness of children. Fulfillment grows from the seeds of gratitude. Human connection spreads in the roots of empathy.

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Raw Vegan Recipes: A simple guide for improving energy, mental clarity, weight management, superfoods, herbs, and total body nourishment with the use of organic plants. (Raw Food)

By Kevin Kerr / Genre: Vegan & Vegetarian, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Raw Vegan Recipes: A simple guide for improving energy, mental clarity, weight management, superfoods, herbs, and total body nourishment with the use of organic plants. (Raw Food)

Are you looking for vegan recipes that prolong your life and satisfy your tastebuds?

If so then you’ve come to the right place because I have been using these ones for several years and still find them delicious!

I believe everyone would consume more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs if they experienced how wonderful raw food can taste when prepared right and the amount of energy it would give them! This recipe book contains over 50 delectable recipes for the advanced individual or beginner. Each one is not only healthy for your body but all are incredibly delicious! Every ingredient is taste tested organic, and included are recipes for salads, wraps, juices, smoothies, fermented foods, and even raw chocolate chip cookies! This one is for you if you want scrumptious healthy creations, and want to learn how to incorporate more raw plant-based foods into your diet. I enjoy making all of them on a regular basis and I’m confident you will too!

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