Old Habits

By Tabatha Kiss / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Old Habits

Small town. Big mistakes.
Everyone’s business.

Four years ago, Jovie Ross disappeared.

She was my high school sweetheart. My first love. My first everything.
I wanted it all with her. Marriage. A family.
Then, one day, she was gone.

She wanted more than a simple life in Clover, Kansas.
Unanswered questions have left me wondering what could have been.

Now, she’s back, but she’s not the same rebellious troublemaker she used to be.
She’s all grown up and even more beautiful than I remember.
But she’s still my Jovie. It doesn’t take long before she remembers that, too.

The town doesn’t believe she’s changed.
They want her gone and they won’t stop until they run her out of Kansas for good.
They’ll have to get through me first.

I wanted it all with her. This is our second chance to get it right.
But the questions of the past need answers and I’ll do whatever it takes to get them.

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Natalie Vs. Prince: A Steamy Royal Romance

By Mona Cox / Genre: Short Stories, Contemporary Fiction

Natalie Vs. Prince: A Steamy Royal Romance

Careful, Mr. Bad Boy Prince. I may look sweet and cute. But this lil’ slip of a girl can bring the Devil to his knees…

I mean, sure, I like kitties! And I love wearing pink!

But that doesn’t mean that Connor D’Avington, the infamous prince of pleasure, is gonna sweep me off my feet like he does to all those other girls around the world who swoon over him.

I’m rolling my eyes when he’s taking off his shirt and showing me those 8-pack abs, rippling muscles, and amazing pecs.

Been there, done that…

I’m yawning when he’s showing me those 12 inches of…OMG! I didn’t even think they could be that big!

Right. Not yawning now.

Now he’s telling me he wants me to come with him.

I mean, just once? Shouldn’t it be at least three or four times?

With as big as it is, that rocket should for sure shoot me into orbit, I think.

All I can say is…I’m all ready for blast off! 

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My Father’s Best Friend

By Fiona Davenport / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

My Father's Best Friend

When Ethan Parker’s investigation leads him to Delilah Brooks, he hopes he’s finally found his best friend’s long-lost daughter. What he wasn’t expecting was to want her for himself—with an intensity that drives him to get her pregnant before her father finds out about the two of them.

Delilah falls hard and fast for Ethan. But she isn’t sure what to think when he confesses his connection to the father she’s never met. Or how her father is going to react when he learns she’s having his best friend’s baby.

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Sweet Spot: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

By KB Winters / Genre: Sports

Sweet Spot: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

Life keeps throwing me curveballs … but I refuse to strike out.
They call me a bad boy, a drunk, a playboy. I can handle it — but now I’ve been traded from my all-star baseball team in beautiful Southern California to Cow Country, USA.
I just happened to hit the ball out of the park on their star pitcher’s debut game. Yeah, he’s still reeling. Because I can find that juicy sweet spot every damn time. That’s a promise.
Josie Crawford is a sweet little fireball of a reporter. Devil-red smile, legs that won’t quit — and cowboy boots. She thinks she wants nothing to do with me, but I’m standing at attention for her.
That sweet spot? She’s got one too. And I’m about to make her mine.

Covering this game, I’ve seen more than my share of big egos. Trey Delgado has earned his bad-boy cred every bit as much as his all-star hitter status. I know better than to get involved.
Except it’s not just his ego that’s oversized. And maybe he’s got some sweet of his own to go with the cocky. Maybe … just maybe … but he’s the biggest temptation I’ve ever tried to turn down.
I should never ignore my instincts. Because when I finally fall, he’s got another scandal ripping apart what’s left of his reputation. And this one won’t just ruin him … it’s going to ruin me as well—and my heart.

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The Dating Deal

By Melanie Marks / Genre: Religious, Teen & Young Adult

The Dating Deal

“Come with me to the dance. Caitlin and I just broke up. I need a date, you need a date. Let’s just . . . date. This isn’t a noble gesture or anything. I don’t do stuff like that. It’s a deal. We’re making a deal.”

Seventeen-year old Megan Turner thought her hard-drive was cleared before she sold her computer in a local online auction. What she didn’t realize is that her journal was recoverable, and that her computer was purchased by someone she knew from school.

Suddenly Trent Ryan has a glimpse into the thoughts, feelings and testimony of “Megan the Mormon.” Upon peeking into Megan’s heart, Trent discovers Megan has captured his. There’s only one problem. Megan only dates Mormons. Until Trent read Megan’s journal he didn’t even know what a Mormon was. So Trent comes up with a plan—all he has to do is get Megan to agree to The Dating Deal.

By Melanie Marks, the author of His Kiss; and Fall For Me; and (NEW!) I Remember You

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Children’s Bull Terrier Picture Book: “Milo & Ze”: Bedtime story(Beginner readers)

By Mark Watson / Genre: Dogs, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Children's Bull Terrier Picture Book:

Join Milo, the long forgotten Bull Terrier, as he travels the world in search of nothing more than a friend he can call his own.
Milo & Ze is the eagerly-awaited second illustrated children’s picture dog book for kids by Mark Watson and Pablo Michau, authors of the bestselling, “The Shark in the Park”. Milo & Ze makes the perfect Bull Terrier gift for kids, dog lovers and bully fans alike.

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Adventures in Outdoor Cooking: Learn to Make Soup, Stew and Chili in Your Dutch Oven (Cast Iron Cooking Book 2)

By Adele Cliff / Genre: Outdoor Cooking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Adventures in Outdoor Cooking: Learn to Make Soup, Stew and Chili in Your Dutch Oven (Cast Iron Cooking Book 2)

Outdoor cooking has been used for generations, but it is experiencing a major comeback and for good reason-it is fun, easy and delicious. Try some of the best recipes, customized for outdoor cooking in a cast iron Dutch oven. These are recipes that any novice cook can complete with ease and are sure to impress your hungriest friends and family. Whether you like your meals hot and spicy or have a calmer palate, you will find several recipes that are perfect.

Also included is complete instructions for preparing, using and caring for your cast iron cookware, along with beginner tips for handling your cookware safely.

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