The Fall of Lord Drayson (Tanglewood Book 1)

By Rachael Anderson / Genre: Regency, Historical Romance, Romance

The Fall of Lord Drayson (Tanglewood Book 1)

When Colin Cavendish, the new earl of Drayson, informs Lucy Beresford that she and her mother need to vacate the house they’ve called home for the past two years, Lucy is fit to be tied. They have no money, no relations they can turn to for help, and nowhere to go. How dare the earl break the promise his father had made to the Beresfords without so much as a twinge of conscience?

Fate plays her hand when Lucy discovers the earl unconscious and injured in the middle of the road. When he awakens with no recollection of who he is, Lucy seizes the opportunity to teach the earl a much-needed lesson in humility and tells him that he is nothing more than a mere servant. Her servant, in fact.

And thus begins the charming tale of a pompous lord and an impetuous young woman, caught together in a web so tangled that it begs the question: Will they ever get out?

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Coma Girl: Part 6 (Kindle Single)

By Stephanie Bond / Genre: General Humor, Humor & Satire

Coma Girl: Part 6 (Kindle Single)

In COMA GIRL, a victim of a tragic event lies in a hospital bed, at the mercy of friends and relatives who think she can’t hear them. But she SO can.

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By Amy Daws / Genre: Sports


He’s her patient. She’s his doctor. They shouldn’t. But God, do they want to.

Camden Harris, the famously hot, hulk of a footballer is laid up in a London hospital. But his busted knee doesn’t stop him from running his well-practiced game on Indie Porter—his redheaded spitfire of a doctor. She’s not his type, not even close. But she could be the perfect distraction from the soul-crushing damage this injury could cost him.

Indie’s tired of her naivety putting a target on her back. As a gifted child, she’s let her education take the front seat her whole life. But a fling with a footballer like Camden might be just what she needs to grab life by the balls.

And he could be the perfect guy for the plan she’s been sitting on for over two years.

But when feelings make a final play, there’s no amount of medicine that can heal the damage to their hearts.

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LaClaire Nights (After Hours Book 1)

By Dori Lavelle / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

LaClaire Nights (After Hours  Book 1)

Some marriages last a week, a month, or a year. Others last a lifetime. Mine ends on my wedding night, ten hours after the exchange of rings.

Our marriage vows shatter when Dustin Cardwell, the man I saved myself for, looks me in the eye and tells me I failed between the sheets.

Our marriage ends before the ink dries, before the scent of my bouquet fades, before the candles in our honeymoon suite burn out.

Three months later, I’m divorced and working as a massage therapist on the LaClaire Cruise Ship, headed for the Caribbean. I’m desperate to get away, to lick my wounds in private. I’m not looking to be another man’s disappointment.

Until Bryant LaClaire invades my space and makes my panties melt. The moment our eyes meet, he makes it clear I’m his girl of the moment.

Drawing me in with his charm and good looks, he promises to repair my sexual self-esteem while satisfying his own needs. A few LaClaire nights is all he can give. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s an offer my body can’t resist.

But when my heart lures me into the heart and world of a man who carries a devastating secret, I know I’m in danger of returning home with more pain than I’d left with.

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Iron Dragoons (Terran Armor Corps Book 1)

By Richard Fox / Genre: Space Fleet, Military, Science Fiction

Iron Dragoons (Terran Armor Corps Book 1)

Winner of the 2017 Dragon Award for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy novel!
I am Armor. I am Fury. I Will not Fail.

Soldiers of the Terran Armor Corps wage war across the stars. Wired into mechanized battle suits, they fight the terrifying battles which must be won, no matter the cost. Their deeds are legend, their reputation feared by the enemies of Earth and her allies, but how the Corps forges young men and women into mighty warriors is shrouded by mystery.

Roland Shaw lost his parents to war, he volunteers for the Armor Corps to honor their memory and discover just how far he can push himself. To succeed, he must find the iron in his heart and prove himself worthy to the Corps. For the Armor, there is no substitute for victory and to fail is to die.

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By Ginny L. Yttrup / Genre: Christian, Contemporary Fiction


Melanie runs away. From conflict. From pain. From reality. 
When novelist Melanie Vander faces a looming deadline, she decides it’s time for an escape to an inspiring, novel-worthy locale. She’s not running away. Really. She just needs time to focus. But as she disappears into her writing, she encounters a man whose tenderness leaves her reeling. Engaging and wise, psychologist Elliot Hammond tempts Melanie to question everything, including her marriage.

But that’s ridiculous. Dr. Hammond isn’t even…real.

Melanie’s husband, Craig, has his own problems, including a recession that’s threatening his business. Waning finances, a looming home foreclosure, and a wife who’s checked out emotionally, has Craig feeling as though he’s carrying his burdens alone. When his client, the beautiful and single Serena Buchanan, offers him a solution to his financial woes, he’s tempted by more than her offer of a business solution. 

At a crossroads, Melanie and Craig seem headed in opposite directions.

As Melanie runs away from her problems by escaping into her own fictional world, Craig dives into his struggles, seeking God for strength and healing for his marriage. Ultimately, Melanie must choose whether she’ll check out completely, or allow her characters to lead her home.

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Slumber (Beauty Never Dies Chronicles Book 1)

By J.L. Weil / Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction

Slumber (Beauty Never Dies Chronicles Book 1)

There is no such thing as happily ever after.

Everything Charlotte Winston thought she knew has been thrown out the window. From the moment she opens her eyes, the world she remembered ceases to exist, and in its place is a post-apocalyptic realm filled with unimaginable dangers. And one very smoking hot guy who has an uncanny ability to make her blood sing, then boil in a blink of an eye.

Dash Darhk is everything her parents would hate. He’s six feet and two inches of dark temptation and a killer smile, that’s surely left a stream of broken hearts in his wake. But her parents are nowhere to be found. Charlotte is alone in this new world. Destroyed by a toxic mist, the land isn’t the only thing altered, but the inhabitants as well.

As Charlotte begins the hunt for her family, gifts she’s never fathom awake inside her. And with the gifts come problems. Enormous ones. Charlotte is running out of options and places to hide. If she can’t figure out who to trust—and fast—she will lose more than her heart.

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An Assassin’s Blade: The Complete Trilogy

By Justin DePaoli / Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror

An Assassin's Blade: The Complete Trilogy

They were supposed to have been hunted to extinction. But sometimes death is a myth.

This collection includes all three novels in An Assassin’s Blade, a dark epic fantasy about an infamous assassin with a woeful reputation, a malevolent nightmare that’s returned from beyond the grave, and gods who must die in order for life to prevail.

Book 1: The Misbegotten

Astul, assassin by day and purveyor of secrets at night, has agreed to hunt down a king slayer. Somewhat for the money, a little for the ego, and a bit for the adventure… but mostly for the money.

There’s just one problem. The king slayer’s trail leads to a cache of disturbing secrets involving insane kings, mad queens and kingdoms suddenly poised for a war to end all wars. People seem to be losing their minds. Or rather, forfeiting them.

Something harrowing lingers and lurks in the world of Mizridahl. And only an infamous assassin with a woeful reputation is aware.

Conjurers have returned.

Book 2: The Miscreant

There is a realm the living were never supposed to visit and the dead were never supposed to leave. The rules have changed.

Astul, an infamous assassin with a woeful reputation, finds his brother’s corpse curiously absent from its tomb. This amid accusations that grave robbers are terrorizing the world of Mizridahl. But Astul soon discovers the cadavers aren’t being robbed. They’re being gathered. Harvested.

A dreadful enigma creeps into Mizridahl, with the might of an army that was never supposed to see the living realm again. Astul lost nearly everything dear to him when conjurers swept across his world four months ago. Now he stands to lose the rest.

Conjurers were the beginning. This is the end.

Book 3: The Misjudgment

Gods are real, and it’s time for them to die.

Astul, an infamous assassin with a woeful reputation, never believed in gods. As luck would have it, they’re quite real. And if they have their way, Astul will be quite dead.

A civil war is brewing between the celestial powers. And all of life hangs in the balance. If victory falls into the wrong hands, creation will begin anew. There’s only one way to guarantee that doesn’t happen, and it involves the assassination of a lifetime.

Gods will die. Or else life will expire.

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Blind Run

By Patricia Lewin / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Blind Run

Decker was a specialized hunter for a CIA Shadow Organization, working deep undercover to track down and capture ruthless international mercenaries and fugitives. Then a daring mission takes a lethal turn, leaving innocents dead in its wake, and Ethan’s wife a prime target of a ruthless assassin. To save her, and because he can no longer justify his actions, Ethan exiles himself to a remote desert in New Mexico, a prisoner of his own guilt and grief.

Then one searing day, a former member of Decker’s covert team arrives at his door, shepherding two children. She entrusts them to his protection and leaves without explanation.

Suddenly, the race is on: to reach his ex-wife before the deadly assassin finds her, and to unlock the mystery behind the two children—who have become pawns in a dark conspiracy so evil that even this former spy cannot imagine the peril that lies directly in his path.

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Warm Moonlight (Kindle Single)

By Joseph Wurtenbaugh / Genre: Occult, Horror

Warm Moonlight (Kindle Single)

‘I’d like to tell you a story’, an old woman says to her beloved great-granddaughter – and thereby hangs a tale . . . . and what a tale . . .

In ‘Warm Moonlight’, Joseph Wurtenbaugh, the author of ‘The Old Soul’, presents a supernatural tale done his way. It’s a thrilling story of adventure and rescue, of escape and revenge, set in New England in the early days of Prohibition. Written in the great storytelling tradition, ‘Warm Moonlight’ has all the intensity of a got-to-hear-how-it-ends campfire yarn, but with a decidedly adult sophistication and sensibility.

The ending is unique and satisfying, but leaves the audience, like one of the characters in the story, wondering – how much of it was true? How much invented? Can such things be? Maybe it’s a ghost story or . . . . maybe it isn’t.

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The Spear of Destiny (Peter Dennis Trilogy Book 2)

By Julian Noyce / Genre: Action & Adventure

The Spear of Destiny (Peter Dennis Trilogy Book 2)

Three months after their failed expedition to recover the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great, marine archaeologist Natalie Feltham and journalist Peter Dennis are at the British museum for the premiere of the Holy lance of Longinus, the fabled ‘Spear of Destiny’ exhibition.
When the spear, believed to contain magical, mystical healing powers for its bearer, is stolen at gunpoint Peter and Natalie are asked by Interpol to help catch those responsible, believed to be led by the German Count Otto Brest Von Werner.
Once again Natalie and Peter are plunged into a world of adventure and destruction as their quest takes them from London to the streets of Rome and onto Palestine and the supposed final resting place of Jesus Christ.

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Smoulder: Dragon Shifter Romance (Dragonsworn Book 1)

By Cecilia Lane / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Paranormal, Romance

Smoulder: Dragon Shifter Romance (Dragonsworn Book 1)

Fated for love… or fated to fight?

Dragon shifter Rafael Hart, one of three elite Dragonsworn guards, will not accept failure. He must protect the royal family from any and all threats, including their ancient enemy: dragon slayers. When one infiltrates their lair, it’s his job to destroy the threat even if her scent is as enticing as her lush curves.

Lola Moreau hails from a line of dragon slayers, but her quiet life producing weapons for the cause is thrown into disarray with the threat of an arranged marriage. Seeking to prove her new weapons are too valuable to discontinue her work, Lola sneaks into dragon territory to test them. Her mission goes spectacularly wrong when she’s captured by an irresistible foe.

Despite her upbringing, Lola can’t help warming to the sexy dragon who keeps her close. The heat between them is undeniable and makes her question everything she thinks she knows about shifters.

When an old threat returns to wreak havoc, Rafe must determine if Lola is behind the latest attacks. And if she can be trusted, which way will she turn when she’s caught between the man she’s grown to love and the family that wants to destroy him?

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Worth the Fall (Brew Ha Ha #2)

By Bria Quinlan / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Worth the Fall (Brew Ha Ha #2)

Kasey Lane is having a bad week.


Her idea of success never involved losing her job, man, and apartment in 24-hours. Now, with nowhere to go and no way to pay for it anyway, Kasey decides it’s time for a fresh start, which means a new apartment, a new career, and…no men.

But as a magnet for ridiculousness and absurd brushes with the law, her start goes from fresh to stale in record time. It doesn’t help that Mr. Wrong keeps showing up during her adventures gone awry and taking over. Now, as Kasey plans her way to independence she has to decide if the only path to success is going it alone…or if maybe a partner in crime can make the journey sweeter.

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The Maddox Brothers

By Ella Jade / Genre: Sagas

The Maddox Brothers

Get lucky with the Maddox Brothers…

Successful brothers Hudson and Liam Maddox are living the lives they’ve always dreamed of. Neither is looking for a relationship, more interested in keeping their single status with the ladies. That all changes when Kennedy and Chelsea enter their lives.

Hudson has been focusing on his career and building a solid business in the real estate industry. The charismatic attorney has recently been named the most eligible bachelor in town. He’s never been interested in settling down until he collides with the easy going Kennedy. She invades his orderly life in a matter of days. Has this carefree younger woman been what’s missing in his meticulous world?

Content with his life, Liam has built his own construction business and takes pride from it’s excellent reputation. After having his heart broken years ago, he’s decided not to take any relationship too seriously. But then the woman who tore his heart up years ago returns and hires his company for her home renovations. Trying to keep his cool around Chelsea is damn near impossible. All he has to do is complete the renovation and then never see Chelsea again. As if it was that simple.

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#BabyLove: My Toddler Life

By Corine Dehghanpisheh / Genre: Computers & Technology, Children’s eBooks

#BabyLove: My Toddler Life

A curious toddler loves to play…especially with his mommy’s smartphone!

When Mommy finds him using her phone without permission, it’s the perfect teaching moment. Mommy reminds her little one that what matters most in life is time together filled with love and attention.

Her simple reminder: Put down our phones.

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Anti Inflammatory Diet: Anti-Inflammatory – Whole Foods – Mediterranean – Inflammation (Flexible Dieting, Anti Inflammatory Diet, Pescetarian, Sugar Detox, … Whole Foods, Low Carb, Inflammation Book 1)

By Scott Sterling / Genre: Food Allergies, Special Diet, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Anti Inflammatory Diet:  Anti-Inflammatory - Whole Foods - Mediterranean - Inflammation (Flexible Dieting, Anti Inflammatory Diet, Pescetarian, Sugar Detox, ... Whole Foods, Low Carb, Inflammation Book 1)

Have you ever wanted to lose weight and not been able to make it happen? Chances are that you have. Perhaps you have tried dieting to lose weight, tone up, or gain muscle weight and it hasn’t gone to plan – if so then you may need this effective eating plan in your life.

It’s called Carb Cycling, and it’s increasing in popularity with athletes, fitness models and body builders all over the country. Carb Cycling is a simple and flexible way to eat healthfully and consciously for your health and fitness goals.

Maybe you never have tried such an approach before because of fear that you wouldn’t be able to manage it. If this is the case, or you just don’t know where to start, navigating healthy eating and fitness can be a huge challenge. For complete beginners who have little idea on where to begin a fitness journey, or for more seasoned and fit people just looking for the right way to implement Carb Cycling, our book Carb Cycling For Weight Loss is the right choice for you.

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss not only covers the basics of carb cycling itself, but also includes:

✓ Basic nutrition information
✓ What foods are good to eat
✓ When and how to fit your diet into your everyday life
✓ How to find an exercise program that works for you
✓ Sample carb cycling weekly plans

If you’re looking to lose weight, fry belly fat, and get ripped, Carb Cycling For Weight Loss is the guide for you. Cycling your carbohydrates in the right away, along with eating the correct foods, can help you quickly attain your goals. However, the ideas in the book don’t limit you to only certain foods or even tell you not to eat certain foods. With carb cycling you can eat the foods you love, even if they’re not so great for you. Find out how by reading the book which details information on getting the right nutrition, cycling carbs for weight loss or muscle gain, how to exercise and stick to it, and how to record your progress towards your goals.

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