The Billionaire’s Bride: A Fake Marriage Romance

By Nikki Chase / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

The Billionaire's Bride: A Fake Marriage Romance

He was my first kiss. My first boyfriend. And my first heartbreak.
I should’ve known better than to fall for the bad boy.
Now, 7 years later, this bad boy needs a good wife to close a business deal.
He says he’ll make it worth my while. Yeah, I remember that big, thick… ego.
This is supposed to be just pretend, so why do I want us to go all the way?

Everyone knows who Zeke Harris is. A modern rags-to-riches success story, he built a billion-dollar business empire from nothing. Tall, dark, and panty-meltingly gorgeous, he’s also the most eligible bachelor in the city. At least that’s what the magazines say.

To me, Zeke Harris is the bad boy who used to sneak into my bedroom when my parents were away. He reminds me of late nights, youthful excitement, and new, sinful sensations.

Time and distance tore our young love apart, but now he’s back. And he needs me—to be his wife.

Yes, Zeke Harris wants me to marry him. But it’s only for the sake of his business. In exchange, he’ll give me one million dollars. There’s another million in it if I’ll also have his baby.

I should tell him to buzz off, right? This is crazy.

But I do need the money, and I’ve never been good at saying no to Zeke…

So I accept his offer. I’ll marry him and play house with him. But I am not giving him a second chance. This fake marriage is not about that.

But then he leans me down on his strong arms and kisses me, and all the feelings I’ve ever had for him come rushing back.

I should’ve known I can’t just pretend—not with Zeke.

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A Brand New Hood Love

By Johnazia Gray / Genre: Urban

A Brand New Hood Love

Gianni is a mother of two, living a normal life in the projects. The hood raised her, but she’s determined to let her humbled spirit take her out of it. Living a normal life is only a choice that she’s made, however. Unlike Gianni, her mother, Tommy, is a bigger queen pin than any king pin in Tallahassee Florida and in the down south area. She takes care of Gianni and her two kids with no problems. Tommy could easily give Gianni the salon and big house that Gianni has always dreamed of, but Gianni wants to accomplish her goals on her own.
Due to her mother being in and out of Federal Prison, Gianni reminds herself that she has two kids to think about, and she can not and will never leave her kids behind, like Tommy did her.
Instead, Gianni allows her baby’s father, Lamont, to take care of her and her kids. She feels he owes her that much, due to all the pain he’s caused her. However, dealing with him has caused nothing but heartache, distraction and drama. After finding out about the third child that he could possibly have on her, she finally decides to stray away from him and focus on she and her kids. She meets a handsome and wealthy man by the name of Kreed at her mother’s house during Tommy’s known ‘gambling day’.
Kreed is a different breed, and though Gianni only wants friends so that she can do a little living, Kreed is hard to shake. He has that smart, hood, and smooth demeanor that Gianni admires. Being surrounded by drugs and a lot of money didn’t mean a thing to Kreed. He loves his legal businesses and he enjoys living his life the right way. He’s feeling Gianni just as much as she’s feeling him, but he when Lamont finds out that there’s a new man in town who’s stole Gianni’s heart, he makes she and her kids life a living hell. Which causes Kreed to bring out his old vicious ways!
Tumultuous drama starts to unfold, and it will be up to Gianni to get everything in line to save what she has with Kreed.

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No Reverse (The Second Chances Series Book 1)

By Marion Croslydon / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

No Reverse (The Second Chances Series Book 1)

A girl who needs to undo the past. A boy who wants to forget it. In love, there’s no way back.

Back in high school, Cassie O’Malley and Josh MacBride were the poster couple for quarterback/cheerleader romance until they starred in their own tale of teen pregnancy. No need to say their shotgun wedding was low-key. Five years later, Josh is set to kick off a political career on Capitol Hill, sponsored by his new girlfriend’s father. First, he must take care of a tiny legal matter: Technically, he’s still married to the girl who broke his heart.

Meanwhile, Cassie has been waiting tables back home to pay for her sick grandmother’s care. On the day of the old lady’s funeral, Cassie is served with two sets of papers. Josh is asking for a divorce. Her heart squeezes, but, well, he moved on a long time ago. The second envelope shakes Cassie to the core. So she leaves home and heads for the glitzy life of the boy who once loved her.

But no matter if her first—and only—love keeps thrusting the divorce papers under her nose, Cassie needs him to save the only person she loves more than Josh, more than life itself…

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Gastien: From Dream to Destiny: A Caddy Rowland Historical Family Saga/Drama (The Gastien Series Book 2)

By Caddy Rowland / Genre: Continental European, Drama & Plays

Gastien: From Dream to Destiny: A Caddy Rowland Historical Family Saga/Drama (The Gastien Series Book 2)

“I am Gastien Beauchamp, artist and lover. Any Frenchman would tell you that a peasant could never own property in nineteenth century France. Yet here I am, in my very own studio. The personal cost was horrendous. I barely survived the choices I made, and my sanity was pushed to its limits.

Still, I finally now have security, peace, and freedom. For the rest of my life I can spend time “making love to the color”, making love to beautiful women, and enjoying the wild nightlife of bohemian Montmartre. What more could a man need or want?

Then, one night, I see her. One look at Sophie, and my heart wants to betray me! I try to tell myself that I know better. Who needs love, anyway? I am already married-to my art!

No woman would ever understand and accept my lifestyle; nor am I about to give that lifestyle up. Not when I paid so dearly for it! Besides, I am too badly damaged to ever open up my heart…and if Sophie found out about my past she would not want to even know my name. I can’t take that chance. I have had enough pain to last me a lifetime.”

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The Sacrifice: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (The Airluds Trilogy Book 1)

By Nhys Glover / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

The Sacrifice: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (The Airluds Trilogy Book 1)

Having grown up in a harem as the favourite, if not dutiful, daughter of the ruling Godling, Airsha knew what it was for a powerful man to have more than one wife. But for her to have more than one husband, when she would have preferred none at all, felt like just one more way her fate was being taken over by a vengeful goddess.
Rescued by four legendary airling trainers when she escapes the harem, Airsha finds herself drawn into an uprising that has rebels planning to replace the Godling with the Goddess’ Chosen One: Airsha herself.
But having hidden her magic to avoid being castrated, sneaked out of the harem dressed as her twin brother to learn to fight, refused to become her father’s human sacrifice, and broken society’s rules by falling in love with not just one unsuitable man but four, Airsha was never going to willingly follow the destiny someone else laid out for her. Not even if that someone was the Goddess of all Creation.

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OSO Stubborn: The Boys of Beartooth Bay Book 1

By Claire Ryann / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Paranormal, Romance

OSO Stubborn: The Boys of Beartooth Bay Book 1

“You can’t solve every problem by turning into a bear!”

Ethan’s sure that the girl he met on the pier is his mate. She’s beautiful, curvy, and her body fits him like a glove.

Just one problem– he has to confess his secret to her and hope she doesn’t run for the hills.
Mindy’s less surprised by Ethan’s bear than she is by his insistence that she’s his mate. Which sounds lovely and all, but right now she has more important things to deal with.

The bear thing is cute and all, but this is real life. Ethan has to understand that being able to turn into a bear doesn’t make everything better.

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Out of the Mist (Can’t Help Falling)

By Lauren Giordano / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Out of the Mist (Can't Help Falling)

Out of Time . . .
Beaten and left for dead, Juliet awakens in the rain with no memory how she ended up on an isolated road. No memory of the blood on her clothes. Nor the heroin under her nails. After another attempt on her life, she’s forced to rely on a man who’d rather lock her up.
Injured drug agent Matt Barnes has seen just about everything in a decade battling the worst humanity has to offer. But he’s never seen anything like Julie. The beautiful blonde reminds him more of sorority Barbie than a ruthless drug kingpin. But appearances can be deceiving. He’s got the bullet hole to prove it.
Julie’s memory is all he’s got in a case going nowhere. To erase the worst mistake of his career, his team will utilize her to lure the most dangerous drug lord he’s ever battled. But will the woman he’s fallen in love with ever forgive him for making her the bait?

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Princess Charlotte and the Pea (A Children’s Picture Book)

By Sally Huss / Genre: Bedtime & Dreaming, Children’s eBooks

Princess Charlotte and the Pea (A Children's Picture Book)

“‘If there is one thing a princess should be,
It is to have the quality of sensitivity.
She must be SENSITIVE!’
That is what the prince had demanded…
And that is what his assistant, Jacob, had been commanded.
Yes, the prince had told him,
‘Find a sensitive girl to be my wife,
One I can live with happily all my life.’…”
The prince learns about gender equality, in this amusing tale, when that future princess turns the tables on him and offers up some demands of her own!

This children’s picture book is part of the wonderful collection of children’s books by Sally Huss.

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Bone Broth: Bone Broth Diet -Lose Up to 18 Pounds, Improve Your Health–and Your Wrinkles!–in Just 21 Days

By Simon Hamilton / Genre: Soups & Stews, Meals, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Bone Broth: Bone Broth Diet -Lose Up to 18 Pounds, Improve Your Health--and Your Wrinkles!--in Just 21 Days

Ever wondered what the benefits of Bone Broth are?
Do you want to know why you could be eating harmful foods?

Did you know that compared to many other developed countries, the diet of most American’s isn’t just less healthy, it is practically deadly.
Your current American Diet is slowly killing you!!  Nutritionists say it includes too many saturated fats, more than a healthy amount of fats from animals!
As such nutritionists have determined that the Standard American Diet leads to an increased risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.
To put this in comparison lets use your car.  If you put bad fuel into your car, and don’t maintain it, will your car function well for years?  Probably not.  Your car will start to rustfrom the inside.  The same will happen to your body.  Your body needs healthy food.  The type of fuel you consume will determine your efficiency.

If you’re eating cheap processed food you will start to feel it over time.Bone Broth is one of the easiest solutions to the problem you’re facing,

If it was good enough for our ancestors, it’s good enough for you
Bone Broth is packed with many nutrients and long-term benefits for your well being.  After being on the diet for only 3 weeks you will:

  • Start losing weight and boost energy
  • Get rid of sugar or junk food cravings
  • Lower your blood sugar and stabilize your insulin level
  • Detox your body from years of eating processed foods
  • Lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol
  • Increase your stamina and libido

Want To Learn more.

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