Fallen Pride: A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 4)

By Wayne Stinnett / Genre: Sea Adventures, Action & Adventure

Fallen Pride: A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 4)

Retired Marine Jesse McDermitt faces an antagonist unlike none that he’s faced before, post-traumatic stress. A friend’s son, dishonorably discharged from the Corps, is suffering from nightmares, brought on by an incident that was the catalyst for his discharge.

With Jesse’s help he learns to cope with his demons and gets his discharge overturned, so that he may once again serve the country he loves.

Meanwhile, another foe is out to get Jesse, Deuce, and anyone else that gets in the way, including a highly placed elected official. When it’s learned that the foe is one of their own, all hell breaks loose around the Florida Keys.

The royalties earned from this novel are donated to Homes for Warriors in Brevard County, Florida, to help build and remodel homes to be given to deserving veterans and their families.

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Survival Instinct

By Kristal Stittle / Genre: Horror

Survival Instinct

On the surface, the city of Leighton is just like any other city: tall buildings, busy streets, and populated by a wide variety of people. It also has rats. These vermin are unlike the average pest, because they are carrying a deadly contagion. Havoc ensues as the devastating virus seeps into the unsuspecting populace, turning friends and family against each other. Atrocities of savage behaviour are spreading faster than people can outrun, and the citizens get recklessly desperate. Whether by joining forces, or by standing alone, survival is on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, not everyone will escape with their life.

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Six John Jordan Mysteries (John Jordan Mysteries Collections)

By Michael Lister / Genre: Police Procedurals, Mystery & Thrillers

Six John Jordan Mysteries (John Jordan Mysteries Collections)

Six novels in the critically acclaimed John Jordan series from award winning author and New York Times and USA Today best seller Michael Lister.

Includes a Special Introduction by Michael Connelly

Power in the Blood
Ex-cop John Jordan, now a prison chaplain in the Florida Panhandle, witnesses the bloody death of Potter Correctional Institution inmate Ike Johnson. But what exactly did he witness? Murder, accident, or suicide? Jordan discovers that in the closed society of captives and captors no act goes unseen, and no one takes kindly to a cop in a collar. He soon finds his reputation, his career, and even his life are at stake.

Blood of the Lamb
John Jordan’s search for peace is interrupted by the unimaginable murder of the seven year-old adopted daughter of ex-con turned televangelist, Bobby Earl Caldwell. The murder is committed inside a locked office while Bobby Earl conducts a service in the Potter Correctional Institution chapel. The investigation forces John to confront his own fears and beliefs as he struggles to figure out his identity as well as that of the killer’s.

Flesh and Blood
In this diverse collection of cases, John investigates the Shroud of Turin, a pregnant virgin, a daring prison break, a Hurricane Katrina orphan who might just be the Second Coming, a desperate woman who sleeps with one too many men, a bloody body on the rec yard, a mystery that turns on a single observation, and a murder in which John himself is the prime suspect—all this as he deals with depression and battles alcoholism.

Body and the Blood
In one of the most baffling murder cases of his career, John Jordan actually witnesses an impossible murder—one he would swear couldn’t have happened had he not seen it with his own eyes.

Attempting to balance his fragile reconciliation with his ex-wife and the high-stakes investigation, John is soon overwhelmed and wonders if the life he’s hoped for is even possible. But when he finally figures out how the crime was committed and who’s behind it, an exciting climax follows that reveals the shocking solution, sees someone close to John shot, and carries for John the ultimate personal price—one he’s not sure he can pay.

Blood Sacrifice
Following a particularly brutal and costly case, John Jordan goes to a secluded retreat center and encounters one of the most bewildering and haunting cases of his career—the suspicious death of a troubled and sexualized young woman undergoing an exorcism.

But is he dealing with forces not even he can understand? And what will it cost him?

Rivers to Blood
John Jordan searches for an escaped prisoner, investigates a shocking murder, and confronts a sadist forcing his victims to violate themselves — all while trying to take care of his family, friends, and those in his care.

An escaped inmate. A shocking lynching. A harrowing river rescue. A thrilling mystery featuring a detective like no other!

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Velvet Ivy (The Nighthawks MC Book 1)

By Bella Knight / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Velvet Ivy (The Nighthawks MC Book 1)

Can Ivy survive her own wayward heart? Sometimes life throws a spanner in the works.

So, what can you do if you get given a bad start? Are there really second chances? Velvet Ivy knows all the answers, that’s for sure. She’s been there and done that, even bought the god-damn T-shirt, multiple times. Now, she’s working for herself. And not just to make do, either. This time around she’s got a real dream to follow. She’s going to make something of her life.

She’s gorgeous. She’s sexy. She’s a top-of-the-line lady if you want to party at the Palomino. Aha! This gorgeous platinum blonde can hold her own against anyone. And even the toughest bikers do as she says, period. But has Ivy found something even more dangerous than that? And is it really possible to find a love that is real and meaningful in the open Nevada desert?

Maybe her crazy world will catch up with her, instead. It’s hard to know for sure. So, what on earth will she dream for? And who else will come along for the ride? One thing’s for sure, Velvet Ivy is going to rock the heart of Nevada. Ready, set… let’s ride…

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When Angels Cry

By MaryLu Tyndall / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

When Angels Cry

Not since the Left Behind series has there been a more compelling and eye-opening novel. Taut, tense, and totally unpredictable, When Angels Cry is a powerful love story not only for the heart and soul, but one for the ages—especially the age to come. — Julie Lessman, award-winning author of the Daughters of Boston, Winds of Change, and Isle of Hope series.

In the not too distant future…

Wars, plagues, and famines ravage the world, immorality and violence are rampant, and the Bible is outlawed.

Angelica Smoke, a single mother and cocktail waitress, ascends the steps of a megachurch to deliver a message from God to the one man she hoped to never see again.

That message thrusts world-famous pastor Daniel Cain into a whirlwind of confusion, causing him to seek out Angelica and demand an explanation. But the woman broke his heart once and is now involved in a fanatical cult. Even being seen with her could damage his career. Still, he cannot stay away, and the more time he spends with her, the more he begins to doubt everything he believes.

Angelica is a seer. God grants her visions of the future, but she has no idea what to do with them. Her top priority is protecting her son—from the world, the culture, the devil, and especially from Daniel. But God keeps throwing them together, causing her fears to rise and reopening old wounds that threaten to tear her soul apart.

Angels watch over the couple, protecting and hoping they will make the right choices. But the angels are limited in what they can do as the end of the age comes to a close and the spiritual battles intensify, not only for Angelica and Daniel, but for all humanity.

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Loving A Haitian Boss: Kaliya and Quasim

By Natisha Raynor / Genre: Urban

Loving A Haitian Boss: Kaliya and Quasim

Quasim Cean comes from one of the poorest countries in the world, and because of that and the way that he was raised, he’s blessed with a hustler’s spirit. Deciding to spread his wings and leave Miami, Quasim heads to North Carolina where he proceeds to make more money than he’s ever seen. Making money isn’t the only thing Quasim does. After he meets Kaliya, it doesn’t take him long to figure out that she’s unlike any woman that he’s ever met. Quasim becomes smitten and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her, but will his violent tendencies be the very thing that scares Kaliya away?

Prospect gets what he wants, be it from hustling or the ski mask way. He’s out for success and doesn’t mind putting his homies on. Prospect is a charming go getter with a bad temper, and he finds himself caught up between two women. Neither lady is willing to give Prospect up, and even if she has to scheme her way into his heart, that’s exactly what Anastasia plans to do. The only problem is that with Prospect’s temper, getting caught may cost her life.

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Double Trouble (Dev Haskell – Private Investigator Book 10)

By Mike Faricy / Genre: Private Investigators, Mystery & Thrillers

Double Trouble (Dev Haskell - Private Investigator Book 10)

Double Trouble is the Tenth mystery in the highly entertaining Dev Haskell Private Investigator series.
Once again, Mike Faricy provides edge of the seat chills and laugh out loud situations.

Work is slow for Private Investigator, Dev Haskell so he agrees to make collection calls to octogenarians past due on their coffin payments. He barely lasts the morning before he quits. On his way out the door Dev recommends “reformed” criminal Tommy Flaherty for the job. Since no good deed goes unpunished, that turns out to be a very big mistake and Dev finds himself taken for the ultimate ride.

At the same time, Dev attempts to investigate online tampering with an “Escort” website. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more than pictures of gorgeous women being exchanged and the last people willing to help seems to be Dev’s client Ashley and her thug boyfriend, Tony.

Double Trouble is a hilariously entertaining mystery, full of nonstop surprises and a delightfully zany ending.

Faricy is the next Carl Hiaasen…Crime Scene
Faricy is America’s hottest new mystery writer…and Dev Haskell is one of the looniest and most enjoyable characters inhabiting the world of fictional PI’s out there today. Robert Carraher….The Dirty Lowdown

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Vampire Defense

By James D. Bell / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Vampire Defense

John Brooks is a brilliant young lawyer working hard, but not getting much notice. Those who know him admire his work ethic and his intellect. His friends believe that he needs one big case to show off his talents. Defending Hal Boyd, known as the Butcher of Belhaven, on arson and four murder charges, looks like that big case as the world media, hungry to fill 24 hours a day of non-stop news coverage, converges on Jackson, Mississippi.

Soon the Boyd case looks like a career ender when Brooks announces his defense: “Not guilty by reason of insanity. My client was so insane that he believed that the person he intended to kill was a vampire.” The world media ridicules the “Vampire Defense,” and Brooks and his defense team become the laughing stock of the legal profession.

Ridicule becomes the least of Brooks’ problems when he discovers that a satanic cult is intent on exacting murderous revenge against Boyd and his defense team. Kidnapping and multiple murders occur at a dizzy pace as the action careens from the city to the swamp to the courtroom.

Romance coupled with comic relief allows you to occasionally catch your breath, until even that is stolen by a double climax with a verdict that shocks the world, followed immediately by a dramatic final battle between good and evil.

The Vampire Defense is so “bloody good” you can taste it.

James D. Bell is a retired Judge who received the highest bar association approval ratings ever given to a Mississippi Circuit or County Judge. He is listed in Preeminent Lawyers and Outstanding Lawyers of America.
Judge Bell has been involved in some of the most significant cases in Mississippi and drew on actual experiences when he wrote Vampire Defense. He is devoted to his wife, Joanne. They live in Ridgeland, Mississippi and have four children.

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Missing Gems of the Taj Mahal: A time travel historical fiction mystery book for children ages 5-10 (Mysteries In History)

By Lyndon C. / Genre: Architecture, Arts, Music & Photography, Children’s eBooks

Missing Gems of the Taj Mahal: A time travel historical fiction mystery book for children ages 5-10 (Mysteries In History)

The adventure of a lifetime is only one click away!

Sid Cooper, a fifth grade history buff, gets the chance of a lifetime to visit the Taj Mahal in the enchanted land of India. After a setback and a change in plans, Sid and his friend Raj are magically transported… 350 years into the past, to when the monument was still being built.

Things get crazier when they encounter Emperor Shah Jahan, who is furious because precious gems crucial to the completion of the Taj Mahal are missing. The excitement of actually becoming a part of history fuels their sense of adventure and they decide to find the gem thief, but there’s just one problem. Even if Sid and Raj find the missing gems needed to complete the Taj, how will they get back to the present?

In Missing Gems of the Taj Mahal, author Lyndon Cerejo transports young readers on a magical journey. The sights and sounds of ancient India come alive in a beautiful tapestry that both educates and entertains. They can follow along as Sid and Raj try to save history – and themselves – while learning all about the history of the Taj Mahal, as well as the efforts to preserve this wonder of the modern world.

Aside from fascinating recent pictures, Sid’s journey comes to life with beautiful illustrations by fifth grader Ananya Chopra. She’s a lot like Sid – friendly, adventurous, and unwilling to let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Your young reader will feel the same way after reading this book. And as the first book in the Mysteries in History series, they can learn about the Taj Mahal and one of the oldest civilizations on Earth before taking a journey across the globe in future books. So let your child open their minds and their hearts to this exciting tale… as a magical land of adventure awaits.

Free as of 07/23/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Italian Cook Book or The Art of Eating Well; Practical Recipes of the Italian Cuisine, Pastries, Sweets, Frozen Delicacies, and Syrups

By Maria Gentile / Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

The Italian Cook Book or The Art of Eating Well; Practical Recipes of the Italian Cuisine, Pastries, Sweets, Frozen Delicacies, and Syrups

Featured in this book are authentic Italian recipes selected for taste and economy. Originally published after the Great War (World War I), its purpose was to provide directions for preparation of quality Italian meals during those times when keeping costs down and nutrition high are primary concerns. As stated in the Preface: “One of the beneficial results of the Great War has been the teaching of thrift to the American housewife. For patriotic reasons and for reasons of economy, more attention has been bestowed upon the preparing and cooking of food that is to be at once palatable, nourishing and economical. “In the Italian cuisine we find in the highest degree these three qualities. That it is palatable, all those who have partaken of food in an Italian trattoria or at the home of an Italian family can testify, that it is healthy the splendid manhood and womanhood of Italy is a proof more than sufficient. And who could deny, knowing the thriftiness of the Italian race, that it is economical? “It has therefore been thought that a book of practical recipes of the italian cuisine could be offered to the American public with hope of success. It is not a pretentious book, and the recipes have been made as clear and simple as possible. Some of the dishes described are not peculiar to Italy. All, however, are representative of the Cucina Casalinga of the peninsular Kingdom, which is not the least product of a lovable and simple people, among whom the art of living well and getting the most out of life at a moderate expense has been attained to a very high degree.” Modern nutritionists have made us aware of the health benefits of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. This volume provides easy-to-follow directions for over 200 delicious menu items.

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