U.S.S. Seawolf: Submarine Raider of the Pacific

By Gerold Frank / Genre: 20th Century, United States, Americas, History

U.S.S. Seawolf: Submarine Raider of the Pacific

U.S.S. Seawolf: Submarine Raider of the Pacific is the famous first-hand account of the legendary U.S. Navy submarine Seawolf a.k.a. the Wolf which patrolled the Pacific during World War 2 and had over a dozen confirmed enemy sinkings. Shoving off the day of the Pearl Harbor attack, Chief Radioman J. (Joseph) M. (Melvin) Eckberg takes the reader on a tense and dramatic journey during his initial 24-month stint aboard the Seawolf and beyond.

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This is Life (This Can’t be Life Book 2)

By Shakara Cannon / Genre: Urban

This is Life (This Can't be Life Book 2)

Simone Johnson has been to hell, but unfortunately, she hasn’t made it back yet. After the murder of her best friend and discovering the man she loves isn’t who she thought he was, she becomes consumed with destroying the reputations of the men who she feels have ruined her life.

When Deon Bradford re-enters her life, a strong friendship is formed, connecting the two like never before. However, when Deon reveals a secret he has been keeping from her, Simone finds it hard to put her trust in him for a third time. Instead of forgiving and forgetting, she refocuses on her quest for vengeance. This time, she won’t allow anything or anyone to thwart her plan to expose those who have hurt her most.

Will Simone’s obsession to bring down Tyron Marks and C. Banks prove successful? Or is she walking a thin, dangerous line with two men who will do anything to keep their secrets in the closet?

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Mr. Fiancé (Irresistible Bachelors Book 2)

By Lauren Landish / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Mr. Fiancé (Irresistible Bachelors Book 2)

It’s fake, but it feels so good.

Oliver Steele is supposed to be my knight in shining armor. He’s tall, handsome, and as cocky as he is rich. With his good looks and charm, no one’s going to suspect a thing. No one’s going to believe our engagement is fake.

But he’s taking this thing way too far. The way he wraps his arm around me like I’m his. The way he kisses me and presses his hard body up against mine. I almost believe that it’s real. Almost.

He’s doing it on purpose now; he loves that this is getting to me.

Two can play his game, though. I won’t let him win. By the time our week together is done, I’ll leave Oliver on his knees and begging.

But the minute we’re alone in the bedroom, I know I’m in over way my head. When he undresses me with his eyes, I realize I lost before the game even started. It’s only a matter of time before I lose myself in his touch and let him do whatever he wants to me.

I know what I want, but I can’t tell what’s real anymore.

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Bewitched by the Alpha: Bite of the Moon

By Bryce Evans / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Bewitched by the Alpha: Bite of the Moon

A Heartbreaking Tragedy, can bring a weary soul New Hope

After a lifetime of guilt over his mother’s death, Arden Dixon has grown weary of the push and pull on his soul as the Alpha of the Dixon Pack. It seems he’s forever playing peacemaker, and protecting the innocent. When he finds a beautiful woman in the midst of a painful transition, he realizes that his fate lies in her hands.

The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time
Quinn wanted nothing more than to live her solitary life in peace selling her treasures in her own store, but a brutal attack by a wolf has given her no choice but to embrace a new family and a new way of life. That doesn’t mean she has to embrace the whole mating thing though, right?

New Hope
A man with a need to protect, and a woman with a desire to stand on her own. Can these two souls find peace in each other, or will the brutality of their circumstances break them for good?

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Bodyguard (The Snake Eyes Series Book 1)

By Tabatha Kiss / Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers, Action & Adventure

Bodyguard (The Snake Eyes Series Book 1)

I’d give my life for hers.
And they’re hell-bent on making me.


Everyone has a celebrity they’re head over heels for. Mine is Roxie Roberts but I knew her before the fashion and the fame.
Before all of that crap, she was my stepsister, Dani.

I thought I’d never see her again. Her father kicked me out with nothing but the clothes on my back, so I joined the army to become something she’d be proud of.

Instead, I became a killer for the deadliest underground organization in the world, Snake Eyes.

They didn’t give me a choice, but I couldn’t live like that. I faked my death and I’ve been in hiding ever since, determined to spend the rest of my days atoning for my sins.

Somehow, Snake Eyes found out I’m still alive. They can’t track me down, so they’re going after the one person they know I care about to lure me out.

I won’t let them hurt you, Dani. Even if it kills me.


They told me my stepbrother was dead.
The guy who kissed me on my birthday and ran out of town the next day. He didn’t even say goodbye.

I focused on my work and became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Every girl wants to be me and every guy wants to date me.
But all I’ve ever wanted is Fox.

I wasn’t sure I could forgive him for leaving me but now that he’s back… I can’t resist him.
Fox promised that he’d never let anyone touch me. Himself included.

He won’t corrupt America’s Sweetheart. Even if I want him to…

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Healed by Love: Nate Braden (Love in Bloom: The Bradens at Peaceful Harbor Book 1)

By Melissa Foster / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Healed by Love: Nate Braden (Love in Bloom: The Bradens at Peaceful Harbor Book 1)

Nate Braden has loved his best friend’s younger sister Jewel for as long as he can remember, but between their age difference and his respect for Rick, he’s always kept his feelings at bay. Now he’s back in Peaceful Harbor, and Jewel is no longer sixteen years old–but there’s an even bigger obstacle standing in his way. Nate and Rick joined the military together eight years earlier. Nate came home a hero, but Rick didn’t make it out alive.

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Buy Me, Bad Boy – A Bad Boy Buys A Girl Romance

By Layla Valentine / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Buy Me, Bad Boy - A Bad Boy Buys A Girl Romance

She has her price, and I’m paying


They killed my best friend, and they’re coming for me next
I got out of Detroit that night, and I’ve been on the road ever since
But twelve hundred miles from the Mexican border,
This pretty, pouty little redhead stops me in my tracks
She looks like trouble, alright
I need to buy a wife if I want to make it out of this country alive
I’m gonna take her and make her mine.


It’s not often a bad boy with a suitcase full of stolen cash comes through my diner
Even less often a guy walks in and I immediately picture us getting dirty in the back room
We make a deal: help him cross the border and the cash is mine
He wants me to pose as his wife. That’ll cost him 20 grand
Everything else comes free…

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Play Me: A Rock Chamber Boys Novel

By Daisy Allen / Genre: General Humor, Humor & Satire

Play Me: A Rock Chamber Boys Novel

Things every woman should inherently know: Don’t Fall In Love With A ROCKSTAR.
Things every Rockstar should remember without fail: Don’t Fall in Love With A Woman Who Loves Her Privacy.
But sometimes we need to learn things the hard way.

I’ve done everything right when it comes to gathering emotional baggage and living a hermit lifestyle.
Have break up to end all break ups: check!
Vigorously avoid all men for 8 years: check!
Meet sexiest rock star alive…hate him on sight: check! …or so I thought.
I want to hate him, but there’s something about Sebastian that is just impossible to resist. Not that I haven’t tried. But try being on the receiving end of those bottomless jade green eyes, knowing its attached to that ripped body, I’d like to see how long you’d hold out. He’s special. And something about him makes me want to tear down all my walls. It could be how he knows his way around the stage, my bed and my body, or the irresistible offer that he’s making that could change my life forever.
But it would mean letting go of a past that just won’t let ME go.

Seriously, lusting after a woman who’s sworn off men? I should know better.
But I can’t help it. I can feel it in my heart, my music, my coc-, er, my body, that she’s special. That smart and sexy brunette, who understands me more than I do myself.
I just have to get her to admit that she feels the same. And I will do whatever it takes.
Money and fame is nothing if I can’t use it to get what I want.
And I want her.
In my arms, in my bed, in my life.
Ironically, my fame’s the one thing she doesn’t want, and the world isn’t letting her forget it.

So what happens when Sebastian’s burning desire for Cadence clashes with her crippling fear of scrutiny?

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Fairy Keeper (World of Aluvia Book 1)

By Amy Bearce / Genre: Coming of Age, Fantasy & Magic, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories, Children’s eBooks

Fairy Keeper (World of Aluvia Book 1)

Forget cute fairies in pretty dresses.

In the world of Aluvia, most fairies are more like irritable, moody insects, and almost everyone views the fairy keeper mark as a gift. But not fourteen-year-old Sierra. She hates being a fairy keeper, but the birthmark is right there on the back of her neck. It shows everyone she was born with the natural ability to communicate, attract, and even control the tiny fairies whose nectar is amazingly powerful.

Fairy nectar can heal people, but it is also a key ingredient in synthesizing Flight, an illegal elixir that produces dreaminess, apathy and hallucinations. She’s forced to care for a whole hive of the bee-like beasties by her Flight-dealing, dark alchemist father.

Then one day, Sierra discovers the fairies of her hatch are mysteriously dead. The fairy queen is missing. Her father’s Flight operation is halted, and he plans to make up for the lost income by trading her little sister to be an elixir runner for another dark alchemist, a dangerous thug. Desperate to protect her sister, Sierra convinces her father she can retrieve the lost queen and get his operation up and running.

The problem? Sierra’s queen wasn’t the only queen to disappear. They’re all gone, every single one, and getting them back will be deadly dangerous.

Sierra journeys with her best friend and her worst enemy—assigned by her father to dog her every step—to find the missing queens. Along the way, they learn that more than just her sister’s life is at stake if they fail.

There are secrets in the Skyclad Mountains where the last wild fairies were seen. The magic Sierra finds there has the power to transform their world, but only if she can first embrace her calling as a fairy keeper.

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The Reason (Just Say Yes series Book 1)

By Jen Andrews / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

The Reason (Just Say Yes series Book 1)

Zoey James is in a funk. She has been through more in her twenty-three years than most people have experienced in their entire lives. After her ex-husband tries to take everything she’s worked so hard for, she makes one rule: Never date someone she works with.

When her father’s newly hired mechanic moves into the apartment above their family-run business, Zoey’s lonely life is flipped upside down.

As a teenager, New Zealand native, Andy Tate’s family is tragically killed in an accident, and he is taken in by his aunt and uncle. Andy is pulled away from the only place he’s ever known as home, and moved halfway around the world to Northern California.

Ten years and one failed marriage later, Andy finds himself living in a new city, with a new job at James Racing, and living in an apartment next door to Zoey, his new boss’s beautiful and damaged daughter.

After an interesting chain of events over one weekend, Andy and Zoey form an unexpected bond. Even though he’s the only one who can get through to her, she will do all that she can to keep him at a distance and not break her one rule.

Will Andy be the reason for Zoey to start living her life again, or will she continue on her downward spiral, until she finally hits rock bottom?

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Captured by The Dragon (The Dragon Lords Book 1)

By K.T Stryker / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Captured by The Dragon (The Dragon Lords Book 1)

Templeton Rawlins is a dragon shifter and lives for one thing. Imprisoned when his dragon heritage was revealed, and on a false charge of murder, he spends his long days in solitary confinement having dragon dreams of revenge. One man betrayed Tem to the authorities and this is who Tem desires to destroy. He knows he has little chance of breaking from the iron shackles that bind him and his dragon magic to his human form. His frustrated dreams of his enemy’s destruction have eaten his soul, and make him a danger to any human who comes near him. While Tem’s shifter magic is bound, his dragon power of seduction is not, which is why the specially trained humans who bring him his food come in pairs. Then one night, a single human comes and speaks as if she has no fear of him. This human intrigues Tem, in ways he’d long forgotten.

Dragon shifters have always fascinated Astrid Davis, since the first days of the Reveal, when the media reported the shocking discovery that dragons were real and not myths. The news that dragons could shift into human form and hide in society sowed fear and distrust among humans. Any dragons found were imprisoned. Any human suspected of harboring even a tenth of dragon blood was shunned from society. But Astrid couldn’t help but admire the shifters, who, she was convinced, did more good than harm in the world. She wanted to learn more about them, so she trained and took a job as a dragon guard. When she met Tem, she was immediately drawn to him, even though he showed utter scorn for her. But would Astrid’s determination to help Tem place her at the wrong end of the law? And would Tem’s desire for revenge override the attraction they felt toward one another?

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Into the Heat (Burning Secrets #2)

By Tamara Lush / Genre: Military, Romance

Into the Heat (Burning Secrets #2)

A veteran with PTSD gets a second chance at first love.

After a bomb nearly killed Leo Villeneuve in Afghanistan, he’s worked to hide his scars, both physical and emotional. Back on Palmira Island, he tries to live a quiet life, away from his troubled past.

Until he runs into Jessica Clarke.

She was his first love and his only love. She’s so beautiful that Leo knows he wants everything from her. But Jessica’s got secrets of her own.

Together, bared and vulnerable, Leo and Jess might just get to that hot, sweet place that reconciles the past with a fire that will burn forever.

Free as of 07/31/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Moment We Began (Fairhope Series Book 2)

By Sarra Cannon / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

The Moment We Began (Fairhope Series Book 2)

The moment they both believe all hope is lost is the moment something real finally begins.

I have loved Mason Trent for years, but I’ve only been sleeping with him for one.

None of my friends know about our secret passion. He’s in my bed one night and in the arms of someone else the next. And it’s tearing me apart.

I’ve done everything I can think of to make him mine, but the more I cling to him, the harder he pushes me away. I’m spiraling out of control, not sure how much more of this I can take. A girl can only bend so far until she breaks. And when I do, I break completely. I’m talking about one night of bad decisions, all leading to a my-world-will-never-be-the-same kind of moment. A moment where I need Mason more than ever. True to form, though, he’s running.

But I intend to go with him this time. I’m willing to leave my money, my family, my friends behind for this one last chance to see if he could ever really love me the way I deserve to be loved. I’m willing to sacrifice forever if it means one real moment with him.

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The Mystery of the Lost Recipe

By Jerome Jones / Genre: Children’s eBooks

The Mystery of the Lost Recipe

Have you ever dreamed about solving mysteries in your community? Abby and Tommy love to solve mysteries in their small, beach town called Pismo. Today they are on an adventure to help Mr. Nut, the owner of The Orange Surf Restaurant, and find his lost recipe before it’s too late.
The book promotes health, fitness, teamwork and the pictures are super colorful too.

Free as of 07/31/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Marinades :The Ultimate Recipe Guide – Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes

By Jacob Palmar / Genre: Sauces, Salsa & Garnishes, Cooking by Ingredient, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Marinades :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes

The Ultimate Marinade Recipe Guide

A marinade is a flavorful liquid that you soak foods in before cooking. Marinades typically use an acidic ingredient, such as lemon juice or vinegar, to help tenderize the meat and carry the flavors into the foods. They also help keep your food moist when you cook them. Baked or grilled recipes frequently benefit from this process. You can add your favorite herbs, spices and condiments to a marinade to customize it into the perfect recipe for you. Marinating meat is one of the best ways to give it more flavor and to tenderize it at the same time. We have collected to the most delicious and best selling recipes from around the world. Enjoy!

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