KIYA: Mother of a King (Kiya Trilogy Book 2)

By Katie Hamstead / Genre: Biographical

KIYA: Mother of a King (Kiya Trilogy Book 2)

Nefertiti has forced Naomi to flee Amarna with Malachi and the three children. But even under the protection of Naomi’s family in Thebes, Nefertiti still hunts her and Tut. Nefertiti sends assassins to kill them, and while Naomi fights to protect the children, Malachi fights to keep her safe.

With three children in tow, one of which isn’t her own, she is labeled the harlot outcast wife of the pharaoh and is shunned. She isn’t safe among her own people, and flees from being stoned to death. Although her family protects her, she must find a way to survive.

While Naomi struggles to keep herself and Tut alive, old adversaries return as Smenkhkare takes advantage of Akhenaten’s ailing health. Naomi must rely on Horemheb’s promise to protect Tut’s birthright, but her feelings for Malachi could cause more problems with Horemheb than she expects.

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Flawless – Manhattan Knights Series Book One

By Sienna Parks / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Flawless - Manhattan Knights Series Book One

Life can change in the blink of an eye. No one knows that better than Lily Tate…

A chance encounter with a tall, handsome businessman, throws Lily’s organized world into disarray. After witnessing her dad’s murder when she was fifteen, she keeps men at a distance, reluctant to love or be loved – scared that she wouldn’t survive another loss. Tormented by nightmares, and racked with guilt, Lily struggles with the onslaught of emotions that accompany this enchanting stranger.

Alexander Rhodes is the whole package – intelligent, gorgeous, and wealthy. From the outside looking in, his life is perfect, but he learned the hard way not to expect loyalty or love from those around you. Success comes at a price. Xander is determined not to make the same mistakes again, but a breathtaking beauty forces him to throw caution to the wind, and win her love.

A chance encounter; two broken souls; explosive consequences.

Will Xander and Lily be able to heal each other’s wounds, or will their past spill into the present, extinguishing any chance of a future together?

Flawless is a sexy, sassy, and elegant take on a classic fairytale – the endearing knight in shining armor, intent on conquering the heart of his fair maiden… no matter the cost.

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Silver-Tongued Devil (Portland Devils Book 1)

By Rosalind James / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Silver-Tongued Devil (Portland Devils Book 1)

No more wild rides. No more wild side.

Blake Orbison’s pro football career with the Portland Devils may have come crashing to an end, but not calling the signals anymore just gives him more time to devote to his business enterprises, including the latest and greatest: the opening of the Wild Horse Resort in scenic north Idaho. And that other one, too. Blake’s on the marriage track now, and he’s got a game plan. But when he runs into a trespasser leaping from his shoreline boulders into his lake, what’s a good ol’ boy to do but strip down and join her?

Dakota Savage is nobody’s temporary diversion, least of all the man responsible for her family’s semi-desperate circumstances. Some people may think she has a piercing too many, but she’s had more than enough of being called trash in this town. She’s come home to Wild Horse to run her stepfather’s painting business, and any extra time she has goes into creating her stained glass. An overpaid, entitled, infuriating NFL quarterback is no part of her life plan, no matter how sweet he talks. No matter how slow he smiles. No matter what.

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Unbreakable – A Bad Boy Romance

By Ashley Rhodes / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Unbreakable - A Bad Boy Romance

Sometimes, love comes at a price.


My job’s hard enough without Jack Hawke making things even worse. He winds up on my list of patients, having been on the wrong end of a savage beating. He won’t tell me what happened, and he seems more interested in getting into my pants than getting better.

When I finally manage to tease the truth out of him, he wants more in return from me than just my advice. And the trouble is…I’m having a hard time saying no. His rippling muscles and his dangerous smile tell me to steer well clear…but I always have had a hard time listening to good advice.

I end up getting drawn into his dangerous world of mobsters and underground cage fighting – he might be right at home there, but I’m completely out of my depth. Can he protect me? Will he give himself to me, even if it means leaving his old life behind?


I never lose. Ever. I’m undefeated in the cage, and I plan to keep it that way. So when Valentino, the local mob boss, tries to get me to throw a fight, ain’t no way in hell I’m agreeing to that.

As it turns out, Valentino ain’t too happy when things don’t go his way. He sends his boys to rough me up – five on one ain’t a fair fight, but I damn near make it one.
When I wake up in the hospital, I meet her. Naomi. She’s fucking gorgeous, but she’s full of questions that I don’t wanna answer. All I want from her is her hands on my body and her lips doing something other than talking…

It doesn’t take long, though, for me to realize that she’s not like the rest. She’s sassy, funny, intelligent. And she’s offering me a way out – a way out of the dangerous life that’s all I’ve ever known.

Trouble is, you don’t just walk away from someone like Valentino. He thinks he can get to me by threatening Naomi. He’s wrong. And he’s made the biggest mistake of his life. Like I said, I never lose. And now he’s my next opponent.

I’m gonna take him down, and I’m gonna make Naomi mine. Forever.

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The Big O (A STANDALONE Romantic Comedy)

By Nelle L’Amour / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

The Big O (A STANDALONE Romantic Comedy)

The first time Owen King sets eyes on her, she’s in a focus group, biting into a cream-filled donut and having the most orgasmic reaction he’s ever seen. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cries out. He’s instantly obsessed.

Aspiring actress, Olive Cumming, has just lost her waitressing job and can’t pay her rent. But when the CEO of Donut King steps out from behind the one-way mirror and hires the curvy respondent to be his assistant, things are about to change. Big time.

Love at first sight has never been a reality for jaded, overworked Owen. And for sweet overweight Olive, love has never been within her reach. But when fate steps in, the king finds his unexpected princess, not knowing that someone is waiting in the shadows to keep them apart.

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Waiting to Breathe: Book One of the Waiting Duet

By Alyson Reynolds / Genre: Coming of Age

Waiting to Breathe: Book One of the Waiting Duet

She’s broken.
He’s lost.

Olivia Crawford had been through the ringer. All she wants is to start over without any complications or anyone figuring out her secrets. When her twin brother Finn convinces her to move back home and finish her degree at his school, it’s just the push she needs to start over.

Nathaniel Ford is the golden boy of SCU. He seems like he has it all, perfect family, awesome friends and fraternity brothers, and a few buildings on campus with his last name on them. But things aren’t always what they seem.

From the first time Nate and Olivia bump into each other, literally, he wants more of her feisty attitude, but Olivia throws more walls up with each step he takes closer, and he isn’t sure he can break them down fast enough.

About the Author:
Romance writer. Wife. Mother of two. Avid reader. Queen of multitasking.
Originally from the south, Alyson likes to incorporate what she knows into her books. She’s lived not only on the east coast, but the west coast and a few places between. Alyson loves sharing stories about her crazy family to anyone who will listen. Her guilty pleasures consist of coffee, country music, brunch, breaking the rules, and pedicures. And she will always be a daddy’s girl.
When Alyson isn’t chasing around her two kiddos, she’s normally writing. Or reading. Her Kindle library is out of control. Alyson writes mainly contemporary novels and novellas with a few new adult stories is the mix.

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Billionaire Protector

By Kyanna Skye / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Billionaire Protector

I never thought my heart would want her as much as my…

I want that woman in my arms. I want to take her and f*ck away any pretense that we don’t need each other. But there’s one problem with that.

I am her bodyguard. I shadow her every move. I make sure she is safe. She drives me to distraction because I can’t deny the hold she has on me.

I want to feel her body, her breasts crushed against my chest, the heat between her thighs. I need to make her cry and shiver her release.

I’m hard for her all the time. I’m tired of playing the good guy when what I really need is to show her how a real man pleases a woman. It’s only a matter of time before I give in. And I’m going to make sure she keeps coming over and over…

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At the Stroke of Midnight: A Sweet Romance (A Fairly Western Tale Book 1)

By Kate Palmer / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

At the Stroke of Midnight: A Sweet Romance (A Fairly Western Tale Book 1)

A meddling stepmother. Ominous secrets. And true love. Ella could really use a fairy godmother about now.

On the brink of losing her inheritance, Ella returns home to claim Diamond Hollow Ranch as her own, make amends with her stepmother, and live happily ever after. When Ella discovers her interfering stepmother has leased the ranch to the Duke family, she goes undercover and gets the job as groundskeeper for the ranch.

Stone Duke seeks refuge from the spotlight at Diamond Hollow Ranch. He is charmed when the intriguing landscape architect he hires does not recognize him from the press. This is such a refreshing change from the women who are only after his money that Stone hides his true identity from Ella, even while pursuing a relationship with her.

But when dangerous secrets from Ella’s past come knocking at the ranch, can two hearts in disguise find a real-life, fairy-tale ending?

At the Stroke of Midnight is a modern Cinderella retelling.

All Fairly Western Tales are modern retellings of fairy tales with a Western flair. Each clean and wholesome novel can be read as a stand alone book.

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Boy and the Travelling Cheese

By Junia Wonders / Genre: Bedtime & Dreaming, Children’s eBooks

Boy and the Travelling Cheese

A boy receives a very large parcel from his grandpa, and inside is the biggest cheese he has ever seen. The giant cheese soon attracts the attention of people from near and far who all want to taste it. Will the boy get to taste a teeny, tiny bit of his giant cheese before it all runs out?

The story is about a boy and a delicious giant cheese, which is a gift from his grandpa. The cheese, by virtue of its size and delectable taste, soon attracts the attention of people from all walks of life. The boy embarks on an adventure of a lifetime to share his giant cheese with everyone he meets along the way.

It is a heartwarming story about sharing and an adventure-filled book with gorgeous illustrations. It’s the perfect bedtime story for your little nugget.

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Mediterranean Diet: 150 Recipes to Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Feel Great (Mediterranean Diet, Mediterranean Diet For Beginners, Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, Mediterranean Diet Recipes)

By LR Smith / Genre: Greek, European, Regional & International, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Mediterranean Diet: 150 Recipes to Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Feel Great (Mediterranean Diet, Mediterranean Diet For Beginners, Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, Mediterranean Diet Recipes)

Featuring 150 recipes gathered from my very own extensive trip throughout the South of Italy, South of France and the coast of Catalunya in Spain – from August 2014 until July 2015.

With them, you will discover true diverse culinary traditions that will sure add a very nice touch in your kitchen repertoire.

Combining tradition, innovation and ease, the book is separated into five categories for you to choose from:

•Appetizers and Soups
•Snacks and Desserts

All combined in a way that gathers unknown dishes and combinations from every corner of the Mediterranean.

A breath of fresh air from all the things you’ve seen in the past, discover a diverse range from eye-opening dishes like Pita with Rosemary Garlic Lamb, Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe (one of my favourites), and a simplified and freshened classic like Mozzarella and Tomato Salad.

But that is NOT all.

I offer you an ampleness of fascinating lesser-known dishes that will guarantee you to bring the surprise factor to your guests in the most impressing and unexpected way.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

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